What Is The Spiritual Meaning Behind The Three-Dot Tattoos?

There is much more to a tattoo than just ink on your flesh. For some people, tattoos hold little significance, while for others, they serve as a means of self-expression. A person’s background, values, and a whole lot more can be expressed via tattoos.

Let’s talk about a popular tattoo that’s rich in significance, culture, and history—the three dots tattoo. Explore its meaning in more detail and discover why so many individuals have decided to get it tattooed on their bodies.

A three-dot triangle tattoo is simple enough; for some, it may signify a meaningful symbol; for others, the notion of a basic triangular design is just attractive. However, there are many reasons why someone would associate this minimalist tattoo negatively, which is why we are here to discuss it today.

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What Does A Triangle With Three Dots Mean?

A three-dot triangle tattoo initially gained popularity because of its connection with criminals and prison life. The three dots represent mi vida loca, which usually means “my crazy life” for gang members. The three-dot triangle is the most prevalent prison tattoo connected with Mexican gangsters who have served lengthy prison periods.

This tattoo is designed to represent the life that gang members lead, as they continuously risk their lives to live outside of society. It serves as a way to connect the individual to other gang members by making them identifiable and displaying the type of life they lead. It is linked to gang activities in general and not to any specific group.

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Prisoners and gangs equally comprehend the broader implications attached to these three dots, even though they are not specifically affiliated with any one group in particular. This tattoo implies that tattoo owners are of those people who have chosen to lead an insane, chaotic lifestyle—everything that gangs depend on. 

The three dots tattoo design is popular among those who aren’t embarrassed to admit that they have chosen the lifestyle they lead, whether or not the rest of the world agrees.

Where does this tattoo often appear on the body?

The placement of the three-dot tattoo on the body has no impact on the meaning of the tattoo. In actuality, the majority of gang members or inmates decide on a site on the body that is clearly noticeable and wear it as a badge of pride.

The three dots are most frequently tattooed around the eyes in a triangle pattern. In this manner, when two individuals interact, they can immediately and unquestionably link the person with the lifestyle.

If it is not positioned near the eye, it is usually put on the hands or knuckles, where it can be readily seen. Because you probably don’t want this tattoo to be hidden, doing it in that manner will allow it to be instantly recognized.

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Three Dots in a Triangle: What They Mean Spiritually?

First, you should know that the triangle form can have more than one significance. The easiest method to widen your awareness of the spiritual significance of the three dots in a triangle is to acknowledge that this is a possibility. The meanings are as follows:


The triangle represents enlightenment. The hue of the triangle indicates whether enlightenment is spiritual or physical.

Triangles in blue signify knowledge. This indicates that you have attained or require enlightenment.

Enlightenment depends on one’s level of knowledge. Spiritual enlightenment is represented as a triangle in a white box.

You Are Protected Right Now

The idea that you have someone watching out for and defending you is another interpretation of the spiritual meaning of three dots in a triangle. A cherished ancestor may be watching over you from the other side.

If you stumble across the triangle within three to six months after the death of a beloved one, the person you lost may be trying to interact with you.

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Remove Obstacles

Exploding triangles represent overcoming obstacles. But now is the moment to go above and beyond and be genuine. We are unable to realize our full potential because of the limitations we place on ourselves and the world.

Don’t let other people’s judgments hinder you from success. The exploding triangle advises you to overcome challenges and accomplish your objectives.

Change Is Coming

One of the three dots in a triangle’s symbolic significance is the upcoming start of a new chapter.

The universe is letting you know that you have a chance to start new if you see the triangle in a new book. The moment has come for you to make improvements to your life, and we strongly advise you to do so. It could be a sign of encouragement, particularly after suffering a significant setback.

Take it as the motivation and inspiration you require to begin a new chapter in your life. Do it with confidence, knowing that the universe has your back. The universe is allowing you to create a new chapter in your life so that you can start again.

The Eye of Providence

A triangle symbol used by Christians is the All-Seeing Eye. It is a triangle with an eye, signifying God observing humanity. It has been utilized in Christian artwork since the Renaissance to represent the Holy Trinity and serve as a reminder to believers that God upholds the natural order of the universe.

