24 Top and Best Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

What ensues in Vegas continues in Vegas. On the other hand, the proverb doesn’t have to apply to body art. Many individuals look for brilliant souvenirs that will be reminiscent of their visit to the town of sins. Getting a tattoo that will beautify your body sounds like a dazzling idea for artistic souls who love art. Check out this article for the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas.

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

All the same, Vegas is a big city; accordingly, if you’re restricted in your stay in Vegas, finding a capable and expert tattoo artist or a trustworthy tattoo shop in Vegas can be, to some extent, difficult. Many tattoo artists have narrow appointments and don’t authorize walk-ins.

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Finding the Perfect Artist

Considering that you will, more than expected, have the Tattoo on you forever. But for sure, if you want to go through the procedure of laser removal- when looking to dig up a tattoo, most individuals want to be sure they get the just-right tattoo artist to carry out the job in terms of affordability, originality, and excellent delivery. 

Here, we have piled up a list of the 24 top and best tattoo shops in Las Vegas for you.

tattoo shops in las vegas
Image: @thewild_moonchild_

1. Hart and Huntington Tattoo

Hart and Huntington Tattoo Las Vegas have been serving customers since 2004. It has a great and skilled team of tattoo artists capable of making all tattoo styles. The shop is open for customers who would like to pay a mark of respect to their dear ones or those who would like to acquire a tattoo for the first time. One of the tattoo artists here, Christian Reilly, started drawing and joined the tattoo business at 17 years.

Contact: Las Vegas Blvd. South – 3500, Las Vegas

Website: www.hhtattoolasvegas.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @mrniccorbin

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2. Revolt Tattoos

Revolt Tattoos is a famous tattoo studio serving many customers in Las Vegas and close at hand areas. In 2014, the business got established by Joey Hamilton. After winning Spike TV’s Ink Master Competition (third season), this came. He showed Revolt Tattoos in Walter “Sausage” Frank’s company to put together a shop for different tattoo artists.

Contact: 3200 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

Website: www.revolttattoos.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @brian_henley

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3. Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor

At Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor, you can find significant and skilled artist collections. Since 2013, Broken Dagger has been very popular in the Las Vegas tattoo outlook, showing offing a legacy of artistic quality representing the business’s precedent, current, and future. 

Contact: 5255 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas

Website: www.brokendaggertattoo.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @brokendaggertattooparlor

4. Club Tattoo

In 1995, Club Tattoo got launched by Sean, Thora Dowdell, and Chester Bennington. They took the tattoo business to new heights and developed a tremendous renowned experience that serves the Tattoo and piercing way of life on the more specialized and style-forward levels. An element of what makes Club Tattoo so booming is the use of original Interactive tattoo touch screens allowing visitors to craft their unique tattoo designs.

Contact: 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd

Website: www.clubtattoo.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @g.fngrz_

5. Iron Horse Tattoos & Piercings

An appreciated Las Vegas Tattoo and Piercing studio, under the proprietorship of Tony Otto, Ironhorse Tattoos has been inking all the visitors and locals alike since 1999. This tattoo shop is close at hand to the Strip and specializes in practicality, black and grey tattoos, and traditional custom lettering

Contact: 700 E Naples Dr #106, Las Vegas

Website: www.ironhorselasvegas.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @ironhorse_tattoos

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6. Last Chance Tattoo

Last Chance Tattoo is a dedicated tattoo parlor and body piercing shop (full-service) situated west of the Las Vegas Strip and south of the Grand Palms Place Hotel. Specializing in traditional American tattoos and pragmatic portraits, this shop is home to a great collection of experienced and skilled tattoo artists from all over the US. In addition, the tattoo shop makes available an array of elegant tattoo styles and designs.

Contact: 4265 S Arville St, Las Vegas

Website: www.lastchancetattoolv.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @thewild_moonchild_

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7. Basilica Tattoo

Basilica Tattoo is a famous tattoo shop featuring world-famous tattoo artists who have teamed up to make available an experience as unforgettable as the part of art that will convey to life on top of your skin. All skilled artists are committed to maintaining the highest hygiene standards, professionalism, and creativity.

Contact: 7425 S Eastern Ave #103, Las Vegas

Website: www.basilicatattoo.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @darkhorse.madrid

8. Skin Design Tattoo

Established by Robert Pho, Skin Design Tattoo is a specialized tattoo shop that serves local customers and visitors in Las Vegas. The shop specializes in an array of elegant tattoo designs such as black and gray patterns, visual renderings, and Polynesian tattoos. Robert Pho has an exciting track record in the tattoo business and has received a lot of honors from the New York Empire State Expo. Skin Design Tattoo also makes available all-inclusive laser tattoo removal services.

Contact: 3963 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas

Website: https://skindesigntattoos.com/locations/las-vegas/

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @gorillastax

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9. Revolution Tattoo Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a significant number of tattoo parlors and artists. Revolution Tattoo Parlor is devoted to custom artistry and feels proud to serve all of the customers. The tattoo shop has an open and engaging environment with welcoming and helpful tattoo artists. There are a lot of shops with female tattoo artists. If you prefer a female tattoo artist, you can locate one in this tattoo parlor. 

