How Does Numbing Cream Impact The New Tattoo?

Think about the first time you genuinely thought about getting a tattoo. Most likely, your excitement over the concept led you to look for the ideal tattoo design immediately. One thing, though, you only learned much later: tattoos hurt. Obviously, tattoos typically cause some discomfort. The majority of the time, individuals feel discomfort, but severe … Read more

Is It Acceptable To Scratch A Tattoo?

Is It Acceptable To Scratch A Tattoo? The excitement of getting a new tattoo is endless, especially if it’s your first. You can’t wait for it to recover so you can show it off. The healing process is a relatively rigorous endeavor; however, many people tend to forget this in the middle of all the … Read more

Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol Before Or After Being Inked?

Is It Safe To Consume Alcohol Before Or After Being Inked? Drinking before getting a tattoo has a number of negative consequences on your body and mind that you should avoid. Many different feelings are frequently present after getting a tattoo. It is usual for anyone receiving a new tattoo to experience thrill, nervousness, and … Read more

Who Is At Fault For A Tattoo Blowout?

tattoo bleeds ink

Some tattoo artists are willing to go over-time to help you achieve the perfect tattoo while others — well, they’re much less stellar. Whether it’s a lack of experience or care, tattoo artists just aren’t created equally. That’s why it’s so important to do your research. But, what exactly happens when your tattoo gets botched due to a blowout? … Read more

When Should You Start Using Lotion On The Newly-Inked Tattoo?

Tattoos are meant to be flaunted, but before you can flaunt your new ink, you must properly care for its proper healing. The aftercare for tattoos can be difficult and complicated. Understanding when to use specific items on the fresh tattoo might be challenging. Learn why you should use lotion on the newly-inked tattoo. According … Read more

Tattoo Ink Sack – When Should You Worry About Them?

ink sack

Tattoos are a remarkable work of art, expressing oneself in a unique way. In all of their many tattoo adventures, most people have never experienced an ink sack forming. Although looking down and seeing a dark, liquid-filled sack may be a little frightening, they are perfectly harmless and nothing to worry about. Traditional tattoo aftercare … Read more