85 Lovely And Funny Bow Tattoos You Would Love To Have

Tattoo art is a kind of body adornment that is popular among both men and women. However, certain designs are more gender-specific than others. One of those is the bow tattoos style, which is considered a feminine and adorable design, making it a popular choice among females.

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85 Lovely And Funny Bow Tattoos You Would Love To Have

These small little bows, which are a prominent part of present wrapping, look fantastic on women’s bodies, with their bright colors and attractive designs oozing all the elegance that just about every woman seeks in a tattoo design. This tattoo is a popular choice among ladies of all ages because of the beauty of the pattern.

Credit: urbantyna

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What Does A Bow Tattoo Mean?

Bow tattoos are popular for their attractive appearance as well as significance. They are little more than pretty and charming; they do have a profound meaning. A bow is made by forming a loose knot on a string or thread, giving it a distinctive and attractive appearance. Women adore the design since it represents their independence and calm demeanor, which are traits shared by today’s modern lady. Bows are also associated with femininity, compassion, and uniqueness since they are used to enhance presents that we offer to our family members. Bow tattoos are therefore connected with the pleasure of showing kindness, which is a fundamental element of a woman’s character because she was created to give and share.

1. Matching Bow Wrist Tattoo

Among the most popular bow tattoos are the matching bow tattoos that represent the bond both individuals share. You can have it with your friend with whom you share all your secret desires and feelings.

bow tattoo designs

Credit: @nancykamehtattoo

2. Back Of Ankle Bow Tattoo

Bow tattoos on the back of the ankle represent a lady’s sexual element. Many women make use of it to attract guys by displaying their playful side. This is especially true when worn with lace.

Back of Ankle Bow Tattoo

Credit: @mr.jones.tattoo

3. Bow And Jewel Tattoo

A jewel tattoo mostly signifies inner beauty, wealth, and power. However, when inked with a bow, it represents the strength and power of women. 

Credit: @pattie.plushie

4. Matching Pink Bow Tattoo

Pink color, long known to represent femininity. The pink ribbon bow tattoo resonates the beauty and strong character attributes of women. You can have this type of tattoo on fingers, close to the ankles, as well as wrists.

Bow tattoo on finger

Credit: @run2dmc63

5. Pretty Legs Bow Tattoo

Pretty Legs tattoo doesn’t usually mean something; it just resonates to the past, when women used to wear stockings. These stockings often have a ribbon, or you can say a bow, same like this bow tattoo.

Pretty Legs Bow Tattoo

Credit: @femininktattoo

6. Dotted Bow Tattoo On Wrist

A thin bow tattoo on wrist, as in the picture, looks really cute. You can have it just for its great visual looks because it does not represent something meaningful.

Credit: @chloe_barton_tattoo

7. Lace Up Ribbon Tattoo on Both Legs  

Another tattoo design represented the fashion style of the females back in 1900. The tattoo owners seem to be in love with the previous fashion statement. Women do this sort of tattoo to look sensual and attractive.

Credit: @seanmaulltattoos333

8. Bow Tattoos On Thighs 

Brides adore getting bows tattooed on the back of their thighs to commemorate the tradition of wearing a bridal garter. Although the silk corset is withdrawn, the woman will always have these tattoos on her thighs that remind her of the fresh start.

Bow Tattoos on Back of Thighs 

Credit: @alexcohen_pankov

9. Red Bow Tattoos On Back Of Leg

Mainly, the red bow is considered as the awareness symbol for HIV AIDS. However, some get the red bow tattoos inked to show their love and passion. Couples tend to wear a red bow matching tattoo to exhibit their love.

Red Bow Tattoos on Back of Leg

Credit: @fazatattoostudio

10. Skull And Bow Stocking Tattoo Design

The artwork below seems so real that it’s as if the tattooed girl is wearing a real stocking with a bow on it. The combination of red and black hues complements the wearer.

Bow Stocking Tattoo Design

Credit: @stevesims_tattooer

11. Ribbon Bow Thigh Tattoo

The cute ribbon bow tattoo is what can catch everyone’s attention. The unique and beautiful appearance of this tattoo with the respective shading is what makes this tattoo stand out.

