51 Stunning Back Of Thigh Tattoo Designs To Consider Before Getting Inked

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

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We always look for the most significant categories, designs, and trends when it comes to tattoos. And one of our favorites is the back of the thigh tattoo. To identify the most striking tattoos, especially for all of you females, we thus paid closer attention.

Because the thighs, especially the back, are one of the most excellent body areas, thigh tattoos are incredibly unique. And they look much better when they have a well-done tattoo. It is crucial to select the ideal design that turns a tattoo into a piece of art since they are a permanent but excellent adornment.

You can tattoo anything you like, including stars, sayings, roses, butterflies, dream catchers, flowers, skulls, mandalas, and even portraits. Yet, the majority of women like specific motifs like ribbons and bows for their tattoos. Ribbons with laces in 3D, painting, or drawing on the thighs look fantastic. And they definitely lend the tattooed person’s personality a mischievous and enigmatic touch. So without further delay, let’s look at this collection of amazing back-of-thigh tattoos.

1. Bunny Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: youngbloodcstm

Look at the Tattoo’s outlines! This tattoo design is executed flawlessly by the artist. With its delicate use of light yellow, light brown, and black, the color scheme also conveys a sense of tranquility.

2. Butterfly Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: setinstonextattoostudio

Why not use this timeless design to illustrate the significance of a transformational butterfly? Traditional tattoos have been around for decades. This colorful and powerful ink makes it a fantastic choice for someone’s first piece. You can also use it to give a sleeve a classic look.

3. Sunflowers Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: amyjeantat2

Getting a tattoo is one of life’s most thrilling experiences, but picking the best tattoo design can be challenging. The tattoo industry is seeing a rise in the popularity of sunflower tattoos, which feature some fantastic patterns.

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4. Sparrow On A Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: shelby_lynne_art

Such back thigh tattoos are common among women because they draw attention to the thigh’s contours and form, which are frequently seen as symbols of feminine beauty and passion.

5. Owl And Deer Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: pl_gray

With this intricate and dramatic tattoo design, everyone will fall in love. Light shading blends beautifully, and the way the artist added a hint of warmth to the chilly tones to accentuate the Tattoo is fantastic.

6. Hummingbirds Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: lindsayrae.art

Tattoos of hummingbirds have a rich history and significance. They have a variety of profound meanings that relate to fortitude, overcoming adversity, and love. This Tattoo is an excellent option for you if you want to get a hummingbird inked on your body.

7. Line Work Eye On Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: mauraparkesart

The Tattoo’s realistic representation of an eye is intricately done in black ink employing shading and fine-line methods. The eye can be placed close to the top of the back of the leg, with the iris and eyelashes reaching outward to form an eye-catching pattern.

8. Realistic Spider Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: goldenmonarchtattoo

These realistic tattoos will make it appear as though spiders have fallen on your skin. Be careful to choose a realist artist because these delicate patterns are challenging to replicate. Find out which insect is your favorite by doing some study.

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9. Crystal Heart Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: emma_mckenzie92

The human heart is a magnificent organ. It is capable of feeling emotions such as pain, love, and other sentiments. It is mysterious, enchanting, and durable like crystal! Life experience has made it more sage, mature, and resilient than ever.

10. Scorpion Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: sloppyfolks

Tattoos of tribal scorpions are said to repel evil spirits. A scorpion tattoo on a woman may stand for power and the capacity to defeat anyone, regardless of size, status, or stature.

11. Tiger Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: fletchtattooing

This Tattoo has excellent shading, contrast, and 3D application. Additional white ink strokes provide perspective and realism.

12. Cute Simba Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: skin_n_inkk

The lion is a wonderful animal emblem associated with majesty, strength, and dignity. These qualities may be skillfully portrayed in little body art. You have a variety of options for little lion tattoos, including realistic, geometric, and even traditional Lion King designs.

13. What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: samari.artandtattoos

On the top of the thigh, the question “What’s your favorite horror movie?” is inked in a creepy typeface. The Tattoo’s overall impression is one of suspense and scares, making it the ideal design for anybody who likes dark and gothic tattoos or who enjoys the horror genre.

14. Cowboy Kitty And Corgi Dog Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: af_tattoo_studio

Some people acquire thigh tattoos to symbolize their physical toughness and endurance. A cheetah or other swift animal, a cat and dog, a tribal pattern, or a picture of a marathon runner are examples of possible patterns.

15. Jewels & Rose Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: sarahthirteentattoo

Check out this cute tattoo design! Instead of using red, the tattoo artist picked pink to emphasize the Tattoo’s beauty. If you want to add something classy to your body art, this Tattoo is ideal.

16. Athena On The Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: markdwithinktattoo

Depending on which aspects of her character most appeal to you, the meaning of your Athena tattoo will change. The significance of the Athena tattoo could also come from the goddess’ appearance and sense of style in addition to her character.

