53 Stunning Wording Tattoos To Try On Arm For Best Inking

A tattoo on the body is sometimes a statement, quality, or something which keeps you motivated in the tough times. If you are one of those who love to make a significant statement, then you should choose your tattoo with your brain because your tattoo will be with you, and it should not be something that you regret later.

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53 Stunning Wording Tattoos To Try On Arm For Best Inking

Although there are a thousand words to choose from, you can use several websites like Pinterest or Instagram to select your next piece of art. Hence, sometimes they waste time with no results, so here we will give you some splendid ideas for your next tattoo on your arms, like wording tattoos and how you can make them look more stunning.

Why Are Words Tattoo Getting Popular?

Word tattoos are gaining immense popularity nowadays because they not only look elegant and graceful, but they play an essential role in keeping us going ahead in life. So you may plan some meaningful words, an inspirational quote, a one-word tattoo, or the dates of any magical moments that you always want to remember, and they will help keep the sentiment and make you feel alive.

1. Roman Numbers Tattoo

Every individual has their choice, and they love to get tattoos of different things like the tattoo of the roman number. The roman numerals could be any date, for instance, a birth date, wedding anniversary, or a reminder of some important day in life.

Image: @annaeidenberg

2. Inspiring Quote Tattoo

Whatever happens, happens for a reason is a popular idiom and inspires us to see the good in bad things which are happening. So getting this ‘see the good excellent quotes on the arms looks incredible and will boost you to keep going in life.

Image: @keepgrowing.art

3. Be kind Wording Tattoo

There is so much hatred in this world, but that doesn’t mean we will also become like them, and getting the be kind, two-word tattoo always keeps you grounded. Also, they make a stunning choice to try on arms.

Image: @yingyytattoo

4. Black and White Wording Tattoo

Black tattoos are always prevalent and look gorgeous on the arms; however, if you are also looking for something different, try this black and white tattoo, and it will look extraordinary.

Image: @cereayl_

5. Beautiful Wording Tattoo

The stunning ‘we got this’ tattoo has several reasons to give it a try. One, they look pretty in calligraphy. Second, you may add an element like a heart with this, and the third and most important is that you can use them as a manifestation tattoo. You are planning something, and then we got this tattoo that will work as a manifestation for you.

Image: @tattoosbyjazziee

6. Skull With Words Tattoo

A tattoo is an art on the body, and we can show our artistry, making them as good as we want. For instance, the skull tattoo with the word inside it makes an incredible choice and looks fantastic on the arms.

Image: @kukutatts

7. I am still on my way Tattoo on arm

Sometimes we win in life, sometimes we lose, but life never stops; it still goes on. The tattoo of ‘I am on my way is a reminder to keep you motivated. You can ask your artist to show his artistry to make it look more stunning by adding elements like an arrow and the cursive words in the middle. Trust me, and you will love the outcome.

Image: @wild.studio.tattoo

8. Distortion Words Tattoo

If you plan to get inked but don’t want those simple and usual tattoos, go for this glitch and distortion words tattoo and take others’ minds on a trip. They look magnificent, and you may try adding a black rose tattoo with them to give a badass look.

Image: @shroomtattoo

9. Believe In Yourself Word Tattoo

You need no one else when you have yourself. Having faith and trust in your capabilities can do wonders, and one can cross any obstacles in life with the belief. The ‘believe in yourself’ tattoo is a gentle but powerful reminder that you are enough for yourself.

Image: @willtattoochapeco

10. Always & forever lettering tattoo

Always and forever, a lettering tattoo makes a stunning choice in calligraphy, and they look fantastic in both small and both sizes.

Image: @stefytattoo22

11. Gratitude One Word Tattoo on Arm

Being thankful and showing gratitude shows your positive attitude towards life. It shows that you are happy and content with what you have, and you feel comfortable and satisfied for that to God.

Image: @charlottebergmantattoo

12. Patience Word Tattoo on Arm

Whatever is meant for you will find it on his own; this quote seems true with a patience tattoo. As we all know, things take time, and no one will get anything before the right time comes, so being patient is the only way left, and this elegant patience tattoo will keep you hopeful in life.

