60 Turbulent And Powerful Tiger Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Strong Back

When we look at the genre of animal tattoos, you may notice that the tiger is a pretty famous choice. And why not? People often like to compare themselves to various animals and beasts as they think their traits are alike and angry tiger back tattoos are one of them.

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60 Turbulent And Powerful Tiger Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Strong Back

For example, you must have heard the name of Dwayne Johnson; he has done well for himself in the world of WWE and then Hollywood. You must see a tattoo of a bull done on his shoulder, and if you see his stature, you will realize that the bull tattoo suits him so much.

Similarly, people do for a tiger tattoo; it stands for raw power and strength. Some even see the tiger as the symbol of freedom and independence. Here we will look at the ways in which you can get a tiger tattoo on your back.

Tiger Tattoo Designs

1. Excellent Tiger Tattoo

You are looking for a full coverage tattoo that will cover your entire back at once? Then your tattoo will be in the shape of something like the one done below. A black and white tiger in this manner looks like fabulous body art.

Excellent Tiger Tattoo

Image: @studio42sidcup

2. Flower With Tiger Tattoo

Here is a tattoo inspired by a picture that you drew on paper. Like when kids draw something using their crayons. People even get the first vector done by their children as tattoos.

So if you want something like this, you can get one in this manner. Adding flowers shows a touch of the culture the bearer must be from.

Flower With Tiger Tattoo

 Image: @jerryluckycat

3. Lively Tiger Tattoo

If you like realistic-looking tattoos a bit more than the other ones, here is one option. Here you can see what may be the final outcome of your realistic tattoo. You add other custom elements to it like here you can see small flowers.

Lively Tiger Tattoo

 Image: @ink112tattoo

4. Roaring Tiger Back Tattoo 

Here is another kind of tattoo you can choose if you like realistic tattoos. Here you can just have the face of the tiger done on your back. The roaring face of the mighty tiger is an impressive tattoo.

Roaring Tiger Back Tattoo

 Image: @karlburtontattoo

5. Roaring Tiger Tattoo Style

Another roaring style of the tiger tattoo. You must know that a tiger is famous for is his roar. The roar of the tiger indicates him claiming his authority. So you can have that done on you in this half face manner.

Roaring Tiger Tattoo Style

 Image: @darkarts_markbarker

6. Stylish Tiger Tattoo

Here is a creative design on how you can get a fearful tiger tattoo. This pattern comes out when the tiger hits his enemy with a mighty claw. This is the raw power in his paw that the claw cuts through the foe’s skin. 

Stylish Tiger Tattoo

Image: @fantasyfacepaints

7. Simple Tiger Tattoo

If you are looking for a simple tiger tattoo, then take reference from this with nothing too much done and with appropriate detailing. 

Simple Tiger Tattoo

 Image: @rose_tattoo

8. Small Tiger Tattoo

A small tiger tattoo but with the entire body of the tiger. You will rarely see these kinds of tattoos, but they look attractive.

Small Tiger Tattoo

  Image: @vinicioslira

9. Tiger Tattoo On Back

Here is another idea for the full coverage tiger back tattoo. Again, it is done with the tiger’s natural habitat and with some other personal elements. The Chinese script with the tattoo is a nice touch that depicts something meaningful.

The Scorpio is also added to this tattoo, stands for intimidation and fear and states that you can strive to protect yourself when in need. 

Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @artwork.kempten

10. Stunning Tiger Tattoo

  Here is another tattoo of the entire body of the tattoo with the appropriate use of negative spacing. This tiger tattoo looks like the tiger is crawling upon something. The scales are something that a tiger has and make it look poise and beautiful.

Stunning Tiger Tattoo

Image: @inkredibletattoos

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11. Stylish Tiger Tattoo On Back

The tiger tattoo is done in its original color with a combination of orange and black. The black ground leaves a good impact on this tiger tattoo. You can even add your favorite flowers around the body of the tiger.

The swirl kind of motion created using the negative space is a good idea.

Stylish Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @sintheskintattoo

12. Stylish Tiger Tattoo

If you like a little animated touch in your tattoos and a favourite cartoon character you have, you can have a tattoo made in that theme. For example, look at this tiger; it seems like a hypnotised one with the best alluring background.

The contrast of the black and colourful scheme looks impressive as a tattoo; you can try getting a similar one.  

Stylish Tiger Tattoo

 Image: @irezumirepublic

13. Flower And Tiger Tattoo

The Lilly and the tiger are an excellent combination to get together because they represent the dichotomy of life as the tiger stands for raw power, and the lily is the symbol of motherhood and fertility.

The shading done in this tattoo is also done perfectly, and if you are a woman, this may be the best tattoo choice for you.

