71 Catchy Tattoos Ideas and Design of Cool Names

Name tattoos are a special kind of tattoo because they are for a person that holds importance in your life. These name tattoos are a great way to show appreciation for that person. These tattoos are popular with couples; you can get this tattoo etched for that particular person.

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71 Catchy Tattoos Ideas and Design of Cool Names

Parents can get this tattoo for their children. There are many ways of getting these name tattoos; explore here for some great ideas.

Name Tattoo Ideas

1. Greek Name Tattoo

The Greek language is one of the most famous ancient languages among ancient languages. The name written in this script looks rare in a tattoo, and if you make it in bold black, it will look graceful.

Credit: stevenwoodford.tattooart

2. Name with Bottle Tattoo

A bottle is often associated with sailors; it can be a tribute to the sailors or a person who was fond of the sea but is no more. Yellow flowers with the name add to the look of the overall flower name tattoo.

You can even add elements inside the bottle in a doodling way.

Credit: doshaburi.tattoo

3. Name with Two Big Red Roses Tattoo

Rose is the flower that portrays passion in love, so these are the best flowers that you can use for a love tattoo with the person’s name.

Credit: flashtattooist

4. Name with Birds and Sun Tattoo

Birds and Sun with the name tattoo can be for showing that love has uplifted and given you flight in life with a ray of new hopes.

Credit: rtattoo_studio

5. Name with Train Tattoo

A train tattoo can be a tribute to the person who was fond of trains and traveling. In addition, the detailing of the train will make your tattoo visually appealing.

Credit: giufalia

6. Name with Hearts and Web Tattoo

The spider web symbolizes a long wait; lovers who have waited long to intermingle and be together can go for this tattoo. The color is a nice effect to represent the personality of each person. This tattoo has your own name and your lover’s name.

Credit: sjv_tattoos

7. Name with Two Owls Tattoo

The owl is associated with spiritual guides and mystery and magic; you can get it as a couple’s tattoo with beautiful flowers added with them. The tattoo done below can also be considered the tattoo parents get for their children.

Credit: wonderlandtattoonc

8. Name with Crown Tattoo

The lion tattoo is for the courage and bravery of a person, and with the name of a person, you can use it to honor the bravery of a person and add a crown to the head of the lion.

Credit: 6tattoo6diablo6

9. Name with Rose Tattoo

Rose is the best flower you can use to show your passion for love, so if you want a love tattoo, you can undoubtedly go for this tattoo. Your person’s name done with a red rose looks impressive as a tattoo. Look at this tattoo to get some inspiration.

Credit: eks1tattoos

10. Name Band Tattoo

Getting a name tattoo inside a band is a unique tattoo idea for a name tattoo. Armband tattoos are pretty popular with many tattoo lovers. You can use the negative space to do the tattoo. Tribal designs look great and are a unique way to stay connected to your roots.

Credit: psycho5701

11. Name with Heart Tattoo Designs

A heart with this name tattoo makes it confident that it is a love tattoo. Also, the contrast of red and black makes it a good-looking tattoo.

Credit: shztattoo

12. Name with Bat Tattoo

The bat represents dreams and even facing your inner demons and communication, especially within the family. You can get this tattoo to mean that communication is the key to your relationship.

The use of negative space in the bat’s silhouette is a wise idea, as shown below

Credit: aarvitattoos

13. Name with Birds Tattoo

The birds symbolize freedom, and in black silhouettes, they look classy. You can use this tattoo to embody that love gives you strength and sets you free.

Credit: ronch.tattoos

14. Larger Name Tattoo

You can also get this tattoo in a large size across your arm in a different font and add a meaningful word with the person’s name

Credit: _jediart

15. Customised Baby Name Tattoo

A baby is the best thing that blesses a parent’s life; you can show the love you have for your baby by getting a tattoo for it. Adding a watch and the date with the tattoo will show the exact time when the baby came to this world and brought happiness into the parents’ lives.

Credit: gemmaisaactattoo

16. Name with Sun Tattoo

The Sun is the symbol for rebirth and light, so that you can use it with the name of your loved one.

Credit: gravegeckotattoo

17. Name with Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Infinity is for showing the eternity of things; using a person’s name will show your unending. You can use the infinity sign as the boundary of your name in black ink. 

Credit: liathetattooer

18. Name with Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is the symbol for change and transformation; you can get this tattoo to mark your change after you came in love. If you get this tattoo in the black shade beneath the butterfly, then it will give a 3D shade; it provides the mirage that a butterfly is sitting on you. Look at this monarch butterfly for a reference tattoo.

Credit: wedytattoo_official

19. Name with Little Girl Tattoo

This is an excellent tattoo for a girl child, so you can get this one if you are a parent. You can get the little girl made in the doodle way.