17. Flowers And Spiderweb On The Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: beccambtattoo

The spiderweb is a symbol of the delicate and complicated structure of life, while flowers are a symbol of beauty, development, and renewal.

18. Stylized Peony Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: kgw.tattoo

On the back of the thigh, a stylized peony tattoo can be both beautiful and significant. Peonies are linked to wealth, fortune, and honor in several civilizations. They can also stand for elegance, charm, and beauty.

19. Dotwork Lotus Flower Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: sarahktattooist

Here, we have a hanging design with petals covered in a stunning variety of network-type patterns in the manner of the mandala.

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20. Buddha On The Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: jemtattoos

Females are more likely than males to have thigh tattoos. Because of the fact that this body part is exposed when wearing various types of dresses, most women acquire thigh tattoos. This enables you to display your stunning Tattoo.

21. Halloween Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: hayley_castleink

Choose this tattoo design if you want to be tattooed with something daring and distinctive. If you want a matching tattoo with your buddies, this Halloween tattoo is ideal for you.

22. Mandala Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: sam_pryce

A circle is frequently used as the center of the geometric symbol assemblage known as a mandala. Although a mandala is sometimes seen as a symbol of harmony, eternity, and perfection, its meaning isn’t entrenched.

23. Bird Nest Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: belltreeink

Depending on the person’s perception and motivation for getting the Tattoo, a bird nest tattoo can have a variety of symbolic meanings. Bird nests typically represent caring, security, and home since they provide a secure environment for developing baby birds.

24. Steam Punk Mandala Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: pnutbuttercush

The tattoo style known as “steampunk” combines futuristic and traditional elements with beautiful mechanical and industrial images. People often compare this type of tattoo design to Victorian-era steam-powered technology.

25. Hedwig Snow Witch Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: jme.graham

This Tattoo serves as a reminder to move on from the past without forgetting it and to seek out new paths in life when the time is perfect.

26. Geometric Wolf Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: thegoldentikitattooparlou

By depicting a revered canine shaman, geometric wolf tattoos open the door to tribal mysticism. The stunning line work awakens long-forgotten associations with native affinity. As this regal creature is momentously bound to the moon, those who enjoy the night can engage in these creative creations.

27. Alice In Wonderland With A Twist Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: fallenaingeal

These tattoos that include parts of the well-known Alice in Wonderland tale with a special and personalized twist are known as “Alice in Wonderland with a Twist” tattoos. The user can convey their own unique take on these issues by personalizing the Tattoo.

28. Chameleon Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: thenonangrybiker

The chameleon tattoo represents originality and variety. Because of its capacity to change color on its own, it represents flexibility. It also implies mobility and adaptability. Some people show their desire to stand out from the crowd by getting this Tattoo.

29. Simple And Fineline Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: morbid.kitten.tattoos

Your thigh may be one of several potential locations for a tattoo you are contemplating, or you may have wanted one there for some time. You’re in luck if you want little tattoos since this delicate Tattoo is ideal for you and looks fantastic on the thigh.

30. Alien With Rainbow And Lotus Flower Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: shannonkassoff

The back of the thigh tattoo of an alien with a rainbow and lotus flowers combines a number of different elements to produce a striking and original design. The image often shows an alien being, frequently with futuristic or otherworldly traits, encircled by a rainbow and a lotus flower.

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31. Bear Skull And Blueberries Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: olive_ink_tattoo

The symbols on this Tattoo stand for pride, strength, and protection. Bear skull tattoos are a lovely representation of overcoming adversity with courage and dignity.

32. Lace Bow Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: kingofthebaytattoo

Tattoos of lace bows on the backs of legs represent a woman’s feminine side. Many women utilize it to show off their wild side and entice guys. This is exceptionally accurate when worn with a corset.

33. Lady And Man With Panther Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: kellybrowntattoos

The meaning of a woman and a guy with a partner’s back-of-thigh Tattoo is quite personal and might change based on the person who is getting it. Many people see the Tattoo as a symbol of their love, devotion, and relationship.

34. Floral Snake Cat Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: ladywolly

This Tattoo’s long, curving body may accentuate your contours and make it appear fantastic on your thigh. Consider getting a snake for your next Tattoo if you appreciate its potent meaning.

35. JR Michael Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: sacredartfl

Do you want a stunning Michael Myers tattoo? Go no further than Michael Myers’ fantastic Halloween back thigh tattoo for ideas! Everything a fan wants to enjoy this Halloween season is contained in this spooky Tattoo!

36. Lotus Mehndi Design For Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: reignsupremetattoostudio

A lotus mehndi design for a tattoo on the back of the thigh combines the elaborate and delicate designs of traditional mehndi with the meaning of the lotus flower. The lotus flower is a well-liked tattoo design theme because it stands for purity, knowledge, and spiritual development.

