84 Magnificent Fish Tattoo Designs To Allure Your Legs With

Are you fishing for some of the best ideas for fish tattoo for leg?! Well, we have got plenty of those. Fishes are known for their agility, beauty, and swiftness. In many cultures, they are symbolic of good luck and positivity.

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84 Magnificent Fish Tattoo Designs To Allure Your Legs With

A traditional fish tattoo can depict things like prosperity, positivity, and confidence. So, if you are an aqua lover and are thinking of getting inked, there is nothing better than those bright, beautiful fishes.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @cote_tattoos

Dive In For Some Exciting Inking Ideas!

We understand you don’t like running out of options, so we got not 10, not 50, but 80+ tattoo ideas that will make you want a fish tattoo. Who wants a piercing when you can have a tattoo?!

P.S. – This blog focuses on leg tattoos. However, you can get these designs inked pretty much anywhere you want.

1. Attractive Fish Tattoo

Let’s start our recommendation with an optical illusion! What did you see first? A window or a fish? These genius tattoos reveal their fuller selves only when you extend your leg.

Ideally, such tattoos must be placed on the arms or legs, particularly in the area where they fold. If you want your tattoo to be interpretative, deep, and genius, you can never go wrong with this style.

attractive fish tattoo

Credit: @fred.aka.scars

2. Fish Tattoo Designs On Legs

Want something delicate and minimal? Tada! There you go. This aesthetic fish pair is the best thing you can have. Today’s fashion, accessories, and tattoos are all about minimalism. So, you can never go wrong with this idea.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @haniitattoo

3. Black Fish Tattoo On Leg

Traditionally, a black Koi fish depicts adversity or struggle. Therefore, an ankle tattoo showcasing it could suggest the wearer’s struggle in achieving something.

If you are looking for a fish tattoo design that means survival or coming out alive, go for this design.

black fish tattoo

Credit: @camiltatuu

4. Fish Tattoo Design For Girls

Fish tattoo girls

Looking for a tattoo idea that’s trendy and elegant? Girl! We have got you covered. Check out this pretty design featuring a fish covered with flowers and seaweed. If you want to show off your lower leg, save this ink inspiration.

Credit: @1920tattoozhub

5. Red And Black Fish Tattoo

Outline tattoo lovers, this one’s for you guys! When you look up the internet for a fish tattoo design, you’ll find many outline designs. This is because they get made quickly and look super gorgeous. You may get a single fish or a pair. 

red and black leg fish tattoo

Credit: @indianinctattoo

6. Koi Fish Leg Tattoo

Are you thinking the same as we are? Yes, this is a yin yang koi fish tattoo! This tattoo is the perfect fusion of a strong meaning and imagery.

While yin yang represents the duality of good and evil in life, koi fish is symbolic of the struggle one goes through to reach goals.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @roni_burnovski

7. Angler Fish Tattoo On Leg

The angler fish is said to live in the ocean’s depths and depicts the fact that in the darkest of places, one can find the light.

Such tattoos are a terrific way to add a furious look to your tattoo. The tattoo shown in the picture is an excellent black and grey tattoo art exhibitor.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @jenna.boleyn

 8. Koi Fish Tattoo On Leg 

Are you thinking of letting your trainee friend do your tattoo? Well, that may save you some bucks but can screw your tattoo.

If you want to get beautiful ink, as shown in the picture, there is nothing better than getting it done by a professional tattoo artist

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @fatcowtattoo

9. Stylish Koi Fish Tattoo 

Have you got fair to medium skin tone? Here’s a cute fish tattoo idea to allure your leg with. Just have a look at this delicate work of art. One word for this tattoo – “incredible”! You know you want to get it. 

stylish koi fish tattoo

Credit: @tymmytattoos

10. Funky Fish Tattoo

Want your tattoos to be fun and elegant at the same time? This dolphin tattoo surrounded with beautiful flowers may be the one for you.

Inspired by the modern Instagram tattoos, this style is all you need. Tattooing never got more aesthetic!

funky fish tattoo

Credit: @sorrymamma_aliona

11. Leg Fish Tattoos For Women

Haven’t all of us been struck by the beauty of tiny fishes with gorgeous, delicate fins? Aesthetic alert! We got you a similar ink recommendation! Check out this cute, minimal ankle tattoo. Tempting, isn’t it?