Credit: insolente.tinta

20. Name with Birds Tattoo

Here is another excellent way of doing this tattoo with various symbols; different characters like the birds, heart, and heartbeat. Like the tattoo done below, you can use meaningful elements to your mark.

Credit: psycho5701

21. Name with Peacock’s Feather Tattoo

Here is another way of getting the peacock feather with the design here; the feather is done in a slightly different manner.

Credit: twisted_ink_ballito

22. Crown Name Tattoo

The crown symbolizes triumph and glory, so you can use this tattoo to show your strong partner. For example, a man can get it for his lady to show that she is his Queen.

Credit: erosmp

23. Name with Dragon Tattoo

The dragon symbolizes intelligence and grace and has different significances in varied cultures—the background used in this tattoo of red, yellow-green color links back to Jamaica. The red color is for the innocent blood spilled of the black community, the green is for vegetation, and the yellow is for wealth. If you are a believer of Rastafari, then you can get this tattoo. The black dragon adds to the artistic impression of the tattoo.

Credit: monteratattoo

24. Name with Flute and Peacock Tattoo

The flute with the peacock feather is the symbol for rebirth, creativity and spiritual evaluation. It would be best to get the peacock feather in colors; it looks graceful in vibrant colors. The flute also represents Lord Krishna in Indian mythology.

Credit: vishal_neha0515

25. Name with Arrow Tattoo

The arrow represents a skillful hunter; you can use this tattoo if your partner likes hunting or is a good hunter. Starting the end and start of the tattoo with the arrow is a brilliant idea.

Credit: carmi_creates

26. Name with Cute Panda Tattoo

The panda looks cute as a tattoo, but the meaning of the tattoo is also deep, like good luck, peace and calmness. Add it with your favorite person’s name, and your tattoo will look adorable. You can add little red hearts with it.

Credit: red_snail_tattoo

27. Name with Flower and Leaves Tattoo

The flower, in general connotation, is for love, and to blend it with a name will give you a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Adding the word between the stem is a wise idea to put the flower in this tattoo.

Credit: makoy_ink

28. Name with Baby Face Tattoo

Another style of getting a baby tattoo is adding a little face to the tattoo and then the name. Tattoo artists can show their creativity in making this tattoo.

Credit: pb_tattooink

29. Name with Monkey Tattoo

A monkey tattoo with a person’s name can represent a trait of someone’s personality. For example, the monkey is for playfulness, fun and charm. You can have a cute monkey added with the name of the person.

Credit: becstar_tattoos

30. Red Ink Name Tattoo

A little contrast of black and then using the red color for filling the tattoo is a good name tattoo.

Credit: vee.esco.art

31. Name in Devanagari Script Tattoo

Devanagari is the font style of the Hindi language, and it is a popular language when it comes to tattoos. So a lot of celebrities have got inked in this language. For instance, look at this Devanagari script in which the tattoo is blended in with a flute.

Credit: jjjshanu

32. Name with Multiple Flowers Tattoo

If you are a nature lover, you can get different flowers added with the; if your person likes flowers, adding flowers in that tattoo is a great idea. For example, you can add a lily in your floral name tattoo; it looks appealing to the eyes.

Credit: logan.dysico

33. Name with Realistic Bird Tattoo

The bird represents independence; if you have this kind of love that has helped you fly higher in life, this is a good idea for your tattoo.

34. Name with Mountains Tattoo

Credit: stephsworldofink

Mountains are for sturdiness and eternity because mountains have seen generations of people coming and going, but it has remained strong. So if your love is your strength, then this is a tattoo you can get.

Credit: rudratattoo

35. Name with Dog’s Paw Tattoo

Pet lovers can look at this tattoo; many people love their pets more than anything in this world and share a special bond with them. If you also have an adorable pet and love him, you can get a paw with a name in the case of a dog or a cat.

Credit: sinnombretattoos

36. Couple’s Name and Heart Forearm Tattoo

The name of both the partners connected with a red heart looks elegant on your arm. Celebrate your love in this unique way.

Credit: art_tatt0o

37. Mystic Name Tattoo Body Art

This is a very creative way to do a memorial tattoo,  

and so many other elements are added to this tattoo. For example, an eye is added inside a clock, and it is the symbol of God’s sight watching over everyone. The reflection shows the person’s soul left to the heavenly abode. The shading of the tattoo adds to the mysterious look of the tattoo; you can take inspiration from the tattoo and create your authentic version of it.

Credit: tattoogado

38. Video Game Name Tattoo

The video game-style tattoo is excellent for babies’ tattoos, or if you have always liked video games, you can also get this tattoo. 

