56 Top Butterfly Wrist Tattoo Styles With Positive Symbolism

Amongst all the living creatures of nature, Butterflies occupy a special place in our hearts. Breaking out from an ugly worm to a regal and elegant-looking creature, these butterflies indeed show the change in the way of life. Although, as gorgeous insects, they live on true feast on our eyes, with the colorful display of fluttering wings, it can be a better inspiration for a tattoo artist for getting a stunning butterfly design.

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Can there be a better inspiration for a tattoo artist that gives the stunning beauty of a butterfly? Small butterfly tattoos are some of the most enduring and popular forms of body art on your skin tone. The exquisite butterfly details come with simplicity for representing beauty, freedom, and transformation with a tremendously versatile subject. 

While traditionally a design idea popular among women, the creature allures beauty, style and size, the butterfly tattoos have an open design. Welcome to the new collection of modern tattoo trends discovering a unique selection of the most beautiful designs.

Butterfly wrist tattoo meaning

Butterfly tattoos come to showcase your personality without any regret. The butterfly wrist tattoo represents endurance, change, and hope, expressing femininity and beauty. The tattoo design of butterflies symbolized a significant change and development in someone’s life.

Some of the tattoo ideas are:

1. Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

As a symbol of femininity, a butterfly tattoo on the wrist looks adorable and comes with delicacy representing a symbol of enduring love, life and happiness that lasts beyond. 

Credit: junink_tattoo

2. Wrist Blue Butterfly Tattoo

In the Aztecs, butterflies were used as a symbol of remembrance and inking butterfly tattoo designs in blue ink or other colorful ideas by frequently tying with feminine energy representing god luck and bliss in life. 

Credit: lottie_lou5

3. Side Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

Evoking deep emotions representing significance in your life might want to commemorate. The cute butterfly with the focal point of your design will give tattoo artists the creative freedom to design something distinct and unique. 

Credit: magic_tattoo_ny

4. Green Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

As a symbol of long life and health, the cute green butterfly tattoo on the wrist looks stunning. Symbolizing femininity and beauty in their rarest forms, the character of transformation with simplicity gives a unique look. 

Credit: emily_scheurich_

5. Small Shaded Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Representing endurance, change and hope, the cute and tiny butterfly tattoos on the wrist give the wearer a unique meaning. As a colorful butterfly, the design pleasures the person. 

Credit: dylancarrtattoos

6. Designer Black Outline Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo design ideas can also represent immorality, joy and grace in Chinese culture. The designer tattoo can also work with additional creative elements.

Credit: tattoosbymichaelamay

7. Impressive Butterfly Tattoo

Selecting a tattoo can be stressful as it is permanent and is a good choice with limitless design work such as big or small, simple or creative, black or colorful tattoo design ideas.

Credit: blvckmoon_tattoo

8. Butterfly With Flower Tattoo

A butterfly is an enduring symbol representing faith, transformation, and freedom. The elegant butterfly tattoo design on the wrist can closely connect to femininity and love being popular designs.

Credit: larissa.tattoos

9. Colorful Flying Butterfly Tattoo

Depending on the features of a particular butterfly tattoo design, the potential other meaning of tattoo signifies freedom and good luck. The flying butterfly also represents happiness and transformation.

Credit: sadica_tatuajes

 10. Grey Butterfly and Anchor Tattoo

The dark and bold patterns grey-colored butterfly tattoo design on the wrist looks impressive, giving a stunning appeal. However, the most common symbolism is good luck, and the dark color makes the tattoo looks tidy and straightforward in its way.

Credit: sergiocundetattoo

11. Splutter Butterfly Black and Grey Tattoo

As for the Celtic or tribal tattoo look, the impressive black and grey ink tattoo design represents the temporality of life, expressing loneliness, sadness as they deal with the concept of aging. The subtle and elegant tattoo design looks impressive with a unique look.

Credit: claudiatattoos


12. Stylish Three Butterfly Tattoo Design

The butterfly tattoo is a paradigm of beauty in nature, representing faith, transformation, and freedom. Styled in authentic or monarch butterfly tattoo designs as the popular design looks stunning.

