135 Pomegranate Tattoo Designs To Showcase Nature’s Allure

The pomegranate is a great option for a tattoo design. As it has served as a representation of life, wealth, and fertility throughout history. It is striking hues and lovely design symbolizes enthusiasm and power.Pomegranate tattoos are stunning, distinctive, and loaded with meaning.

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The typical person does not gravitate to this type of tattoo. This fruit has deep symbolic importance. View a few of our carefully curated pomegranate tattoo designs. See if you can find a design that matches your aesthetic by researching the myth associated with the fruit.

1. Life Cycle Pomegranate Tattoo

The vibrant pomegranate tattoo symbolizes life’s stages, from bud to ripe fruit. Leaves and seeds accompany it.

Life Cycle Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: sashavorb_tattoo

2. Bees Pomegranate Tattoo

Energetic bees buzz around a ripe pomegranate. It captures the fruitful essence of nature’s harmony.

Bees Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: chelsealunatattoo

3. Butterfly Pomegranate Tattoo

Graceful butterfly perched on a pomegranate embodying the transformation and beauty of life.

Butterfly Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: xiso_ink

4. Hand Poked Pomegranate Tattoo

Artistic hand-poked pomegranate tattoo, created with meticulous care and attention to detail. It showcases the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.

Hand Poked Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: baby.cleaver

5. Black Ink Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design captures the essence of this fruit’s allure and mystery with striking simplicity.

Black Ink Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: phoebes_jeebies

6. Colourful Pomegranate Tattoo

Colorful Pomegranate tattoo bursts with a kaleidoscope of colors. It represents the richness and vitality of life.

Colourful Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: hellbunnytattoos

7. Snake Pomegranate Tattoo

The snake and pomegranate tattoo symbolizes temptation, wisdom, and rebirth.

Snake Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: tattoosnob

8. Floral Pomegranate Tattoo

Elegant floral-infused pomegranate tattoo, blending the beauty of flowers with the fruit’s symbolic plenty and fertility.

Floral Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: aaronrobinsontattoo

9. Eye Pomegranate Tattoo

An intriguing fusion of an eye and a pomegranate, symbolizing vision and knowledge.

Eye Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: modiphromantium

10. Leafs Pomegranate Tattoo

A delicate pomegranate tattoo is adorned with swirling leaves. It evokes the cycle of growth and nature’s enchantment.

Leafs Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: allsacredtattoo

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11. Gorgeous Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design is a stunning fusion of intricate details and captivating colors. It showcases the fruit’s irresistible allure.

Gorgeous Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: plantasandtinta

12. Pomegranate With Apple Pomegranate Tattoo

Symbolic pomegranate and apple entwined in a harmonious tattoo. It represents the fruitful blend of knowledge, abundance, and vitality.

Pomegranate With Apple Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: taylahjadeart

13. Piece Pomegranate Tattoo

It encapsulates the essence of its luscious seeds and symbolic significance in a single design.

Piece Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: deephole_tattoo

14. Girl Pomegranate Tattoo

Feminine and alluring, a girl with a pomegranate earrings tattoo embodies the beauty and elegance of nature’s bounty.

Girl Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: _jesstattoos

15. Alpha Pomegranate Tattoo

An alpha pomegranate tattoo exudes strength and authority. It symbolizes dominance and the beginning of a new chapter.

Alpha Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: tattoosby.romanjm

16. Vampire Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo blends the allure of darkness with the sensuality of the fruit, epitomizing eternal temptation.

Vampire Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: ellie_simone_artistry

17. Lizard Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a lizard wrapped around a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes transformation, adaptability, and the fruit’s mystical allure.

Lizard Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: xandria.tattoos

18. Traditional Pomegranate Tattoo

A traditional pomegranate tattoo embodies this ancient fruit’s timeless beauty and cultural significance.

Traditional Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: plattooer

19. Dot Work Pomegranate Tattoo

This pomegranate tattoo design showcases intricate patterns and textures with precise dotting techniques.

Dot Work Pomegranate

Credit: libbyguytattoos

20. Tearing Queen Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a powerful depiction of a tearing queen pomegranate tattoo. It captures the strength, resilience, and bittersweet nature of royalty.

Tearing Queen Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: carlieyedtattoo

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21. Tasting Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo illustrates the act of tasting a pomegranate. It captures the sensory delight and indulgence in its juicy sweetness.