Ribbon Bow Thigh Tattoo

Credit: @imbillnyethetattooguy

12. Nice Lace Bow Tattoo Design

This is a perfect tattoo for individuals who desire elegance with amazing aesthetic appeal! No tattoo will represent elegance more than a delicate lace bow tattoo in which every detail just fits the imagery. 

Delicate Lace Bow Tattoo Design

Credit: @magdart_tattoo

13. 3D Lace Bow Tattoo On Shoulder

The 3D lace bow tattoo is feminine and exquisite, with little nuances that draw other people’s attention. This lovely bow, for example, has a subtle three-dimensional appearance to it and looks wonderful in its setting.

3D Lace Bow Tattoo

Credit: @newmoonbirstall

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14. Black Ink Lace Tattoo

People get a black lace tattoo inked to respect their loved ones who were one of the victims of the September 11, Virginia incident. However, mostly it is found to symbolize an equilibrium between the darkness and light, as in the ying-yang sign.  

Black Lace Tattoo

Credit: @sabinaseiferttattoo

15. Lace Wrapped Bow Tattoo

When you are into elegance and attractiveness, then the lace-wrapped bow tattoos are the ones to go for. These look stunningly beautiful and captivate everyone’s attention with their intricate detailing.

Lace Wrapped Bow Tattoo

Credit: @dorainktattoo

16. Red Stone Bow Tattoo On Wrist

Bow tattoo designs are quite popular among female tattoo enthusiasts. When worn, the patterns can be reduced to resemble wearing a gorgeous bracelet, which makes them incredibly wonderful and enticing.

Red Stone Bow Tattoo on Wrist

Credit: @mrdreamer69

17. Red Bow Finger Tattoo

To make your hands look beautiful, this tattoo is a smart choice. It looks good when paired with rings and really adds elegance to your hands with its bold black lines.

Bow Finger Tattoo

Credit: @amandadawnink

18. Polka Dot Bow Tattoo Idea

The most used pattern in clothing, polka dots, is a good choice for tattoo enthusiasts. Alternatively, it also represents the famous cartoon character Minnie Mouse which makes this tattoo cute and adorable. 

Polka Dot Bow Tattoo Idea

Credit: @tattoocharm

19. Red 3D Ribbon Ankle Tattoo

To give a realistic look, red 3D ribbon tattoos are the best. The beauty of this tattoo lies in the creativity of how the hanging part of the ribbons seems real. 

Red 3D Ribbon Tattoo

Credit: @stevencornicelli

20. Leopard Print Bow Tattoo

Are you a wildlife lover? If yes, then this design suits your personality just perfectly. With this kind of tattoo, you can showcase your love for wildlife and the extinct animal, Leopard.

Leopard Print Bow Tattoo

Credit: @eliterrorestattoo

21. Matching Wrist Bows Tattoo

Bow tattoo designs, such as this one, provide female tattoo fans a unique opportunity to display their beauty and appreciation for the art. But, men with matching tattoos along with their partners look cute.

Matching Wrist Bows Tattoo

Credit: @andreapiccione1989

22. Feminine Bow Tattoo

The colorful, feminine tattoos tend to catch attention. So to grab all eyeballs on them, most women ink feminine ribbon bow tattoos on their bodies to look more attractive. 

Feminine Ribbon Bow Tattoo

Credit: @beccambtattoo

23. Small Bow Tattoo

The cute and small bow tattoos make a wonderful appearance on the skin. These are small and fit every small place, and it best looks adorable on the back of the legs.

Small Bow Tattoo

Credit: @blackscorpion13

24. Realistic Bow Tattoo

Tattoos, at times, define some important incidence in an individual’s life. Adding such elements sometimes enhances its visual appeal. Same as in the picture, a lock added to the bow looks quite eye-catching.

Realistic Bow Tattoo

Credit: @inknostattoo

25. Pastel Color Bow Tattoo

A colored tattoo that blends well with the wearer’s skin tone looks really cool. As shown in the picture, the pastel color used gives a sense of playfulness and a naughty attitude, as perceived mostly by kids.