Credit: tattsbytanner

13. Tiny Outlined Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

The tiny butterfly tattoo on the wrist is an excellent idea for people who want to get their first ink on the wrist. Choosing the focal point with a unique and special idea gives your tattoo a creative look.

Credit: dems32k

14. Tribal Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Tribal butterfly tattoos often take special meaning to their roots. As a symbol of change as life moves forward, the tribal butterfly design shows a life-changing event with the base of beauty and life in general.

Credit: tattoos_by.b

15. Butterfly and Name Wrist Tattoo

As one of the popular choices for women, the butterfly tattoo connects femininity representing endurance, resilience and hope. Adding a name outside the butterfly on the wings makes it appeal great with the delicate and fragile appeal!

Credit: occidente_tattoo


16. Black and White Wrist Butterfly and Rose Tattoo

Black and white butterfly tattoo designs are timeless and look striking. Giving a realistic style with a delicate and intricate design for the tattoo seems adorable at any age. It is the most trendy design idea for women.

Credit: giuly_tattoo

17. Black Side Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo design ideas are a powerful and stunning option for women. The shape of the wings makes a great framing and is an excellent idea that enhances the body’s natural beauty with an exciting and alluring depiction.

Credit: inksomethingsomething


18. Bold Colored Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

The colorful butterfly tattoo design idea is a masterpiece that enhances natural beauty with delightful and appealing attractiveness. The tattoo is simple and elegant with a lovely and colored design as the appeal focuses on a classic shape.

Credit: tattoos_by_marcin

19. Unique Love Butterfly Tattoo

The tribal butterfly tattoo on the wrist gives meaning to the root, with the base of beauty and life generally changing. Symbolizing the change as life moves forward, the tribal tattoo is majorly inked in a bold black shade with a unique illustration.

Credits: hillarica

20. Yellow Wrist Butterfly Tattoo Design

Symbolizing happiness, the lovely yellow butterfly tattoo on the wrist is so lifelike that it might just come to life and flap its wings to a stunning look. The colored tattoo design gives a realistic, versatile and creative design.

Credit: artistlita

21. Pink Glitter Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

As a symbolism of love and compassion, the pink butterfly tattoo design on the wrist looks a feminine version. However, the colorful pink butterfly tattoo design can be closely connected and is prevalent in the definition.

Credits: blackpinkblink3259

22. Pink & Purple Butterfly Tattoo

Purple is a color that brings a sense of elegance and grace that is majorly associated with nobility and royalty. The purple butterfly tattoo design gives success with prestige and colorful design.

Credits: dinali_ruwanpathirana


23. Small Wrist Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

It is highly personal when it comes to the meaning and symbolism behind butterflies. However, with representation and significant events, the organic design for a small black tattoo gives a unique look.

Credits: blacklove_ink

24. Small Wrist Black Butterfly Tattoo

The most enduring and popular form of tattoo design symbolizes rebirth and change. The small black butterfly tattoo gives an ultimate dark dotted connotation that works well with the tiny creature.

Credits: tatto_inspiration_oficial


25. Small Wrist Butterflies Tattoo

One of the popular symbols of transformation, rebirth and renewal, the small butterfly tattoo design also represents faith. The free-spirited use of butterflies signifies a new beginning with a wide variety.

Credits: mimroest


26. Half and Full Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

Simple butterfly tattoo images and their meaning for both men and women made with patterns consisting of circles, dots, or lines come as a perfect design. The tiny tattoo gives a simple appeal either in colorful or black ink.

Credits: myart_carmen


27. Red Flying Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

A simple butterfly tattoo is worn by a lot of people, and many girls find it attractive too. The tattoo also sports a pure element inked with detailing included in wings. The best thing about this tattoo is extra alluring.

Credits: briansantostattoos


28. Colored Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

The particular tattoo also comes with a beautiful pattern which makes it look different from other tattoos. In addition, the butterfly tattoo with a hint of bright and bold shades gives the confidence to flaunt the tattoo.