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @sivanhay18

12. Black Koi Fish Tattoo 

Are you a fan of black and grey tattoo work? Here’s a design you’ll love. A sleek koi fish with gorgeous yet delicate fins and a classy black ink art – could tattooing get better?

This might be the most excellent fish tattoo idea if you love flattering your thigh.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @cote_tattoos

13. Blue Flower And Fish Tattoo P.S – Find A High Rated Tattoo Shop For This One

Let’s see, what does it take to make a visually appealing tattoo? A perfect design idea? Check! An amazing blend of colored ink?

Check! Awesome work done by the artist? Check! Believe it or not, a single tattoo can have all of these. This blue flower and fish tattoo is the perfect example of that.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @noiiaberlin

14. Red And Orange Fish Tattoo On Leg

How can we not have a Sailor Jerry Fish tattoo among our recommendations? If you are an old-school tattoo fan, this one is for you.

A bright red and orange ink, classic Americana style, and an adventurous design – all these clubs together to form sassy body jewelry.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @jacoblewis.arts

15. Funny Fish Tattoo 

Beach and chills, how cool would that be! The only difference is that here the fish is chilling. I mean, isn’t this tattoo idea fun? Cute elements like the beach umbrella, chair, slippers, shades, and coconut water make this art stand out.

In a world full of serious stuff, be a cool funny fish! We are totally obsessed with his body art.

funny fish tattoo

Credit: @outivihlman

16. Blue And Orange Fish Tattoo On Leg 

Weird can be fun, and this fish tattoo is all about that. You’ll have to agree that one of the biggest mysteries of childhood was how fishes manage to move around in the dark sea.

Well, how about a fish holding a light? If you are willing to have some fun with your tattoo design, think no more. Just go for this design. Bright ink, fun art, and an incredible new-school twist, this tattoo will turn a lot of heads.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @katiemoonart

17. Green Fish Leg Tattoo

How about an old-school trout from the sea? Yeah, that’s a terrific idea. The adventures and mystery of sea voyages have fascinated all of us at some point. Draw the fun of daring voyages to your fish tattoo with this old-school trout tattoo.

green fish leg tattoo

Credit: @diceent

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18. Colorful Fish Tattoo On Leg 

Do you want to dedicate your fish tattoo to your true love? Here’s a cute recommendation. Featuring a pair of colorful fishes, this could be the perfect gift or gesture for your loved one.

We recommend going for a well-rated tattoo artist because you do not want to mess up this one.

colorful fish tattoo

Credit: @afsa_tattoo

19. Flower And Fish Tattoo On Leg

Flowers and fishes – are the two most beautiful elements you can add to your tattoos. Consider this design if you are looking for a simple yet enchanting tattoo idea to adorn your foot with.

This body jewelry looks great when tattooed on the upper leg, featuring a delicate design, awesome blackwork, and floating flowers and fishes. 

Flower And Fish Tattoo

Credit: @allthepiercingsandmods

20. Realistic Koi Fish Tattoo

Do you also think that fishes can be creepy? Well, that makes two of us. Here’s a realism tattoo art for your legs. Sure it looks macabre, but hey! We know some of you absolutely love that theme.

If you want to make your tattoos come to life, do some research and book an appointment with an artist specializing in realism work. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @gunandpedaltattoostudio

21. Ultimate Fish Leg Tattoo

Here’s another interesting take on the yin yang fish tattoo. Along with the black and white fishes, the design incorporates a flower in the middle and seaweeds on the side.

You must have understood that a Koi Fish tattoo can be made in all shapes and sizes.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @sawa_tattoo_art

22. Piranha Fish Leg Tattoo

What happens when you explore the deep waters? You’ll find seaweed and shoals. What if they are Piranhas?! All of us have heard of deadly Piranhas and that they smell blood and flesh.

Piranha tattoos can be a great idea if you are looking for a deadly, realistic tattoo idea. It’s ok to have personal preferences for furious, dark-themed tattoos. Just do what you love.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @alber_t_attoo

23. Best Ever Koi Fish Tattoo On Leg

We are obsessed with this black and grey body art featuring a pair of Koi fishes. What makes this design special is the pretty flower on the tails of the fish pair and the floating leaves on the sides.

