70+  Eye-Catching Stomach Tattoo Ideas For Men That You Should Try

Tattoos have been used for ages in numerous cultures. Tattoos are a popular way for both men and women to express themselves, show off their personalities, and let the world know what they think.

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While tattoos look beautiful on any region of the body, men’s stomach tattoos are particularly well-liked since they are seductive and can be hidden or displayed as desired. Here are some elegant stomach tattoo designs for men that are good to ink on your body:

1. Eurovision Blast Stomach Tattoo for Men

This black ink tattoo on the upper part of the stomach is really eye-catching. Moreover, these kinds of stomach tattoos are simple to cover up, allowing you to display your body art whenever you choose.

Image: @nikkitattz

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2. Guillotine Stomach Tattoo for Men

This kind of guillotine tattoo is unusual, although it can still be discovered. The Tattoo of a guillotine is an allusion to the proverb, “death is inescapable, and nobody can escape it.”

Image: @hannahkaytattoos

3. Bigcats Stomach Tattoo for Men

This tattoo gives a realistic impression and offers the wearer’s body a magnificent and elegant look. This type of bold and attractive tattoos are becoming more famous these days.

Image: @justsal_tattoo

4. Birth Year Stomach Tattoo for Men

It’s a popular practice to tattoo one’s birth year on their body. You can perhaps get the year of birth or the names of your loved ones tattooed on your tummy. 

Image: @martinreyes815

5. Traditional Black Stomach Tattoo for Men

The most original approach to display your most courageous side is with this dark ink-black Tattoo. The shade of the Tattoo draws attention to it and gives it more individuality.

Image: @tk_tats

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6. Beast Stomach Tattoo for Men

Beast tattoos on the stomach are more appealing and attractive. The heart tattoo on both sides of the lower stomach properly complements the upper Tattoo.

Image: @tattootimo83

7. Colourful Ink Stomach Tattoo for Men

This Tattoo is sufficient to convey your inner ideas and sentiments. Additionally, the Tattoo’s coloring are done so well that aid in your ability to attract notice from the general public.

Image: @apachetattoobali

8.Truck Stomach Tattoo for Men

Nothing beats a truck tattoo for body art conveying masculinity while evoking vintage sensibilities. This authentic automotive tattoo design can give your body art design an outstanding shot at energy.

Image: @tattoes20

9. Train Stomach Tattoo for Men

Train tattoos may appear to be a recent phenomenon, but they are actually a part of an old American custom that is enjoying a pleasant contemporary comeback.

Image: @allie.the.artest

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10.Detroit Stomach Tattoo for Men

Men’s stomach tattoos frequently are a component of a more significant piece of art, like in this case. This badass Tattoo shows your brave side and covers almost all the upper parts of the stomach. 

Image: @tatted4life80

11. Neo Trad Stomach Tattoo for Men

If you enjoy getting tattoos, you should definitely get this fantastic Neo-traditional stomach tattoo. The colors in this Tattoo have strong contrast and explode off of each other in a beautiful way.

Image: @animatedinkcelbridge

12. Tiger Stomach Tattoo for Men

There are several body parts where people have tigers tattooed. But the best choice is to have this Tattoo on your stomach. The artist used a large portion of the stomach for this Tattoo to display his best work.

Image: @glenpreece

 13. Empire Stomach Tattoo for Men

Want to get inked with something different? Why not try this beautiful empire stomach tattoo? The artist has drawn each detail of the Tattoo very nicely. 

Image: @aj_hartwig

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14. Eagle Stomach Tattoo for Men

Eagle tattoos are the most famous tattoos among men. You can display your freedom, patriotism, strength, nobility, and courage by wearing an eagle tattoo.

Image: @m31c.tattoos

15. Four Eyed Leopard Stomach Tattoo for Men

Represent your most secretive and mysterious side with this perfect four-eyed leopard tattoo. Leopards are powerful, suspicious, cunning, lonely, elegant, fierce, and careful. 

Image: @nickyjudstattoo

16. Couple Stomach Tattoo for Men

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should definitely get this fantastic Tattoo. This Tattoo helps to represent your love for your partner.

Image: @tattoos_by_kit

17. Skull Stomach Tattoo for Men

Sometimes, a tattoo can tell you a lot about a person. For many of us, tattoos act as enduring motivators, reminders, and sayings. 

Image: @electricrebeltattoo

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18. Boar Stomach Tattoo for Men

This Tattoo’s design is noticeably unique from other tattoos or ordinary tattoos. This Tattoo is a great choice if you enjoy trying new things in your life. 