Tasting Pomegranate

Credit: tcbtattootoronto

22. Seeds Pomegranate Tattoo

A mesmerizing pomegranate tattoo showcases an abundance of seeds. It symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and the potential within.

Seeds Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: skylerryantattoos

23. Outline Pomegranate Tattoo

A striking outline pomegranate tattoo emphasizes the fruit’s distinct shape and invites the imagination to fill it with vibrant colors and symbolism.

Outline Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: township31

24. Slice Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating slice of pomegranate tattoo, revealing the intricate patterns of its juicy crimson seeds. It evokes a sense of tempting abundance.

 Slice Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: circletattooindia

25. Tree Pomegranate Tattoo

A majestic pomegranate tree tattoo, rooted in symbolism and bearing fruits of life, wisdom, and vitality.

Tree Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: sagewonder

26. Ribbon Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design incorporates a graceful ribbon intertwining with a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes unity, connection, and the celebration of life’s abundance.

Ribbon Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: blackgardentattoosd

27. Holding Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo represents the delicate balance of nurture, protection, and beauty within grasp.

Holding Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: deathnurse

28. Skeleton Hand Pomegranate Tattoo

An intriguing fusion of a skeletal hand embracing a pomegranate tattoo, embodying the duality of life and death and the fleeting nature of existence.

Skeleton Hand Pomegranate

Credit: necromandi

29. Fresh Pomegranate Tattoo

A vibrant and fresh-picked pomegranate tattoo, capturing the essence of its lusciousness and the promise of a fruitful experience.

Fresh Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: 27tattoostudio_phx

30. Bunch Pomegranate Tattoo

A bountiful bunch of pomegranates tattoo, symbolizing plenty, prosperity, and the joys of reaping life’s rewards.

Bunch Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: triplegoddesstattoos

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31. Skull Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating fusion of a skull and pomegranate tattoo, intertwining life and death. It represents the transient nature of existence and the beauty found in contrast.

Skull Pomegranate

Credit: jhelgtattoos

32. Hummingbird Pomegranate Tattoo

A graceful hummingbird hovers over a pomegranate tattoo. It captures the delicate balance of beauty and vitality.

 Hummingbird Pomegranate

Credit: tatuajesbotanicos

33. Snail Pomegranate Tattoo

A whimsical snail crawls on a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes patience, resilience, and the journey toward the fruit’s hidden treasures.

 Snail Pomegranate

Credit: beckyd_tattoo

34. Knife Pomegranate Tattoo

A striking knife slices through a pomegranate tattoo. It represents the revealing of secrets, breaking barriers, and unveiling of hidden truths.

 Knife Pomegranate

Credit: tormento.art

35. Carnivorous Grenade Pomegranate Tattoo

An intriguing carnivorous pomegranate tattoo fuses the fruit’s alluring beauty with a hint of danger and charisma, embodying a captivating paradox.

Carnivorous Grenade Pomegranate

Credit: txuski_tattooandsolbaer.tattoo

36. Dog Pomegranate Tattoo

A loyal dog nestled beside a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes companionship, protection, and the shared joys of life’s abundance.

Dog Pomegranate

Credit: jamiehodgsontattoo

37. Mango With Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a tropical fusion of a mango and pomegranate tattoo. It blends the vibrant flavors of two fruits and symbolizes the richness of diverse experiences.

Mango With Pomegranate

Credit: anchortattoo

38. Black And Grey Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a captivating black and grey pomegranate tattoo. It showcases the intricate details and shades of the fruit with timeless elegance.

Black And Grey Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: jazzy.tatuaje

39. Grapes With Pomegranate Tattoo

An enchanting composition of grapes and pomegranate tattoo celebrating the abundance and richness of nature’s harvest.

Grapes With Pomegranate

Credit: mitten_made_tattoos

40. Couple Pomegranate Tattoo

A romantic couple embraces a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes love, unity, and the shared journey of life’s sweet moments.

Couple Pomegranate

Credit: gardensof.inkandnewhampshiretattoo

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41. Rat Pomegranate Tattoo

An intriguing blend of a rat and pomegranate tattoo, merging cunningness with the fruit’s symbolic allure, embodying a unique twist of creativity.

Rat Pomegranate

Credit: roryriot

42. Colour Packing Session Pomegranate Tattoo

A vibrant color packing session brings a pomegranate tattoo to life. It captures the fruit’s vibrancy and beauty in a stunning display.