Credits: j.colorist

29. Pink and Black Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

These tiny tattoos give a popular and meaningful connection in the best version. As a symbol for the angel bringing you extra observant, the pink butterfly tattoo symbolizes comfort, inner healing, spiritual guidance and wisdom.

Credits: johnmanuelnava07

30. Sweet Butterflies Tattoo on Wrist

As butterflies symbolize femininity and beauty in the rarest forms, the creature shows fleeting life. The sweet tattoo design represents good luck and charm and gives a striking impact that looks equally good.

Credit: ninistattoos

31. Sparkling Colorful Trail of Butterflies

There are a lot of meanings behind butterfly tattoos when it is a sparkling design. Playing the idea of a new ink with powerful meaning with the impressive tattoo design art looks terrific. It is an incredible and stunning concept.

Credit: paigesoftattoos

32. Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Establishing a balance as the butterfly tattoos make the most beautiful body art. Immortalizing a butterfly tattoo on the wrist by inking on your body gives a stunning look with a deeper meaning of transformation in women.

Credit: elaine.tattoo

33. Realistic Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

As a classic symbol of loyalty, the butterflies are one of the most beautiful things in nature, with a naturally delicate and intricate style. The great rendered look with a simple, single-needle design is trendy now.

Credit: paigesoftattoos

34. Three Colorful Butterflies Tattoo on Wrist

Three-dimensional butterfly tattoos are a typical graphic design with a symbolism of color and tattoo combined so nicely. Opting for the right shades with a creative design gives the tattoo a new meaning.

Credit: angyl_blkbtattoos

35. Tiny Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

When it comes to a blue tattoo of a butterfly on the body, it is said that the tattoo represents good luck and charm in life. The blue color signifies femininity and beauty and is an excellent chance to develop someone’s life.

Credit: nieun_tat2

36. Tiny Two Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Two tiny intricate butterfly tattoo designs make a great framing and look particularly elegant. Showing everlasting love with minimalist tattoo design in black color or ink with shaped wings appears fantastic.

Credits: marytattooer

37. Trendy Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

 The trendy and small tattoo design on the wrist is more than just beauty. The stylish and timeless piece of tattoo design represents joy and luck. It also looks dainty and straightforward with either black and white or colorful pieces.

Credit: ritualtattoo.studio

38. Tribal Blue Black Butterfly Tattoo

Tribal tattoo gives a meaningful symbolism to their roots with the base of beauty that changes as life moves forward. The tribal butterfly with additional elements in the symmetrical nature stands as a symbol of elegance and style.

Credit: likkosity_tattoos

39. Twin Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Marking together a butterfly tattoo representing trust, loyalty between friends or family shows that you are an independent woman with total energy. You can also have a simple outlined tattoo or the addition of a floral design.

Credit: artbysarasobo

40. Two Cute Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Double or twin butterfly tattoo designs are most popular and represent a bond between two persons together forever. Radiating a sense of ultimate female pride for the tattoo gives a double dose of femininity that can mark friendship.

Credits: tattoostudio.wolke.7


41. Unique Floral Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Wrist unique butterfly tattoo is a popular choice for their visually stunning appearance and meaning. You can also add effortless mixing of watercolor effects on the wrist design. It is most popular amongst women.

Credits: tattooraven


42. Wrist Black Butterfly Tattoo

The best bold and solid black butterfly tattoo on the wrist is mainly an excellent tattoo style creating an effect of realistic appeal. It is a perfect choice that can also work as an upper arm tattoo, sleeve tattoo, ankle tattoo, thigh tattoo or behind the ear tattoo design.


Credits: amma_tattoos

43. Wrist Butterflies and Star Tattoo

Design complex tattoos with multiple elements to fill up the bodywork for the butterfly tattoo is also a symbol of love. Besides pairing entirely with natural and imaginary fluttering near flowers, the tattoo looks amazing.

Credit: albagarciatattoo

44. Blue and Purple Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Flaunting large butterfly tattoos with colorful wings on the wrist as butterflies symbolizes the human soul. The tattoo design also represents transformation and creation. The beautiful tattoo with intricate designs gives a unique and adorable look.