If you are up for minimal tattoos that don’t need much to slay, you go, girl!

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @leehumphs_tattooer

24. Awesome Black Koi Fish Tattoo Design On Leg

Do you want a sexy side thigh tattoo? We have got a cute recommendation for you. Yes, you are right. This is another cool take on the yin yang, which stands for the two complementary forces that make up all the aspects of life.

Originally belonging to Japanese culture, yin yangs have become really popular in the world of body jewelry.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @muctattoos

25. Fish Leg Tattoo Design

Looking for the perfect “Poisson” tattoo? Well, our website features designs that are popular across the world. Check this cutie made around the knee joint. Tiny body, inquisitive eyes, and a mesmerizing floating tail – just gorgeous!

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @flavie.wartog.tattoo

26. Koi Fish And Flower Tattoos

Koi fishes and cherry blossoms put together in a shin tattoo are a vibe. Enjoy this pretty style and spread the word – we have got the best tattoo recommendations for you. 

Anyway, talking about the style, the artist has put a lot of effort into making the scales look real. If you want this tattoo to look as bright as your personality, we recommend getting it in colored ink.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @rachktattoo

27. Montana Trout Fish Tattoo On Leg 

The waters are full of mysterious and colorful sea creatures! Here’s one with a sleek body and a dull color – a trout. This could be a great inspiration for your old-school tattoo design. 

If you wonder what a trout tattoo signifies, they are said to be symbolic of good fortune and financial success. Get this fishy inked now!

montana trout tattoo

Credit: @robinlwilkinson

28. Cool Fish Tattoo On Leg

Here’s Tui and La from Avatar. For those of you who may not know, Tui and La were two fishes who lived in the spirit oasis. Tui was the white fish with a black spot and represented the moon and its power.

While La was the blackfish with a white spot and reprinted the energy of the ocean. Both are said to be together in a circling pattern. You may get the tattoo on one leg or both legs as shown in the picture. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: laurids_tattoo

29. Black Fish Tattoo On Leg

Are you a fan of blackwork and piercings? Well, we have got an awesome design of the former! You asked for one tattoo idea, and we got you three-in-one!

We may have found you the coolest contemporary fish tattoo to allure your legs with. The old-school style really does make it stand out.

black fish tattoo

Credit: @ezgitekcam

30. Pink And Blue Fish Tattoo For Leg

If you are a woman, you know how confusing it can be to have too many options. But with us being your tattoo guide, you just need to relax!

We love that you love aesthetics and pastels! Here’s a perfect combination of the two – delicate and minimal tattoo design and flattering shades of pastel blue and lavender.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @nokken.ink

31. Colored Fish Tattoo On Leg

Don’t get confused! This one does look like a sleeve tattoo at a glance, but it’s not. Look again! Here’s a cute koi fish and Kiku flower tattoo for you guys.

A blue and pink ink color, Japanese tattoo style, and traditional design make this tattoo ideal for people looking for traditional koi fish tattoos.

colored fish tattoo

Credit: @irezumi_culture_tattoos

32. Orange And Green Fish Tattoo On Leg

What does the fish of your dreams look like? Is it orange and green? Good News! We got a tattoo idea with one. 

People passionate about the Classic Americana style of tattooing can go for this bold and bright fish tattoo. Just look at the details of this banging fishy! Truly gorgeous.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @basementtattoo

33. Wonderful Colored Fish Tattoo On Leg

Ah! Another Koi Fish illustration! Yeah, we know we are being a little too generous about this fishy, but hey! Look at the creativity with which they can be tattooed in various forms.

This body art is a special one! It showcases the fusion of two cultures – Japanese and Hindu. The encircling fishes depict the famous Koi from Japanese culture, who was blessed to become a dragon.

While the flower in between with an “Om” sign depicts the spiritual sign of Hinduism.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @penandoaktattoo

34. Rainbow Trout Fish Tattoo

Cool fish alert!

Go ahead and get a tattoo or three! The tattoo in the picture shows three elements – a trout, a roller skate, and a matchbox. Seems like the wearer is trying to depict a story.

