10 Amazing Moth Tattoo Meaning Linked With Moth Species In Tattoo Designs

Moth Tattoos are often mistaken as butterflies as they belong to the same family. However, they are different in look but they symbolize similar meanings. 

The moth is a nocturnal tender insect that lives within a cocoon until it is developed. They are ancient winged fascinating insects with a presence across the world. 

10 Amazing Moth Tattoo Meaning Linked With Moth Species In Tattoo Designs

As a prehistoric family, the moths are tuned to the light and work as a compass. But it has a deeper meaning when you relate it to ancient times.

This quality of the moth symbolizes the inclination towards nature and the rhythm of the universe.

People who get moths tattoo might want to show other people that they have some set goal in their life for which they work. If you are planning to get a moths tattoo, check out the article below. 

Also, we have an excellent section for celebrities with moth tattoos.

Let’s dive in to grab the details:

Moth Tattoo

Image: @Mothtattoos

Why Are Moth Tattoos Popular? 

Moths are gaining popularity, all credit to the nocturnal behavior of moths and association to superstition. There are plenty of moth tattoos to choose from, which is why they are a popular choice these days. 

Moth tattoos are both for women and men. Meaning is added to these tattoos with creative designs applied with moths. 

Body Parts To Get Moth Tattoo Inked

It is always about the preference of the individual when you plan to get any tattoo. Even though the creature varies from others in several ways, it is not an exception. 

However, some may prefer having them on their chest for others, the forearm, thighs, legs and elbow, depending on their choice. 

Besides the design of a tattoo, size is another factor you need to consider. Tiny traditional moths look more appealing on the ankle, wrist, or finger in comparison to the back. 

On the other hand, a big death head tattoo appears great on the upper arm, chest, or even the upper neck. The moth is inked in various ways, so if you want to get something original, go for this tattoo type. 

Body Part to Design Moth Tattoo

Image: @mothtatttooformen

Moth Tattoo Design on Body Part

Image: @mothtattooforwomen

List Of Body Areas For Moths Tattoo For Men & Women 

Check out the list below to know body areas where men and women moth tattoos can be inked. 

Moth Tattoo For Women

  • Ankle
  • Hands
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

Moth Tattoo For Men

  • Biceps
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Forearms

Symbolic Moths Tattoo Meaning

Moths use the light of the moon to navigate at night. This quality makes them an ideal symbol to indicate their relationship with nature and the universe’s rhythm.

So if you want to show other people you have set clear goals, you can get this tattoo to reflect it. 

Symbolic Moths Tattoo Meaning

Image: @mothtattoo

It will surprise you if I tell you that a moth tattoo has many meanings, but it is true. 

Here are the four special moth tattoo meanings that are linked with moth species in tattoo designs:

Personal Transformation

Talking about the moths, as with butterflies, the first thing that comes to mind is transformation, and it’s no accident. 

There’s nothing new if I tell you that moths start with an egg from which a larva hatch. That larva has a goal in life to eat as much as it can to have enough energy to transform. 

Once it achieves the stage, they build a cocoon, and the metamorphosis begins, which last for many days as they are fully exposed. When this transformation is completed, the moth gets a moth’s definitive form, which remains until it dies. 

We all have read about it in science. But this story has a lot of personal transformation and change, always moving forward no matter how hard the path is. So this is the primary meaning of tattoo moth, but this is not the only one. 


The second moth tattoo’s meaning is to accept oneself. It is because, usually, moths are compared to butterflies. 

And they drop out.

They are not as graceful and have a perfect flight, but they are fascinating creatures roaming in ghostly, otherworldly air.

It can vary toward accepting oneself as one who you are and feeling proud and happy with it. 

After all, perfection in everything is subjective.


Another fantastic fact about a moth insect: 

They fly in complete darkness because they follow the moonlight

In itself, it is already curious. Then, however, the nocturnal insect goes toward the light, which makes it completely exposed to the dangers. 

This titanic effort to stay alive while following the light in the darkness can be the perfect simile of having faith and not losing it in tough times of life.

And yes, Of course, it is a great lesson and moth tattoo meanings linked. 

The Symbol Of Death

As mentioned above, a moth is a nocturnal creature; some stop eating in the last phase. They die due to starvation within a week since it’s an emergence from pupae. 

Death Moths are some popular tattoos, which is quite a statement of intent. They are so famous that when a hunter sees a moth resting in a tree, he thinks something unexpected will happen, whether an extraordinary hunt or an accident.

For this reason, the moth is considered a precursor of death in Western symbolism.

The symbol of death

Image: @deathmothtattoo

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Common Moth Species Tattoo Artist Design

Luna Moth Tattoos Meaning

With the recent trend of creature tattoos, people choose any luna moth tattoo as an idea for their unbelievable tattoo art. It creates an impressive effect as a sign of optimistic and profound alteration associated with rebirth. 