Colour Packing Session Pomegranate

Credit: kd__tattoo

43. Blue Berry With Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating fusion of blueberries and pomegranate in a tattoo, blending the freshness of both fruits and symbolizing a harmonious blend of flavors.

Blue Berry With Pomegranate

Credit: witchqueenart

44. Bird Pomegranate Tattoo

A graceful bird perched on a pomegranate tattoo. It represents freedom, vitality, and the interconnectedness of nature’s wonders.

Bird Pomegranate

Credit: tiaberrysandlovemoretattoo

45. Small Pomegranate Tattoo

A dainty and delicate small pomegranate tattoo encapsulates the essence of this fruit’s beauty in a minimalist design.

Small Pomegranate

Credit: frankly.sasha.tattoo

46. Three Headed Animal Pomegranate Tattoo

A mesmerizing fusion of a three-headed animal with a pomegranate tattoo, embodying the realms of imagination, power, and the mysterious allure of the fruit.

Three Headed Animal Pomegranate

Credit: vicki_carpenter_tattoo

47. Lungs Pomegranate Tattoo

An intriguing juxtaposition of lungs intertwined with a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes the breath of life and the vitality found within nature’s abundant offerings.

Lungs Pomegranate

Credit: sable.art

48. Pot Pomegranate Tattoo

A whimsical pot overflows with a pomegranates tattoo. It captures the abundance and nurturing aspects of the fruit in a playful and imaginative design.

Pot Pomegranate

Credit: inkynas

49. Heart Pomegranate Tattoo

A heartfelt pomegranate tattoo merges the symbol of love and passion with the fruit’s vibrant essence. It expresses the depth of emotions and life’s vitality.

Heart Pomegranate

Credit: lord_yuli

50. Realistic Pomegranate Tattoo

A realistic pomegranate tattoo captures every intricate detail and texture of the fruit. This is a lifelike and captivating design.

Realistic Pomegranate

Credit: tinto_tlv

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51. Sun Pomegranate Tattoo

A radiant sun shines upon a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes vitality, abundance, and the life-giving energy of nature.

Sun Pomegranate

Credit: foodie.tattoos

52. Bat Pomegranate Tattoo

A mysterious bat is clinging to a pomegranate tattoo, blending nocturnal enchantment with the fruit’s symbolism of life and fertility.

Bat Pomegranate

Credit: selahjudetattoos

53. Book Pomegranate Tattoo

It is an enchanting fusion of a book and a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and the fruitful exploration of imagination.

Book Pomegranate

Credit: snakehand_ink

54. Hell And Back Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating pomegranate tattoo represents the journey through hell and back. It embodies resilience, transformation, and the sweet rewards of overcoming adversity.

Hell And Back Pomegranate

Credit: tattooprodigies

55. Pretty Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a pleasing pomegranate tattoo design. It showcases the fruit’s elegance and charm in a stunning design.

 Pretty Pomegranate

Credit: studiobysol

56. Juice Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a vibrant and dripping juice pomegranate tattoo. It captures the lusciousness and irresistible allure of the fruit’s flavorful essence.

Juice Pomegranate

Credit: glassmoontattoo

57. Wombat Pomegranate Tattoo

An adorable wombat nestled amidst a pomegranate tattoo. It captures the charm of wildlife with the fruit’s symbolic richness and vitality.

Wombat Pomegranate

Credit: ntl.tattooing

58. Squirrel Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design captures the adorable tranquility of nature’s creatures amidst the fruit’s abundance.

Squirrel Pomegranate

Credit: emi1yelizabeth

59. Forever Pomegranate Tattoo

A forever pomegranate tattoo symbolizes eternal vitality, everlasting abundance, and the enduring beauty of the fruit’s essence.

Forever Pomegranate

Credit: gracietattoos

60. Cat Pomegranate Tattoo

A whimsical combination of a cat and a pomegranate, merging playful curiosity with fruitful abundance.

Cat Pomegranate

Credit: a_witch_forward

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61. Arrow Pomegranate Tattoo

An arrow piercing through a pomegranate represents determination and the pursuit of life’s fruitful endeavors.

Arrow Pomegranate

Credit: alexweavertattoos

62. Panda Pomegranate Tattoo

A charming panda surrounded by pomegranates in a tattoo. It merges the adorable nature of the bear with the fruit’s symbolism of abundance and vitality.

