51 Stunning Tiger Tattoo Ideas for shoulder To Try Right Now

Tiger tattoo on shoulder designs have been popular in past decades. These tattoo designs are popular amongst many cultures in India, Japan, China and Korea.

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Representing a powerful symbol, tigers have a great value in Asian culture. Many people who have an animal tattoo represent their way of life and attract attention. 

51 Stunning Tiger Tattoo Ideas for shoulder To Try Right Now

The Symbolism Of Amazing Tiger Tattoos 

The Tiger as the national animal is associated with passion, violence, power, luxury, lust, speed, beauty, strength, anger, and cruelty.

It is believed that the appearance of a Tiger signifies a new kind of zeal or awakening of power within you.

The leopard and lion tattoo designs in Asian culture have long been favorite animals for body art. Tiger tattoos alone have a different fan base.

1. Black Tribal Tiger Tattoo On Shoulder 

Tribal tiger tattoo designs are often used to emphasize the symbolism of spiritual energy, power, and strength.

Black tribal tiger tattoo shows the difference between creatures, and is commonly referred to as common enemies in folklore.

Tiger cubs tattoo designs often speak of innocence and childish love or parental love for children.

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @adaminktattooandsilver

2. Walking Black Ink Tiger Tattoo

The tribal tattoo design gives a traditional and tribal tattoo representing nobility, strength and pride in energy, dominance and guardianship.

The black-colored design is a crucial tattoo form making it look subtle. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @philipkhootap2ist

3. Japanese Tiger Shoulder Tattoo

Even though Tigers are rarely found in Japan, tigers play a significant role in Japanese Culture and arts. Tiger tattoos represent power, strength, and courage in Japanese culture.

Tiger represents protection against evil spirits. Their tattoo art is very abstract and unique and the tiger tattoo design represents dominance, aggression, or goal orientation.

Image: @thompsontattoo

4. Climbing Tiger Tattoo

Many people choose to honor tigers through getting their tattoos inked on their body. With symbolic meaning for appreciation or respect makes the design appropriate.

Representing freedom and independence, the apex predator is the warrior today, making a symbolism of freedom and strength.

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @rishiy_tattooer

5. Colored Tiger Face Image Tattoo

It is a perfect balance of power and innocence with raw power and strength.

The tiger tattoo makes sense that the tiger tattoo inked on the shoulder makes the design specific when inked in colorful ink. The tattoo represents positivity, grace, confidence and balance. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @boobiestattoogate2st

6. Brown Tiger Under Leaves Tattoo

The traditional style of tattooing involves a black outline filled with mostly soft shades with slight shadings, representing a healer or protector, making the style perfect for shoulder tattoo design.

With such traits, another meaning and symbolism define your personality. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @natalies_tatties

7. Cute Cub Tattoo

With fierceness, the tiger tattoo represents strength and passion. Depicting wealth, the tiger is a skillful and fearless protector.

Adding elements such as flowers with the law of nature forming balance shows destructive power with abstract and unique design.  

Cute Cub Tatto

Image: @ovenlee.tattoo

8. Roaring Tiger Tattoo Design

Quite one of the most trendy tattoo designs for the shoulder, each features a fearless tiger such as the Bengal tiger.

The mesmerizing, beautiful, and creepy yet fearful design symbolizes witty and playful character to the tattoo design. The guiding spirit of the tiger symbolizes strength, agility and balance. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @leonogtattoo

9. Samurai Tiger Tattoo

The strength and virility of the tiger appealed to the Japanese Samurai class and adapted to the emblem.

A samurai and Asian tiger tattoo inked on the body is a symbol of courage and strength. The black inked design makes the tattoo look stunning yet distinct with an intricate detailing. 

Samurai Tiger Tattoo

Image: @therootstattooart_okinawa

10. Realistic Fierce Black Tiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoos look beautiful and symbolize a safe way to the afterlife. The realistic tiger beats off the evil and misfortune usually portrayed with the Chinese God of wealth.

Representing independence and freedom as it is a design to exhibit free spirit.

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @timbecktattoos

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11. Delicate Linework Cub Tiger Tattoo

Tigers have been and still are a big part of many. Tigers with cubs represent innocence, love, care and emotions with balance.

A modern interpretation of tattoo design is a perfect symbol of purity and fragility, and the mother tiger with cubs shows maternity, strong family and motherhood. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @debbysink

12. Roaring Tiger Full Sleeve Tattoo

With fine specimens of the Korean foundation, the favorite art with nature’s illustration is power, pride, spirit, freedom and serenity.

As a savior of good and evil, it is also considered the king of all animals. Making the design with intricate lines looks gorgeous with delicate line design. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @inknikita

13. Crawling Tiger Tattoo Design

The tiger represents pride, a force for good, destruction, and violence with a free spirit. The walking down design represents dominance, aggression and goal orientation.