Image: @mindytattoo

13. Couple Wording Tattoo On Arm For Men

Wording tattoos are not only famous for a single human, but couples can also try them with a few elements. For instance, two animated characters and some romantic quotes will look ravishing, showing your romantic love.

Image: @naygwel_pinheiro

14. Born Alone Die Alone Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to show your belief and faith in something, and sometimes people choose unique words to get inked. For instance, a born-alone die-alone tattoo is a fact and reality of life, but it sometimes shows the pain and loneliness.

Image: @tattooist.t

15. Fabulous Word Tattoo On Arm

Tattoos have grace and elegance in them, and the wording tattoo in cursive writing looks breathtaking. You may try this on your arm and get your favorite words or quote ink on your arm.

Image: @junhan_tattoo

16. Watercolor With One-word Tattoos On Arm

If you think that wording tattoos will be plain and boring, like texts, then you are wrong here. They are a piece of art and can be as creative as one can assume, and you may try your wording tattoo with watercolor inking, and trust me, they will not disappoint you.

Image: @artistgaurav_ripztattoo

17. Smile Tattoo

Pain is a part of life, and living with pain is the art of life. The smile tattoo on your wrist is an apt example of these words that hard times will come and go from the life you should not stop smiling. No one wants to suffer, but that is impossible; if you have lived good times, then bad times will also pass.

Image: @sofar.seoul

18. Inspiring Wording Tattoo

Tattoos represent a person’s traits and his belief in things; for instance, if you are a person who used to think a lot, then an inspiring quote can do wonders for you. You may get inked with a quote that keeps you motivated or shows your dilemma in an odd situation.

Image: @ian_tattooer

19. Black Ink Wording Tattoo

In cursive writing, a black ink tattoo looks fantastic, and you may try this horizontally or get it inked vertically like a band. However you like it, they will look amazing. On the other hand, you may opt for something which holds deep meaning.

Image: @kaichao050

20. Black and Gray Wording Tattoo

We must have heard people saying that some people have problems with every solution, and this tattoo is perfect for them, and the Black and gray tattoo looks magnificent on the arms. You may try the negative words in black and positive words in gray with white ink background so that positive words will come in front of you first and focus on solutions, not only the problems.

Image: @hztatts

21. Classic Wording Tattoo 

As I said above, a wording tattoo shows class and elegance, and obtaining a wording tattoo in a different language shows it. If you don’t believe me, try this splendid, perfect word tattoo, and you will not regret it.

Image: @tatuajesimpulsoazul

22. VIP Wording Tattoo 

Fineline VIP wording tattoos make a superb choice, and they will look gorgeous on toned biceps. But, don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Image: @ss_tattooss

23. Blackwork Lettering Tattoo

Some people love to keep their tattoos minimal, while some prefer to take them to the next level with a giant tattoo. If you are also one of them, try this blackwork lettering tattoo, and you will be stunned to see the result.

Image: @joey_wstt

24. Family Lettering Tattoo

If you are a family person and love them greatly, getting a family tattoo will show your traits. But, of course, you can try a few other elements with this, and they will look magnificent. If you want a different tattoo, then ohana means family in Hawaiian will be an excellent idea for single-word tattoos.

Image: @ss_tattooss

25. Discipline Word Tattoo

If you are a disciplined person who values time, then the discipline tattoo will not disappoint you. The simple one-word tattoo is a terrific choice to start with.

Image: @marta.yogapassion

26. Strength Tattoo On Arm

A strength tattoo on the arm will remind you about being strong in tough times and the strength you have inside you to face life’s difficulties. In addition, you may try adding some elements you like, for instance, flowers with some leaves to show your brave nature.

Image: @inkjectionyf

27. Chinese Font Word Tattoo

Sometimes it’s good to keep things personal and not show them to the world. But if you want to do that, do it in a different language, like the Chinese font, so that everyone can see but can’t understand.

Image: @d.mension_tattoo

28. Traditional Tattoos On Arm

Although there are several wording tattoos available there to try, some traditional tattoos and wording tattoos are also popular. However, some people like to stay connected with their roots, opting for conventional tattooing.