We love this old-school, colorful trout tattoo design, and we know that you’ll love it too!

rainbow fish tattoo

Credit: @nice_kid_will

35. Fantastic Fish Tattoo On Leg

Your quest for a traditional golden fish tattoo is over! Look at this amazing art. And yes, it’s a unisex tattoo, so you do not need to worry about anything. 

You must have noticed that traditional tattoos mostly feature dark shades and a basic Classic Americana style. Well, that’s what old-school tattoos are all about. Get your hands on this cool motif now!

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @akanapalm

36. Colored Koi Fish Tattoo

Are you celebrating new beginnings through your foot tattoos? Nothing better than getting a pair of Koi fish inked! Look at this amazing color tattoo that is said to bring good luck to its owner.

We are not 100% sure of that, but we can promise a cool idea that will turn heads.

koi fish tattoo

Credit: @kseniart.tattoo

37. Small Fish Tattoo Design

Couldn’t find a barely-there tattoo of a fish? Keep calm; we’ve got a teeny-tiny one for you! P.S. -Women will love this idea! People can have various reasons to get a tattoo that can be hidden if needed.

The reason why sleeve tattoos are so popular is this. However, a tiny ankle tattoo fits this requirement too. Just pull on a pair of full-length jeans or trousers when you wish to hide them. Cool, isn’t it!  

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @teeny.tiny.tattoo

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38. Black Outline Koi Fish Tattoo On Leg

Do you wonder what motivation we humans could draw from the fishes? “Go with the flow and keep on swimming”. You can consider going for this simple linework fish tattoo if you do not want anything elaborate.

outline fish tattoo

Credit: @traetattz

39. Small Fish Leg Tattoo

In our opinion, the ankle is the best spot for minimal tattoos. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Doesn’t this tiny, minimalist fish pair tattoo leave you in awe? Not only are they chic and elegant, but they also get made quickly. So, if you are a first-timer or want to go through less inking pain, go for this tattoo idea.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @tattooragnarok

40. Ultimate Fish Tattoo

Let’s show you a linework tattoo of a fishie. Simple, sober, and subtle!

Delicate tattoos look the best when made with black ink. So, if you are fancied by this design, book an appointment with a well-rated artist now.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @polarte.tattoo

41. Black Fish Tattoo Design On Leg

Love dark patterns in tattoos? Check this out.

When it comes to living in the wild, only the strongest survive. This tattoo is the perfect example that portrays the survival of the fittest.The tattoo features three fishes falling prey to each other.

This illustration depicts the blackout tattooing style and could be great as a leg tattoo.

black fish tattoo

Credit: @zajawatattoo_wro

42. Small Realistic Fish Tattoo

We are glad to recommend a Microrealism fish tattoo because this beautiful tattoo will be your joy forever! 

For those of you who may not know, a Microrealism tattoo is one with photographic detail. Artists use techniques like gradual layering, gradient control, and fine needling to achieve this style.

For us, this tattoo stands out because of its surreal approach, attention to detail, and realistic style. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @mf__tattoos

43. Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo On Leg

Are you in love with flowers? This recommendation features lots of those. 

The Koi fish art is rather popular in Japanese culture. It is often clubbed together with other meaningful elements like the chrysanthemum or “Kiku” flower. 

The Kiku signifies beauty despite the winter (as it blooms during the fall), while the Koi represents good fortune.

Together they form a beautiful, optimistic tattoo. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @irezumi_culture_tattoos

44. Goldfish Leg Tattoo

Here’s a Shark tattoo but with a goldfish twist! “Anything to survive” is what this tattoo’s interpretation is all about. 

The tattoo features a cute goldfish disguised as a shark. The bold colors, new-school tattoo style, and mind-blowing creative mind make it the cutest fish tattoo on the web. Love it? Take a screenshot now!

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @newschoolerz

45. Small Fishes Colored Tattoo

Betta Splendens are among the most popular aquarium fishes because of their beautiful structure and delicate flared fins.

Therefore, when you search the web for aesthetic fish tattoos, you’ll find a tonne of Betta fish. Get an individual tattoo or a pair, it’s up to your preference.

colored fish tattoo

Credit: @wildberriesink.tattoo

46. Fine Fish Tattoo Design On Leg

Here’s a traditional fish tattoo idea that you can consider getting on your calves.