The tattoo shows incredible appeal, and the colorful design with the name of higher being makes the tattoo attractive. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @millygrace_art

14.Blue Fierce Tiger Tattoo On Shoulder

The blue tiger is the totem of spring and the element earth. As a popular animal tattoo design, the reflection of determination and focus makes the tattoo look distinctive.

So linked with power and ferocity as the blue inked tiger tattoo design looks traditional. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @chenjintattoo

15. Impressive Beast Tiger Tattoo 

Tigers are the emblem of unimaginable destruction and are famous characters in pop culture.

The curious blend of a mighty beast can be inked on the shoulder as a tattoo design and a guardian of protectors of sorts.

A perfect feline, it embodies traits like power, strength, energy and royalty with nobility. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @j.o.r.g.e_

16. Dangerous Black & White Tiger Tattoo

The wild tiger tattoo design is an unmated character symbolizing masculinity with astonishing and featuring bold tiger design.

The design gives an inking style for any tiger species on the shoulder to balance nature. With intricate detailing, the design looks gorgeous on the shoulder. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @lopes.tattoo

17. Lovely Ornamental Tiger Tattoo

With Japanese art in Japanese tattoo culture symbolizing strength and courage, the tiger tattoo design inked in black gives an excellent and decorative tattoo design.

Furthermore, the black ink style discovers a black shading effect.

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @m1ss_juliet

18. Mandala Crowned Tiger Tattoo Design

The essence of the tiger tattoo represents courage, strength, power and freedom. Combining different meanings for the Mandala tattoo design have a strong connection.

Holding balance in the universe with colors and mission, the tiger is the ruler of the sun.  

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @tattooartistozgur

19. Angry Tiger With Pyramid Eye Tattoo

A solid and dangerous predator, the tiger, symbolizes innocence, femininity and weakness. Yet, like an endangered animal, it is also a great reminder of sensual prowess and strength.

The tattoo design is the intricate inking style for those to get different patterns emphasizing protection and care. 

Image: @neci_oliveiratattoo

20. Tribal Crawling Tiger Tattoo 

As a symbol of power and strength, the tiger tattoo design inked in bold black gives an enhanced design look. With a symbolism of spirituality, it is often represented with bravery.

The tribal tattoo design offers an incredible and elegant tattoo look. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @bobby_dapoerink

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21. Adorable Floral Tiger Tattoo

With specific meaning, the tiger tattoo symbolizes strength and leadership. Most women and girls who love to get adventurous designs can get these floral tiger designs.

The black shading and bold outlined design on the shoulder make the tattoo look stylish and elegant. 

Tiger tattoos on shoulder

Image: @joss_ertehece_

22. Amazing Tiger And Rose Tattoo

The rose tattoo and tiger tattoo design blended uniquely on the shoulder gives an incredible and distinctive look. The tattoo design selection is based on beauty with strength and magnetism.

The blend of gorgeous design makes it look trendy. 

Amazing Tiger And Rose Tattoo

Image: @andresvelatattooartist

23. Huge Tiger Face Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tiger tattoos symbolize the design to show primitive desires. The picture design to show off popular and distinct design ideas represents strength, power and vitality.

Making the colorful tattoo design inked with blue flowers makes the design unique. 

Tiger Face Shoulder Tattoo Design

Image: @madtatter_shawnee

24. Distinguished Tiger Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tigers, rarely found in Japan, play a significant role in Japanese culture, and it represents willpower, strength, and courage that help ward off evil spirits.

The design looks beautiful on the shoulders, as arm tattoos or as a back tattoo design. The addition of golden ink helps make the design look great!

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo Design

Image: @kit_lau_tattoo

25. Amazing Flower & Tiger Tattoo 

Tiger tattoos come up with a massive significance in traditional design ideas. With various flexibility of tiger tattoo designs, the most fantastic designs are meant for you.

The incredible artwork on the left shoulder makes the design look stunning and elegant! 

Amazing Flower & Tiger Tattoo

Image: @mandimartyr

26. Angry Black Ink Tiger Ripped Skin Tattoo

The mind-body dualism appeal of the left shoulder angry tiger tattoo represents strength, enthusiasm, a desire that is fascinating when inked in bold black.

The design with a crowned head makes the tattoo appear gorgeous with its intricate inking style. 

Angry Black Ink Tiger Ripped Skin Tattoo

Image: @locotattooart_studio

27. Black And Grey Flaming Ink Tiger Tattoo

The emblematic tiger tattoo design between power, passion and instinct gives a great look with the addition of roses.

Representing love and beauty as the flower designs are offended gifted to someone holding significance to blossom with masculinity. 

