Is It Safe To Use Dial Soap On The Tattoo?

One of the best ways to customize your body and symbolize something significant is with a tattoo. A birth year tattoo, for example, might assist you in expressing your life’s purpose. Butterfly tattoos, meanwhile, can enhance your entire appearance.

Getting a tattoo is a type of investment in the body. It is both an artistic creation and a painful work of love. You should treat large items with care because they can cost a lot of money.

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The most important thing to realize is that aftercare is necessary for tattoos to heal appropriately; this takes time. A fresh tattoo will heal well and retain its value over time if properly cared for.

If a tattoo is neglected, it may fade or cause an infection. Make sure you’re using a gentle tattoo aftercare soap like Dial soap during the initial few weeks after receiving a new tattoo because they are the most vital for good maintenance.

Despite the fact that you have five tattoos, sometimes, you do not always remember all of the aftercare requirements. And with such a significant investment, you don’t want to take any chances. That’s why you should constantly double-check online to ensure that you properly use the suitable soap and washing products for your new tattoo.

You may wash your tattoos with Dial soap to help them recover. But bear in mind that you need to take specific safety measures. This article will teach you all you want to know about tattoo aftercare soaps, ranging from the Dial soap, the gold standard, to the green soap that most tattoo artists utilize.


What Kind Of Tattoo Aftercare Soap Can I Use?

It’s crucial to use only unscented and mild soap on a fresh tattoo. Among the most famous tattoo aftercare shampoos are:

  • Dial
  • Neutrogena
  • Cetaphil
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • H2Ocean

In the early phases of tattoo aftercare, using antibacterial soap is a brilliant idea to avoid infection. Your tattoo’s look may change if you have an infection, which might delay healing. It is preferable to use mild, unscented soap to clean the skin and remove debris and harmful bacteria without irritating it.

Ensure that the water is not too hot while cleaning a fresh tattoo. Warm water is fine, but hot water might dry out your skin. Also, avoid using a washcloth or scrubbing brush while the tattoo is still healing since these can potentially irritate or infect the skin. Initially, wash your hands with unscented soap, then wash the tattoo with the same soap while using your hands.

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Can Dial Soap Be Used On A Tattoo?

A tattoo can be cleaned with ordinary Dial soap. It’s a very well-liked choice for tattoo aftercare because it’s inexpensive and convenient. Moreover, Dial soap is one of the top products suggested by tattoo artists all over the world. There are liquid and bar versions available. Gold is the most often used Dial soap. This soap is odorless, antibacterial, and non-drying. They also offer a White alternative, which is well-liked.

You can use Dial soap on the fresh tattoo with no worries. After purchasing this product, you can gently wash the ink with it. Of course, bear in mind to follow the specific guidelines recommended by your artists.

The first important thing you need to know is that Dial tattoo soap is available in both scented and unscented varieties. Generally, you should choose fragrance-free products. This is due to the fact that they are best suited for usage on tattoos.


There is a limitation to this, however. Some of Dial’s fragrant soaps should not be used on a brand-new tattoo. Fortunately, it is easy to identify between those that are scented and those that aren’t because the scent’s name is printed on the front of the box. Power Berries and Spring Water are two of the most popular perfumes they provide. Despite having a lovely aroma, these soaps should not be used on a new tattoo.

Apart from that, always use your hand to massage the soap into your skin. It would be best if you also washed the tattoo with your hand rather than a towel or loofah. By taking these safety measures, you can prevent the tattoo from being harmed by Dial soap.

Which Dial Soap Works The Best On Tattoos?

You can purchase a variety of Dial soap for tattoos at retail stores. However, the Dial Complete product is the most incredible fit for your requirements. The fact that it is unscented is the most notable aspect of this variety. Your ink will always be protected; as a result, so you can relax.

In addition, Dial Complete has antibacterial properties that might hasten the healing of a new tattoo. This is one of the explanations why so many tattoo artists suggest using this Dial soap for aftercare. It’s also important to mention that this product is appropriate for those with sensitive skin.

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For a safer experience, you can use Dial Complete for your ink while taking all necessary precautions. The product is easily accessible and does not damage your skin or tattoo, which is its best feature.

Which Soap Ingredients Should Avoid?

Alcohol is frequently a main element in harsh soaps that dry out the skin. As a result, it is best to avoid using them when cleaning a fresh tattoo. This implies that since hand sanitizer sometimes constitutes 60% or more alcohol, you should avoid using it on any tattoos.

Consider avoiding sulfate-containing soaps as well. Sulfates can also irritate and dry up your skin, especially if you already have sensitive skin. Throughout the healing process of your new tattoo, you want to maintain your skin healthy and clean.

Never considered checking the soap’s ingredients before? Well, now is the perfect moment to get a new tattoo. Alcohol, fragrances, and sulfates should all be avoided in the ingredients list. Your soap is probably okay to use on your new tattoo if it doesn’t include these components. To achieve the most significant results, we advise using one of the soaps on the above mention list.


What Happens When You Apply Scented Soap To A Tattoo?

