30 Imposing And Iconic Creepy Joker Tattoo Design You Will Love

The Joker character is perhaps the favorite character and the most iconic villain in the world of comic movies, and no wonder the world itself carries on the photos itself. Some of the joker tattoos are pretty provocative and often bring the Halloween mood. Being the slightest positive aspect, you can consider this tattoo design in your lifestyle. 

30 Imposing And Iconic Creepy Joker Tattoo Design You Will Love

Synonymous with clown prince, the joker character’s funny red nose makes the people laugh—people who feel like having this tattoo tend to go more creative with their new look. Including a message or a combination with other elements and details, the joker tattoo image creates a rebellious nature with wicked thoughts and actions. The symbol for anarchy and chaos in all its form, the Joker ink is considered heroes of some sort, like Avengers or Batsman. 

You can also add innovative variations in these designs, but these are majorly health ledgers or other jokers from the comics and movies. No wonder tattoo artists love to ink Joker tattoo designs in all styles and techniques, one can imagine. So if you are looking to get a Joker tattoo on, you might adore the Joker magic around here!

Joker Tattoo – Animated Designs

1. HaHaHa Joker tattoo design

The Joker tattoos have always been eye-catchy for the people around. The inclusion of HaHaHa design with various types of tattoos helps to express the feeling of attitude one carries in his lifestyle. With either sad or scary expressions, the tattoo is becoming highly popular. People generally have this tattoo on their legs, shoulders, or around their waist. 

Image: @netotattoo_ba

2. Animated series of Joker tattoo

The tattoo design in animation appeal looks elegant and stylish. For example, the Joker tattoo design is an excellent idea, representing perseverance. With a unique and subtle look, there can be an addition of animated serious from where you can select your tattoo design. 

Image: @anthonygtattoos

3. Joker Tattoo Image 

The addition of Jester Joker tattoo image design is famously known as prankster joker. Inked by people who love to play pranks includes fun. The major attraction of tattoos is their clothing style with a broad smile, giving a wide-open appeal. The bold and darker eyes with bright white color always add a finishing touch. 

Image: @sabotagenick13

4. Old school Joker tattoo design

The old-school joker tattoo design is not majorly the mainstream tattoo design. However, the tattoo design gives an immense and straightforward appeal with different ideas and symbolism portrayed in a creative look. With subsequent design appeal, the oversized design with favorite color pieces looks makes the tattoo have a smiling or happy face. 

Image: @helen_tinc_etherington

5. Animated profile tattoo design

As a part of ongoing sleeve tattoo design, the animated profile tattoo gives a controversial element of the character with a suicidal appeal. The playful design is one of the best ways to show meaningful ideas. You can create the Joker character design with bright colors with an eccentric look. Giving a medieval look to the character showed a troubled, unpredictable, and often violent person. 

Image: @inkedwesterham

6. Colorful Joker Tattoo

The Joker tattoo design is quite trendy in men. The distinctive Joker tattoo with intricate detailing and fine detailing carries the image of how the person is. The full-colored Joker tattoo with choice of face type is willing includes sad, funny, wicked, scary, happy, or entertaining. The use of subtle and bright colors is highly used with dark highlights. 

Image: @parviz.ink

7. All Jokers design tattoo idea

A few famous tattoo designs with the best inspiration, the smoke and ears are a unique twist to the tat with an upside-down background. The deliberately fuzzy and dreamy look gives a fictional character. Most black ink work with shading and splashes of colors can provide the joker tattoo a designed idea.  

Image: @familyinkplock

Impressive Joker tattoo designs with Quotes

8. Why so serious? Tattoo

The tattoo design style is getting trendy these days among Joker tattoo lovers, and the type of clown faces, when inked in black and white color, come with attractively dangerous looks. However, the eyes and nose of the tattoo given dark shading besides the face, neck, or shoulder line give the tattoo a marvelous touch. 

Image: @scarma.tattoo

9. HaHaHa Batman and Joker tattoo design

The HaHaHa tattoo design primarily includes fighting scenes between Batman and the Joker. People who want to establish this supremacy can go for the locations where the Joker’s being put to his place or a design where Batman punches Joker. The tattoo design looks great and shows styling appeal.

