47 Splendid World Map Tattoo Designs for both Men and Women

A world map tattoo is a tattoo design that features a map of the world. The design can be a simple outline of the continents or a detailed representation of the planet, complete with political boundaries, bodies of water, and other geographic features.

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World map tattoos can have a variety of meanings, depending on the person who gets them. For some, a world map tattoo represents a love of travel or a desire to explore the world. For others, it may symbolize a connection to different cultures or a sense of global unity.

Some people may choose to get a world map tattoo to commemorate a specific trip or journey, while others may appreciate the aesthetic value of the design.

1.  World Map Tattoo Travel

A tattoo of a compass with a world map is a metaphor for someone who enjoys traveling and discovering new places. Compass tattoos often provide guidance, safety, direction, and a safe trip.

Image: @db_skin_art

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2. Traveling World Map Tattoo Travel

This tattoo design features a world map created using delicate lines and intricate details. It typically consists of a highly detailed and accurate representation of the Earth’s geographical features.

Image: @inos_lembayung

3. Dynamic black World Map Tattoo Travel

Unlike the complicated tattoo design, this pattern uses dynamic lines to create a striking and impactful tattoo. It features a minimalist representation of the world map, using only black ink.

Image: @null.tattoo

4. Liverpool World Map Tattoo Travel

Liverpool world map tattoo could represent the wearer’s love and support for the Liverpool Football Club, combined with a passion for travel and exploration. It comprises the Liver bird, a symbol of the city of Liverpool, standing over the globe.

Image: @carapacetattoos

5. Compass World Map Tattoo Travel

All the elements of this tattoo design, such as compasses, feathers, inkpot, and circular line work, are inked with excellent artistic skills to give the overall pattern a realistic touch.

Image: @theclowntattoos

6. Enjoy The Trip World Map Tattoo Travel

This tattoo design comprises many exciting elements that make it more fascinating and alluring. The Earth’s design is inked in the form of the atom with elements such as satellite, moon, boat, and traveling man. All these elements somehow represent traveling.

Image: @blackrosetattoosballina

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7. Aquarelle World Map Tattoo Travel

An exquisite blending of watercolor in this tattoo design can attract anyone. The vibrant color scheme provides a stunning look to this tattoo design.

Image: @notabene.tattoo

8. Twelfth horizon World Map Tattoo Travel

The overall pattern of this tattoo design is quite attractive, with the finest minute detailing. This elongated tattoo design can cover a portion of the lower arm area.

Image: @twelfthhorizontattoo

9. Kildare World Map Tattoo Travel

Are you looking for a round-world tattoo that is beautiful, with bright colors, and have an artistic effect? Then, look no further than this gorgeous tattoo design.

Image: @raf_tattoos

10. Ting lung World Map Tattoo Travel

This thigh world tattoo can grab anyone’s attention due to its spellbinding color scheme. The use of purple and light blue colors takes the charm of this tattoo design to new heights.

Image: @tato5566

11. Séance World Map Tattoo Travel

The tattooing technique used to engrave this pattern gives this tattoo design a realistic touch. The use of a nude greyish shade to fill the world map and black outlining is highly artistic.

Image: @stbarthink

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12. Globe World Map Tattoo Travel

It combines the image of a world map and globe with technical or mechanical elements. The tattoo design may include gears, cogs, compasses, or other mechanical imagery, giving the world map a more industrial or technical feel.

Image: @in.kaoz.tattoo

13. Minimal World Map Tattoo Travel

The minimalist style of the tattoo design can give it a modern and sleek appearance while also making it more versatile and easily adaptable to different body parts.

Image: @sacred_island_tattoos

14. Black worker World Map Tattoo Travel

In this pattern, the complete global map is drawn in black ink. The use of black ink generates an intricate, stunning motif.

Image: @quaseblue

15. Rope World Map Tattoo Travel

The knotted rope over the map looks too realistic to believe it is unreal. The overall pattern of this tattoo design is inked with lots of detailing.

Image: @mayakatrinetattoos

16. Small World Map Tattoo Travel

The simplicity of the design also makes it a good choice for those who are getting their first tattoo, as it is more intimidating than a larger or more complex design.

