30 Stylish Tree Tattoos On Shoulder

Everyone prefers to get an elegant tattoo, which is a permanent decision, and every one of us wants to have a visually interesting design with powerful meaning and tree tattoos on shoulder are one of the best tattoos.

30 Stylish Tree Tattoos On Shoulder

There are endless variations, and the tree species – each of tree tattoos on shoulder has its unique symbolism, so if you are going to get the one for you, you need to make sure it describes your personality well.

For instance, a life tree is related to eternity and wisdom, while the Joshua plant is linked with resilience, so choose the one that describes you well.

You can find something that represents the values important to you, and the placement also matters, so when you want to get your tattoo on your shoulder, make sure the tattoo design is appealing.

Tree Life Tattoo

Image: @tanglewoodtattoo

Black Ink Tree Tattoo

Image: @ethanrmtattoos

Simple Design Tree Tattoo

Image: @robertbarkerart

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Tree Life Tattoo For Women

1. Tree Of Life Tattoo

Tree of life is an elaborate and visually thrilling design, but it also has rich representation, and as the name suggests, the plant is associated with eternity, acquaintance, and understanding.

It is an attractive thought to signify the elegant link connecting dreamland and earth – anyone who contemplates his mortality can get a tattoo as a significance.

Tree of Life Inspiration Tattoo

Image: @mal_aguero_tattoo

Shoulder Back Tattoo

Image: @jdrawtalent

2. Celtic Tree Of Life Tattoo

The Celtic tree of life is similar to any standard design, but you will notice various elements such as the knots, or you can ask your tattoo artist to add the designs you want.

It is not surprising to see why this piece would appeal to anyone who values the qualities and is more fascinated with ancient cultures.

Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo

Image: @meloratattoos

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3. Family Tree Tattoo

If you always keep your love above anything else, you need to prefer a family tree tattoo, which is an adorable way to honor your nearest and dearest ones, no matter the design you are getting.

It is an extremely rich symbol of strength, affection, bravery, and a close bond – the fascinating thing about the design is that no two art pieces will be alike.

You can ask your tattoo artists to add your ancestor’s name, which makes the tattoo adorable and detailed.

Nature Tree Tattoo

Image: @vivislm

Arm Tree Tattoo

Image: @pbtattoo.plovdiv

4. Pine Tree Tattoo

Pine trees are among the most easily recognizable plants, and there are different species around the world; if you are getting them as a tattoo, these are rich in symbolism.

These are related to staying power and prolonged existence because the tree lives for long years, and in some cultures, the pine has an immense significance.

Pine Harmony Tree Tattoo

Image: @mog_blk

Pine Tree Tattoo

Image: @naleak_tattoo

Pine Tree Body Art

Image: @ultraviolence_tattoo

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5. Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Getting a cheery florals tree design is a great way to admire the birth and beauty around us, and the flower’s colors makes it the most adorable piece that one can get.

It is visually attractive – the blossoms mean different things in a diverse culture, but in Japan, it is a symbol that highlights your presence efficiently and elegantly.

The design is a reminder that you need to be grateful for every new day, and in terms of placement, the piece itself lends itself very well if you are getting them on your shoulder.

Cherry Blossom Happiness Tattoo

Image: @yeobaeg_tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Image

Image: @hosen__ebrahimi

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Image: @graffittoo

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Meaningful Symbols Tree Life Tattoo

6. Willow Tree Tattoo

If you are looking for an exclusive way to admire your loved ones who have passed away, you need to consider a willow tree because when it rains, the water runs off it, similar to tears.

It is actually linked with the remembrance of someone who is not there with you, and to make it even more elegant; you can include the names or dates of the death.

Willow Tree Tattoo

Image: @modelcitizentattoo

Weeping Willow Tattoo

Image: @nando_tattoos_

7. Oak Tree Tattoo

Generally, the trees are rich in symbolism that elegantly highlights the importance of animals, the bonds in between them, and how to be patient in every situation, so if you are getting them as a tattoo, it can be an adorable option.

The oak trees are often related to strength and connection – the plant’s deep roots remind us of the significance of having a strong foundation.