This looks basic and old-school, but trust us, a lot of detailing must have been done to achieve this shade. Wondering what species it is? It’s a Coho Salmon, also known as “Silvers”.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @adamcroach

47. Colored Flying Fish Tattoo

This tattoo recommendation will blow your mind! Look at this bright and beautiful flying fish!

Flying fishes are said to portray victory and are also considered to be auspicious in many cultures. We are obsessed with this alluring tattoo’s style, ink, and creativity!

flying fish tattoo

Credit: @mementopublishing

48. Skeleton Fish Tattoo Designs On Leg

Here’s an interesting take on the Japanese Koi Fish tattoo! One leg shows a regular koi fish, while the other shows the fish skeleton like an X-ray.

The fish bones usually suggest struggle, but this tattoo is different. It does not show the leftover bones of a dead fish. Rather, it shows the skeletal structure or the inner view of the creature. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @laura_morku

49. Attractive Fish Tattoo On Leg

What’s your tattoo inspiration? Some fish cartoons or animated movies like Finding Nemo? Well, we have got a black outline illustration of the famous Nemo! If you want a more new-school approach to the same design, get it in colored ink.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @buzzybee.tattoo

50. Betta Fish Leg Tattoo

Betta fish tattoos are known for their detailed work and beauty. You can get these gorgeous creatures inked on your foot to portray freedom, beauty, and strength.

These creatures may be popular in the tattoo world, but the design you choose, the ink you pick, and your interpretation of these creatures make a Betta fish tattoo unique and individual.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @saduniblin

51. Black And Grey Fish Tattoo

Here’s a tiny-tiny ying-yang fish tattoo that you can consider getting on your ankle. This pair is popular among men and women and is popular in Asian culture, especially Japanese.

Look at the shading, gradation, and black & grey ink! This is hands down the neatest yin-yang fish tattoo you will find on any website.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @voloink_tattoos

52. Gold Fish Tattoo On Leg

Goldfishes are the prettiest aqua creatures ever, aren’t they? They suggest good luck, prosperity, and increased wealth. No wonder they are called Goldfish.

Meanings apart, the goldfish tattoo is an absolute charm to have. We recommend getting this tattoo in colored ink and watercolor style for the best results.

gold fish tattoo

Credit: @Fanny Barraza

53. Flowers And Troutfish Tattoo

One of the best memories most of us have from fishing is catching trout. If you want a fishing-inspired tattoo, you can never go wrong with the illustration of a trout fish.

Get your hands on this mesmerizing black and grey tattoo of a trout covered with flowers. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @kuso_zg_tattoo

54. Fish Tattoo Design For Boys

When it comes to tattoo ideas, women are said to have more options than men. However, in our opinion, today’s tattoos are pretty much unisex.

If you still want a fun, new-school idea that would look great on boys, have a look at the tattoo shown in the picture.

If you are a shorts person and love showing off your foot, this cool, new-school bad-boy fishy would be perfect for you. The vibe that this tat has got is – you got to survive no matter how

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @baranaydink

55. Watercolor Fish Tattoos

If you follow Asian tattoo trends, you will know that the Koi fish illustration is really popular in them. Artists have created countless interpretations and syle of the Koi fish.

The one shown in the picture is a modern, watercolor style to portray the encircling Koi Fish pair.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @studio.luckycat

56. Unique Fish Tattoo On Leg

Black tattooing is one of the most popular and loved body art styles. People looking for a tribal yet contemporary approach to their fish tattoos can go for this somber design made using blackwork. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @ap_tattooer

57. Black Line Fish Tattoo 

If you prefer a simple design over an elaborate one, here’s a recommendation. The best part about this tattoo is that it is made using the stick and poke technique.

For those who may not know, handpoked or the stick and poke work great for fine-lined and delicate tattoo styles.

The picture shows a black outline of a fish cut in three parts – the perfect example of simple yet interpretative tattoos.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @angepokes

58. Lotus And Fish Leg Tattoo

The combination of a Lotus and the Koi fish pair in a tattoo suggests optimism and growth. The Lotus flower has been known to suggest spirituality and strength across many cultures, while the Koi fish portrays prosperity and good fortune.

These two elements put together will give great meaning to your leg tattoo.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @redskink.tattoo

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59. Fish And Eye Tattoo

Who remembers those ancient inspirations from History textbooks? Isn’t this how old-style, tribal fishes were made? This tattoo idea is fun, bold, and black! What else do you need?

