16 Most Famous Tattoo Shops In Madison That You Must Visit Once

Getting a tattoo in tattoo shops in Madison is a life-changing decision as it will be with you for the rest of your life. If you decide to randomly choose any tattoo artist, you would have to go from the pain of removal surgeries. These surgical removals are not only painful but are expensive enough to drain your pocket.

This comprehensive guide is for all those who want to find a good tattoo artist that can ink a fabulous design of your choice, so you don’t regret your decision later. A good tattoo artist always gives you an idea of what will look good on you or not. 

Suppose if you had an idea in your mind about a particular type of tattoo that you want to etch on your body, you must take a piece of advice from your artist about whether it would look good or not.

Not only this, but a good tattoo artist also helps when you don’t have any idea of what you want to ink on your skin. Have a discussion with a good tattoo artist and decide about a particular tattoo artist. 

After which, you must take your time to consider which tattoo artist can provide you with the best art piece. Here, we have found out what should you look for in a tattoo artist that would help you how to select a suitable tattoo artist for your particular design:

What Must You Understand Regarding the Artist?

A talented tattoo artist can work in whatever design you want, but they usually have a preferred style. Examine the contrasts in each artist’s style and approach if you’ve had a particular image in mind. 

Many people feel more at ease getting classic, older-style tattoos, whereas others prefer more modern designs. Find an individual that has examples of their work in the style your concept is in.

When you live in Madison and don’t know your choice of tattoo artists, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with great tattoo artists and studios present in Madison who will create a perfect piece of art for you. 

You can ask for any personalized design that you might have in your mind. Check out all the choices of tattoo artists that you have tattoo shops in Madison:

1. A Dead Anchor Tattoo & Piercing

This amazing tattoo studio has been operating since 2012. It is situated on Monroe Street. Personalized designs and colored artwork are only two of its areas of expertise. The artists at the business have extensive art and tattoo portfolios and years of expertise. 

It is closed to walk-ins and won’t take calls during sessions in order to provide its clients with the most intense and concentrated attention. Its skill also extends to body piercing. It offers advice on aftercare to customers getting tattoos and body piercings.

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2. Baldwin’s Tattoo Studio

Madison residents have gotten tattoos from the team of professionals at this one of the best tattoo shops in Madison since 1997. It emphasizes only those specially created tattoos for each customer and offers a wide selection of tattoo designs by artists. 

After the appointment, it provides tattoo maintenance and touch-ups as well. The studio uses hospital-style methods to sanitize its equipment.

Image: @Baldwin’s Body Art

3. Black Moon Tattoo

Madison locals, as well as those from other towns, may have tattoos at Black Moon Tattoo. This studio has four tattoo artists who focus on American Classical tattooing. They welcome unique designs and may give portfolios as recommendations for body art. 

In the past, Black Moon Tattoo has created realistic pictures of animals and floral patterns. The store also offers full-color arm or back images, panoramic photographs, dark logos, and phantasmagorical forms.

Image: @black.moon.tattoos

4. Black Sapphire Tattoo

Here the tattoo artists are skilled in a variety of tattooing techniques, such as black and gray, color, conventional, neo-traditional, and calligraphy. Additionally, the painters provide flashy and personalized tattoo designs. 

The store also uses a hue lifting solution to remove tattoos. Additionally, it employs a piercer who offers body piercing procedures as well as other body jewelry options.

Image: @blacksapphiretattoo

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5. Blackwood

Visit one of the walk-in tattoo shops in  Madison, WI, called Blackwood. Brandon Blackwood, the business’s proprietor, has been working in the field since 2005. He excels in color realism and large-scale tattoos done in black and gray. 

Customers can explore the studio’s design portfolio on its website and social media accounts for ideas or as a resource. Additionally, various magazines have highlighted Blackwood’s artwork.

Image: @mantratattoodenver 

6. Blue Lotus Tattoo

When you want to ink your body with creative designs, then this place is perfect for you. Their mission is to help you with all of your body art requirements in a friendly, cozy, and secure environment. 

Their creative team is committed to improving their skill on a constant basis and concentrating on unique bespoke designs that include many stylistic eras. The owner of this place focuses on cover-up tattoos and has taught more than 40 tattooists, and he still does.

Image: @bluelotustattoopiercinglounge

7. Campus Ink

Madison is the home of the locally run and owned tattoo parlor Campus Ink. The tattoo artist of the shop has been in the industry for more than ten years. He can produce unique patterns emphasizing dark blacks and vibrant hues. 

He is renowned for inserting a geometric component in the form of forms and shapes. This studio maintains a clean and sterilized environment, so you don’t have to worry about contaminated diseases.

Image: @darkmattertattoogallery

8. Ultimate Arts Tattoo

An award-winning tattoo parlor, Ultimate Arts Tattoo has thousands of prizes to show for it. They are indeed open to giving them different tattoo designs or acquiring designs from any source. 