Pastel Color Bow Tattoo

Credit: @nooseink

26. Chest Bow Tattoo

Bow tattoos generally express love or a kind and compassionate attitude. The unique placement of a bow tattoo on the chest could signify the wearer’s love for their special person.

Chest Bow Tattoo

Credit: @laura_ink_wonderland

27. Bow With Heart Tattoo 

Sometimes incorporating different elements into a bow tattoo is what sets this tattoo apart. Although a heart is a perfect addition to the tattoo, raising its visual appeal, as given in the picture.

Bow With Heart Tattoo 

Credit: @marcovidali_hopfrogtattoo

28. Cute Skull Bow Tattoo

If you are into some sort of horror stuff, cute skull bow tattoos are good. Such tattoos tend to warn people of the risky attitude that the wearer has. The bold edges of the hanging ribbons in what adds to its beauty.

Cute Skull bow tattoo

Credit: @squeilala

29. Cute Bow Tattoo

Ink this cute little bow with bold colors and a funny face that looks mesmerizing. This customized version of a bow tattoo is really enthralling that is unique and sets you way apart.

Cute Bow Tattoo

Credit: @squeilala

30. One-Line Bow Tattoo

For those who love minimalism, a one-line bow tattoo is something for them. It gives you a perfect aesthetics of a sweet, adorable tattoo that looks stylish and cute. The perfect location for having this type of tattoo is on the wrist, fingers, and behind your ears, where you don’t get enough surface but want to enhance the aesthetic.

One-line Bow Tattoo

Credit: @shwhatevz

31. Watercolor Bow Tattoo

Women love different colors and unique designs. When it comes to tattooing, they love to create something unique in it as well. A watercolor tattoo is something unique and satisfies all creative souls. 

Watercolor Bow Tattoo

Credit: @alix0

32. Safety Pin Bow Tattoo

A tattoo with unique customization of safety pin stands out. The intricate details of the pin and how it is hanging along with a bow are great. The effect of the bow also serves its purpose and looks enticing on the wearer’s body.

Safety Pin Bow Tattoo

Credit: @cluestattoos

33. Leaves Necklace Bow Tattoo

A stylish leaves necklace with a bow is perfectly fine to embrace the unique you. The bow inked blends quite well with the leaves, thus enhancing the wearer’s body appearance.

Leaves Necklace Bow Tattoo

Credit: @suzentattoozen

34. Banana Bow Tattoo

Anything that looks good in reality can turn into a tattoo motif; either it can be capsicum or even a banana. This highly illustrative banana bow is unique and captivates every eye.

Banana Bow Tattoo

Credit: @elle_vane

35. Fetish Heels Bow Tattoo

Everyone is aware of the women’s love of fashion accessories, whether it be heels or purses. This fetish heels bow tattoo is what shows the same. The actual beauty lies in a bold red-colored bow and heart dangling with it.

Fetish Heels Bow Tattoo

Credit: @turkeybasturz

36. Milestone Bow Tattoo

When you’re happy with what you have achieved in your life, inking this happiness into your body may add to your moment. Not only does this motivates you, but it also lets you believe in yourself to be always inspired.

Milestone Bow Tattoo

Credit: @hunterdathebeard

37. Mafalda Bow Tattoo

The Mafalda bow tattoo could represent your generous approach to society’s serious problem. With this tattoo, you can also gain motivation to fight life’s serious problems.

Mafalda Bow Tattoo

Credit: @by_vas

38. Vine Bow Tattoo

For the fans of assassins creed, a vine bow tattoo is amazing. The twisted edges of the vine, when inked, create a really fascinating look.

Vine Bow Tattoo

Credit: @porplebeans

39. Infinity Bow Tattoo

Usually, when you commit to your partner to be together for infinity is a precious moment. Some people commemorate this precious moment by inking them on their bodies. You can also get your and your partner’s name to signify your love for each other.

Infinity Bow Tattoo

Credit: @inkbyleej_

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40. Illustrative Dog Bow Tattoo

If you’re a proud pet owner or someone who has lost their pet, having them inked on your body helps you to remember your furry friend is such a great idea. See the happy illustrative dog bow tattoo and its intrinsic details, which make this tattoo totally unique. 