Individuals surf a range of ideas and techniques to get attractive creatures on their body parts. They are looking for elements like practicality, color, and clarity that align with new methods of tattooing instead of the traditional styles

Neon color, semi-circular moon, geometric lines, and other styles are used to make the luna moth tattoo famous for its sole depiction of revival and transformation. 

Luna Tattoos Meaning

Image: @LunaMothTattoo

Death’s Head Moth Tattoos

It is an excellent option if you wish to get inked a moth tattoo associated with death or back luck (ill omen). 

For example, a giant, best-appearing moth with rich black and yellow color, with a human skull moth tattoos and the death’s head moth style reveals nature reprisal in the form of insect. 

Some of the most beautiful old-school death moth tattoo designs symbolize the affluent tattooing practice of warding death off by baffling it with the death hawk symbol. 

If a tattoo expert is experienced he can ink death moth tattoos as alive and look as old. 

Death's Head

Image: @Death’sheadhawkmothtattoo 

Combination Of Dagger And Moth Tattoos

A dagger and moth tattoo is a perfect moth tattoo idea for those who want to represent their love for lost someone. The tattoo has a traditional tattoo with one element indicating the life or loss and the other showing the death. 

The tattoo can be inked on the arm to represent the feeling that heals with time, but you never because you’ll always miss the one you love. If you want to get a tattoo with more coverage, you can get this tattoo on the back.

You can get a dagger and moth tattoo if you want. Even you can ask the tattoo artist or your friend which style or design will suit you. It is essential to get advice on your skin tone and taste.

Combination of Dagger and Moth Tattoos

Image: @daggerandmothtattoo

Meaning Of Dagger & Moth Tattoos

A dagger indicates death, and a moth reflects life. Therefore some people believe that when these two elements come together within a design, it indicates the time heals and shows that life continues after you lose someone.

But there is grief which you cannot get out of your heart. So when a moth is inked with other great symbol like a skull, it reflects life after death or rebirth.

Meaning of Dagger & Moth Tattoos

Image: @mothdaggertattoos

Add Meaning To Your Moth Tattoos With Creative Application 

3D Moth Tattoo Designs

3D moth design tattoos are inked to highlight your thoughts and presumption of what you see. Shadow shape with realistic color can make your insect moth tattoo ideas look alive.

It gives them a character and spirit of realism. 

The tattoo shadows elevate the moth’s skin, and meanings begin their flight. 3D moth tattoos placed with the best color and shadow combination will make 3D moth tattoo ideas highlighted and seem real.

Realistic Moth Tattoos 

The usual variety of this night living thing makes this moth good-looking for practical tattoo style.

Although a moth has similar wings to a butterfly, it is the main reason for its charm that offers a great chance to the tattoo expert to implement their spirit with color, shadow, and line frame. 

The tattoo artist arranges the outline of Alta’s moth or death head moth tattoo to indicate its occurrence of a strange face or a tranquil landscape.

The tattoo artist works more on delicate lines and are highlighted colors for the luna moth or hummingbird moth.


Image: @Realisticmothtattoo

American Traditional And Neo-Traditional Moth Tattoos

The art changes the tattoo moth you wish to get inked. For example, if you like the hawk design, you can go for a bold black color ink or typical traditional art as it matches the death head design and the idea of duality. 

The luna tattoo moth is a thrilling modern representation of old values with bright colors and current technical special effects like dot work and 3D fundamentals to display change and a new beginning. 

Geometric Moth Tattoos

Geometric tattoos carry the fundamental and technical realms of imagination to reality. The natural charm of the tattoo moth is expressed with striking angles, shape, symmetry, and the orientation of shapes. 

A 3D moth design with geometry represents a fantastic orientation between nature and science, representing the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

In addition, it offers an excellent chance for tattooists to exhibit their expertise. 

Geometric Designs

Image: @Geometricmothtattoo 

Celebrities With Moth Tattoo           

Here, we have a few celebrities with Moth tattoo designs on their skins. Check out the moth tattoo design that your favorite celebs have inked that might inspire you for your next tattoo! 

Alex Dorame

Alex Dorame has a traditional black moth and gray moth tattoo on her left forearm.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has covered up her upper back wedding date tattoo with a beautiful black and grey moth tattoos design. 

To Sum Up

Overall, getting a moth tattoo is captivating because it gives you an emotional reminder of transformation. It helps you with self-assertion. The symbolic meaning of moth tattoo is relevant, but the tattoo moth looks super gorgeous when designed perfectly on your skin. 


What Does The Moth Mean Spiritually? 

In a spiritual sense, death is represented by a moth, which is transformation. Moths indicate the profound internal shifts that take place in the subconscious. It happens when a part of you ends, and a new part begins! 

Is It Rare To See A Luna Moth?

No, Luna moths are not rare but are rarely seen due to their small lifespan. The adult and nocturnal flying times for luna moths are 7 to 10 days. 

How Much Does A Moth Tattoo Cost? 

The cost of a moth tattoo depends on size, quality, where you live, the experience level of a tattoo artist, your tattoo’s location and complexity. Primarily tattoo artists have different prices.