29 Stunning Feminine Flower Tattoos For Girls To Get Inking For Side Boob

It is one of the reasons that side boob flower tattoo are becoming immensely popular day by day among women.

Tattoos are gaining massive popularity among women, and they are not afraid of doing experiments with the design or placement of their tattoos.

29 Stunning Feminine Flower Tattoos For Girls To Get Inking For Side Boob

Besides their unique design and sizes, celebrities also inspire boob tattoos like Venesa Morgan’s rose tattoo, Keke Palmer’s bible quote, Rihana’s handgun tattoo and many more.

Side Boob Flower Tattoo is also gaining massive popularity among women.

Different Flowers And Tattoo

Although there are several designs and quotes available to get inked on the side boob, we will tell you about the flower tattoos for boobs tattoo from which you can get some inspiration for your next tattoo as they are popular choices for women.

Side Boob Flower Tattoos

1. Orchid Flower Side Boob Tattoo Art

The orchid flowers symbolize love, charm, rare beauty, fertility, strength and refinement. Orchid flowers have symmetrical petals of flowers showing perfection and balance. The delightful color of these flowers makes them one of the best tattoos for women.

orchid tattoo

Image: @charlotteglatt_tattoos

2. Daisy Flower Side Boob Tattoo Design Idea

Daisy’s tattoo symbolizes love, loyalty and luck, and it is prevalent to honor someone special. In addition, the daisy symbolizes innocence, purity and birth due to its bright color and cheerful nature.

daisy flower tattoo

Image: @black.peony.ink

3. Lavender Flower Side Boob Tattoo Design

The Lavender flower stand for purity, love, royalty, luxury and elegance. The soft purple color of Lavender makes it look feminine, and they look stunning. Some women get this breast tattoo to show their devotion to god.

lavender tattoo

Image: @waken_tattoo_studio

4. Fine Line Flower Side Boob Tattoo Design Art

A not a big but a small fine line beautiful tattoo of a rose shows elegance and represents love. You may get this tattoo as a reminder of self-love and self-care.

thin flower tattoo

Image: @storylines.tattoo

5. Small Flower Side Boob Tattoo 

Flowers appear beautiful whether they are in bouquets or alone rose. One must try this small flower tattoo on the side boob if they want something that can hide easily.

rose tattoo

Image: @tattoochicken888

6. Detailed Flower Side Boob Tattoo

If you are planning a side boob flower tattoo with all the detailing and fine line work, then your search ends here, try this Fineline tattoo, and you will surely love it.

cute flower tattoo

Image: @emilystubbs84

7. Wolf and Girl with Flower Side Boob Tattoo

There are some famous folklores that wolf mates for a lifetime, and we can say without any doubt that one would love this wolf and girl tattoo with a flower on the side boob, and they will look fantastic. 

wolf and girl tattoo

Image: @bernardneriviesca

8. Alice in Wonderland Flower Side Boob Tattoo

It is one of the great tattoos to get inked, reminiscing childhood memories. These flower tattoos look animated with the face and will be a superb choice for a colorful tattoo.

wonderland flower tattoo

Image: @mark_ofthe_gemini

9. Black And Grey Side Boob Tattoo Idea

Many different flowers and leaves with light shading look stunning on the side boob, and you may add a small butterfly or a bee to make it a lively choice.

black flower tattoo

Image: @loc_tattoos

10. Sunflower Side Boob Tattoos 

Every flower represents love in one way or another, like the sunflower tattoo that stands for romance and hopeful love, makes a splendid choice for a side boob tattoo.

black sunflower tattoo

Image: @tall_garrett_tattoos

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11. Outlined Flower Side Boob Tattoo

As I said above, flowers look magnificent whether you opt for back and grey or colored flowers, but if you do not believe me try this outline flower tattoo and trust me, it will not disappoint you in any way.

outlined flower tattoo

Image: @zarahdiezitronetattoo

12. Peony Flower Side Boob Tattoo

The peony flower is famous as the king of flowers and embodies love and prosperity. Because of its large, elegant and broad petals, they make a stunning tattoo to try on the side boob.

peony flower tattoo

Image: @zarahdiezitronetattoo

13. Geometrical Flower Side Boob Tattoo

If you are creative and want to show your artistry in your tattoo, go for it and make it unique from other tattoos and if not, we have this great tattoo with a geometrical triangle. You can use the triangle like a vase and add your favorite flowers, like a daisy or any other flowers of your choice.

flowers in triangle tattoo

Image: @pebz_inkhabbit

14. Botanical Wildflowers Vine Side Boob Tattoo

The small wildflower tattoo of the vine will look incredible on the side boob. So, If you are not a huge fan of big tattoos, you may opt for this popular flower side boob tats. But, please don’t believe me blindly; try it yourself.

vine tattoo

Image: @tattooer_pep

15. Cherry blossoms Flower Side Boob Tattoo

Some ladies opt for minimal inking, while others love getting a big flower branch. So if you are also looking for something big out of the box but attractive options, try these cheery blossoms flower tattoos now and trust me, you will love the outcome.

cherry blossom tattoo

Image: @shirlys.ink

16. Cross and Flower Tattoo

Tattoos could be as unique as you are; for example, this small floral tattoo and the cross look elegant and are no less than an outstanding choice to try.

cross flower tattoo

Image: @black.peony.ink

17. Side Boob Tattoo Of Rose

Roses are symbols of romantic relationships, and women’s caring and loving nature prove that they are perfect for each other. Try this black ink rose with grey filling in it, and you will love the outcome.

black rose tattoo

Image: @thetattooer

18. Beautiful Colored Side Boob Tattoo Idea

The giant honey plaque with three bees tattooed with blue flowers looks stunning on the side boob. You may add another element like a tiny butterfly to make it look more appealing.