Image: @wild_studio_tattoo

29. Trust the universe Wording Tattoo

‘Trust the universe in black ink is also an optimistic tattoo to try. It shows your positive attitude and faith in the things going around and your positive attitude.

Image: @dreambodyarttattoo

30. Cursive Words Tattoo Ideas

The cursive words tattoo design makes a breathtaking tattoo. You may get inked with your favorite quote in the horizontal or vertical direction, and they will look extraordinary.

Image: @maomaochua

31. Simple Words Tattoos On Arm Image

If you are planning to get your first tattoo and don’t want to try something big or risky, go for a simple tattoo on your arm, which you can hide if needed. You may opt for some positive word, a lucky number, or anything you like.

Image: @small.tattoos 

32. We Are Not Failures Tattoo

Though we are not failures, the tattoo contains positive and negative words. So it stands for the positivity that one has inside one, and in the process of getting successful, we succeed and fail. And that failure is not the failure; it is a sign of your struggle and shows that you are trying to get there and a reminder to work hard in the future. So it is a great example of that.

Image: @valverine30

33. Euphoria Single Word Tattoos

Euphoria means a state of intense excitement and happiness. You may try this euphoric one-word tattoo on your arm in a sleek design, and they will look splendid, and the tattoo will look fabulous in black ink alone, or you can opt for black and white ink to get it done.

Image: @mashisandra

34. Ambigram Wording Tattoo

Ambigram tattoos are flipped and inverted versions of tattooing. In the ambigram tattoos, one word contains the second word. For instance, the family word looks forever from the other side. Because of their creative design, these ambigram tattoos are gaining popularity widely.

Image: @taylorpaigeart 

35. Make Tiny Changes Word Tattoo On Arm

Sometimes small changes can do wonders in life, and the making tiny changes word tattoo proves it right. We can think about an obese person who can get a fit body with a few changes in their lifestyle, and this tattoo is a perfect fit for those who look forward to inspiring words.

Image: @kellyneedles

36. Bible Phrase Word Tattoo

If you are a Christian and devotee of God. Getting the bible phrase on the arms shows your dedication, faith, trust in him. Adding some religious symbols, like a cross or praying hands with the Bible phrase, will make it look awesome.

Image: @alex_tats

37. Love is greater than fear Wording Tattoo

Sometimes love can do wonders instead of fear. You may think that love is greater than a fear tattoo, proving this idiom proper. They will look splendid on the arms and the inner wrist. These tattoos are prevalent as women’s tattoos.

Image: @m.k.sawyer_books

38. In a world of uncertainties be your own constant Wording Tattoo 

In a world of uncertainties, being your own constant’ wording tattoo makes an extraordinary tattoo. But, unfortunately, the world is full of uncertainties, and this tattoo reminds you to be your own constant. So please don’t trust me blindly; try a simple script tattoo on yourself.

Image: @pinkcorpsetattoo

39. Initials Word Tattoo

Getting the Initials tattoo rather than a full name is a good choice. Because they will take less time in attaining these tattoos and will be less painful, you may opt for two different fonts and create a unique tattoo with some creativity.

Image: @mr.sketcher

40. I am ordinary yet unique wording Tattoo

Every individual has some traits which make them different from others, and some might have good looks, while some may have some qualities or unique talent which the other doesn’t have. Some people recognize it early, and some might take time, and if you also believe in the same thing, you must try the stunning tattoo of ‘I am ordinary’ yet unique.

Image: @inkjectionyf

41. Cross With Word Tattoos

If you believe and trust in God, then you must have heard that he will never leave your side. So getting this cross tattoo with the words that ‘only the strong survive’ is a great reminder to you not to give up without any effort; after all, God supports those who support themselves.

Image: @blackswantattoopvm

42. Memorial Wording Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to honor or remember your near and dear ones. Like the word Dad on the wrist, along with some memorable thing or quote which they have told you, will make their memories last long with you.

Image: @inkcouturenyc

43. Carpe Diem Words Tattoo

Carpe Diem means ‘seize the day. The two words tattoo is more like a philosophy than a motivational quote. It is a reminder to the wearer to live every moment to the fullest and be the best version of themselves at the present because no one knows what the future holds for us.