Panda Pomegranate

Credit: dingus.tattoos

63. Bone Pomegranate Tattoo

A tattoo’s intriguing fusion of bone and pomegranate captures the juxtaposition of life and death. It embodies the cycle of existence and the fruit’s hidden mysteries.

Bone Pomegranate

Credit: mccallumtattoo

64. Grenade Pomegranate Tattoo

An explosive blend of a grenade and pomegranate tattoo symbolizes the power, intensity, and potential hidden within the fruit’s enticing exterior.

Grenade Pomegranate

Credit: tattoovalerie

65. Shaded Pomegranate Tattoo

A shaded pomegranate tattoo showcases depth, dimension, and the rich visual impact of light and shadow.

Shaded Pomegranate

Credit: barbara_kiczek_tattoo

66. Sunflower Pomegranate Tattoo

A delightful combination of a sunflower and pomegranate tattoo, merging the sunflower’s vibrancy with the fruit’s symbolic abundance. It symbolizes vitality and joy.

Sunflower Pomegranate

Credit: rafaela2die4

67. Fish Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design showcases a captivating fish swimming amidst a pomegranate tattoo. It blends the grace of aquatic life with the fruit’s symbolism of fertility and abundance.

Fish Pomegranate

Credit: sevtattoos

68. Beats Pomegranate Tattoo

A vibrant pomegranate design adorns the skin with intricate beats intertwined. It captures the rhythmic energy and vibrant pulse of life found within the fruit’s essence.

Beats Pomegranate

Credit: harryhuntertattoo

69. Kiwi Pomegranate Tattoo

An enticing fusion of a kiwi and pomegranate tattoo blends the flavors of two fruits. It symbolizes the harmony of diverse experiences and tastes.

Kiwi Pomegranate

Credit: j.a.yelle

70. Simple Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a simple yet striking pomegranate tattoo design. It embodies the essence of the fruit’s beauty and symbolic richness with minimalistic elegance.

Simple Pomegranate

Credit: queenofclouds__

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71. Sad Pomegranate Tattoo

A melancholic pomegranate tattoo captures the depth of emotions and the bittersweet nature of life’s experiences.

Sad Pomegranate

Credit: jardin.de.ksam

72. Avocado Pomegranate Tattoo

A unique fusion of an avocado and pomegranate tattoo blending the distinctiveness of two fruits. It symbolizes the harmony of flavors and the richness of variety.

Avocado Pomegranate

Credit: kristopherkolodziej

73. Sand Clock Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo represents the fleeting nature of time and the abundance found within life’s passing moments.

Sand Clock Pomegranate

Credit: akironstattoo

74. Limes Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a zesty fusion of limes and pomegranate in a tattoo, blending the refreshing citrus notes with the fruit’s vibrant allure. It symbolizes vitality and flavor.

Limes Pomegranate

Credit: ritared_tattooer

75. Chilly Pomegranate Tattoo

A chilly pomegranate tattoo captures the coolness and refreshing essence of the fruit.

Chilly Pomegranate

Credit: tattooingbyap

76. Crow Pomegranate Tattoo

A mysterious crow perched upon a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes wisdom, transformation, and the enchanting allure of the fruit’s hidden depths.

Crow Pomegranate

Credit: cassietattoos

77. Date Pomegranate Tattoo

A pomegranate tattoo adorned with a numeric date. It preserves a significant moment in time with the fruit’s symbolic representation of abundance and vitality.

Date Pomegranate

Credit: janellecubatattoo

78. Wait For Me Pomegranate Tattoo

A poignant “Wait for me” pomegranate tattoo expresses longing, anticipation, and the hope of reuniting. It evokes a sense of patience and perseverance.

Wait For Me Pomegranate

Credit: theatattoos

79. Broken Pomegranate Tattoo

It symbolizes vulnerability, resilience, and the beauty that can emerge from the fragments of life’s challenges.

Broken Pomegranate

Credit: newlifeinkandpiercing

80. Micro Pomegranate Tattoo

A tiny and intricate micro pomegranate tattoo encapsulates the fruit’s essence in a delicate, minimalistic design.

Micro Pomegranate

Credit: k_ink_tattoo

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81. Year Pomegranate Tattoo

A year inscribed within a pomegranate tattoo represents the passage of time and the cyclical nature of life’s seasons, growth, and abundance.

Year Pomegranate

Credit: redo.hidden

82. Earring Pomegranate Tattoo

An elegant pomegranate earring tattoo adorns the skin with the fruit’s symbolic beauty and the allure of timeless jewelry.