Black And Grey Flaming Ink Tiger Tattoo

Image: @tattoozolotonosha 

28. Distinguished Chinese Tiger Tattoo

As an emblem of dignity, ferocity, sternness, courage, and by itself, a Chinese tiger tattoo is represented as energy, power, royalty, infinity, and brilliance.

The Chinese tattoo design gives an incredible look. The addition of colors makes the design look distinctive yet stylish. 

Image: @yzcqtattoo1116

29. Black Realistic Full Sleeve Tiger Tattoo

The popular yet ancient tattoo designs are also an extended version of strength.

For example, the tiger tattoo is often associated with bravery featuring fearlessness with the top predator as a symbol of wealth.

Therefore, the most excellent tiger tattoo design gives an incredible appeal to the design. 

Black Realistic Full Sleeve Tiger Tattoo

Image: @ryu_hadouken_

30. Pitch Black Tiger with Cub Shoulder Tattoo

With a collection of trendy choices to make the tattoo design a realistic design idea, making a scenic view on the shoulder gives an incredible look.

In addition, the menacing eye of the tiger and the human skull underneath lends the tattoo design looks great. 

Pitch Black Tiger with Cub Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @rbitattoos

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31. Black & Grey Tiger Tattoo Design

Black for the outline makes the black tattoo design look generous, and the human skin underneath its head lends the tattoo to a very dark tone.

The design with intricate detailing makes the style look elegant and unique, eye-catching. 

Black & Grey Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @glowarttattoo

32. Black Tribal Tiger With Shining Eye Tattoo

Tiger tattoo design exposing the jaws and teeth can remind a furious look. With an elongated face look, the aggressive nature design with the tribal girl face makes the style look elegant.

The black inked design with an extended design enhances the shoulder’s appeal. 

Black Tribal Tiger With Shining Eye Tattoo

Image: @raboos_tattoos

 33. Sweet Sleeping Cub Tattoo

Signifying innocence and tiredness is a standard pick for girls and highlighting the wearer’s nature with a tiger’s cub in a sleeping position signifies innocence.

A tiny tattoo design inked on the shoulder makes the design look gorgeous. The styling look makes the design catchy. 

Sweet Sleeping Cub Tattoo

Image: @damontattoo

34. Watercolor Tiger Tattoo Design

A tiger watercolor tattoo design inked on the shoulder is bright and vivid. Colorful ink makes the design look stunning by creating a more granular look.

The colorful effect of the tiger watercolor tattoo design on the shoulder can be inked with your choice of colors to make it a memory. 

Watercolor Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @ryanrichardson13

35. Broken Clock With Ripped Tiger Face Tattoo

The clock tattoo represents time, and this is the one thing we cannot control but must live with. The tattoo design represents the cycles of life that shows birth, growth, maturity, death, and rebirth.

The tattoo design also represents existence, infinity, endless love, and stability.

Broken Clock With Ripped Tiger Face Tattoo

Image: @funinktattoo

36. Tiger With Wild Elements

A tiger tattoo design with additional elements is a large tattoo or collection of smaller tattoos covering most of a person’s arm.

The term is also sometimes used about a large sleeve tattoo that similarly covers a person’s sleeve. with vibrant colors, you can also get finger tattoos showcasing deep meaning. 

Tiger With Wild Elements

Image: @themaker0fstuff

37. Tiger With Butterfly Tattoo

In some cultures, butterfly means soul and mind. So people tend to get tiger tattoo designs with a symbolic meaning to represent strength.

The blue butterfly tattoo inked on a tiger’s head makes the design look feminine and gives an incredibly intricate design. 

Tiger With Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @johnny_iamtattoo

38. Classic Sparkling Tiger Tattoo

When viewed in this context, a traditional tiger tattoo represents strength, good luck, wisdom, and prosperity.

In India, tigers are considered one of the most destructive and violent animals and the blue inked design on the shoulder makes the design look fantastic. 

Classic Sparkling Tiger Tattoo

Image: @teodora.pop.tattoo

39. Geometric Tiger’s Eye Tattoo

The most common eye tattoo design is known as the spiritual eye. It represents the eye of the soul.

When inked on the shoulder, the eye design gives a masculine power and is one of the best designs to like the uniqueness.

The beautiful all-seeing eyes provide an incredible result to enhance the tattoo’s look. 

Geometric Tiger’s Eye Tattoo

Image: @tattoo_artist_olive 

40. Outlined Black Ink Tiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoos come as perfection, and it is a personal preference to get a tattoo inked.

However, although immortalized in many different aspects of meaning, some people get traditional tattoos inked for symbolic reasons or respect for the creature or personal style. 

Outlined Black Ink Tiger Tattoo

Image: @tattooloversinc

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41. Tribal Tiger with Skull Tattoo

To immortalize tigers through tattoos gives a symbolic reason to appreciate or respect. The tiger tattoos with the skull make a positive connection showing anger, vengeance or punishment. 