People looking for a cool and punk interpretation of the fish tattoo on the feet can go for this design.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @pidozrila

60. Angler Fish Leg Tattoo

Are you a fan of the classic Americana tattoo art? Well, we got an angler fish tattoo in the same style.

Believe it or not, anglerfishes are among the most deadly-looking sea creatures. That is the reason why their illustrations look scary and macabre. This species is also known as the sea devil.

angler fish tattoo

Credit: @tattooerjesse

61. Best Fish Tattoo For Leg

The most awaited moment is here as we bring you this abstract tattoo of a fish. Two words for this wavy dude – playful and obscure! 

It’s just a misconception that abstract tattoos lose their relevance with time. In our opinion, such tattoos can be timeless if done properly. So, if you like this cool fishy, get your tat now!

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @bebartes

62. Ultimate Fish Tattoo Design

As we promised, we will brainstorm with you 80+ brilliant fish tattoo ideas because we are a site full of trending inks!

So, there you go! Here’s a Marlin fish tattoo in black and grey color. The chair around the Marlin indicates that it is trapped.

People who wish to portray their struggle to achieve something or the massive efforts to overcome something can go for this design.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @riccardo_tattooist

63. Pretty Fish Tattoo

Haven’t yet found a good traditional tattoo? Keep Calm. There are more such recommendations lined up. But before that, may we ask you to consider this old-school fish hook tattoo.

This design is total nostalgia, featuring bright ink and an old-school tattoo style!

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @perla.tattoo

64. Asian Koi Fish Tattoo Design On Leg

Cheers to graceful fish tattoos! Not only are they adorable, but also adorn the body effortlessly. While this tattoo would totally slay any part of your body, get it on the ankle if you really want it to be subtle.

asian koi fish tattoo

Credit: @thezoomtattoo_official

65. Black And Grey Fish Leg Tattoo

Minimal tattoo fans, this one is for you. Delicate, handpoked minimal tattoos have literally taken Instagram by storm. They are highly aesthetic, look soft and pretty, and are totally obsessive.

This is the prettiest black and grey fish tattoo you’ll find on any website.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @tattooraven

66. Awesome Black Fish Tattoo Design On Leg

Let’s see, what comes to your mind when you think of harbors? Ships, anchors, Sardine fishes? Good news. We got those little fishies into our tattoo recommendations.

Sardines and Pilchards are quite popular for traditional and old-school fish tattoos. You could get inked with one or a pair, as shown in the picture.

black fish tattoo

Credit: @quentinderoctattoo

67. Great Fish Tattoo On Leg

This tattoo idea is the perfect example of fine-line tattoos for the leg. Get the Avatar Koi fish, goldfish, or any other minimal fish illustration. It’s up to you.

Despite being delicate, these inking styles enhance the tattoo to another level. So much that even complex and elaborate designs look feeble in front of them.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @machadoth

68. Fish Tattoo Design

Ok, here’s a creepy yet cool one for you guys. Ever seen a surreal fish tattoo? Well, we bet it couldn’t have been as cool and in-depth as this one.

We would like to claim this as our recommendation of the day because it’s unique, neat, and eye-catching (literally).

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @kleszczart

69. Lovely Fish Tattoo On Leg

Go for a black Moore goldfish tattoo if you are looking for something non-conventional and modern. Goldfishes are symbols of good luck and prosperity. Add them to your tattoo collection now!

lovely Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @aurora.br_tattoo

70. Colorful Fish Tattoo Designs On Leg

Are you looking for an insane tattoo idea? Say no more! We have got a little something for you.

Have a look at this ink design. Colorful and bright is an understatement when it comes to describing this tattoo.

If you were looking for a colorful tattoo of a fish, this is a sign! Go get inked.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @thefreakshowtattoos

71. Amazing Green Fish Tattoo

How about a bright, traditional tattoo? The colors will make you go, “wow! Traditional tattoos of fishes are a great amalgamation of somber and radium colors.

