47 Amazing Love Heart Tattoos Ideas and Design for Finger

Love heart tattoos are now a prevalent way of showing love to near and dear ones and gaining popularity day by day.

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whether you go for an enormous tattoo or a smaller one, that doesn’t matter because what matters is the love you have for your dear ones in your heart.

47 Amazing Love Heart Tattoos Ideas and Design for Finger

Love has been a pure feeling in this world for ages. The love can be for our parents, siblings, friends, or someone special in our life, or there could be many people we love and to whom we want to showcase what they mean to us.

Here we will discuss some unique and different tattoos with you to get inked for your dear ones and flaunt your love for them.

Different And Trendy Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas

1. Small Heart Tattoo

A small heart tattoo in a pitch-black color on the finger makes a stunning and elegant choice for heart tattoos, and it is one of the most prominent tattoos among tattoo lovers. So, don’t wait anymore to get your love heart tattoos and flaunt your love.

Image: @_hekate_tattoos_

2. Double Heart Tattoo

As I said above, no matter which tattoo you choose, it’s only the love that will be precious, and other than that, nothing matters, so here is another idea for having a double heart tattoo on the upper palm with a black outline that will look magnificent.

Image: @dr.tatz_ink

3. Spaced Out Double Heart Tattoo

Spaced out double love heart tattoo on your fingers is a superb choice to show what your loved ones mean to you, and these two small heart tattoos on one finger with the space between will look stunning, making a perfect option for females.

Image: @musashitattoo

4. Cute Red Heart Tattoo

If you are in love with someone and looking for a minimalistic design to tattoo, this one could be a breathtaking choice with a tiny red cute red heart tattoo on your ring finger near the nail, and they will look delightful to the eyes and your special one too.

Image: @happy_hair_health

5. Heart With Dog Paw Tattoo

There is no rule in the world that says we can only love humans; animals also keep equal importance and looks adorable that one can’t ignore their cuteness, and there is no way we can stop ourselves from loving them.

So, if you also have a pet like a puppy or a kitty and want to show your love towards them, then a heart with a dog paw at the bottom will look magnificent, and you won’t regret this tattoo.

Image: @biomeca_ink

6. Couple Heart Tattoo

It is a perfect and exquisite choice for couples in love and looking for an ideal tattoo that represents their eternal love; sound romantic? Don’t wait and get this beautiful couple heart tattoo with your partner and trust me; it will look superb and classy.

Image: @andre.f208

7. Four Small Hearts Tattoo

Four small heart tattoos are a classy choice for your upper palm and will look breathtaking; please don’t trust me without seeing with your eyes; try this ray of hearts from big to small, filled with black ink, and they will look stunning.

Image: @artistcalledjess

8. Big Outline Heart Tattoo

Though there is no parameter to measure your near and dear ones, a simple tiny big heart outline tattoo will look stunning as a reminder on the upper palm, and you can flaunt it to the world elegance.

Image: @tattoo_art_byandrew

9. Heart Tattoo on Ring Finger

A simple heart tattoo on your ring finger, isn’t it a classy but elegant choice? Then surprise your partner with a tiny heart on your ring finger on your engagement and trust me, you won’t regret this choice.

Image: @cicchittiden

10. Heart Tattoo on Middle Finger

As we all know, the middle is the heart finger, and tattooing a small heart tattoo on the middle finger will always remind you about the most important people and things in your life whom you love.

So get it etched without a second thought, and trust me, you are going to love this.

Image: @inkn.i.n.e

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11. Love Word Tattoo

When you have someone special in your life, why deprive yourself of getting this tattooed. The heart is a classy way to tell to whom you love.

But what about the love word on your middle finger with colored ink, be creative with your tattoo and try a colorful love tattoo with different ink.

Image: @crea_tivetattoo

12. Cute Black Outline Heart Tattoo

A small, sleek, but elegant black outline tattoo looks charming though the heart tattoo symbolizes love and passion, although a black heart may represent death and grief.

It is a classy way to honor the passing of loved ones. 

Image: @tattoobobshop

13. Small Black Heart Tattoo

A tiny small black heart tattoo on the upper palm filled with black ink will look fantastic, and they represent the dark, twisted soul or a symbol of sad love feeling.

Try this charming small heart back tattoo now, and it will make you feel delighted.

Image: @lara.tatt

14. Sisters Heart Tattoo

As I said above, love is not only for the two persons in love or who want to spend life together, but it can be for your parents, friends or siblings.

With this beautiful sister’s heart tattoo on the ring finger, you will be able to flaunt your sister’s love tattoo, and it will be the ultimate way to showcase your unique and special bond of love. 

Image: @dotattookarolina

15. Blue Outline Heart Tattoo

The blue heart symbolizes excitement, support, and admiration, and the blue heart tattoo represents the hottest color and is also a symbol of blue mood.

A blue heart tattoo showcases the passion for something or someone.