Flower And Tiger Tattoo

Image: @blacktattoo2_

14.  Dragon Tiger Tattoo

The dragon stands for grace, intelligence and strength; it may be one of the best animal tattoos you can get in combination with the tiger. This tattoo here looks like a coverage tattoo because a lot of colour and design are used here.

You can also customize a tattoo for yourself looking like this. But this kind of tattoo will cost you relatively more and cause a little more pain. However, including too many graphics on your back to cover it can show your love for tattoos.

Dragon Tiger Tattoo

 Image: @tattooist_k

15. Tiger Back Tattoo

This one is another tattoo that looks like an impersonification taken from the animation tattooing style. Because in the animation, these kinds of red colour schemes are used to show motion and power. Again if you are an animation fan, you can get a tattoo like this done on you.

Tiger Back Tattoo

 Image: @wilwang_tatt

16. Floral & Girls Tiger Back Tattoo

A girl is again a good element that you can choose to complement your tiger tattoo. This can be some scene from your favourite picture or a simple depiction of your fantasy. You can even get the tattoo of your favourite girl character done with a tiger to denote you think of her like a tigress.

The rose added to the tattoo is the symbol of love won or love lost. So take inspiration to create your rare custom tattoo.

Floral & Girls Tiger Back Tattoo

Image: @pedroguerratattoo

17. Amazing Tiger Back Tattoo

This is the big cat in action about to pounce on its prey. Tigers usually do not catch the prey they feed on, and the tigress hunts for their cubs. But a tiger may take this position to protect its family.

Amazing Tiger Back Tattoo

 Image: @minhdo.tattoo

18. Tiger Full Back Tattoo

If you are someone who likes colourful things, you can experiment with the colour choice of your tattoo. For example, look at this tattoo in which the lower part is full of colourful patterns. The eyes and the face of the tiger are done in a scary way.

Tiger Full Back Tattoo

 Image: @shanghai__tattoo

19. Tiger Tattoo Design

When done together, the two tigers symbolize great strength to overcome all enemies and avoid dangers. You can try such a pair of tattoos of the tigers if you are looking for something rare.

Tiger Tattoo Design

 Image: @allrisetattooingcompany

20. Stunning Roaring Tiger Tattoo Design  

The tiger’s roar in a tattoo creates a fearful aura; you can use just the face of the tiger in such a tattoo.

Stunning Roaring Tiger Tattoo Design

 Image: @sigiltattoo2

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21. Awesome Tiger Tattoo On Back

 The fearful roar of the tiger can even be done in a manner that it covers your whole back. Moreover, large tattoos do not tend to fade away quickly with time.

Awesome Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @nicolo__rusty

22. Black Ink Tiger Back Tattoo

The leaves represent the circle of life. They depict that even after death, life exists as it repeats itself. Like they shred every year and then come every year. But here, with the tiger tattoo, they can be a symbol to represent the natural habitat of the big cat and where you can find one.

Black Ink Tiger Back Tattoo

Image: @tharealmike.d

23. Colorful Tiger Tattoo

With bold and bright attention to the striking mix of colors, it looks great on the back. The tiger is one of the tattoos for you featuring a fearless look, loyalty, strength, tribal trust and more. The art style reflecting deep meaning with outlines makes it a particular art. 

Colorful Tiger Tattoo

 Image: @revivaltattoostudio

24. 3D Tiger Tattoo Design

The 3D art of tattooing is a good choice for those looking for tattoos that give a very vibrant, lively look. Look at this beautiful artistic impression that has the potential to engage you whenever you see one.

3D Tiger Tattoo Design

 Image: @salvationtattoostudio

25. Tiger And Snake Tattoo On Full Back

The tiger and snake together stand to overcome toxic habits in life or male sexuality. It may even be a sign of virility and passion of a person. However, the tattoo here looks like it has some link with a culture’s legend.

Tiger And Snake Tattoo On Full Back

 Image: @cobracustomtattoo

26. Angry Tiger And Skull Tattoo

A very intimidating tattoo that can stir fear in anyone at first glance. If you want something of this sort, you can have the one below. The skull in it stands for death, and if someone is wearing this tattoo, it means he is not afraid of death.

Yet, these two put together can steal the show for you.

Angry Tiger And Skull Tattoo

Image: @alroztattoo

27. Tiger And Child Tattoo

The tattoo is done with the utmost thought and great creativity. This tattoo carries a deep meaning with it; it says that everything in life depends upon how you perceive yourself and think of yourself.

Whatever you are looking for in yourself in a particular situation is already within you. All you need to do is find it.

Tiger And Child Tattoo

Image: @jaxntheboxtattoos

28. Tiger Eyes Tattoo

Another creative piece of body art compiled by a skilled artist, the butterfly, is the symbol of transformation and change. With the tiger, it may show into something that you have changed.