Image: @meli_wolf_ttt

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17. Dot Work World Map Tattoo Travel

This tattoo design is frequently linked to precise and intricate patterns that make use of dots of various densities and sizes to produce a distinctive and stunning image.

Image: @bekk.inky

18. Whip shading World Map Tattoo Travel

Those looking for a striking and significant tattoo frequently choose this one because of its distinctive shading method and elaborate pattern.

Image: @cat2too

19. Vinkz World Map Tattoo Travel

This elaborative world map tattoo on the back is a meaningful and eye-catching design. The artist has used a minimalist approach to ink this magnificent tattoo design.

Image: @v_inkz

20. Mountain World Map Tattoo Travel

The inclusion of natural elements such as a mountain, leaves, and flowers has enhanced the overall aesthetic of the tattoo. Moreover, the use of golden color makes the overall pattern more alluring.

Image: @karolinaszymanska_tattoo

21. Hub city World Map Tattoo Travel

Have you ever wanted to travel? Ink a map on your chest to mark your route. This is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of black ink world map tattoos.

Image: @hub_city_tattoo

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22. Hand poked World Map Tattoo Travel

A world map with as much accuracy as possible is available for those who enjoy geography.The Earth and a compass are fantastic methods to emphasize your wanderlust further if you want to go that extra mile.

Image: @ikal_ink

23. Travels To Live World Map Tattoo Travel

The tattoo design “Travels To Live” on a world map represents a person’s love of travel and the wish to experience life to the utmost by seeing everything the world offers.

Image: @anvesh_gajengi

24. Zoetermeer World Map Tattoo Travel

This tattoo design is a fantastic choice for individuals who want a simple world map tattoo with an interesting and thrilling vibe.

Image: @hydratattoos

25. Colchester World Map Tattoo Travel

These flowing painting images can quickly grab everyone’s attention. This tattoo design’s simple yet fantastic look is highly distinctive and attractive.

Image: @sonyaredstattoos

26. Engraving World Map Tattoo Travel

The intricate pattern of this tattoo design is the central piece attraction. Due to the wide range of interpretations that globe tattoos can have, they make outstanding conversation sparks.

Image: @elo.bhyrr.ttt

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27. Seat World Map Tattoo Travel

This design combines a world map with various natural elements, such as mountains and bodies of water. This elaborative design is quite impressive to engrave on the forearm.

Image: @devilbikesh

28. Ink World Map Tattoo Travel

Going simple is one of the easiest methods to demonstrate how much you appreciate the world map. Many various world map tattoo designs feature a variety of hues, but if you want to go minimalist, this amazing tattoo design is straightforward, sleek, and fashionable.

Image: @inkbymartina 

29. Adventure World Map Tattoo Travel

The ring of blue and red color created by the airplane is the main highlighting point of this world map tattoo design. This vibrant ring signifies the adventure of traveling this beautiful world.

Image: @samtattooindia

30. Enclave World Map Tattoo Travel

This pattern is the most basic, as well as the simplistic design of the world map tattoo. With an emphasis on developing a classic and adaptable design, tattoos frequently have a delicate, elegant look.

Image: @flameinkotattoo

31. Forearm World Map Tattoo Travel

The forearm is a popular location for this type of tattoo because it is easily visible and allows for a larger canvas to display the detailed design.

Image: @instinktattoomauritius

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32. Illustrated World Map Tattoo Travel

Incorporating some exciting elements and designs into the simplistic tattoo results in the formation of an interesting tattoo design that is both eye-catching and innovative.

Image: @diamonddozentattoo

33. Plane World Map Tattoo Travel

A world map and plane tattoo is a tattoo design that combines a world map with an image of a plane or airplane. This tattoo design can represent a person’s love for travel and their desire to explore the world through air travel.

Image: @travieguy.ink

34. Ink World Map Tattoo Travel

A world map tattoo with a compass is a beautiful design that combines a compass’s practicality with a map’s beauty. It creates a unique tattoo that represents the wearer’s love for exploration.