Illustrative Dog Bow Tattoo

Credit: @boobooflt

41. Owl Bow Tattoo

Bow tattoos are all about elegance and fun; therefore, adding any extra element should complement the wearer, as shown in the design below. On the wearer’s body, adding an owl tattoo or bird tattoo looks quite appealing on the wearer’s body.

Owl Bow Tattoo

Credit: @bangherangtattoo

42. Funshine Bear Heart Tattoo

A lovely tattoo with vibrant colors is among the top choices to feel lively all day. This soothing tattoo with a bright sunny smile and a pink bow looks cute. The perfect location to have such a type of tattoo is on the legs, thighs, or stomach.

Funshine Bear Heart Tattoo

Credit: @shiratwig

43. Different Color Bow Collection Tattoo

To enhance your personality with the lively colors, a different color bow collection tattoo is something you should have! Such tattoos enhance your body’s appearance and make your dull body look attractive.

Different Color Bow Collection Tattoo

Credit: @perfectangeltattoo

44. Wand Bow Tattoo

Represent your magical and mystical side with a magical wand bow tattoo. The design below looks somewhat spectacular with the combination of lovely colors. The crown at the top of the wand is what adds to its beauty.

Wand Bow Tattoo

Credit: @siknaktattoo

45. Make-Up Kit Bow Tattoo

Bow tattoos, mostly worn by women, represent their beauty. However, make-up and beauty are somewhat interrelated. Make-up is just a vital aspect of beauty and is also every woman’s first love. Having it inked on your body in such a beautiful manner is amazing.

Make-up Kit Bow Tattoo

Credit: @lenka_blackswantattoo

46. Black And Grey Bow Tattoo

Here is yet another magnificent piece of tattoo that gives an illusive effect. This effect makes this tattoo extra-appealing to the eyes. The best location to have such a type of tattoo would be the biceps, calves, or back of the neck.

Black And Grey Bow Tattoo

Credit: @sailorose_

47. Cherry Bow Tattoo

The cute cherry bow tattoo with such a bold color is enough to complement the wearer. The cute cherries hanging gives a lovely expression and amazingly highlights the cherry. 

Cherry Bow Tattoo

Credit: @karmatattoo38

48. Diamond Jewelry Bow Tattoo

A jewelry bow, which is such a unique concept, is for those who love precious jewels. The intricate work embellished on the wearer’s body gives a perfect anklet look with a piece of heavy jewelry attached to it. 

Diamond Jewelry Bow Tattoo

Credit: @mdwipeoutz

49. Flag Bow Tattoo

The design of a flag bow tattoo looks stunningly amazing as it carries so many vivid colors that look quite appealing. Incorporating a flag is a unique concept, and the blue and red-colored bow give the wearer a unique look.

Flag Bow Tattoo

Credit: @riverrattrev

50. Huge Floral Bow Tattoo

When you are over the simpler designs and looking for a well-designed piece of art to complement your body, a huge floral tattoo would be perfect. The huge floral tattoo is worth trying because of its vivid beauty and artwork.

Huge Floral Bow Tattoo

Credit: @2tattooshop

51. Feather Bow Tattoo

The design below is artistically created to give the wearer an enhanced look. A beautiful ribbon with numerous beads looks appealing. The feather looks natural and deep detailing makes it quite unique. This tattoo is mostly done to celebrate one of the special events of the wearer’s life.

Feather Bow Tattoo

Credit: @jenn_ink

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52. Leopard Bow Tattoo

You can show your love for extinct animals by inking your body with a cute leopard tattoo. The leopard, decorated with an amazing blue-colored heart and a pink bow, looks perfect.

Leopard Bow Tattoo

Credit: @missemmatattoo

53. Scissor Bow Tattoo

When inked with an additional element, most bow tattoos look quite appealing. The designs here are quite elaborative and represent such amazing imagery.

Scissor Bow Tattoo

Credit: @swampqueenart

54. Cool Girl Bow Tattoo

Another complex tattoo had a little bit of naughtiness and quirkiness in it. The stunning and cool girl with amazing detailing looks quite well when inked with a bow. With this cool girl bow tattoo, you can showcase your funnier tattoo

Cool Girl Bow Tattoo

Credit: @vero_ikona_ink

55. Dreamcatcher Bow Tattoo

Adding a dreamcatcher element to a bow tattoo works quite well for women with big dreams. This can encourage them to be whatever they desire in their life. You can also add a design related to your dreams, so you never miss what you focus on in your life.