Image: @rosiealicehillman

16. Couple Heart Tattoo Design

There are tons of tattoo designs to showcase your love as a couple but if you are looking for an elegant and minimalistic choice, then go for this one to express your special bond and gratitude for your partner.

A small black heart tattoo filled with black ink will look fabulous.

Image: @maowaeja

17. Pretty Heart Tattoo

A pretty, sleek, and thin heart tattoo for the middle finger will make an exceptional choice, and they will look stunning whether you opt for only outlined tattoos or go for a pitch-black heart-filled tattoo. 

Image: @segretidibellezza17

18. Heart Cross And Anchor Tattoo

If you believe in God and trust that no matter what, he will take you through tough times and be a shield to you, then this heart, cross, and anchor tattoo is a fantastic tattoo for inking.

The heart tattoo represents your faith in God, whereas the anchor tattoo symbolizes your strength and strong determination in hard times.

Get this tattoo etched on the forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger, and you will love this beautiful design.

Image: @gdm.inkart

19. Green Heart Tattoo

A green heart symbolizes friendship, passion, and close bonds, and the green heart tattoo is a perfect choice for showing a strong bond of friendship.

you may try to add other elements that make your friendship special. Try this stunning tattoo now.

Image: @io_la_marty

20. Heart Tattoo with Infinite Symbol

The heart tattoo symbolizes love and passion, whereas the Infinity represents limitlessness and eternal things.

Combining these two symbols showcases your endless and infinite love for your dear ones, whether they are your friends or partners.

Image: @mr_tattooholic_ahmedabad

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21. Heart Tattoo on the side of the finger

There are several choices of heart tattoos for inking with different and unique designs, and you have endless placements choices.

For instance, this heart tattoo on the side finger in green or black ink is an exceptional choice.

Image: @resilience.ink

22. Heart Tattoo at the end of the thumb

You would love to flaunt your love for your near and dear ones with this delighted heart tattoo at the end of your thumb, and it will represent your love for them and the respect and how thankful you are to them for being with you in your life.

Image: @jerseygirlluvshaiti

23. Heart Tattoo on Little Finger

Women who don’t want to tattoo anything significant or fear the needles and the pain that they cause are more likely to have a heart tattoo placed on their little fingers.

You will love this tattoo as it will hardly take thirty minutes to get it done, and you can flaunt your inner peace and commitment to your loved ones with a tiny heart symbol.

Image: @link.tattooart

24. Stylish Pink Heart Tattoo

Pink is often recognized as a girlish color, and there is no chance we miss out on this stunning pink heart tattoo on the ring finger.

Although the pink heart tattoo symbolizes sentiments, faith, and inner peace, they often symbolize care.

Image: @grita_official

25. Matching Couple Heart Tattoo Design

If you are looking for a tattoo that you and your partner can get inked together, then this matching couple heart tattoo is an exceptional choice, and you are going to cherish this tiny but fantastic tattoo.

Image: @allecstusk89_tattoo

26. Simple Heart Tattoo

A simple heart tattoo on the middle finger with an outline will never go out of trend, and the simplicity and elegance of this tattoo will make an elegant choice, and it will hardly take time to get etched on the finger.

Image: @tattoosbybats

27. Awesome Heart Tattoo

A tiny thin black tattoo will be a fantastic tattoo for you if you would like to honor someone’s love you have lost, and the black heart often symbolizes lost love, grief, heartbreak, etc. This black heart tattoo could help you do that.

Image: @deni_teckuje

28. Awesome Heart Tattoo Design

An awesome heart tattoo with blue ink will look extraordinary on your thumb, and you can opt for this tattoo with your best friend because the blue heart represents people’s friendship and the close bond they share.

Image: @tt.ttoo

29. Beautiful Heart Tattoo

A beautiful heart tattoo near the wrist in the black color will look stunning, like every heart tattoo means something different according to its color, but it’s unnecessary for everyone.

Sometimes people get tattooed because they want, and this heart can be an option.

Image: @yiiiiiting._

30. Hate Word Tattoo

Where there is love, there is hate too, although It is not an excellent choice to get inked with a negative word that shows your anger, hatred, envy, and mistrust of someone.

But everyone has their interest, and people love to do that, and for those people, this hate word tattoo will be a terrific choice to get inked.

Image: @eli_inktattoo

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31. Black Outline Heart Tattoo

The black heart indicates the loss of loved ones and the grief you are holding, and this black outlined tattoo shows the feeling of loneliness and emptiness of the heart.

This tattoo is prevalent because somewhere, everyone is going through this pain of heartbreak.

Image: @musashitattoo

32. Heart With Key Tattoo

People get tattooed out of choice, sometimes not because of any feeling, and if you are also one of them, you can choose this creative heart tattoo with a key on your thumb.

This fantastic tattoo represents that you are still looking for your special someone to come and open the heart with the key of their love and trust me, it will be an excellent choice to get inked.

Image: @inkedbychloelynn

33. Connected Hearts Tattoo

We all have heard about the term heart to heart connection, and this connected heart tattoo represents the same thing.