Look at the picture, a sleek brown fish and a nicely contrasting orange and green shade. Do not think twice if you favor bright shades in your tattoos; just get this traditional fishie inked.

amazing Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @rizzle_tattoo

72. Grey Koi Fish Leg Tattoo

The Koi fish is an important part of the history of Japan and Japanese tattoos. If you want to enhance your Koi fish tattoo, look for an artist specializing in 3D tattoo work. You may choose to get it in black and grey ink or colored ink.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @jerrylaytontatz

73. Unique Fish Leg Tattoo design

Picking a perfect inspiration for your foot tattoo can be tedious. What you must understand is that getting well-trained professional matters equally.

The tattoo shop you go to or the artist you choose can make all the difference. If you love the above idea (realism & black and grey), book an appointment with a well-trained artist rather than a beginner.

unique Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @elshan__tattoo

74. Angler Fish Skeleton Leg Tattoo 

Are you looking for a skull tattoo of an angler fish? This is the coolest design you’ll find on the web.

A skull tattoo traditionally represents death, but an angler fish skeleton with a well-lit light can signify overcoming death or challenges. Black and grey is the best-suited ink variation for such tattoos. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @shanexhall

75. Unique Style Fish Tattoo

Let’s get something unique on the table for you guys! Have a look at this unique tattoo! Something’s really fishy here. This fish is split into half just like they do in those anime movies.

The skin in between is still intact but in shreds. The exact meaning of such a tattoo is hard to tell and will be best described by the wearer.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @tattoodu_errado

76. Realistic Fishing Tattoo

Gone fishing for tattoos? you’ll find a bunch of trouts! 

Isn’t this old-school rainbow trout tattoo just fab? Make it yours. Book a professional artist now!

realistic fish tattoo

Credit: @rashatattoo

77. Swordfish Leg Tattoo

Fun fact! Swordfish are often found swimming alone and do not swim in schools. Besides, are among the fastest creatures in the ocean. So, if you wish to depict power and speed through a fish tattoo on the leg, this could be a great option. 

swordfish tattoo

Credit: @joeydonttrip

78. Black Graceful Fish Tattoo

Let’s talk about graceful tattoos! People always confuse graceful with beautiful, but that’s not always the case. A beautiful tattoo is one that possesses charm, while a graceful tattoo shows its grace in terms of shape and proportion.

This black and blue tattoo is the perfect example of graceful tattooing. It’s made so well that it looks like a bunch of flowers.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @matemiklos

79. Nice Looking Fish Tattoo On Leg

Are you up for a badass tattoo? If yes, we have got this cool fish tattoo idea for your leg. Check out this smoking fish tattoo made with the blackwork technique.

Fishes and smoke are two contrasting elements, but that’s what badass tattoos are all about!

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @pedrozucchi.tattoo

80. Lovely Fish Leg Tattoo

We are here with another Japenese-inspired fishy to adorn your legs. Do you want to know a secret? This is a cover-up tattoo! So, if you are looking for ideas to hide old, ugly tattoos, this could be a wonderful tattoo inspiration.

lovely fish tattoo

Credit: @carbonink_tallahassee

81. Wonderful Fish Tattoo On Leg

Say hello to this black and grey fish friend. Sure, tattoos are not bound by the color of one’s skin, but this one would look the best on people with fair to medium skin tone.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @ianreynold

82. Koi Fish Tattoo Design For Leg

Tattoo artists from the Japanese community usually specialize in traditional Japanese tattoo art. Here’s a fusion of old-school and Japanese-style tattooing. Go fishing for a tattoo and return with this dude!

koi Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @voidbfstudio

83. Blue Fish Tattoo On Leg

Which other creature do you find in dark, blue waters? How about a swordfish or a Marlin? You must have seen large, hanging Marlins tied through their tails.

This tattoo is the opposite of that. Here the Marlin has broken through and released itself from the hunters. The broken rope and anchor are symbolic of its freedom. 

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @failure_by_dezign

84. Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Here’s the last recommendation from the 84 fish tattoo for leg series.

We leave you with this cute ankle tattoo idea. If you belong to the Japanese heritage or admire the culture, you can go for colorful fish tattoos or a subtle black & white tattoo, as shown in the picture.

But hey! Even black and grey tattoos require color protection. You need to be very careful while bathing and cleaning for a few days.

Fish tattoo for leg

Credit: @bodycraft

Want more options? No Problem. Watch this amazing video on Japanese Koi Fish tattoos.

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