Don’t wait for any more to get this new piece of art.

honeycomb flower tattoo

Image: @jodieeyoung

19. Simple Flower Tattoos on Side Boob

The flowers look elegant and gracious in every color, whether vibrant or black, or you opt for a detailed flower tattoo or a flower made with thin lines.

Of course, you may opt for any color ink to get it done, and you will love the result.

simple flower tattoo

Image: @emilysandstattoo

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20. Mandala Flower Side Boob Tattoo

Mandala flowers are popular choices for tattoos and mean charm, hope, passion and development. With the help of overlapping circles, the mandala designs get ready, and they will look alluring with some dark shadings.

mandala tattoo

Image: @chasenolantattoosbackup

21. Traditional Side Boob Tattoo 

The traditional flower tattoo with a few leaves and a stick attached to it looks delightful. You may choose to go for a large or small tattoo as per your choice.

vintage side tattoo

Image: @caroljtattoo

22. Realistic Red Flower Side Boob Tattoo

The red and black flowers look so beautiful on the side boob, and you may go for a large or a smaller flower. They will look extraordinary in both sizes.

red flower tattoo

Image: @gv_tattoos

23. Dotwork Flower Side Boob Tattoo Design

The blue dotted flower tattoo on the side boob with light shading makes a terrific choice to try. But, please don’t believe me blindly and try it yourself.

dotwork flower tattoo

Image: @gladys.tattooing

24. Simple and Soft Side Boob Flower Tattoo

A bunch of different flowers in grayish ink on the side boob will look stunning; although flowers are full of joy with bright colors, this tattoo will not disappoint you in black ink either.

simple flower tattoos

Image: @backtobasicstattoo

25. Stipple Flower Side Boob Tattoo

Stipple flower tattoos are famous for their creative design pattern. In these designs, dots will create the flowers, and then some shading will complete it with some effects.

stipple tattoos

Image: @lioness_leggatt 

26. Pink Flower Side Boob Tattoo

Flowers represent joy, fun, love and many more things and look stunning in whichever color you choose to get it done. Take the example of this pink flower tattoo. It looks splendid and shows elegance.

pink flower tattoo

Image: @james_severson

27. Lily Flower Side Boob Tattoo

A large lily flower tattoo looks extraordinary and stands for rebirth and motherhood. You may try this tattoo with the color of your choice or go for the grey-shaded tattoo. However, you like. You will love this beautiful tattoo if you are expecting a new mother.

Image: @jaycobber

28. Delicate Flower Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

The freehand floral tattoo under the side boob looks magnificent with minimal shading and leaves. It’s up to you whether you want to keep it a simple flower or go for a pair of two flowers, whatever you decide, it will look fabulous.

new flower tattoo

Image: @ginger.mermaid.tattoos

29. Side Boob Flowers With Quote Tattoo

There are several patterns and elements to try with flowers, but some women love to keep it simple with only a quote. So if you are also one of them, don’t wait anymore and get this tattoo done now.

text with flowers

Image: @_amikieyah


These are a few examples of side boob tattoos. There are many options left to try like a butterfly, a quote, traditional patterns, some roman numbers, a few waves, beautiful sun, any popular theme, gorgeous hell, space and many more.

The side boobs are famous for tattooing because the tattoos can hide anytime you do not want to show them.

All you have to do is find an experienced tattoo artist and make sure that your tattoo artist uses the sterilized needle before using it on your body.

So, don’t wait anymore; go and get yours now and be an inspiration for other women.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Side Boob Tattoos Attractive?

Tattoos look attractive anywhere on the body, but side boob tattoos look cute elegant and are known as feminine tattoos and are easy to hide if you do not want anyone to see that.

What Do We Call Under The Boob Tattoo Designs?

We know under the boob tattoo with the breast or sternum tattoo. These tattoos look magnificent in the middle of the boob, and most women love to get the elegant design.

Do Breast Tattoos Hurt?

The answer is yes, boobs are one of the most sensitive spots of the body and getting inked on the boob causes severe pain.

What Are The Most Painful Tattoo Spots?

Getting tattoos on ribs, spine, shins and fingers will be painful. However, Arms, stomach, thighs will be the least painful. Getting tattooed on the nails will be an excellent placement choice if you can’t take little to no pain.

Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo?

You have to wait for six months after getting a tattoo, and by any chase, if you get hepatitis while obtaining the tattoo design, you will not remain a blood donor in the future.