Credit: banditinkorporated

39. Name with Stars Tattoo

The star symbolizes honor and hope, so what great way than this one to honor your love? You can get the stars added in the form of reviews or ratings or simply add stars with the tattoo.

Credit: spunky_tattoos

40. Infinity Name Tattoo Symbol and Birds Tattoo

If you are confident that your love will stay forever, get the infinity symbol etched into your tattoo and have its name. This tattoo looks good in bold black ink.

Credit: inkdedicationtattoo

41. Simple Name Tattoo

Minimalistic and small tattoos look terrific; in case you do not want to muck ink on your skin or it is your first tattoo, then you can go for this one.

Credit: mortys.tattoo

42. Name with Flute Tattoo

If you are fond of flute tattoos, then here is another way of getting one. This one here is a simple way of getting the flute tattoo.

Credit: inkoholicsahiltattoos

43. Name with Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman numerals look amazing in the tattoo, you can use the Roman numerals to mark a date of an important event with your partner, or this can also be used as a loving memory tattoo.

Credit: kool_ov

44. Angel Name Tattoo

The angel wings are also for freedom and protection. A name written in the center with wings floating on both sides looks gripping, and if you add a halo on top of the word, it shows you feel like your partner has come as an angel into your life.

Credit: ashu_ink

45. Name in Decorated Flowers Tattoo

Flowers are for love, and you can cover the name of the person you love with a boundary of them.

Credit: __scarabocchio__

46. Name with Trident Tattoo

The trident in Hindu mythology holds excellent value as it represents Lord Shiva or is often connected with him. As in the idol of Shiva, he is usually carrying the trident in his hand. So if you are a devotee of Shiva, you can go for this tattoo.

Credit: inkwarriortattoostudio

47. Name with Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas

The heartbeat is the symbol of passion, love, power, strength. It shows that you can move forward when everything in the world tries to hold you back. Heartbeat is also the symbol of passing the time, and a name ending with a heartbeat looks classy.

Credit: yingyytattoo

48. Name with Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower is the symbol of romance and ever-lasting love. Moreover, a sunflower tattoo looks pleasing to the eyes; you can use this tattoo to show the romance that loves brought to your life.

Credit: mavetattoo

49. Name inside Bat Symbol Tattoo

This is another style of getting the bat tattoo done; bat tattoos look unique and are graceful vectors. 

The bat did in this splash manner is also a good option.

Credit: the_traditional_tattoo_udaipur

50. Name with Teddy Bear Tattoo

The bear is for power but here in this couple tattoo is with the cuteness of the person. So often, couples like to relate their partner with an animal-based on their personality, so if you call your partner a teddy, look at this tattoo for inspiration.

Credit: inkdbyjoe

51. Lioness Face with Arrow and Name Tattoo

The lioness face represents beauty, fury and Queen. You can have this tattoo done for your girl and tell her that she is the Queen of your life, and the arrow adds more significance to the tattoo as the arrow represents a skillful hunter. The lioness is the provider of the family, and she is the one who does all the hunting. So you can even get this tattoo for your mother as she is the provider of the family.


52. Name with Feather Tattoo

The feather is the symbol of courage and wisdom, and there are a lot of color combinations for getting a feather. Look at this tattoo; the feather is done with perfect texture and shading; your tattoo artist can show his artistry in this tattoo.

Credit: tattoos.by.cat

53. Name with Clock and Clouds Tattoo

The clock symbolizes the passing of time, but the clock inserted between the clouds is a memorial tattoo marking the date and time when a loved one left for a heavenly abode.

Credit: tattoobobshop

54. Name with Lion Cub Tattoo

The lion cub is the symbol for protection and parental instincts, you can get this tattoo for your father, or a parent can get it for their children.

Credit: hercules_tattoo_studio

55. Name with Feather and Beads Tattoo

Here is another style in which you can add a feather with the tattoo you want; you can add beads at the end of the feather-like done in this one. 

Credit: inkworkztatts

56. Name with Date Tattoo

Name and date tattoos can be a simple way to depict your time when you found love or another significant event that you experienced as a couple.

Credit: coyotetattoo

57. Name with Leaves Tattoo

The leaves made in the tiara form are a beautiful tattoo as you can use the leaves in a semi-arc manner and then add the name and dates of the tattoo inside it. Good detailing and shading in the leaves will make your tattoo look attractive.

Credit: __federica.tattoo__

58. Bold Name Tattoo

Use a black background in the shading form, and on it, in negative space, you can add the name. Then, you can add vibrant colors to the tattoo to appeal to it.

Credit: joceymaytattoo

59. Realistic Heart with Flowers and Name Tattoo

The heart is often done in the doodle way when used in tattoos, but here is another unique way. The realistic heart looks like an intimidating tattoo, and adding flowers to it is genius. You can get an even more real-looking tattoo by adding red to the heart and veins. This one is also a great idea for a family tree name tattoo.