Tiger Eyes Tattoo

Image: @christianpannese

29. Tiger Face Tattoo Design

If you like the abstract touch in this art, then you can go for something looking like the one done here.

Tiger Face Tattoo Design

Image: @darkarts_markbarker

30. Tiger Face Tattoo Design

Minimalistic tattoos are a popular choice now, and you can try one for yourself.

Tiger Face Tattoo Design

Image: @mandi_tattoo

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31. Tiger Face Tattoo On Back

This one looks like the face of a wise old tiger who has learned from his struggles for surviving in life.

Tiger face Tattoo On Back

Image: @raveingink

32. Amazing Tiger Face Tattoo

The combination of the tiger and the tigress is a great tattoo idea as it shows one as the protector and the other as the provider of the family. A tiger protects the family from enemies, and the tigress hunts for it. If you like such ideas with deep meaning, then choose this tattoo.

Amazing Tiger Face Tattoo

Image: @marcel.loyal.1993

33. Tiger Face Tattoo 

Here is one more intimidating tattoo with a mysterious lady’s face and the other half done with a tiger’s face. It is a great way to depict the symbolic meaning for someone.

Tiger Face Tattoo

Image: @tattoospot.app

34. Tiger Full Back Tattoo

Inspired by the freehand art of doing tattoos, this one looks like an animated lion character from somewhere. 

Tiger Full Back Tattoo

Image: @selfinflicteddowntown

35. Tiger Tattoo On Back

You can experiment with the colour of your tiger tattoo to make it an authentic one. The bearer has chosen the colour yellow for his tattoo, making it a one-of-kind tattoo.

Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @ducky_valley_

36. Tiger Tattoo

The tattoo artist has taken the creative liberty to create something unique; your tattoo artist can do the same for you.

Tiger Tattoo

Image: @horikazu

37. Nice Tiger Tattoo

The tattoo artist has taken the creative liberty to create something unique; your tattoo artist can do the same for you.

Nice Tiger Tattoo

 Image: @alanchiam83

38. Tiger Tattoo Design

The evil tiger tattoo will keep the evil within bounds and away from you. So wear this as your symbol of protection.

Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @threemonkeytattoo

39. Tiger Tattoo Design On Back

The watercolour water splash tattoo is an infamous tattooing style carried forward from the watercolour art of painting. If you like this style, get your tattoo using your favourite colours. Look at the artistic impression it ends up in.

Tiger Tattoo Design On Back

Image: @graphicward

40. Tiger Tattoo Design

Here is another impersonation that was done with the touch of personal elements. Again, the colour contrast looks terrific and depicts the nature of the tattoo owner.

Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @7elementostattoo

41. Tiger Tattoo

Earlier, we saw a tattoo with a combination of the skull and the snake done with the tiger. All those three are done together to form this beautiful, intimidating artistic impression. The black background matches perfectly with the mystic tattoo.

You can use the same tattoo or even add more mysterious elements to it. The snake coming out of the skull is a choice that you may come across for a fearful tattoo.

Tiger Tattoo

Image: @centralstation.tattoo

42. Tiger Tattoo On Back

The tiger and snake together will add significance to the meaning of your tattoo. So get these together to create an antique tattoo.

Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @neotraditionalspain

43. Tiger Tattoo On Full Back

Full back tattoos will cost you more and will hurt a little more because of the larger area and more extensive sittings, but they are worth it because they have a longer life in terms of fading away.

Tiger Tattoo On Full Back

Image: @tattoospirit

44. Tiger Tattoo On Lower Back

The tiger face can even be done in the body of a butterfly. Earlier it was a tattoo near the neck, but here is another way of doing it. It makes for a creative tattoo, and you get two tattoos in one, hence adding meaning to your tattoo.

Tiger Tattoo On Lower Back

Image: @ta2byblkness

45. Tiger With Dragon Tattoo

The dragon and the tiger are both powerful creatures, and they are also mysterious. Yet, these both can be great to get together. The dragon comes from Japanese culture, so the dragon here is also inspired by the Japanese Yin and Yan, which stands for unity in opposites.

Tiger With Dragon Tattoo

Image: @oje_tattoos

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46. Tiger Tattoo

The negative space used for creating shapes is a wise way of making your tattoo look one-of-a-kind. Leaving the half-back unattended is also a creative way of doing back tattoos.

Show this to your tattoo artist for him to take inspiration to create something unique like this for you.

Tiger Tattoo

Image: @nicholas.tattoo

47. Tribal And Tiger Tattoo On Back

The tribal design for tattoos is a trendy art in the world of tattooing. The tribal tattoo art can be done in many different patterns, and those patterns relate to different cultures. Tribal tattoos are a great way to honour your culture and stay connected to your roots.

If you want to celebrate your ancestors, you can go for a similar tattoo. Dig into the history of your culture, and there you will find some signs that you can use for your tattoo.