Earring Pomegranate

Credit: tomb_tattoo

83. Cuckoo Pomegranate Tattoo

A whimsical cuckoo bird is nestled within a pomegranate tattoo. It blends the charm of nature’s melodies with the fruit’s symbolic richness and vitality.

Cuckoo Pomegranate

Credit: redwaikiki

84. Leopard Gecko Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating leopard gecko explores a pomegranate in a tattoo. It merges the enchantment of reptilian grace with the fruit’s symbolic abundance and vitality.

Leopard Gecko Pomegranate

Credit: melysa__fie

85. Jewely Pomegranate Tattoo

A resplendent jeweled pomegranate tattoo radiates elegance and captures the fruit’s opulence and symbolic significance.

Jewely Pomegranate

Credit: jessbrowntattoos

86. Lady Head Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating lady’s head intertwined with a pomegranate tattoo. It embodies the fusion of feminine beauty and the fruit’s symbolic allure.

Lady Head Pomegranate

Credit: christaexplainsitall

87. Knot Pomegranate Tattoo

An intricate knot intertwined with a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of life’s complexities and the fruit’s symbolic richness.

Knot Pomegranate

Credit: moss.goblin

88. Nails Pomegranate Tattoo

A striking pomegranate tattoo adorned with nails. It represents strength, resilience, and the enduring nature of the fruit’s symbolism.

Nails Pomegranate

Credit: rottenhannah

89. Frog Pomegranate Tattoo

A whimsical frog resting on a pomegranate tattoo. It blends the playfulness of amphibian life with the fruit’s symbolism of fertility and abundance.

Frog Pomegranate

Credit: pmatattoopgh

90. Fox Pomegranate Tattoo

A cunning fox surrounded by a pomegranate tattoo. It merges the mystique of the animal kingdom with the fruit’s symbolic allure and wisdom.

Fox Pomegranate

Credit: tattooist_inkandbloom

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91. Dove Pomegranate Tattoo

The dove pomegranate tattoo symbolizes peace, love, and the fruit’s abundant blessings.

Dove Pomegranate

Credit: horsegirltats

92. Planet Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a cosmic fusion of a planet and a pomegranate tattoo. It intertwines the celestial wonders with the fruit’s symbolic representation of abundance and cosmic mysteries.

Planet Pomegranate

Credit: mythcastor

93. Kill Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a powerful depiction of a pomegranate tattoo with a crossed-out symbol. It represents the triumph over negativity and destruction and embracing the fruit’s symbolism of life and vitality.

Kill Pomegranate

Credit: olli.tatts

94. Bottle Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating bottle-shaped pomegranate tattoo encapsulates the fruit’s essence and the allure of secrets within its ruby-red depths.

Bottle Pomegranate

Credit: tormento.art

95. Witch Hand Pomegranate Tattoo

A spellbinding witch hand clutches a pomegranate tattoo, combining the mystical nature of magic with the fruit’s symbolism of abundance and enchantment.

Witch Hand Pomegranate

Credit: xandria.tattoos

96. The Horn Pomegranate Tattoo

This pomegranate tattoo is adorned with a girl with horns on her head. It symbolizes strength, protection, and the fruit’s abundance of blessings.

The Horn Pomegranate

Credit: jomartian

97. Rose Pomegranate Tattoo

A delicate rose entwined with a pomegranate tattoo. It merges the beauty of floral elegance with the fruit’s symbolic richness and passion.

Rose Pomegranate

Credit: peggysue_tattoos

98. Lips Pomegranate Tattoo

Seductive lips imprinted on a pomegranate tattoo, blending allure, temptation, and the fruit’s symbolic connection to desire and sensuality.

Lips Pomegranate

Credit: the_surry_maccaroni

99. Wood Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design depicts two pomegranates resting on a log of wood. It represents the harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and the fruit’s symbolic abundance.

Wood Pomegranate

Credit: prideinmyart

100. Spider Pomegranate Tattoo

An intricate spider-inspired pomegranate tattoo weaves together the mystique of arachnids with the fruit’s symbolism of fertility and hidden mysteries.

Spider Pomegranate

Credit: tattoosbykota

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101. Love Pomegranate Tattoo

A heartfelt expression of love captured in a pomegranate tattoo. It symbolizes passion, devotion, and the fruit’s association with deep affection.