Credit: heartlesstattoo_

60. Name with Wing Tattoo

A single wing looks like an appealing graphic, and you can use a combination of black and red to make the tattoo even more engaging.

Credit: oldieramirez

61. Name with Crown, Heart and Date Tattoo

The crown is the symbol of royalty and glory; you can get this for the king or Queen of your life; look at the tattoo done below to drive inspiration for your authentic tattoo. The negative space is used diligently in this tattoo.

Credit: alezukko

62. Name with Angel and Moon Tattoo

The moon symbolizes female power and transition; getting this tattoo with the angel sitting on the moon looks like an attractive vector. You can also add a star with the moon with your female angel.

Credit: viridistattoo

63. Name with Dog Tattoo

If you are a dog lover and love your pet, then you can get a sketch of your dog. Look at this tattoo for your reference; the patchwork is done in black to give it a proper shape. 

Credit: doviel

64. Name with Map Tattoo

You can get the map of a state or a country as the background of your tattoo and then add a name with it. The map will show the place to which someone you are fond of belongs.

Credit: oni.tats

65. Name with Horse Tattoo

A horse represents grace and companionship; this is another excellent idea to use an animal with the name tattoo. In this way, you can have 2 tattoos in one; if you like animals, it will be your animal tattoo with a lover’s tattoo. You can even get this as a pet tattoo.

Credit: inkedbylia

66. Name with Moustache Tattoo

The mustache can be a symbol to show that you have a male in your life that you are fond of. You can add a heart to the end of the name in vibrant red.

Credit: tati_san_oneiro

67. Colorful Watercolour Name Tattoo

The colorful water splashes painting style is a good idea for a tattoo inked with the colors background of the name. If you like paintings, then you can go for this looking alike tattoo.

Credit: marcotattoodonoso

68. Mother with Name Tattoo

If you are a parent, you can get this particular tattoo as it has a mother bearing her child and has another one showing nurture. The color splash is used beautifully in this tattoo as well.

Credit: skar.tats

69. Name in Foot Tattoo

You can have a baby tattoo with all significant details about the baby like the name, date, time when the baby was born. You can even include the weight of the baby. You can also get such a tattoo in your unique way.

Credit: inkshedtattoo

70. Name with Circle Tattoo Art

In this tattoo, the name and the flowers are added in a very unique way. The dots used with the negative space make the tattoo look intimidating; the script used is also a unique font. The detailing in the tattoo makes it look impeccable. 

Credit: holyna_ink

71. Name with Balloon Tattoo

The balloon tattoo is a good tattoo for your child, and the balloon in the world of tattoos is usually used as a poetic and romantic thing. The balloon in this tattoo is also done differently, made in the shape of the flower with a child hanging to it. The balloon also represents the phrase let it go. Look at this tattoo for your reference. You can either add the full name or just an alphabet.

Credit: coolkidtattoo


What are name tattoos?

Name tattoos are a good option for you if you are an extrovert and are loud about your personality. On the other hand, suppose you are someone who does not have a problem opening up about personal things in life like your relationship. Name tattoos are a strong statement that the person who is done is the person you love the most. Typically married couples get names of their husbands and wives to show commitment in the relationship.

The second most common name tattoos are the memorial ones that people get in loving memory of their loved one. Family members also go for these tattoos.

Are name tattoos a curse?

The name tattoos are considered a curse for couples, in a way that if you are getting the name tattooed of your significant other, you are bound to break up with that person. So this is the curse name tattoos carry.

However, on the contrary, tattoo artists report that people come to get a couple’s name tattoos every week.

Best Placement for Name Tattoos?

When people want to get their child’s name, they will usually see it on the wrist, arm and sometimes the chest. But if we see from the logical angle, you should get a chest tattoo as it would be at a place near your heart, and it is the best way to show how close the person is to you.

What does it mean when a guy gets a tattoo of your name?

If a guy is getting a tattoo of his girlfriend, generally, the boy is scared that he will be left as someone confident about his relationship will not think about a name tattoo of his significant other. The other case is that a person has used a tattoo to express himself for a long time and if he asks you before getting your name etched and is ok with your response as no.

Should I get my husband’s name tattooed?

The name tattoos are primarily appropriate for couples who have been married for some years now, and the commitment in the relationship is in a real sense, and there is a belief of permanence.

But you should ask your partner in advance before getting a name tattoo, and if the answer is no, you should respect it.

Bottom Line

A name tattoo is intimate, and you should think thoughtfully before getting one. Because if you share a relationship and are not confident about the permanence, then hold back from doing it. Name tattoo should only be done when you are pretty sure, or talking to your partner in advance is a good suggestion.

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