53 Stunning Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Designs For Your Next Ink

Nature gave us a lot of beautiful flowers, and the Chrysanthemum is one of them. This flower represents the female gender and is known for its versatility. It can be used almost anywhere on your body, from fingertips to shoulders and arms, making it a great accessory.

53 Stunning Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Designs For Your Next Ink

Chrysanthemum tattoos are popular among those who want to show off their love of life, golden sun, and deep-rooted determination. However, Chrysanthemum tattoos also bring emotional balance, particularly when it comes to helping individuals perceive others with compassion, but also help one appreciate nature and the beauty surrounding one.

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Find Out Why They Are So Loved?

There are many reasons for people to love the Chrysanthemum tattoos. Chrysanths are autumn flowers and are a favorite as far back as Victorian times. The most popular chrysanthemum tattoo designs include flowers, stems, and buds. 

It is said that the Chrysanthemum, with its gentle and cooperative spirit, is highly regarded by the Japanese and Chinese. The golden flower, Chrysanthemum, also symbolizes the sun, and as it is a medicinal plant, it has taken on the generic connotation of long life. It was an essential part of religious myths and festivals in ancient Japan.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo is among the most popular tattoo designs. More and more people raise their interest in the design. 

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Discover More About Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemum is a flowering plant of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. It may also be called the flos campi or trefoil. It is native to East Asia and is now cultivated worldwide. It is used as food, herbal medicine, and pesticide; Part of the daisy family, this flower is a perennial that grows in many parts of North America throughout most of the year.

Plus, it can be worn as your protective amulet too! The star-shaped flower range in color from pure white to yellow and can be seen growing atop stems that reach up to 9 feet tall throughout the summer.


The Chrysanthemum is a popular motif widely used in art and media. The flower has long been a symbol of the Imperial family in Japan, sometimes known as mikuruma. Other characters connected with the Chrysanthemum include wealth and longevity.


The Chrysanthemum tattoo is a famous Japanese symbol for standing above others in excellence. It also means long life and eloquence. The chrysanthemum flower with three petals represents the sun, which takes on the generic meaning of long & happy life because it is also a medicinal plant.

It has been a universally respected flower given as an offering to ancestors, those who have died, and gifts to celebrate special occasions like graduations and births. Its importance in the culture makes it perfect for those looking to honor loved ones or represent good fortune and beauty. 

Traditional Japanese themes most often influence Japanese-style tattoos. Chrysanthemum tattoos, called “shikimi” in Japanese, are a typical example of this – A beautiful and intricate design that can look modern yet traditional.

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Furthermore, Chrysanthemum tells a deep family connection between a group of people and is traditionally placed on the inside of the right arm by women. It most often represents the relationship with sisters. The chrysanthemum tattoo will last for several months, especially if correctly done, but it’s not always considered a real tattoo.”


Chrysanthemum reinforces life pleasure. The meaning of chrysanthemum tattoos has a long history. Chrysanthemums symbolize the power and generosity of men. The big yellow flower means determination and loyalty to one’s principles, which can be summed up in the word ‘toughness.’ 

Why Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoos Are The Best Choice For Women?

Chrysanthemum tattoo looks fabulous for both males & females. However, as women feel more connected to flowers, they are one of the best tattoo options for beautiful hearts.

Moreover, Chrysanthemum tattoos are beautiful tattoos considered some of the most feminine and elegant in the world. Japanese chrysanthemum tattoos, Celtic chrysanthemum tattoos, or even Egyptian chrysanthemum tattoos. Chrysanthemums have been a part of the intricate designs preferred by most women.

Best spots to get a Chrysanthemum Tattoo

One of the most popular flowers tattoo in Japanese culture, a chrysanthemum, translates well for tattoo artists. The floret may have easy-to-interpret meanings and designs, but how do you choose where to place it? Help is here!

Depending on what area you want to place these flowerets on, the placement of this Tattoo plays an important role. It makes a great addition to your body art. If you’re going to get your hands on this beautiful Tattoo, here are some suggestions on the most appropriate locations:


Since the back covers most parts of your body, it can be the best canvas for your large and detailed Chrysanthemum tattoo. Back is ideal if you want a large tattoo with one full blossom or combined with two or more flowers or other elements.

Arm or forearm

The arm can be the best spot to get a medium-sized tattoo that is not too big or small.


Wrists work best for minimalist designs.


Thighs can be a great option to ink a Chrysanthemum Tattoo with all grace and beautiful colors.

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Timeless Chrysanthemum Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Can’t seem to get enough of the timeless elegance of nature? Look no further than the Chrysanthemum tattoo. Find the best flower tattoo for you! Hit the scroll button now!

1. Chrysanthemum Red and Green Ink Tattoo

As I said, it’s the flower of the females; it looks pink and girly. But what brings out its beauty is the bold colors, you can get these flowers tattooed in many other colors, but red and green are the most famous. 

These super fantastic Chrysanthemum tattoos add some color and life to your dreary and lifeless skin. You’ll have people asking if you wandered into a field and picked that flower just seconds before entering the party.

With various trendy patterns and shades to choose from, these are easy to design and timeless to wear. Without a doubt, This flower is one of the most popular flowers in the world and bestsellers; you don’t want to miss it?