Love Pomegranate

Credit: micmactats

102. Tear Pomegranate Tattoo

A tear-shaped pomegranate tattoo embodies the bittersweet emotions of loss, resilience and the fruit’s symbolism of rebirth and renewal.

Tear Pomegranate

Credit: danaglover

103. Anchovies Pomegranate Tattoo

It represents the juxtaposition of savory flavor and the fruit’s symbolic abundance and vitality.

Anchovies Pomegranate

Credit: jessicatattooer

104. Open Pieces Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design showcases the fruit’s inner beauty, complexity, and the symbolic unveiling of hidden treasures.

Open Pieces Pomegranate

Credit: gratefuldantattoos

105. Lonely Girl Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a poignant depiction of a lonely girl with a pomegranate tattoo. It evokes emotions of solitude, introspection, and the fruit’s association with fertility and transformation.

Lonely Girl Pomegranate

Credit: papercranestudio

106. To Hell And Back Pomegranate Tattoo

A powerful portrayal of a pomegranate tattoo symbolizing resilience, strength, and the journey of overcoming challenges and emerging stronger from the depths of darkness.

To Hell And Back Pomegranate

Credit: earl_tattoos

107. Tulip Pomegranate Tattoo

This tattoo design represents the harmonious blending of beauty, passion, and abundance.

Tulip Pomegranate

Credit: chloetattooartist

108. Jug Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a unique and captivating pomegranate tattoo design. It combines the symbolism of fertility and abundance with the timeless elegance of a jug.

Jug Pomegranate

Credit: sida_ink

109. Peeled Pomegranate Tattoo

A mesmerizing peeled pomegranate tattoo reveals its juicy seeds and vibrant colors in intricate detail.

Peeled Pomegranate

Credit: kgw.tattoo

110. Insect Pomegranate Tattoo

It is an enchanting pomegranate tattoo adorned with delicate insects. It blends nature’s beauty with a touch of whimsy.

Insect Pomegranate

Credit: pest__world

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111. Blood Pomegranate Tattoo

It is a striking pomegranate tattoo dripping with crimson blood, symbolizing passion and vitality.

Blood Pomegranate

Credit: alexey_bachinsky

112. Botanical Pomegranate Tattoo

An intricately detailed botanical pomegranate tattoo showcases the beauty of nature’s design.

Botanical Pomegranate

Credit: riorileytattoo

113. Star Pomegranate Tattoo

A celestial fusion of stars and pomegranates symbolizes abundance and cosmic energy.

Star Pomegranate

Credit: lindseydreadfuls

114. Realistic Black Pomegranate Tattoo

A lifelike black pomegranate captures the intricate details and shading for a realistic effect.

Realistic Black Pomegranate

Credit: kaa.ele

115. Multicolour Pomegranate Tattoo

A vibrant and mesmerizing multicolor pomegranate tattoo showcases this captivating fruit’s rich hues and shades.

Multicolour Pomegranate

Credit: aandersontattoo

116. Cherry Pomegranate Tattoo

Colorful cherry blossoms intertwine with ripe pomegranates in a vibrant tattoo design. This tattoo design captures the essence of both fruits.

Cherry Pomegranate

Credit: tattooist_inkandbloom

117. Gorgeous Pomegranate Tattoo

Luscious pomegranate bursts with beauty and intricate details in this stunning tattoo.

Gorgeous Pomegranate

Credit: templetattooohio

118. Magick Tarot Card Pomegranate Tattoo

The pomegranate is adorned with A mystical tarot card. It symbolizes enchanting powers and hidden wisdom in this magical tattoo.

Magick Tarot Card Pomegranate

Credit: kaymieseven

119. Anchor Pomegranate Tattoo

A steadfast anchor entwined with vibrant pomegranates embodies resilience and fertility in this symbolic tattoo.

Anchor Pomegranate

Credit: artofchee

120. Persephone Pomegranate Tattoo

Persephone, the queen of the underworld, holds a ripe pomegranate. It signifies her power over life and death in this evocative tattoo.

Persephone Pomegranate

Credit: jordan_tattooer

121. Crown Pomegranate Tattoo

A regal crown embellished with exquisite pomegranates portrays royalty and abundance in this majestic tattoo.

 Crown Pomegranate

Credit: beckiwilson

122. Red Eye Snake Pomegranate Tattoo

A mesmerizing snake with fiery red eyes slithers through a pomegranate. It represents passion and temptation in this captivating tattoo.