Image: @cc0_524

44. Great Wording Tattoo

The simple and small wording tattoos look fantastic, and you may opt for a small symbol like butterfly, arrow, rainbow, or anything else. It is a great tattoo idea to show self-love.

Image: @dirty_canvas_21

45. Step out of your comfort zone Tattoo 

Success never comes easily; You have to get out of your comfort zone to grow and succeed in life. If you want to grow and achieve your goals, this tattoo will be an excellent choice to remind yourself.

Image: @inkby.abby

46. Different Language Word Tattoo

Using a different language rather than your language is wise to keep your things private and secret. For example, if you are happy and content with what you have, keep it a secret because no one knows when evil eyes and people will catch you and ruin things.

Image: @Roxieart

47. Kanji Wording Tattoo

The term kanji stands for Chinese or Han characters. They look great on the arms and make a splendid tattoo. Besides, you may opt for a phrase or a religious quote on the arms.

Image: @ai.kishimoto1

48. Be Free and live life fully Tattoo On Arm

Be free and live life fully’ tattoo is one of the best inspiring quotes to try because it means to leave your troubles behind and live the moment to the fullest. No one knows what the future holds for you, so live everyday.

Image: @inkjectionyf

49. Live Laugh Love Tattoo

Live, Laugh, Love tattoo comes from Bessie Anderson Stanley’s poem ‘success’ written in 1904. These words stand as a reminder to live every bit of life; who knows, tomorrow comes or may not be.

Image: @ta2_javiramirez

50. Inked Wording Tattoo

Pitch black inked tattoos look beautiful on the arm, and one can opt for any word, name, or particular time to get tattooed with it.

Image: @yingyytattoo

51. Deathbed Wording Tattoo

Though the word deathbed sounds skeptical, it makes a fantastic choice for a tattoo and is prevalent among tattoo lovers. It can remind you that death is a reality and no one can resist it, so live each day of your life to the fullest.

Image: @dreambodyarttattoo

52. Hebrew Tattoo

With a distinctive language and script, the Hebrew tattoo looks stunning, and they are prevalent among tattoo lovers and getting more popular. However, it is a mystery how these tattoos got popular.

Image: @barbeznos

53. Chinese Wording Tattoo

People are getting creative, and now they don’t only go for English word tattoos but turn to different languages to show their unique personality and knowledge through tattoos. Chinese, Arabic, French, Sanskrit, or Spanish word tattoos are pretty popular choices.

Image: @masterpeacestattoo_malaysia


These are a few ideas for wording tattoos, and I hope we have got everything covered. We hope you have thought about what tattoo you would like to try next, but if you are still confused about it, you may ask your tattoo artist to show you some unique designs. Don’t worry about the extra cost because every penny will be worth the meaningful, inspired permanent tattoo that will encourage your life. You should ask your tattoo artist if you are looking for something unusual as well. Tattoos remain with you for life because they are permanent and will remain on your body forever. So that’s why one shouldn’t ignore doing a close search. So don’t wait any longer and get your next ink tattoo now.


What are good words for tattoos?

There are several word tattoos to get inked; however, you can choose your favorite words like patience, belief, faith, strength, or your favorite quote which keeps you motivated. Some people also love to get their mother or father to show their love towards them.

What are word tattoos called?

The words tattoos are often known for carving also. So, if you hear your artist saying carving words next time, don’t get confused because, like any other tattoo, words tattoo also takes detailing and artistry.

Where do you get a quote tattoo?

Although tattoos look stunning on any part of the body, you may try the quote tattoo on arms, thighs, ribs, back, shoulder, wrist, etc. Wherever you try, they will look fabulous.

What is the best age to get a tattoo?

There is no specific age to tattoo, but in some countries, there is a particular age of 16 – 18, which is considered the legal age. Still, getting a tattoo has nothing to do with age. You may get it done whenever you feel you are ready.

Do tattoos boost confidence?

According to some studies, tattoos correlate with their wearer. For example, people with tattoos are more confident than those without tattoos.

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