If you are also in love and feel that your partner understands your feelings without saying a word, you have a heart-to-heart connection with them, and there is no other way to show this beautiful bond except this beautiful connected heart tattoo on your hand.

You may opt for a little bigger heart filled with grey ink and a smaller outlined heart tattoo.

Image: @julian_kodigo13tattoo

34. Heart With Miscellaneous Tattoos

The small heart looks stunning alone or with some other elements, and If you have something in your mind, you may try being creative with it.

Don’t worry; if you do not have one, you can ask your tattoo artist to show his artistry by adding some miscellaneous tattoos with the heart, which will look magnificent.

For example, you may opt for the name initial of your loved ones or any other element you like and try these tattoos on each finger, and they are going to look extraordinary.

Image: @arte.facto_ink

35. Kitten And Heart Tattoo

It’s a great feeling to show your love and care to your loved ones, whether they are human or the wild kitten you have adopted, and they are no less than a baby to take care of and not to love them in this entire process is not in anyone’s hand.

If you also have a kitten at your home sleeping on your couch and love them with the bottom of your heart, then this cute but beguiling tattoo is perfect.

Get it inked on your middle finger and ring finger, and show your love and care for your pet and other people.

Image: @la.mom.tattoo

36. Heart Butterfly And Leaves tattoo

Butterflies are beautiful and mysterious symbols of transformation, adulthood, change, a new life, or hope.

Getting etched this gorgeous butterfly tattoo along with the heart is a great choice to remember your loved ones, and the butterfly’s short life reminds us that life is short and one should live life to the fullest.

Image: @aggie.tattoo

37. Heart Tattoo On Fingernail

Heart tattoos on fingernails are very trendy because of the painless process of getting them etched, and they feel like applying nail paint on the nails.

These tattoos look delightful and last for six to eight weeks, depending on the growth of your nails. As soon as this tattoo gets over, you can get another one.

Image: @allywould

38. True Love Tattoo

The heart tattoo, along with the words true love, looks incredible on the palms. You may opt for a bit of big heart alone with the words true love written beneath them, or you can get each alphabet inked on the fingers of both hands and the nature and arrow.

Image: @tattooedpg

39. Musical Heart Tattoo

Music and love complete each other because one chooses music to show their feelings of love, heartbreak, or other happy moments.

Music plays the role of remedy when one is going through heartbreak or pain, whereas in various cases, music helps people confess their love for each other.

So if you are also passionate about music and love someone, get this charming music heart tattoo inked now.

Image: @inshtaskina

40. Funny Heart Tattoo

There are many ways to ink a heart tattoo, and you can use it to express love, passion, or emotion. A funny heart tattoo signifies that innocence and fun are still present in you, and you will love this stunning tattoo.

Image: @strawberry_pokes_forever

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41. Broken Heart Tattoo

A broken heart shows the pain, sorrow, heartbreak, and loss of loved ones, and the broken heart tattoo reminds the intense pain that one has gone through in the past.

This stunning broken heart tattoo will look fabulous on the ring finger in black ink.

Image: @jay_arts_and_tattoos

Some More Heart Tattoo Design You’ll Love

42. Small Heart Tattoo on Middle Finger

Image: @adriancardonatattoo

43. Shaded Black Heart Tattoo

Image: @dejcizrobie_tattoo

44. Matching Couple Heart Tattoo

Image: @shanma_tattoos_hyderabad

45. Black Outline Heart Tattoo

Image: @roohani.tattoos

46. Dotted Heart Tattoo

Image: @getdown_inkz916

47. Cute Orange Heart Tattoo

Image: @oi_tattooer

Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Heart Tattoo Mean?

A heart tattoo meaning varies from person to person; for instance, a red heart tattoo symbolizes love, passion and a black heart means sorrow, grief, loss of loved ones. Although a blue heart stands for friendship, the pink heart represents a caring nature.

Which Way Should A Heart Tattoo Face?

There is neither a right nor a wrong way for a heart tattoo to face. You can make it look outstanding and flawless, although some people prefer to upside-down heart tattoo.

What Does The Heart Tattoo On Hand Mean?

The heart tattoo on the hand means a happy and healthy relationship. Although the different heart color represents another thing, for example, you may opt for a black heart tattoo to honor the passing of your loved ones.

Where Do Tattoos Get Hurt The Least?

The tattoos hurt the least on the nails, and they are temporary as they last only for seven to eight weeks, depending on the nail growths and after that, you can get a new tattoo once they are over. They feel like applying nail polish on the nails because of the painless process of getting etched.

What Does A Black Heart Tattoo Mean On Your Wrist?

A black heart tattoo represents the sorrow, pain and grief of losing loved ones and the broken black heart tattoo also shows the intense pain one goes through in the past.


These are a few instances of love heart tattoos, and many more remain in the collection, but you can choose your tattoo as per your choice and make them creative with your out-of-the-box thinking. You can even ask your tattoo artist to show his creativity and artistry in getting inked with a heart tattoo but with different elements or experiments with the colors.

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