Virgin Mary Tattoo: How The Religious Figure Became A Popular Tattoo

Virgin Mary From Religious Symbol To The Tattoo World

Aside from their aesthetic value, tattoos often have some emotional or symbolic importance to the person who dons them.

You may have seen the Virgin Mary tattooed on another person’s body and assumed it signified something of religious value. After all, Mary was the mother of Jesus. However, this is not always the case. Find out what this tattoo could mean below.

Who Was The Virgin Mary?

Mary, known as the Virgin Mary of the mother of Jesus, is a biblical figure. The idea that Mary is both a virgin and a mother may seem contradictory.

However, in theology, Mary gave birth to Jesus through the holy spirit. To give birth to Jesus, Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem.

People celebrate the birth of Jesus across the world on Christmas Day. You may have heard this story in a primary school or a religious building.

The Virgin Mary is celebrated in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as a symbol of innocence, purity, motherhood, and righteousness. This is due in part to the immaculate conception of Jesus.

What Does The Virgin Mary Tattoo Symbolize?

What Does The Virgin Mary Tattoo Symbolize

Because of her important role in many religions, Mary is a popular choice for a tattoo. Of course, the tattoo will have different meanings to different people. Below are some of the most common meanings of the tattoo.

A lot of people have Mary tattooed on their bodies to symbolize the virtues that she stood for. This tattoo also represents a person’s devotion to their faith.

After all, choosing to permanently mark yourself with the image of a religious figure shows that you are committed to a religion. What better way is there of displaying loyalty to your religion?

This tattoo can also symbolize motherhood. As the mother of Jesus, Mary is a reminder of the strength that mothers must have in order to give birth to and raise their children.

Due to this, the tattoo is a common choice among mothers or those who are looking to honor their mothers.

Purity is another quality that Mary would constitute. Having given birth to Jesus while a virgin, Mary is an embodiment of all things pure. This tattoo is a reminder of the importance of innocence.

Additionally, someone may want to get Mary tattooed on themselves to indicate the importance of miracles.

Mary and her betrothed, Joseph, were able to give birth to Jesus without having sexual relations. As a result, the birth is a miracle.

This tattoo can, therefore, be a symbol to some that miracles really do happen. People across the world are able to have children despite thinking they are unable to.

Consequently, the tattoo can be considered a symbol of miracles and the value of human life.

Tattoo Designs

Because there is a lot of iconography surrounding Mary, there are a lot of different tattoo designs depicting her. The meaning that you want the tattoo to represent may impact which design you select.

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For example, if you want to have a tattoo that means motherhood, you may want to choose an image of Mary holding the baby Jesus.

This tattoo depicts the strong bond that Mary has for her child. If you get this tattoo, it could symbolize the positive relationship between you and your mother/ child.

You can even get tattoos of Mary with Jesus at different stages of his life. This will enable you to choose the stage that most appeals to you and has the most meaning.

Another common variation of the tattoo shows the Virgin Mary in a praying position. If the main motivation behind getting a tattoo is to show your trust in your faith, this will be a good option.

The image of Mary praying symbolizes her deep faith and trust in God. If you want to add more religious imagery, you can choose a cross or angels.

You may have heard the phrase “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” This title is used in Catholic communities to refer to Mary. This title is popular among people of Hispanic ethnicities, such as those in Mexico.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a church in Mexico that contains the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Consequently, tattoos depicting this image have become popular among Hispanic people. This tattoo represents protection, especially among those without a sense of belonging.

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These are the most popular Virgin Mary tattoos, though there are lots of other design options available. For instance, some people have chosen to get the image of Mary crying next to her son’s crucifix. This is quite a sad and grim image.

However, if you are looking for something dramatic and with a lot of emotional weight, you may want to consider this tattoo.

Colors And Styles

In terms of the style of a Virgin Mary tattoo, you are pretty much free to choose whatever style you think looks best. After all, it is a tattoo that will likely be on your body for the remainder of your life.

When it comes to representing the Virgin Mary, many people go for black tattoos. However, if you want a tattoo that is more vibrant and full of life, consider getting Mary in color

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Angel Tattoos Mean?

Like the Virgin Mary, angels are considered religious images. However, you can still get an angel tattoo even if you do not consider yourself to be religious.

Angels can represent a lot of positive virtues, such as faith, kindness, love, compassion, hope, and faith. Akin to the Virgin Mary, the exact meaning of these tattoos will depend on the individual.

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What Symbol Is Used To Represent Mary?

As previously mentioned, Mary can symbolize a lot of different things. This raises the question of what symbols are used to signify Mary.

This will be especially good for people who want to present Mary but are just looking for smaller or more versatile tattoos.

There are a few different things that could be used to represent Mary. For example, you may want to get a tattoo of the Marian Cross.

This symbol represents both Mary and Jesus, signifying their close relationship.

A rose could also be a substitute for Mary. The reason for this is that in Catholicism, roses are said to appear when saints are active. This is due in part to visions of Mary.

Other flowers, such as whistle lilies or periwinkles, can be used as symbols for Mary.

Where Should I Get The Virgin Mary Tattooed?

It is entirely up to you as to where you get this tattoo. Arms are popular choices. However, you may want to put the tattoo on your chest.

This will make the tattoo close to your heart. Therefore, it adds to the notion that this tattoo is emotionally connected to you.


Overall, the tattoo of the Virgin Mary can mean a lot of different things to various people.

While some may have chosen the tattoo to symbolize virtue, others may have done it to represent chastity, innocence, motherhood, miracles, or their faith.

For many people, the tattoo can have a powerful symbolic meaning. If this is something you are interested in, you should contemplate getting a tattoo of the Virgin Mary.