Red Eye Snake Pomegranate

Credit: bubblebordeaux

123. Lamb Skull Pomegranate Tattoo

A haunting lamb skull adorned with delicate pomegranates symbolizes the cycle of life, death, and rebirth in this intriguing tattoo.

Lamb Skull Pomegranate

Credit: lanterntattoo

124. Torch Pomegranate Tattoo

A blazing torch amidst ripe pomegranates signifies illumination and passion in this dynamic tattoo.

Torch Pomegranate

Credit: darcynutt

125. Queen Hell Pomegranate Tattoo

A fierce and powerful queen emerges from the depths of hell, clutching a pomegranate. It represents her sovereignty over the underworld in this striking tattoo.

Queen Hell Pomegranate

Credit: needlegardens

126. Parrot Pomegranate Tattoo

A vibrant parrot perches on a luscious pomegranate, capturing the essence of tropical beauty and abundance in this colorful tattoo.

Parrot Pomegranate

Credit: cockasnook

127. Cock Pomegranate Tattoo

A majestic rooster proudly stands atop a ripe pomegranate. It symbolizes vitality and fertility in this bold tattoo.

Cock Pomegranate

Credit: janicetattoos

128. Reverse Pomegranate Tattoo

A captivating reverse image of a pomegranate reveals its hidden seeds and intricate details, adding a unique twist to this tattoo.

Reverse Pomegranate

Credit: plumheart_x

129. Cute Pomegranate Tattoo

A charming and adorable pomegranate design brings a touch of sweetness and playfulness to this delightful tattoo.

Cute Pomegranate

Credit: kejejian_055145105

130. Wolf Skull Pomegranate Tattoo

It embodies strength, mystery, and the cycles of life and death in this captivating tattoo.

Wolf Skull Pomegranate

Credit: southsidetattooashland

131. Branch Pomegranate Tattoo

A graceful branch laden with ripe pomegranates symbolizes abundance and natural beauty in this enchanting tattoo.

Branch Pomegranate

Credit: carolacid

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132. Baby Pomegranate Tattoo

It captures the essence of new beginnings and potential in this endearing tattoo.

Baby Pomegranate

Credit: filoisback

133. Cute Little Pom Pair Pomegranate Tattoo

A pair of cute little pomegranates nestled together radiates joy and charm in this delightful tattoo.

Cute Little Pom Pair Pomegranate Tattoo

Credit: olivialoutattoos

134. Emoji Pomegranate Tattoo

An emoji-inspired pomegranate tattoo adds a touch of modern flair and playfulness to this expressive design.

Emoji Pomegranate

Credit: soulpurposetattoo

135. Triangle Pomegranate Tattoo

A striking triangle encases a vibrant pomegranate. It represents harmony, balance, and the allure of hidden depths in this geometric tattoo.

Triangle Pomegranate Design

Credit: catzilla_von_pinkcity

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Pomegranate Tattoo Symbolize?

A pomegranate tattoo symbolizes fertility, abundance, life, death, rebirth, passion, and temptation.

Can A Pomegranate Tattoo Be Customized With Other Elements?

A pomegranate tattoo can be customized with various elements such as flowers, animals, skulls, or symbols to add personal meaning and style.

Does The Color Of The Pomegranate Tattoo Matter?

The color of a pomegranate tattoo can vary but commonly includes shades of red, representing the fruit’s vibrant nature. But, color choices can be personalized based on individual preferences and desired symbolism.

Is A Pomegranate Tattoo More Popular Among Men Or Women?

Pomegranate tattoos are popular among both men and women, as they can be designed to suit different styles and interpretations. The choice often depends on personal taste and symbolism associated with the tattoo.

Does A Pomegranate Tattoo Have Cultural Or Historical Significance?

Pomegranates hold cultural and historical significance in various cultures. It represents fertility, prosperity, and divine feminine energy. In Greek mythology, the pomegranate is linked to the story of Persephone and her time in the underworld.

Where Is The Best Placement For A Pomegranate Tattoo?

Pomegranate tattoos can be placed on different body areas, such as the forearm, shoulder, back, or thigh. The placement choice depends on individual preference, the size of the tattoo, and desired visibility.

How Much Does A Pomegranate Tattoo Typically Cost?

Tattoo prices vary depending on size, design intricacy, tattoo artist experience, and location. It is best to consult with a professional tattoo artist to get an accurate price estimate.

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