37. Black And Gray Deer Back Of Thigh Tattoo

Credit: swollengraves

What a delicate, feminine tattoo. The shading is uniform, and the lines are clean. What really sticks out is the contrast between the deer’s coloring and the flowers’ lack of shading, which also serves as a lovely frame.

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38. Deeping The Ocean For Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: classic_ink_nz

Selecting a qualified and experienced tattoo artist is crucial if you want to have this intricate Tattoo that is both artistically beautiful and skin-safe.

39. Ship Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: exiled_ink403

You have a wide range of options because there are several distinct sorts of ships. Nonetheless, the classic brigantine ships are the most common type of ship tattoo. Modern ship types like yachts and massive battleships are less common.

40. Snake And Dagger Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: sharonhealyarts

Dagger tattoos alone might represent death or protection, but the addition of a snake can completely alter their meaning. A snake and dagger tattoo commonly represents conquering challenges and fighting fears.

41. Skull And Rose Tattoo For Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: tattoosbychelseaalexa

One of the most common skull tattoos that many women have is the skull and roses design. A rose is a sign of beauty and vitality, but a skull represents death and mortality. The pairing of the skull and rose creates the contrast between life and death.

42. Pumpkin On The Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: kokopellistattoobgr

One of the finest times of the year to dress up and celebrate everything spooky is Halloween! Do you, nonetheless, genuinely adore Halloween to the point that you would consider getting a permanent tattoo of the occasion? If yes, you should definitely get inked with this tattoo design.

43. Jellyfish Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: old_craffe

This is for you if you like more straightforward concepts in black and white. Try it out if you enjoy clear, concise concepts.

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44. Crescent Moon With Crystals And Floral Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: amyansleytattooart

The crescent moon with crystals and floral designs on the back of the thigh is a stunning and well-liked tattoo design that blends heavenly bodies and natural components. The moon’s borders are carefully adorned with gems, giving the piece a soft shine.

45. Sailor Moon Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: kmarchandtattoos

Depending on personal taste, the colors used in the design can vary, but the creative and fun motif goes well with pastels and bright hues. The Tattoo’s overall impression is one of fun and nostalgia, making it the ideal design for anybody who enjoys charming and vibrant tattoos.

46. Linework Dragon For Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: calli_redwoods_tattoopage

You can choose this pattern if you want your thigh dragon tattoo to appear fiercer. Here, the dragon appears incredibly bold and dark due to how the black ink was employed.

47. IT Clown Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: rachs_tattoos

The legendary horror figure Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s novel “IT” and the accompanying film adaptations is honored in this tattoo design, which is bold and unsettling. The portrait captures the dark aspect of the persona in a precise and realistic manner.

48. Matching Design Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: shapeshifttattoos

Wow! How adorable is this matching tattoo design? The back of the thigh is an excellent place for flower tattoos. This is the style for you if you don’t want to expose anything. The artist meticulously details the Tattoo.

49. Little Pony’s Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: cooperbluetattoo

On the back of the leg, there is a tattoo of two Little Ponies. Bright, vivid colors that perfectly reflect the tone of the series are employed to sketch the figures in a whimsical, cartoon-like style.

50. Pink Owl On The Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: blakieboompow

Color splash patterns can be seen in a vivid and colorful owl tattoo like this one. Try it if you want to portray the image of someone artistic, creative, and who loves bold designs.

51. Halloween Lady Back Of Thigh Tattoo

back of thigh tattoo

Credit: ellieb678x

The Tattoo’s overall eerie and unsettling vibe makes it the ideal design for horror movie buffs or anybody who like dark and morbid tattoos. For people who want a tattoo that can be seen or covered up, this an excellent choice since it provides a subtle yet eye-catching appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Painful Is Getting A Tattoo On The Back Of The Thigh?

The degree of discomfort associated with a tattoo varies on the person getting it as well as the location of the Tattoo. Because of the presence of nerves and the thinner skin, the back of the thigh is typically regarded as a reasonably painful area. Nonetheless, external numbing creams and medicines should make the discomfort tolerable.

How Long Does A Tattoo On The Back Of The Thigh Take To Heal?

Depending on the individual, a tattoo might take anywhere from two to four weeks to completely heal. In order to avoid infection and guarantee adequate healing during this period, it is crucial to keep the region clean, dry, and moisturized.

Can Anyone Wear Tight Clothing After Receiving A Tattoo On The Back Of Their Thigh?

To minimize friction and discomfort, it is advised to stay away from wearing tight garments over the tattooed region while it is recovering. The most excellent alternatives for allowing the Tattoo to breathe and recover fully are loose-fitting clothes and breathable fabrics.