Image: @ink.blend

35. Mapamundo World Map Tattoo Travel

The tattoo’s importance as a symbol of the world and one’s position in it may be emphasized by using dark black ink, which can give the design a striking and powerful appearance.

Image: @moonjanetattoo

36. Sagittarius World Map Tattoo Travel

A world map tattoo with an arrow can be a strong and significant design. It can be a recall always to follow one’s route and orientation in life and a symbol for a love of travel, a link to particular locations and experiences, and a love of exploring new places.

Image: @deborahkromodjojo.tattoo

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37. Small World Map Tattoo Travel

Small world map designs make the perfect choice for men looking for their first tattoo or who prefer a simple, minimalist design

Image: @vincentink

38. Desert rose World Map Tattoo Travel

The tattoo appears highly realistic on the skin because of the shading and color palette used by the artist to imply weight and dimension.

Image: @yeezytattoo_lio

39. Black And Grey World Map Tattoo Travel

One of the best place to get a globe map tattoo is on your bicep. The inclusion of a rose, flower, compass, or black pen ink takes the beauty of this tattoo design to a new height.

Image: @werk4_2

40. Epic World Map Tattoo Travel

Since both are used for journeys, a compass and a map form the ideal tattoo combo for people, who love adventure, travel, and the great outdoors would look excellent with this tattoo.

Image: @the_reywan

41. Musafir World Map Tattoo Travel

This tattoo design represents the free-spirited nature and willingness to take risks and embrace new experiences while traveling. It is a reminder always to keep exploring and discovering new things.

Image: @mac_tattoos_original

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42. Wanderlust World Map Tattoo Travel

This world map tattoo can be a substantial design. It might stand for a passion for travel and discovery, a link to the idea of wanderlust, or a recall to never stop seeking out new things.

Image: @hannah.evolution

43. Back World Map Tattoo Travel

Massive world map tattoos should be placed on your back because of their size. In this tattoo design the use of red and black colors as well as other elements, make this tattoo design look more appealing.

Image: @blanktattooart

44. Shoulder World Map Tattoo Travel

The world map inked in black and white on the sleeve appears stunning. To further enhance the design and give it a unique flavor, you have the option to add various geometrical shapes and phrases.

Image: @sparta_tattoo

45. Ink expert World Map Tattoo Travel

An ink expert world map tattoo travel design is a tattoo design created by a tattoo artist who specializes in creating intricate and detailed designs using various techniques and styles. The design features a world map and travel elements like planes, ships, or compasses.

Image: @inkexperttattoos

46. Shading World Map Tattoo Travel

Do you ever have travel aspirations? Make a plan of your route as a chest tattoo. The use of the line work technique involves using lines of varying thickness to offer a realistic touch.

Image: @blacksheeptattoo27529

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47. Mandala World Map Tattoo Travel

The meaning of a mandala world map tattoo design can vary depending on the individual wearing it. For some, it may represent a love for travel, exploration, and a desire to connect with different cultures and spiritual traditions worldwide. The mandala can symbolize a spiritual journey, while the map can represent the physical journey of travel.

Image: @ems.tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

What do tattoos of global maps mean?

World map tattoos can serve as reminders of the interconnectivity of all things in the cosmos, a passion for travel and discovery, a spirit of adventure, and a connection to various cultures and spiritual practices worldwide.

What are some typical tattoo designs and methods for a global map?

World map tattoos frequently employ realistic, watercolor, dot work, linework, geometric, and mandala design elements.

Where are world maps inked the most frequently?

The upper arm or back are the most popular places for world map tattoos, but they can also be inked on the breast, leg, or other body parts.


What should you consider before having a tattoo of a global map?

Before tattooing on a world map, you should consider the design, placement, size, and style or method. Additionally, it would be best to investigate tattoo artists to ensure they have expertise in the design and application you prefer. Additionally, consider the tattoo’s significance and ensure you’ll be pleased with it for a long time.

What do a tattoo of a compass and a global map mean?

A tattoo of a map is a metaphor for someone who enjoys traveling and discovering new places. In order to stay on course while navigating the rough seas, sailors have been known to tattoo map designs on their bodies. Compass tattoos typically stand for guidance, security, direction, and a safe trip.

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