Dreamcatcher Bow Tattoo

Credit: @caesarsunderyourskin

56. Bow With Music Symbol Tattoo

A love for music is one you can never resist. It will go with you forever; keeping up with your love is quite unique. The lace bows and melodious signs blend well, giving the wearer a unique look.

Bow With Music Symbol Tattoo

Credit: @thecaptivatedcanvas

57. Kawaii Knife Bow Tattoo

Have a charming and cute kawaii tattoo with a cute bow attached at the top. This pretty childlike design can make your heart pop out with love. The big eyes on the knife are where the whole beauty of the tattoo lies.

Kawaii Knife Bow Tattoo

Credit: @artofarcissa

58. Rose Bow Tattoo

Rose, a symbol of love, beauty, and courage, looks pretty when inked with a sexy-looking lace bow. Such a type of tattoo adds to the beauty of the women, giving them a nice and sexier look.

Rose Bow Tattoo

Credit: @markredtattoo

59. Memorial Footprint Bow Tattoo

A memorial tattoo is for the ones who have lost their close loved ones. Such tattoos keep on remembering the wearer about their special ones in life. With this tattoo, you might feel closer to your lost loved ones. 

Memorial Footprint Bow Tattoo

Credit: @sharitattooandnails

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60. Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Any addition according to individual preferences looks great as long as it satisfies the wearer. The lovely addition of a cute cat-like bow inked with bright color is what makes this tattoo quite appealing.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Credit: @aislynleigh

61. Minnie Mouse Bow Tattoo

Who doesn’t remember the famous cartoon character Minnie Mouse and her popular red-colored bow? It’s just the love of all those girls who have grown up seeing this cartoon series. Having this tattoo would be just to remember their fun childhood.

Minnie Mouse Bow Tattoo

Credit: @gemzinktattoos

62. Dollar Bow Tattoo

A dollar representing wealth and prosperity is such a tattoo to express your love for money. All the detailing of a similar dollar note is quite appealing and complements the wearer’s body.

Dollar Bow Tattoo

Credit: @scaccomattotattoo

63. Haku Bow Tattoo

The adorable Haku, one of the characters of the most famous anime, Naruto, is applauded and liked by many. This tattoo with numerous vibrant colors and its unique detailing is what makes this tattoo attractive.

Haku Bow Tattoo

Credit: @bailie_waters_tattoos

64. Moon Bow Tattoo

When incorporated into a bow tattoo, a moon represents the dreams that need to be fulfilled or the individual might have fulfilled. This sparkling tattoo with a glittering moon-like appearance looks unique.

Moon Bow Tattoo

Credit: @ladinkblue

65. Calf Piece Bow Tattoo

The most common location to have a tattoo should be embellished with an amazing piece of art. This type of tattoo represents the beauty and passion of the wearer that one holds.

Calf Piece Bow Tattoo

Credit: @sarahthirteentattoo

66. Bracelet With Red Bow Tattoo

A simple yet adorable tattoo creating a real bracelet look is quite attractive. The chain-like bracelet inked on the wearer with a bow hanging from it creates a visually distinctive appearance. 

Bracelet With Red Bow Tattoo

Credit: @jenblacktattoos

67. Bottle Bow Tattoo

Any addition of extra elements looks good until it is made with a good color combination. This beautiful bottle with a detailed cork on it and the ribboned bow representing a gift-like look is such a unique concept that you should try on.

Bottle Bow Tattoo

Credit: @jessievtattoos

68. Baby Girl Bow Tattoo

To represent your sexual side, having a bow tattoo enhances your girlish side. It shows your deep love and represents your sexual side.

Baby Girl Bow Tattoo

Credit: @potatoo.tattoo

69. No-Face Omamori Bow Tattoo

The omamori is a sign or a symbol available in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. This mostly represents a happy relationship. If you have a bad relationship, inking this might bring happiness to your dull relationship. 