This symbol appears on the Great Seal of the United States as well as the one-dollar note. Some people think that this symbol also represents the Freemasons’ participation in the American foundation. This conspiracy theory is doubtful to be correct because Freemasonry adopted this picture year after the Great Seal was made.

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You Are Secure

The triangle can be an indication of the universe. It’s neither great nor horrible. An uncolored triangle denotes safety. Usually, it implies that your friends are considerate. Sometimes, it also indicates the happiness of your family and that everything is okay. A white triangle denotes that your life is excellent and represents that you are totally secure.


Pursuing your goals might occasionally lead to conflicts between your personal and professional lives. You may experience a persistent sense of conflict with others, and at this point, you may perceive a triangle in the sand.

This is a sign provided to you to signify that you are capable of achieving unity. The triangle is there to reassure you that you can reach an agreement with your friends or your employer if you’re having trouble doing so.

It demonstrates to you that unity is feasible and within your reach via the power of your awareness. Then it provides you with actionable advice to assist in achieving that unity. It will be simpler and easier to maintain relationships with your loved ones if you simplify all parts of your life.

The Elements

According to mythology, the planet was made up of the four triangular-shaped elements wind, earth, water, and fire. Fire and water are represented as triangles with a point at the top. The air is represented by a triangle with a horizontal line across the tip, whereas the ground is symbolized by the triangle to the opposite.

The fifth element was thought to fill space beyond the planet. Triangles are therefore stacked to create a star as this mysterious component.


An exploding triangle is a hint that you should exceed your limits. That is encouraging. The spiritual realm can communicate with you when you become hostile. A window frame with a triangle form is feasible. The universe is trying to tell you not to work too hard when this happens. So, it’s essential to recognize your limitations.

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Your Guardian Angel Came to See You

Your guardian angel may appear to you as a triangle. Angels can be seen as triangles in the sky. Be conscious of this and anticipate hearing from God in response to your prayers.

Both Genders

Triangles can be used to represent both genders, depending on how they are drawn. A triangle with a point represents feminine qualities. It has a connection to passive energy and intuition. An upright triangle with a point denotes male qualities. Represents action and judgment.

Does This Pattern Always Connote Gang And Jail Life?

The quick answer is no; this artwork can be used to symbolize many lovely things and is not always connected to gang and jail life. The extensive response, though, requires a little more explanation.

No, a person won’t automatically assume you belong to a gang the moment they meet you because of the 3-dot triangle tattoo. You must be sure that people will assume the worst if you get your tattoo done in a standard “gang” place, such as immediately beneath your eye or anywhere on your face.

You won’t draw as much attention if you get it somewhere less noticeable, such as the inside of your wrist or your ankle.


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What Does This Pattern Mean In Terms Of Christianity?

Since the beginning of the faith, Christians have placed great significance on the number three and three-sided symbols like triangles.

Three distinct spiritual entities—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—are believed to combine to form the all-powerful entity known as God. They are occasionally shown in triangular form and are frequently referred to as the Trinity. Many works of religious art have a triangular sign with a dove—the emblem of the Holy Spirit—flying over the triangle.

This knowledge makes it simple to comprehend why some Christians may desire this tattoo. It features three dots that stand in for the three aspects of God, and they are gathered into a triangle to symbolize unity.

Even though it is less well-known than “mi vida loca,” which contrasts sharply with the tattoo’s more ominous connotation, the Trinity is one of the most popular meanings for this design.

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Can I Have A Three-Dots Triangle Tattoo?

In the end, getting a three-dot triangle tattoo is acceptable since it has multiple meanings. There is no one who will find this tattoo objectionable or think it is racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. However, it would be best if you were notified that others who are aware of the relationship between the tattoo and gang culture, and jail life could have an unfavorable opinion of you.

If you decide to have this tattoo, consider where you get it since that will reduce its negative meaning. For instance, think about applying it to your shoulder or rib cage, areas that are generally covered. It would not be the first thing people notice about you in this way, and you won’t get it on your face either.

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