Tribal Tiger with Skull Tattoo

Image: @andreluiztattooo

42. 3D Tiger Tattoo

A tiger tattoo design represents strength on the top chest or shoulder to admire the artwork. The beauty of the tattoo with extra dimension comes to life on the skin as the 3D effect on the skin makes the design look elegant yet stunning. 

3D Tiger Tattoo

Image: @gchavianotattoo

43. Tiger With A Girl Tattoo

The tiger design represents the traditional qualities of strength, ferocity, and courage, and tigers are also symbolic of wealth.

In addition, different designs represent their independence and free-spirited personality as tigers usually always roam around the Jungle alone. 

Tiger With A Girl Tattoo

Image: @tattoosfolder

44. Face Tiger Tattoo Design

Considering an apex predator as the tiger face look represents the free spirit, good luck and spiritual enlightenment.

It is no other animal to be afraid of, and the beautiful tiger usually roams around alone. The black ink design on the shoulder draws attention towards the wearer. 

 Face Tiger Tattoo Design

Image: @jorgepinto_42

45. Playing Tiger With Cubs Tattoo

It is a sweet tattoo representing innocence, love, care, emotions, and balance. Getting a playing tiger tattoo is a beautiful way to show your love for loved ones.

The kinship with the young animals gives a different interpretation making the artwork look great. 

45.Playing Tiger With Cubs Tattoo

Image: @empiretattoo.ct

46. Colorful Tiger With Dagger Tattoo

Some traditional tattoos include dagger tattoos representing virtuous qualities within ourselves and any adversity we may experience in life.

The colorful tattoo design inked on the shoulder makes the design look gorgeous. 

Colorful Tiger With Dagger Tattoo

Image: @tattooshurt

47. Scary Tiger With Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos can be a representation of your devotion to religion or faith. In Christianity, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity, a significant symbol.

The scary tiger tattoo design inked on the shoulder makes the design look stunning. 

Scary Tiger With Cross Tattoo

Image: @tarjapretatattoope 

48. Japanese Tiger And Snake Fight Tattoo

The Japanese style tattoo design represents the winning of love forever. Making the design look great on a shoulder makes the design look stunning.

The design ideas look gorgeous with the addition of colors to the tattoo design idea, making it look meaningful. 

Japanese Tiger And Snake Fight Tattoo

Image: @sonia.coleman.artist

49. Incredible Tiger and Dragon Tattoo

Representing two opposite energy forces to the compelling opponent’s design inked on the body makes the design look stunning.

Additionally, the tiger and dragon tattoo design inked on the upper shoulder in colorful ink makes the design incredible. 

Incredible Tiger and Dragon Tattoo

Image: @gainmgzn

50. Black Tiger And Snake Shoulder Tattoo

Tiger and snake tattoo designs inked on the body show male sensuality. The tattoo design is a symbol of the wearer’s manhood and passion and it shows bravery.

Snake temptation can also represent overcoming toxic habits in your life. 

Black Tiger And Snake Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @andrianniinemets

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51. Red Tiger with Black Flowers Tattoo

In Chinese symbolism, the red and black ink tiger design is a symbol of dignity, violence, rigidity, courage, and by itself is energy, as well as royalty, generosity, and illumination’.

Tiger tattoos also represent the protectors of the dead and the body art works as to show peace as they pass on.

Red Tiger with Black Flowers Tattoo

Image: @inkedbylia


Is It Reasonable To Get A Tiger Tattoo?

A tiger tattoo shows power, courage, and strength. In addition, it symbolizes independence and protective nature.

You can get a white tiger design also on the shoulder as white tiger tattoo designs show different meaning with incredibly beautiful art.

The tiger tattoo cost depends on the size, appearance, color and art of the tattoo artist for the wearer.

What Does Tiger Mean In Japanese Tattoos?

The Japanese tiger tattoo carries the same traits we attribute to the actual animal’s strength and courage and long life. The tiger tattoo is also used to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

Why Did You Get A Tiger Tattoo?

Tiger tattoo designs are horrible predators and kings of their empire. As a result, many people choose to celebrate tigers through their tattoos.

Some people get the tattoo design inked for symbolic reasons, for appreciation or respect. The design can also be inked for personal style.

What Do Two Tiger Tattoos Mean?

Two of the most common meanings associated with the tiger tattoo are power and strength. In nature, the tiger is the top predator in its environment. Also, there is no other animal that is afraid of tigers.

What Does Tiger And ragon tattoo mean?

The two tigers represent great power and it is believed to support the wearers to overcome all enemies and miss all kinds of dangers. The tiger represents power, strength and authority.

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