Tribal And Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @dogler_tattoos

48. Tribal Tiger Tattoo On Back

Show that you are proud of your culture and stay connected to it in this unique way. Get a tattoo done with the tribal design and make your tattoo a one-of-a-kind.

Tribal Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @medussatattoostudio

49. Small Tribal Tiger Face Tattoo

 Instead of blending in the tribal design with your tribal tattoo, you can have the tiger made with a series of tribal textures. Here is a smaller tattoo idea for you in the tribal tattoos category.

Small Tribal Tiger Face Tattoo

Image: @fxstudiostattoobarber.co

50. Tribal Tiger Tattoo Design

Just the fearful eyes of the tiger make a pretty intimidating tattoo. However, you can experiment with the colour if you are looking forward to going with just the eyes.

Tribal Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @thegangsters_tattoo_jkt

51. Wonderful Tiger Tattoo Design

The paw print tattoo is often used for pet tattoos, but you may even use it more for your antique tiger tattoo like it is done here. The paw print is used wisely to make the picture of a tiger.

Wonderful Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @acetattooz

52. Wonderful Tiger Tattoo Design

Here is an idea for the authentic looking tattoo with a touch of tiny hemp leaves‚ÄĒsmall elements to the tattoo like done here tell about the bearer‚Äôs personality.

Wonderful Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @gunandpedaltattoostudio

53. Incredible Tiger Tattoo On Back

The roses go great with a tiger tattoo, and earlier, we saw some designs, but not like this one. The roses are perfectly blended in with the tiger’s face.

Incredible Tiger Tattoo On Back

Image: @blackbeartattoo

54. Wonderful Tiger Tattoo

Scenery with a tiger tattoo generally is there to depict its habitat. But, it can also mean other things like the tattoo owner like outdoors. And via his tattoo, he wants to show his love for nature.

Wonderful Tiger Tattoo

Image: @asian_inkspiration

55. Tribal Tiger Tattoo

The clash of two fearsome animals creates a good theme for your tattoo. You can have such two animals done together.

Tribal Tiger Tattoo

Image: @maratattoostudio

56. Amazing Full Back Tattoo

The full-back tattoo can be of two kinds, one with just the tiger face and the other with a lot of elements. So if you like the second kind of category and want something like this, you can take the idea from this one done here.

Amazing Full Back Tattoo

Image: @gyugyu.tattoo

57.  Elegant Tiger Tattoo

The lion and the tiger are two of the most powerful animals that are in the jungle. Getting these two together can indicate several meanings. First, the lion is the symbol of courage and bravery.

Elegant Tiger Tattoo

Image: @valeriotrabalzini

58. Elegant Tiger Tattoo On Full Back

Tiger tattoo can also be done with imaginative details like it is done here with the tattoo artist taking creative liberty.

Elegant Tiger Tattoo On Full Back

Image: @westside_tattoo_mermaid_beach

59. Amazing Angry Tiger Tattoo

The ancient Chinese culture inspires this tattoo because these kinds of buildings are their heritage. You can add items related to your culture to give a personalized tattoo touch. For example, the moon is the symbol of growth and change.

Amazing Angry Tiger Tattoo

Image: @cabramattaink

60. Colorful Tiger Tattoo 

The original colour of the tiger is a good tattoo idea and looks grasping. However, here the tattoo seems like he is going to the edge of a cliff. The contrast of orange and black creates a good contrast.

Colorful Tiger Tattoo

Image: @lukeandthemachine

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Tiger Tattoo Mean?

The tiger tattoo is the symbol of raw power and strength, and then the big cat is also seen by some as the symbol of independence and freedom. The cubs of the apex predator are seen as the perfect balance of innocence and power. 

Are Tiger Tattoos Japanese?

The tiger tattoos have deep meaning in Japanese culture in that it stands for courage and strength. In addition, the tiger can represent protection from evil spirits and bad luck and is considered sacred.

What Does A Japanese Tiger Tattoo Mean?

There are various meanings associated with Japanese culture, like courage and protection against bad luck, disease, evil spirits and wind. 

What Does A Half Tiger Half Woman Tattoo Mean?

The tigers are famous as spirit animals and represent courage and resilience. When they are made with human eyes, it amplifies their connection and makes them robust. You can use it to show the inner side of a woman, like her inner strength that is similar to a tiger.

What Does 2 Tiger Tattoos Mean?

In the Yants, two tigers represent great power.

It gives one the strength to miss out on all dangers and overcome enemies. However, soldiers and Muay Thai fighters mostly prefer the twin tigers.

Bottom Line

The big cat is known as the apex predator and is quite famous for a tiger tattoo. There are many places where you can get one, but here we have jotted all the tattoos for you back. So get one done on you today and let that tiger tattoo give you courage and protect you from evil.

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