Their area of expertise is providing their clients with the most artistic creation possible. The environment here is welcoming, cozy, and unhurried. In the tattoo parlor, more than 100 prizes are shown with pride. 

The tattoo parlor offers affordable, high-quality, unique, and well-kept artwork. A discussion is provided without charge by the professionals.

Image: @ultimate_arts

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9. Bad Apple Tattoo Co

Any needs you have for a bespoke tattoo may be met by Jeremy, the owner of Bad Apple Tattoo. Their accomplished tattoo artists are constantly on hand to assist you with each stage of the tattooing procedure. 

You may appreciate your tattooing adventure here in a roomy and pleasant setting. To satisfy your tattoo needs and expectations, the studio provides bespoke tattoos. 

BAT offers a free session during which you may learn in-depth details about the style you have selected.

Image: @bad_apple_tattoo

10. Colt’s Timeless Tattoos

Colt’s Timeless Tattoos is a bespoke tattoo studio in Madison where a team of highly skilled artists collaborates to offer creative tattoos of the highest caliber in a welcoming, secure setting. 

The artist has more than eight years of expertise in the field, and his work may be characterized as the new school, using brilliant color and black-gray. This place is mostly into minimalistic designs and has won many amazing prizes for their work.

Image: @timelesstattoos

11. Eldritch Brothers

The collective experience of this studio’s tattoo artists spans more than 40 years of developing certain styles and methods. Among the topics, it has focused on are classic Americana, comics, mythology, florals, and Japanese. 

Even though each tattoo artist has a particular area of expertise, Eldritch Brothers aim to manufacture a classic work for each customer. The Association of Professional Piercers has accredited it, and its piercing technique is supported by ten years of expertise.

12. Hand And Eye Tattoo

This tattoo parlor exclusively accepts appointments. The tattoo artist since 1997 and someone who has a lifetime interest in sketching founded it. For both new and returning customers, he offers colorful portraits, drawings, and personalized artwork.

He works with a variety of tattoo designs, including cover-ups, realistic lines, writing, and copies. This tattoo studio also offers comprehensive aftercare advice to its clientele.

Image: @dave_nielsen

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13. Iron Quill Tattoo

Iron Quill Tattoo studio strives to become one of the preferred tattoo parlors. It offers microblading treatments and can handle both color and black & grey tattoos in various designs. 

Additionally, Jes Strickler, a self-taught tattoo artist with more than 15 years of expertise, established and owns it. In addition to Strickler, Iron Quill Tattoo offers four additional seasoned tattoo artists with whom customers can speak in person or online about getting bespoke tattoos.

Image: @ironquilltattoo

14. Lost Lakes Tattoo

Multiple tattoo artists with various creative styles are employed at the Madison-based Lost Lakes Tattoo. Customers who are skilled in a specific artist can book an appointment. 

They know how to use matching plant motifs for tattoos with a naturalistic theme. In her art, she also adores the colors black and grey. This tattoo studio prefers to ink decorative tattoos like mandalas and pointillism designs.

Image: @lostlakestattoo

15. Mind Floss Tattoo Shop

By upholding a cozy and clean studio atmosphere, this Tattoo Shop aims to “remove the nasty connotation” associated with tattoo parlors. Its previous works provide a 3D picture, an arm sleeve with a shogun perched on a cliff, a leg sleeve, and the recognizable tower. 

All of the tattoo ideas are original. Callers can book a 30-minute discussion and ask about the terms and fees of Mind Floss.

Image: @mindflosstattoo

16. Shade Tattoo Studio

Madison natives, as well as those in the neighborhood, may get tattoos at Shade Tattoo Studio if you are looking for  the best tattoo shops in Madison Wisconsin. 

It provides the patient with breast operations, skin conditions, scars, and burns with medical tattoo treatments that use tattooing techniques to meet a range of medical requirements.

This studio has helped clients find a perfect design in their discussion rounds. They will focus on all your considerations while designing a personalized piece of art for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Safety Training Does the Staff Adopt at Eldritch Brothers Tattoo Receive?

The tattoo artists are certified in bloodborne infections and contagious illnesses, in addition to holding a state tattoo license. It’s crucial for tattoo artists to receive CPR as well as first aid courses in order to be ready for situations.

What Equipment Is Available at Mind Floss Tattoo?

The majority of tattoo parlors provide their own materials. This comprises their unique tattoo machines and other tools they would require, such as grips, tubing, tips, and needles. Additionally, a lot of ink and tattoo templates are available in the Mind Floss Tattoo shop.

What Do Ultimate Arts Tattoo Shops Specialize In?

They specialized in creating the mandala, black and grey, skull, stick and poke tattoos, cover-ups, and feather tattoos. Ultimate Arts Tattoo Shop excels in all of them and has also won various awards in this field as well.

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