Image: @moura_ink

10. HaHaHa why so serious Joker tattoo

Give a Joker tattoo a unique and elegant look, adding why so profound quote to the tattoo design looks outstanding. With colorful ink designed for the suspicious look of the tattoo, the addition of HaHaHa in the face makes it look appealing. The tattoo design can also be a dark and bold ink design. 

Image: @dario_andre

11. Simple tribal Joker tattoo design 

This kind of Joker tattoo design is inspired by the tribal art design, and it gives a comfortable and wicked feel. The smile of the Joker tattoo represents happiness while the eyes and forehead carry an evil design. To express their feelings, tribal people majorly use this tattoo idea. Created in bold black ink, you can add an effect with additional colors on the back, shoulder, or leg. These tattoo designs are majorly inked on men. 

Image: @eternalinktattoonj

12. HaHaHa tattoo idea

The tattoo design features the distorted art of the Joker, who is the nemesis of Batman. This tattoo design looks superb and attractive when designed with colorful ink. However, it is often daunting that the Joker face in the tattoo does not look merry and is a form of a Joker quite looking wicked. This HaHaHa tattoo design can be inked on the shoulder, back, or legs. 

Image: @marielopesart`655

13. Some may never live, but the craze may never die tattoo 

The most famous tattoo design includes phrases with the Joker tattoo image, giving it a unique look. The word is often placed below the tattoo. The Joker tattoo design seems simple but is complicated, and you need a professional tattoo artist to construct the design for its unique and daunting appeal. 

Image: @why.so.serious88

Meaningful Joker Tattoo ideas

14. Dark detailed tattoo

The face of the Joker is elongated with a great combination of fictional characters for a sleeve tattoo design. The dark detailed tattoo design with a pointy nose and weird brows are pretty convincing, focusing on the Joker look. You can also add a bold face with detailing to create a complex combination. 

Image: @santiagotattooart

15. Smoking Joker Tattoo

Smoking Joker tattoo form with red hair is a perfect design as it has a multi-layered meaning. Depicting a smoky joint with a ghostly face means that the gang is protective of its territory, and harm will come to units crossing it. Giving it a realistic look for the design can often be done as chest joker tattoos or sleeve tattoos. It is a design for both men and women. 

Image: @saimachaintatt2

16. Vibrant color tattoo idea

Representing the darker side of life with the vibrant and excellent design is an original tattoo idea with a placement that gives much more time. The superb order for a joker tattoo gives it a concealed look with sweat or dress code with a vibrant color idea. A Joker tattoo with the arrangement is fashionable and adds aesthetics to specific occasions. 

Image: @two_diamonds_tattoo

17. Split tattoo design 

The imaginary split pair of tattoos designed with a bold and bright color gives an elegant vibe. The block shapes with defined outlines mirror the panel of a comic design. Giving it some incredible body art compared with some other body art is the way of representing risk-taking, modern, and maniac design. 

Image: @tattookoi

18. Joker Tattoo on Arm

A Joker face is iconic and it comes with a scary laugh. It is a distinctive artwork for tattoo designing. You can add color to these tattoo designs or get them inked in plain and bold effects. The tattoo looks great in both ways. The face of the Joker is also inspired by the skull tattoo. The use of red ink for the eyes makes it a dangerous appeal, and the green and white combination of the hat gives a wicked look to the tattoo design.

Image: @studio.alvarotattoo

19. Joker’s thought tattoo design

Representing the criminal intentions of the tattoo is straightforward to show the inside of us. The Joker tattoo represents the darker side of life and symbolizes perseverance. You can add a detailed design to the tattoo with colorful ink as a sleeve tattoo. The imposter character is essential for the story’s progress, and it also represents being comical and free-spirited. 

Image: @dechillintattoo

20. Creepy Joker tattoo in full color

As a symbol of nobility and strength, the colorful Joker tattoo is attractive to men. The tattoo design can also get inked in dark and bold black shades and be represented as a symbol of magical and spiritual qualities. These tattoo designs are widely worn on the back, lower back, and chest giving it a broader space. 

Image: @danmellado

21. Colorful, detailed joker tattoo

Depicting being witty and highly intelligent with the Joker character, it is highly shown to be trouble, unpredictable, and often violent. With the addition of a bright and bold color look, this detailed tattoo design is more precise. You can also add misery to the Joker tattoo by adding agonized character rather than going for a cheesy look. It is often done on the legs, back, and lower back. 