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2. Yellow Chrysanthemum Tattoo

If your heart is touched by joy, then a sunny yellow chrysanthemum flower, a symbol of the hope for future happiness, would gracefully and proudly adorn your body.

Bring a little sunshine into your life with the Yellow Chrysanthemums temporary tattoo. This positive Tattoo, symbolizing joyful love, will brighten up your day and make you feel happier.

Featuring large yellowish floweret (means gold color) in their striking silhouettes and an intricate branch design, this colorful Tattoo is bound to get you noticed wherever you go, for all the right reasons.

This tiny pale Chrysanthemum on the wrist reminds you of someone you think about often and makes you happy. A cheerful symbol of remembrance and longing, a chrysanthemum tattoo on the wrist radiates a sunny warmth. It goes well with any outfit, making it a subtle statement of style and romance.

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3. Chrysanthemum Tattoo with Skull

Chrysanthemum symbolizes life and a whirlwind. It is a bright flower to bring good luck. If a skull is combined with the Chrysanthemum, the meaning of this Tattoo changes completely. It means that the bearer has total energy and is invincible due to the protection of this Tattoo. A beautiful flower over a skull implies a protective amulet because skulls symbolize death, and all parts of nature are alive.

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4. Chrysanthemum combined with Bird & Snake Tattoo

Bird tattoos are trendy, but it’s hard to find someone who wants the entire back of their body covered in birds. So make room for Chrysanthemum in your bird tattoo with an excellent image from Tattoo Johnny. You’ll be proud to show it off.

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5. Chrysanthemum Tattoo ( shoulder)

Convey your deep love and affection with a chrysanthemum tattoo that symbolizes the ‘promise of greater happiness to come as sunshine.’ Chrysanthemum can be the best companion for reminding someone’s shoulders. They look just fabulous on the shoulders. A beautiful sunny blossom, it beams with optimism and joy.

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6. Chrysanthemum Arm Tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo for your arm? Look no further than the chrysanthemums flower tattoo meaning to express your unique personality.

Chrysanthemums tattoos are beautiful and memorable. They’re used to celebrate liberation and express your free-spiritedness. And the impressive part is that there are so many options for a chrysanthemums tattoo, in any case. You can choose the chrysanthemums’ position, size, shape, and any details you add.

One of the best places to get a chrysanthemums tattoo is your arm or wrist. They give quite a trendy look and can make people turn back – in a good way!

So you know now what to do next! Call your nearest tattoo parlor and fix your most immediate appointment! Happy tattooing!

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7. Chrysanthemum Flower Back Tattoo

Consider getting intricate art on your back if you like the elegance of chrysanthemum tattoos. Though big chrysanthemum tattoos look gorgeous, taking one is not for the weak-hearted. You’ll need more time, patience, and talent to tattoo a massive chrysanthemum pattern correctly. Nevertheless, if you’re bent on having it inked on your skin, the back can be the best spot to consider.

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The regal flower, Chrysanthemum tattoo- If you are another person who adores tattoos, you want to choose a design and place it accordingly- this write-up has got you covered! The Chrysanthemum is among the most common procedures due to its elegant appearance when it comes to flowers. However, it will still be beautiful on other parts of your body.

Use this article to find some of the best Chrysanthemum tattoos for your next ink! 


 What do the stunning Chrysanthemum Tattoos stand for?

Chrysanthemum makes trendy tattoos due to their beauty and connections with the passing of a loved one or the memories surrounding it. Some people get chrysanthemum tattoos in honor of their parents, while others wear them to celebrate their roots and culture.

What are the best places to get the best Chrysanthemum Tattoo?

Chrysanthemum tattoos can be placed on any part of the body. Most artists place chrysanthemum tattoos on foot, lower leg, upper back, arms, and chest. This can vary based upon the design, in any case.

What does a Chrysanthemum Tattoo on the back mean?

A tattoo widely used in Japan to symbolize the generosity and greatness of man and determination. Chrysanthemum tattoos are also typical of being determined to live through tough times, like the sun, due to their medicinal properties. The Chrysanthemum is a beautiful representation of everlasting life as well.

What’s so appealing about Chrysanthemum Tattoo?

The chrysanthemum tattoo is a good choice for those who want to surprise their loved ones with a romantic and flowery tattoo. Chrysanthemum is a type of flowering plant that has been used by Chinese people for several years, especially as an intricate design in art and as an element in poetry. The most common chrysanthemum tattoos are the single chrysanthemums and the entire flower bouquets. 

What are some best Chrysanthemum tattoo ideas?

Chrysanthemum tattoos have been around the ages, and people have loved them more than cupcakes. They look fabulous and work wonders to add millions of brownie points to your regular appearance! Indeed! They are your forever jewels – that too without any routine maintenance!

Here are some of the most trending chrysanthemum tattoo ideas you can go for:

  • Chrysanthemum supernatural powers (popular plant) Single Tattoo
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo combined with leafs
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo with Snake
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo with Dragon (china inspired)
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo with Bird (new life)
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo with Skull

Furthermore, you can add a custom design to personalize these sassy tattoos. This design is about as far from a “flash” style tattoo as possible. The black ink outlines the reddish-orange petals while the green inner petals and leaves pop with the cleanest, sharpest lines we can make.

So you know now what to do next! Call your nearest tattoo parlor and fix your closest appointment! Happy tattooing! 

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