16 Creative Tattoo Shops Rochester, NY To Ink The Finest Tattoo

Tattoo Shops Rochester. A tattoo is a design, line, or just a word you deliberately inked on your body. Now, inking a tattoo is a personal and private choice for everyone. For many, it is a means of expressing oneself to the world. 

Some people use it as a method to embrace their bodies, hide previous scars, and generally come to terms with who they are. It might be challenging to get a tattoo consistently since there are so many stigmas attached to having one, and there isn’t much information about the procedure. From beginning to conclusion, every choice must be flawless.

And the first step is picking the best tattoo artist. Should you pick a local artist or the one where your buddy purchased one? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. Making a choice may be difficult since there are so many things to consider.

We are here to provide you with a general framework for selecting the finest and best tattoo shops in Rochester, NY, and tattoo artists for you.


The selection of a tattoo artist should be the main focus of the investigation. You may get a list of tattoo artists nearby by searching on any social networking platform or search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Before you ink, check.

You should also look at the tattoo artist’s work in great detail. Most tattoo artists and retailers publicly show their work in parlors and on social media. Check out their prior creations. 

Hygiene is essential.

To produce the desired design, ink is injected beneath the skin during a tattoo. Tattoo parlors must show their health department certificates.


Ask your tattoo artist if they have done work on that specific location and about their experience with that specific type of tattoo design.


The location of the tattoo artist’s studio or store is important when selecting one. The tattoo artist must be nearby and in a busy, populated location for easy access.


Finally, and maybe most crucially, the tattoo artist must be within your financial range. Nevertheless, you must ensure that an artist prepared to work for less does not forgo good design, personal cleanliness, or work ethics.

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Check out the creative tattoo shops in Rochester, NY, to find the best tattoo artist for getting the best tattoo on your body that you deserve.

1. Mellow Madness Tattoo Shop 

A unique tattoo parlor with roots in Rochester, New York, is called Mellow Madness Tattoo Parlor. Many skillful, talented, and experienced artists work in different genres at the studio. To meet the unique demands of their customers, they take pleasure in designing customized products. 

For your comfort, the studio blends a pleasant atmosphere with a clean setting. Additionally, they provide piercing and laser tattoo removal services. They take the greatest delight in their piercing skills.

Image: @mellowmadnesstattoo

2. Love Hate Tattoo

In Rochester, there is a reputable tattoo parlor called Love Hate Tattoo. Jet, born and raised in Rochester, founded the studio in 2001. From classic to modern, the tattoo designs at Love Hate Studio are diverse. A group of tattoo artists with many years of expertise work at the workshop.

Their tattoo artists are all kind, educated, and pleasant. Their group provides tattoos of the greatest caliber at affordable prices. They assist you in selecting the tattoo design that best compliments your skin tone. Love Hate Studio offers a one-of-a-kind, lovely, and welcoming setting for a relaxing tattooing session. 

Their crew has established a reputation as Rochester’s top tattoo studio by constantly upholding the highest standards of excellence in their work.

Image: @lovehateroc

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3. The Ultimate

In Rochester, New York, there is a full-service tattoo and piercing business called The Ultimate. Elizabeth Wise boldly claims ownership of it. The best tattoo artists and piercers in Rochester work at this studio. 

One of their tattoo artists, Shawn, is a master of the monochromatic black and grey look. Sue excels at using vivid, strong colors. Their group of expert and creative tattooists provides consumers with unique body piercing and tattooing treatments. 

The skilled tattoo artists at The Ultimate Tattoo have a wide range of artistic styles, from oriental to cartoon, traditional to tribal, and from fantasy to realistic and portrait. All of The Ultimate’s clients are given a complimentary consultation.

Image: @theultimatetattoo

4. Pyramid Arts Tattoo

The tattoo parlor Pyramid Arts was founded in 2015 and is run by Ben Wight and Jet Diprojetto of Love Hate Tattoo. They charge $250 per hour for cover-ups and $200 per hour for new items. Depending on the artist you use, this can appear different. 

They appreciate the effort, skill, and understanding that go into designing a special tattoo just for you. They charge $100 for appointments, and payments are non-refundable. Furthermore, they also provide aftercare instructions.

Image: @pyramidartstattoo

5. Have Hope Tattoo

Since 2018, Have Hope Tattoo has offered Rochester, New York, residents superior tattoo design. You will feel welcomed and at ease in their distinctive ambiance thanks to their welcoming and spotless surroundings. 

Their skilled artists can do unique artwork, tattoo cover-ups, and touch-ups. Their tattoo artists specialize in both new tattoos and the modification of older ones. Moreover, their talented artists will try their best to create custom tattoos that reflect your ideas, whether you have an existing design in mind, references, or just some vague concepts.

Image: @havehopetattoo

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6. White Tiger Tattoo

The white tiger tattoo’s clientele is growing due to its reputation for producing tattoos of the highest caliber. Currently, nine artists are spread over two sites. Customers travel great distances to Rochester to have one of their artists create personalized tattoos for them.

 Image: @whitetigertattoo

7. Steadfast Tattoo

Custom tattoos are the focus of the tattoo parlor Steadfast Tattoo. They have tattoo flash accessible, and they encourage walk-ins. The company’s proprietor, Erik Mannhardt, began his apprenticeship in 1999 and has been tattooing ever since. 

He started Steadfast Tattoo in 2012. Erik is proficient in a variety of tattooing techniques. Their preferred tattoo designs are classic ones with strong colors and lines.