Contact: 2123 Western Ave, Las Vegas

Website: www.revolutiontattooparlor.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @revolutiontattoo

10. Black Spade Tattoo

In Las Vegas, where there are a lot of tattoo shops on every corner, Black Spade Tattoo is in the peaceful downtown Las Vegas area. The intact tattoo shop proffers an exclusive tattooing experience. A relaxed vibe with the intense energy of creativity throughout the shop flows. It is a custom tattoo studio where the tattoo artists do everything they can to build your experience an encouraging one.

Contact: 707 East E Fremont St, Las Vegas

Website: www.blackspadetattoo.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @bruce33

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11. Downtown Tattoo

Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas is a famous tattoo shop specializing in traditional American tattooing in addition to neo-customary, black and grey lettering. With its handy location close to the Fremont Street Experience, this tattoo parlor has been tattooing customers and making an excellent reputation ever since 2008. 

Contact: 1106 E Fremont St, Las Vegas

Website: www.downtowntattoo.vegas

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @drewmarvick

12. Rockin Ink Tattoo

Creating top-notch art that facilitates you to make a unique statement is the main ambition at Rockin Ink Tattoo. So when you come to get a dazzling tattoo at this tattoo parlor in Las Vegas, you’ll get a matchless level of professionalism that you won’t find at any other tattoo parlor. The tattoo shop features an array of capable artists who can create more or less any stunning design for a tattoo. 

Contact: Rockin Ink Tattoo, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas

Website: www.rockininktattooshop.com

tattoo shops in Las Vegas

Image: @911rarecollectables

13. Broad Side tattoo

Broadside Tattoo is a leading tattoo shop in Las Vegas and is well-known for striking masterpieces and elegant ink designs. This tattoo studio is situated in Sahara Towne Square, close at hand to the Las Vegas(Strip). Broad Side Tattoo offers a relaxed and calming environment and a collection of hand-picked local artists to bestow you with the most outstanding tattoo experience feasible.

Contact: 2520 S Maryland Pkwy Suite# 1A, Las Vegas

Website: NA, Email: mytattooguy@yahoo.com

Broad Side tattoo Shop in Las Vegas

Image: @broadsidetattoo

14. Rock Star Tattoo

Rock star Tattoo makes Las Vegas residents and visitors available with exclusive tattoos you can stumble on. Whether it’s your initial one or you’re adding to your gathering, the skilled and experienced professional team will be more than pleased to help you search out and design the most admirable Tattoo for you. You can find both male and female tattoo artists for those individuals who may have a fondness. 

Contact: 3049 S Las Vegas Blvd #3n, Las Vegas

Website: www.rockstartattoolasvegas.com

Rock star Tattoo shop in Las Vegas

Image: @rockstartattoo_lasvegas

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15. Sessions Tattoo Club

At Sessions Tattoo Club, the good thing regarding such tattoo artists is that you can make your appointments in advance earlier than your trip to Vegas. However, if you suddenly find yourself in the center of it, finding a reliable tattoo shop is a demanding task. The entire team has wide-ranging experience in the field of tattooing. Ringing from black and grey to full-color tattoos, the tattoo shop is, without doubt, the place to get nearer to dazzling work. 

Contact: 3650 S. Decatur Blvd. Suite 5, Las Vegas

Website: www.sessionstattoo.com

Sessions Tattoo Club in Las Vegas

Image: @audias87

16. Old Vegas Tattoo

You can opt from over 1,000 hand-painted flash sheets or convey one of their artists your design for a perfectly custom tattoo. The skilled tattoo artists can make anything you can visualize further than your expectations. The tattoo parlor is open 24/7 and accepts walk-ins over and above appointments

Contact: 2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 104, Las Vegas

Website: www.oldvegastattoo.com

Old Vegas Tattoo in Las Vegas

Image: @phillucktattoo

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17. Koolsville Tattoo

If you want a $10 tattoo in Las Vegas, you can straightforwardly draw closer to Koolsville Tattoo. Koolsville Tattoo is proud to be branded for its well-known $10 tattoos; accordingly, if you want to be in safe hands, this is where to walk off. In addition, Koolsville Tattoo can make available several different tattoo styles on the whole. 

Contact: 1501 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Website: www.koolsvilletattoolv.com

Koolsville Tattoo

Image: @breannamichelle_93

18. Wolfpack Tattoo

Wolfpack Tattoo on the Las Vegas Strip is an incredible Tattoo Parlor. It also tenders body piercing in a hygienic and relaxed setting. Amid wide-ranging and collective experience, the tattoo artists can create your tattoo dreams get nearer true. You will dig up a great tattoo or piercing in a welcoming setting and at the most reasonable price.  