Depending on the complexity of the design and where it is placed, certain tattoos can take a long time to heal. Additionally, the density of the ink affects how quickly it heals. Typically, when caring for the tattoo, you should stay away from scented soaps and lotions.

The perfumed soaps can have chemicals in them that will irritate your skin and void your brand-new tattoo. For instance, some aroma soaps might hasten the ink’s color fading. It is therefore recommended to refrain from putting scented things on your ink.

Additionally, remember that perfumed soaps are not the most fantastic option if you have sensitive skin. The chemicals may irritate your skin and cause it to turn red, which negatively impacts your tattoo.

Do You Need To Wash Your Tattoo Daily?

It would be best if you clean your fresh tattoo once a day. You can rinse it two times a day, but if you wash it more frequently than that, the skin may get dry or irritated. We recommend cleaning your tattoo once a day, daytime and night, for a minimum of four weeks after you have it.

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Additionally, you should definitely take a vacation from the gym or other strenuous exercise the first few weeks after the tattoo session to avoid sweating excessively. When you sweat a lot, you may need to wash more and run the danger of getting sick.

The majority of tattoos will be fully healed by the end of the initial four-week treatment. After that, you can resume your usual hygiene regimen and use whichever soap you prefer.

How Soon After Getting A Tattoo Can You Wash It With Soap?

The tattoo artist will cover the new ink in plastic when you get it. While you’re undoubtedly anxious to show off your new tattoo, you should keep the plastic wrap on for the time period specified by the tattooist. The size and style of the tattoo can influence this. It might range from a few hours to a whole day. Once you have withdrawn the plastic wrap, wash the tattoo with your favorite mild, unscented soap.


When Is It Advisable To Stop Using Unscented Soap?

Don’t worry if you really cannot live without a certain scented soap. You only need to use unscented soap on the tattoo until it has completely healed. You can resume using your normal soap after the tattoo has healed.

If you have a big tattoo, the tattooist can opt to finish the design over several visits. For instance, you want to have a big tree that runs down the side of the body from just below the shoulder to just below your hip.

In the starting phase, the artist will draw the outline. Over four further sessions, he will be able to fill in the tree or design you want. After each treatment, you should have to start the aftercare procedure and healing process over. So, before your tattoo is finished and fully healed, you have to use unscented soap on it and wash it two times a day for several months.

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Is Gold Dial Soap Safe For Tattoos?

Due to its adaptability, Gold Dial tattoo soap is regarded as an all-arounder in the sector. For the aftercare of a fresh tattoo, this product is highly recommended by many artists. This soap’s antibacterial properties are a crucial aspect that raises its appeal.

The product may effectively hydrate your skin and aid in tattoo healing. You should also be aware that those with sensitive skin should avoid using this Dial tattoo soap. This is because the product’s fragrance may irritate certain people.

Of course, you shouldn’t be too concerned if you don’t have sensitive skin. This is so that Dial Gold won’t irritate the skin and won’t contain any dangerous ingredients. Therefore, you can comfortably start applying it to your ink.

Can You Use Green Soap During Aftercare?

Green soap is a special kind of soap that most tattooists use to clean the tattooing area before they start. It aids in ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the tattooing procedure. After the tattoo is finished, the artist can clean the area with this green soap before covering it with plastic wrap.

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Although its name doesn’t come from the fact that it’s green, green tattoo soap is an odorless, antibacterial product that’s also ecologically friendly. Due to its inherent green hue, it is known as “green soap.”

Green soap shouldn’t be used for routine tattoo aftercare once you leave the tattoo studio since it often contains 30% alcohol. Furthermore, it must be diluted before usage and is typically offered in bulk. Use a moderate over-the-counter soap for tattoo aftercare at home instead than using green soap, which is better left to specialists.

Do Tattoos Fade With Soap?

If you use strong chemicals on a recovering tattoo, it can fade more quickly than typical including, scented soap. Additionally, while the tattoo is recovering, excessive washing or bathing in soapy bath water may lead the ink to fade. The best approach to prevent fading and preserve the beauty of the tattoo is to carefully wash it twice daily with warm water and a light, unscented detergent like Dial Gold.

How To Safely Wash A Tattoo?

Prior to cleaning your fresh tattoo, you must first wait a complete 24 hours. When you’re ready to take off your bandage, wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm (not hot) water while being extremely gentle. After carefully patting it dry, add a light coating of your favorite aftercare ointment. Never massage a fresh tattoo. Throughout the healing process, carry out this procedure twice daily.

Many experts advise that using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more should also be used to protect your new tattoo from the sun. Additionally, remember to periodically moisturize your new tattoo with one of the top tattoo aftercare products.

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In conclusion, you can clean your tattoo using odorless Dial soap. It’s a fantastic alternative for mild soap that is secure and easily accessible to put on fresh ink. It’s not the only choice, though. In general, you can use any mild, unscented soap without alcohol on a fresh tattoo without risk.

Once your tattoo has healed completely, which generally takes approximately four weeks, you can resume using your favorite soap on every region of your body. Taking care of a fresh tattoo might be time-consuming, but the end result will be well worth it!

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