It is not the only meaning, but the tree has spiritual elements, which is believed that the word druid comes from the Celtic word of Oak.

Oak Tree Life Tattoo

Image: @tattoosbyalexdecarlo

Oak Tree Tattoos

Image: @perigeemoontattoo

8. Palm Tree Tattoo

A palm tree may make you think of sunny destinations and relaxing holidays – the reason is enough to get this tattoo, which makes anyone remember a great holiday.

However, a palm tree has a deeper meaning that signifies winsome and has spiritual elements, and the plant is considered a symbol of Jesus featured in the bible.

Palm Tree Life Tattoo

Image: @gregscotttattoos

Palm Tree Tattoo

Image: @blackneedlestattoo_studio

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9. Bonsai Tree Tattoo

The small size of the Bonsai tree is not the only remarkable thing, but it has a rich representation of harmony and calmness, so getting this tattoo can be a great choice for anyone.

Many people prefer to have these small plants in their houses- it is a great ornament that one can add to their place. It can be harder to take care of, and it can serve as a reminder to the wearer regarding the importance of its perseverance and growth.

Bonsai Tree Tattoo

Image: @shuuinn

10. Joshua Tree Tattoo

This Joshua Tree tattoo is again an incredible plant since it thrives even in the  inhospitable conditions – the gnarled, bristled trees survive in the harsh desert weather.

There are religious associations, and it is believed to have a name by Mormon settlers due to its shape, but the raising arms of the tree show that they are praying to God.

Joshua Tree Tattoo

Image: @blueloutattoo

Joshua Tree Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @strata_tattoo_lab

11. Redwood Tree Tattoo

Anyone who wants a tattoo completely filled with meanings can get a redwood tree tattoo that looks attractive and has rich symbolism representing long life and wellness.

If you consider the same, it means you can live for hundreds of years, and even more, and it is not hard to see why.

Redwood Tree Tattoo

Image: @botanicalteepee

Redwood Tree Life Tattoo

Image: @jocelynmcg

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12. Evergreen Tree Tattoo

Most trees change their appearance with the seasons, but not the evergreen ones, so when you prefer to get the tattoo, it means you retain its leaves and its lush hue year-round.

However, you need to keep in mind that it is not hard to see why it has become a symbol of eternal life and longevity.

These tattoos look adorable when you fill them with colors that become rich in meaning, but you can get creative with the design if you are getting them on your shoulders.

Evergreen Tree Tattoo

Image: @artbycj_

13. Tree Branch Tattoo

These are meant to be permanent, so it is important to give your design a lot of thought, so if you don’t want to regret the decision you have made, it can leave a strong personal connection.

A tree’s branch is an essential thing that symbolizes growth, so it can represent a powerful bond with your loved ones.

Branches Tattoo

Image: @zach_h.art

Branch Beauty Tattoo

Image: @enlight.ink

14. Simple Tree Tattoo

Most tree designs are quite detailed, but they don’t need to be, so a simple tattoo can look like a fantastic option for those who prefer a minimalist design.

You do not have to make the tattoo an overly complicated piece to hold its meaning – the tree, in general, holds a symbol of longevity, life, and endurance, so you can get the same on your shoulder that looks appealing to every eye.

Simple Tree Tattoo

Image: @galelevins

Simple Tree Tattoo Designs

Image: @blackbeardtattoo_plzen

Frequently Asked Questions – Tree Tattoo Ideas For Shoulder

What Does A Leafless Tree Tattoo Symbolize?

Trees are related to life and growth, but their leaves create entirely different meanings representing bareness, symbolizing death.

So, if you have lost your loved ones, you can get this tattoo that can make you remember them always and allows you to keep them by your side.

What Is The Meaning Of The Tree Of Life Tattoo Symbol, And Why Do People Get This Tattoo?

The tree of life is a rich symbol highlighting affection, eternity, knowledge, and wisdom – the design is also visually interesting and can be a favorite option for many people.

What Does A Tattoo Of A Tree Mean, And Why Do People Prefer To Get One?

There are different tree species and variations when it comes to a tattoo design. Each has its own meaning, so in general, a tree is a rich significance of longevity, strong connection, and affection.

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