No-face Omamori Bow Tattoo

Credit: @jessievtattoos

70. Bow With Heartlock Tattoo

Again, this tattoo is a perfect addition to your body to show your sexual side or attract others’ attention. The heart lock is beautifully designed, and the key with amazing detailing looks great.

Bow With Heartlock Tattoo

Credit: @juri.tattoos

71. Bow Tattoo On Shoulder

Those who always remain far away from the extras may have this minimalistic yet simpler form of tattoo design. This type of bow tattoo ignites inner beauty and enhances the overall beauty of the women’s body.

Bow Tattoo on Shoulder

Credit: @friedgummyworm

72. Skull Bow Tattoo

Placing a skull motif into the bow tattoo design enhances the overall beauty and complexity of the design. The charm of bow tattoos is that they may be combined with other things that inspire you.

Skull Bow Tattoo

Credit: @studiomaxx.nl

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73. Beautiful Jewel Bow Tattoo

Adding a beautiful jewel to your vibrant pink bow tattoo makes it quite appealing. The jewel in the center raises the overall look, making the wearer’s body look attractive. 

Beautiful Jewel Bow

Credit: @wooah_london

74. Roller Skates With Bow Tattoo

When added to the tattoo, roller skates gives a completely unique motif, look quite charming. The lace bow above the shoes gives the whole tattoo a well-balanced look.

Roller Skates With Bow Tattoo

Credit: @jessievtattoos

75. Bow And Thistle Tattoo

Adding a vibrant flowering plant into a bow tattoo gives a unique look. This complex design and unique plant, when it comes together, gives the wearer a whole elevated look.

Bow And Thistle Tattoo

Credit: @garymcewan89

76. Bow With Name Tattoo

Inking your name with a bow blend quite well. One of the common types of tattoos creates a whole new look. You can also try to use different calligraphy styles while inking the name.

Bow With Name Tattoo

Credit: @modoink_grant

77. Crystals With Bow Tattoo

A person with determination is most likely to have a crystal tattoo. While completing this crystal tattoo with a cute bow makes this tattoo completely amazing. 

Crystals With Bow Tattoo

Credit: @kktattooer

78. Sword Bow Tattoo

To represent their freedom or honor, some women ink their bodies with a sword tattoo. Such a tattoo might also signify a person’s bravery while facing the daily struggles of life.

Sword Bow Tattoo

Credit: @blessed.garden.tattoo

79. Bow Anklet Tattoo

One of the most adorable tattoos, the bow and anklet tattoo, seems to give a real anklet-like appearance. The thread or bow tied to it looks really unique and graceful.

Bow Anklet Tattoo

Credit: @tattoorovinjharleyquinn

80. Heart Lollipop Bow Tattoo

As shown in the design below, beautiful bow tattoos used judiciously will enhance that sensual appeal. The design is pleasing to the eye and draws emphasis to the wearer’s features.

Heart Lollipop Bow Tattoo

Credit: @yesicalifornia

81. Tiny Bow Tattoo

Bow tattoos on the toes and fingers are popular and perfect for individuals who love little tattoo designs like the one below. The tattoo might easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry.

Tiny Bow Tattoo

Credit: @shibui_ink

82. Kawaii Style Bow Tattoo

Yet another kawaii style bow tattoo, this cute piece of art is really amazing. The matching kawaii tattoo on either leg tends to be love and looks like such a unique concept.

Kawaii Style Bow Tattoo

Credit: @tattoocute.ink

83. Adorable Cow Bow Tattoo

Cow, such a cute animal, when inked with a cute bow, sets this tattoo quite apart. The heart on his forehead gives the wearer a unique and fascinating appearance.

Adorable Cow Bow Tattoo

Credit: @zerotattoogallery

84. Broken Chain Tattoo

The design below looks like a chain, representing freedom from societal norms or from their own mental state. The design appears to be exquisite, with several levels of beauty and intricacy.

Broken Chain Tattoo

Credit: @manyu_tattoo

85. Dotted Bow Tattoo

If you choose bright colors or dots, as in the design below, the possibilities for bow tattoos appear endless since you are free to create a design that best matches your interests.

Dotted Bow Tattoo

Credit: @inky.roots

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