Contact: 666 S Las Vegas Blvd #100, Las Vegas

Website: www.wolfpacktattoo.com

Wolfpack Tattoo

Image: @wolfpacktattoo

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19. Ink the Flesh Tattoo Studio

Ink, the Flesh Tattoo Studio, is professionally managed, with the intention that all of the skilled tattoo artists can focus their time and aptitudes on top of the appreciated customers. The tattoo parlor feels proud to offer the most hygienic, drug-free, and welcoming environment in the vicinity. The customer service is simply excellent and remarkable. 

Contact: 5410 Cameron St #102, Las Vegas

Website: www.inktheflesh.com

Ink the Flesh Tattoo Studio in Las Vegas

Image: @inktheflesh_

20. LV Tattoo

The brand name is known for sincere work, commitment, aspiration, and a desire to appease all of the customers. This commitment made LV Tattoo a recognized business locally, all over the country, and globally. LV Tattoo is the leader in Tattoo and piercing services for the nowadays conventional artistic way of life.

Contact: 25 Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Website: www.lvtattoo.vegas

LV Tattoo

Image: @prestigetattooandblade

21. Clowny Tattoo Shop

Clowny Tattoos is one of the most outstanding tattoo studios in North Las Vegas. The owner of this tattoo shop is NV. Javier Clowny. He has more than 9years of experience in the tattoo business. Javier works with the highly creative and skilled tattoo industry and looks ahead to scores of years serving the vicinity for their tattoo prerequisites. 

Contact: 4090 W Craig Rd #105, North Las Vegas

Website: www.clownytattooshop.com

Clowny Tattoo Shop in Las Vegas

Image: @xblackwolftribexta2

22. Inner Visions Tattoo

Tattoos are fast turning out to be the next essential thing, and it’s understandable they have come to stay. At the same time, as it is a way of expression for a few, it’s a style statement for others. Tattoos have been trendier for years and are gradually getting more well-liked in current generations. Accordingly, lots of visitors are choosing Inner Visions Tattoo to add a tattoo to their list of souvenirs to re-establish from their Las Vegas vacation. 

Contact: 4225 S Eastern Ave # 9, Las Vegas

Website: www.innervisionstattoo.com

Inner Visions Tattoo Shop

Image: @innervisionstattoo

23. Artistry Tattoo

Artistry Tattoo is one of the best and most popular tattoo shops in Las Vegas. The tattoo parlor worked hard for this admiration by putting the customers first and taking care they’ve created a safe and sound, clean, and artistic environment. In addition, the tattoo shop makes available an assortment of custom tattoo styles and designs, for instance – high-end colors, flowers, animals, and sketches.

Contact: 3935 E Charleston Blvd suite B, Las Vegas

Website: www.artistry-tattoo-las-vegas.business.site

Artistry Tattoo

Image: @artistry_tattoo_

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24. Beneath The Surface Tattoo

Beneath the Surface is a tailored Las Vegas studio specializing in traditional, unique tattoos. The team of capable and skilled tattoo artists spends time assessing a customer’s tattoo prerequisites and requests with the intention that they can convey their creative vision to life. The tattoo shop is well-known for its comfortable and professional ambiance that welcomes customers relaxed. 

Contact: 3345 E Patrick Ln #138, Las Vegas

Website: www.btstattoos.com

Beneath The Surface Tattoo

Image: @beneaththesurfacetattoo


Body art is one of the prehistoric practices in many cultures worldwide. Many native civilizations utilized body art, and it has been well-regarded as a holy act and show of bravery. Next time you are in Las Vegas and would like to make a statement or get a memento of your time in Sin City, get into one of these magnificently sculpted art shops for a swift ink. Book in advance with the intention that your design can be fervently available and you don’t feel like staying in line as you hang around for an opening!


Are There Female Tattoo Artists in Las Vegas?

There are scores of tattoo shops in Vegas with great and experienced female tattoo artists. You can stumble on one in Koolsville Tattoo and Revolution Tattoo Parlor if you like a female tattoo artist better.

Where Do Celebrities Acquire Their Tattoos in Las Vegas?

Koolsville Tattoos and Revolt Tattoos are general spots where many celebrities have graced to dig up inked.

What is the Legal Age to Acquire a Tattoo in Las Vegas?

The legislation does not allow individuals under 18 years to acquire a tattoo. A few shops may permit 16 years minors to purchase a tattoo in the presence and direction of their parents or lawful custodian.

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How much do artists charge per hour?

The standard hourly rate of tattoo artists in Vegas is $80 – $250. The cost depends on the proficiency level of the tattoo artist and the involvedness of their procedure. More prominent tattoos will take longer; as a result, they are costlier than short ones.

Are tattoo artists in Las Vegas self-employed?

Tattoo artists are autonomous service providers who, in favor of all intentions and purposes, run their business under the supervision of the studio. 

Can I shower after getting a tattoo?

Showering amid a new tattoo isn’t only well again; it’s necessary for good hygiene. Provided that you follow the aftercare instructions your tattoo artist offers you, showering shouldn’t hinder the healing progress of your new ink.

What questions should I ask my Vegas artist?

The best questions to ask your artist can be: 

about the pricing and disbursement method, across-the-board tattoo designs, process drawn in, cleanliness and aftercare, etc.

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