 Image: @steadfasttattooroc

8. Dark Pearl Tattoo

The owner of the dark pearl tattoo, Aric, and Chuck, have been close friends for more than ten years. They originally connected via their shared appreciation of art and tattooing on Monroe Avenue. They learned and developed during their formative years in the field they are so enthusiastic about. 

After three years of laboring on the renowned Hollywood Boulevard, they returned to Rochester, New York, to establish roots and exhibit their artistic talent to friends and family. 

Chuck and Aric enjoy showing their skills throughout the country by attending tattoo conventions and expanding their clientele.

 Image: @darkpearltattoo

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9. Atomic Roc Tattoo

The goal of Atomic Roc Tattoo is to provide fully customized tattoo designs. The focus is on the art. They employ 20 people. They maintain store hygiene and give their consumers access to a clean, healthy atmosphere.

 Image: @atomicroctattoo

10. Old Friends Tattoo

Old Friends tattoo is the ideal tattoo shop in Rochester NY for you if you’re seeking a simple tattoo design, especially one that combines black and gray ink. They have three expert tattoo artists, Beth, Casy, and Toby, who can boldly design any type of tattoo.

 Image: @oldfriendstattoony

11. Apple Tattoo

Are you looking for finalized tattoo designs to create? Check out the tattoo artists at the Apple Tattoo Shop, who are skilled at creating the best tattoo designs that appear to be real. 

Visit their website or social media pages to see the job they have done on several individuals before scheduling an appointment.

  • Address: 1118 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14620, United States
  • Phone: +1 585-441-4962
  •  Timings: Wed-Sat: 12 PM – 8 PM, Sun – Tue: Closed

 Image: @appletattoo

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12. Vigilante Tattoo

Dawn and Ambre are the tattoo artists at Vigilante and are exclusively accessible by appointment. Dawn has over fifteen years of experience, she formerly owned Lucky Lotus, and she has won accolades all around the world.

Ambre Rupp, a neo-traditionalist specializing in portraiture, pinups, black and gray realism, and whimsical anime, is working on her first year of tattooing. She enthusiastically supports conventional tattooing and enjoys celebrating tattoo festivals like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and other little Special Events.

Image: @vigilantetattoo

13. The Ink Cartel Tattoo Company

The Ink Cartel Tattoo Company, one of the best tattoo shops in Rochester NY offers a group of skilled, committed tattoo artists that focus on beautiful black-and-gray, lime, and custom tattoo work. 

Led by Austin, who spent years researching black and gray tattoos around the country, the business in Rochester, New York, was built on a love of fine line/realism tattooing and the positive energy its brilliant artists emanated.

  • Address: The Hungerford Building, 1115 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14609, United States
  • Phone: +1 585-797-8659
  • Timings: Tue – Sat: 11 AM – 8 PM, Sun & Mon: Closed
  • Web address: http://www.inkcarteltattoo.com/

 Image: @inkmeupkevo

14. Tha Flatlinerz Allstarz Tattoo & Piercings

The downtown area of Rochester, New York, is home to the Flatlinerz Allstarz Tattoo Family. With five artists working there every day, they specialize in tattoos and body piercings. 

They have a sizable, multi-level business with a tattoo and piercing area that is fully private. You may quickly make your payments using an ATM or a vending machine.

  • Address: 235 N Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14605, United States
  • Phone: (585) 512-9635
  • Timings: Mon-Sat: 11:30 AM – 10 PM, Sun: Closed

 Image: @chaoticgoddessindisguise

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15. Tattoo Therapy

From the top tattoo shop in Rochester, New York, Natalie Nicole, also known as Natty Tatty, is a self-taught painter and tattoo artist. She runs Tattoo Therapy on her own. Natalie works hard to reveal the genuine beauty beneath each piece of art she produces. 

Her work has strict discipline and demonstrates that she is aware of the principles of her profession, which are shared by the majority of enthusiastic artists. Focus on traditional, abstract, watercolor, realism, black and gray, and cover-ups.

 Image: @tat2therapy585

16. Extreme Graphix II

The Extreme Graphix II specializes in tattooing, piercing, and tattoo supplies. It is the biggest and finest damn Rochester NY tattoo shop. 30 years of body alteration experience, including tattooing, piercing, laser tattoo removal, and selling a wide range of tools and materials for tattoo artists.

  • Address: 1631 Dewey Ave Ste 1 Rochester, NY 14615
  • Phone: (585) 458-8497
  • Timings: Tue –Sat: 10 AM – 8 PM, Sun & Mon: closed

 Image: @fosterinks24 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pyramid Arts Tattoo Shop Accept Walk-In?

Although they typically exclusively take appointments, they occasionally allow walk-ins. To inquire about availability, if you are requesting a walk-in, please contact (585) 473-2787.

How Much Does Getting a Tattoo at Mellow Madness Cost?

The size, placement, and level of intricacy of a tattoo all significantly impact its cost. They won’t be able to give you an accurate price without first sitting down and discussing it with an artist since they can’t see what they are creating. They can inform you that their shop’s minimum is $80 and charges between $125 and $150 each hour.

What Should You Do at Pyramid Arts Tattoo Shop If You’re on the Waitlist for an Artist?

You may unwind by taking a seat. Once your idea is added to a waitlist, the artist will evaluate it under a defined timetable. Their counter staff will update you with the status of your request after they have examined your proposal.

Do Mellow Madness Tattoo Artists offer safe tattooing services?

They sanitize their equipment in the same autoclave that a hospital does. For every tattoo, they also utilize disposable sets. To ensure that the tools are separately packed and sanitized, check with your tattoo artist.

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