Image: @parviz.ink

Queen – Harley Quinn Tattoo

22. Bang tattoo design

The stunning tattoo design inspired with a black and white sketchy style gives a unique look. Representing the jester of Harley’s new costume, the tattoo design comes with a unique and adorable look. Provided with a Joker, the tattoo design is becoming more prominent in the current age. 

Image: @johnnycoppersnake

23. Harley Quinn thigh tattoo design

With a blond hair look, the recurring character of the DC comics ensemble includes short, ripped t-shirts and fishnets. Adding a picture of Harley Quinn as a thigh tattoo is a great idea, and the use of colors will be considered a part of the tattoo itself. Bringing out the contrast itself with symbol depicts the relationship of inspiring more people. 

Image: @skully_tattoos

24. Old school Harley tattoo design

The old school tattoo shows Harley Quinn’s design. With these series, it is always trying to avoid it. With a unique design look in bold and bright shades, the tattoo looks more appealing. The tattoo design is known for being the diabolical girlfriend with extremely unstable form of Joker made by her obsession gives a classy look.

Image: @sararabbit

25. Animated Harley Quinn tattoo design 

Giving a distinctive look, the playful look of Harley Quinn’s tattoo design, the tattoo is regularly adorned with playing cards. Depicting the cruelty and violence for the design represents leading a life of reckless and endangerment that playhouse. However, the playful look makes it more appealing. 

Image: @itslauren.jpg

26. Daddy’s tiny monster tattoo

Small little monster tattoo design and safe and non-toxic tattoo design form the fashion tip featuring millions of original designs created by professional artists. The tattoo designed with unique colors makes it an appealing design with an indifferent pattern. 

Image: @tatt.paul

27. Bubblegum bat tattoo design

The delicious bat-shaped bubblegum design of the container holds delightful red, white and blue charms for the fashionable resemblance baseballs. Looking for juicy fruit original chewing gum, the tattoo design with additional elements looks great. You can add other colorful elements as a choice to make your tattoo look appealing. 

Image: @artcraftstattooundpiercin

28. Smoking Gun Harley tattoo

The guns are also classic, and the smoking gun with Harley art looks fantastic. However, the tattoo design looks different with a limited edition of Harley art gun animation. You can also add additional strokes and colors, making the tattoo look desirable. 

Image: @superqueentattoo

29. The craze in love tattoo

The crazy and quirky appeal of the tattoo look is entirely lovable. Although, it might be a great idea to praise the Joker like a hero and cults of a fan giving a stunning look. Creating the tattoo design with a hot and subtle appeal, the craze-in-love tattoo appeal of Harley Quinn and Joker looks impressive. 

Image: @bartattoo_ejmenez

30. Pink and blue Joker design

There is no shortage of tattoo designs, and since the addition of pink and blue color adds a distinctive look, the tattoo design can be paired with two of her weapons layered, overly giving a unique look. Throwing a fantastic color scheme also makes the tattoo look different. 

Image: @cbroukztat

Final words!

People widely adopt the joker tattoo ideas in  European and American countries. MAking an excellent choice, the joker tattoo designs are also popular in the Japanese youth. With incredibly flattering ideas inked correctly, selecting the colors, facial expression, and clown can create innovative designs. With joker fans, the tattoo gives a style to your texture and color. Getting calf joker tattoos, aSo move out and try one of the joker tattoos today and express yourself.


What does a Joker tattoo represent?

A Joker tattoo symbolizes the darker side of life, representing perseverance. The Joker continues to come back as a favorite throughout the years. 

What does a clown tattoo mean?

Joker tattoo ideas can be an homage to your favorite and most iconic villains or a way of facing your fear of clowns. An evil clown or joker tattoo design idea can represent restlessness and desire to create chaos in the world around you. 

Why is Joker so sad?

Why so serious? is a famous line from the DC movie The Dark Knight. The joker tattoo design plays on his clownish appearance and cheerful aspect, that stays in place even while the joker does violent or fearful things.

Is Harley Quinn a Joker?

Quinn, depicted as an antihero, is one of the independent characters of the Joker. With the vast majority of Chaotic forces of nature, ending up changing nature, the tattoo gives a fascinating look.

What is Joker’s personality?

In The Dark Knight, the Joker is a loner, glib, unemotional, and violent. These behavioral traits are very consistent with psychopathy.

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