Credit: tike.jhya

45. Bold Black Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

The eye-catching butterfly tattoo design gives one unique and meaningful cultural background. Moreover, it provides extra beauty and fantastically has its kind of allure.

Credit: madamharu_tattoo


46. Beautiful Watercolor Butterfly Trail

A perfect canvas for flaunting tattoo design, it defines the pleasant and beautiful living element of Mother Nature. Intended only for women, the bold display of body art is for exhibiting design. However, nothing can beat the beauty of the butterfly tattoo.

Credit: samm_garabatos

47. Vida Que Segue Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Wrist tattoo with believed butterfly design comes with unique and vibrant colors that gives a nice mixture of rejuvenating transformation. The wrist unique butterfly tattoo can also be a style statement with different faith, hope or love.

Credits: sanchestudio


48. Intricate Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

The black and white ink design gives a rich structure. Representing freedom and beauty by creating an intricate design also works for simplicity. Most often a symbol of freedom, femininity, beauty and nature, the wrist design looks good.

Credit: chelseas_tattoos


49. Black and Yellow Butterfly Tattoo

Like a Celtic knot tattoo, it symbolizes long life and health with dictating meaning. The yellow color represents happiness and is an eye-catching design mixed with bold and bright black ink gives a subtle design.

Credit: _flying.fox_

50. Black Butterflies Tattoo on Wrist

Often done as a Celtic or tribal design in black butterflies on the wrist, the tattoo represents dealing with the concept of aging. Symbolizing love and transformation, this is a cute and bold butterfly look.

Credit: black_butterfly_tattoo

51. Black Floral Designer Butterfly Tattoo

Wrist decorated tattoo of a butterfly is a bit too much for some people, and they are very enthusiastic about it. So simple design is a gem for today to carry a beautiful design on the hand.

 Credits: tattoo_kunst_corka

52. Blue Butterflies Tattoo on the wrist

As a typical sign of good luck, the blue butterfly tattoo on the wrist represents transformation and metamorphosis. The blue butterfly design is unique in its way and also symbolizes change.

Credits: sl__tattoo


53. Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

The blue butterfly tattoo design on the wrist symbolizes joy, color, or change in luck as a wish granter. Therefore, people might believe that the imaginary scenario represents good luck and charm.

Credit: mashena_ink

54. White butterfly tattoo design

Many cultures associate butterflies with the soul. In terms of Christianity, the white butterfly tattoo design represents salvation and symbolizes purity. The white ink also differentiates tattoo styling.

Credit: ms.fafadin

55. Wild butterfly tattoo designs

With the addition of tattoo design for rich and deep colors, accentuating the beauty of butterflies with a feminine touch is indeed the best choice—these tattoos, when inked with beautiful colors to make them come alive.

Credit: tattoo_art_elisa

56. Linework Butterfly tattoo

Getting a black ink tattoo at a moment with intricate linework is popular. The abstract art or geometric shapes with linework concept makes the tattoo look appealing with a simplified solution. The tattoo in dark and bold shade effect looks great and is a unisex design.

Credit: lloguell


What is a butterfly a sign of?

Butterflies are associated with our souls in many cultures, and the Christian religion sees them as a symbol of resurrection. They represent endurance, hope, joy or happiness as there is no doubt that the butterfly has significance to us.

How much does a small butterfly tattoo cost?

On the wrist or ankle, an average-sized butterfly tattoo can cost $50 to $200, while a giant size tattoo can cost $200 to $500.

What does butterfly tattoo mean?

Butterflies come as an excellent subject for tattoos among women and girls. Symbolizing freedom, happiness, beauty and transformation or change, the butterfly represents a change in women’s life.

Can a guy have a butterfly tattoo?

To give a masculine and straightforward look to the tattoo design, the black ink tattoo design on the wrist or chest looks equally suitable for men. In addition, the tattoo gives a striking appeal with a subtle design.

Are butterfly tattoos for good luck?

The butterfly tattoos symbolize femininity and beauty in the rarest forms signifying good luck charm. Having a butterfly tattoo may provide luck for the rest of your life.

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