Image: @jamesalexandertattoos

19. Wolf Stomach Tattoo for Men

With this gorgeous Tattoo, you can display your powerful and fearless side to everyone. To illustrate the intricacies of the Tattoo, the artist employs line art.

Image: @jordantattooart

20. Born Sinner Stomach Tattoo for Men

Tattoos on the stomach are fashionable and more appealing. You may have this sort of Tattoo anywhere on your body, but if you want it to stand out more, think about getting it on your stomach.

Image: @jimmystattoos

21. Spider Stomach Tattoo for Men

This unique spider tattoo is one of the best artwork of the artist. To create the Tattoo’s shading, the artist utilizes dark black ink. 

Image: @true_art_tattoo

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22. Black and Red Tiger Stomach Tattoo for Men

This type of Tattoo represents the tough and brave side of the wearer. The artist uses dark red and black colors to give this Tattoo a more appealing look. 

Image: @rad.trad.dad

23. Dark Art Stomach Tattoo for Men

Are you looking for something unique and stylish? Try this cool dark art stomach tattoo. This Tattoo is entirely different from the regular artwork. 

Image: @gleis_1_barber_tattoo_

24. Doberman Stomach Tattoo for Men

Doberman dogs are renowned for their bravery, shrewdness, and intelligence. The Doberman tattoo is ideal for a man who maintains his calm at all times. 

Image: @jattoos

25. Insane Stomach Tattoo for Men

Show your cool and funky side to everyone with this Tattoo. Instead of using black color, the artist uses neon shades which gives this Tattoo a more attractive and unique look.

Image: @scriptinator

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26. Mirrored Snake Stomach Tattoo for Men

Snake tattoos are a great option for the stomach and may be large or modest in size. You may also play about with the placement’s perspective. 

Image: @darell_tallent_tattoo

27. Trust Stomach Tattoo for Men

This Tattoo is boldly inked with the phrase “Trust No-one,” which makes the appearance of the Tattoo more trendy. The design of this Tattoo is simple yet elegant.

Image: @niedertattoo

28.  Wild Tiger Stomach Tattoo for Men

Are you seeking a realistic tattoo of a tiger? Consider getting this attractive Tattoo, which makes excellent use of shade, contrast, and 3D patterns. 

Image: @gurutattoo

29. Colourful Stomach Tattoo for Men

This Tattoo may be the best option for you if you like the ocean’s blue hue. To depict the waves and wind direction, the tattoo artist uses extremely accurate shading.

Image: @sam.karstens

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30.  Script Stomach Tattoo for Men

Since tattoos last a lifetime, selecting the ideal design to be permanently inked on the skin might be challenging. So, you should select the tattoo design and location very wisely.

Image: @woff_tattoo

31. Death Moth Stomach Tattoo for Men

The death moth tattoo is a distinctive and eye-catching body art design with various significant implications. Your stomach will appear powerful and dramatic with this kind of death moth.

Image: @mikebrowntattoos

32. Dragon Outline Stomach Tattoo for Men

Dragon tattoos, which cover the majority of the stomach, are the most popular tattoo design for men. The tattoo artist can ink this mythological animal, which represents strength and power.

Image: @runa.arte

33. Owl Stomach Tattoo for Men

The owl tattoo is a representation of wisdom, intelligence, and magic. The owl is revered by many cultures, who considered it a messenger or sign of impending death. 

Image: @artbyhex

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34. Loyalty Stomach Tattoo for Men

Tattoos that display loyalty are the best way to demonstrate a faithful mindset since they are permanent and display real devotion. In order to highlight the Tattoo’s aggressiveness, the artist utilized a dark black color with light shading.

Image: @ahavatattoo

35. Chain Snake Stomach Tattoo for Men

A snake tattoo can represent a defense against disease or bad fortune. It can also represent luck, knowledge, power, and transformation. Here the artistry of making a chain snake is done marvelously by the tattoo artist.

Image: @moth.n.frog.tattoo

36. Fish Stomach Tattoo for Men

Some individuals get tattoos to express their affection for a particular animal, while others get them because they think it’s cool. Whatever your purpose, this is a beautiful fish tattoo design to get inked.

Image: @dzulinklounge

37. Killer Wolf Stomach Tattoo for Men

When choosing a design to get tattooed on the body, one should always be selective because they will be wearing it for the rest of their lives. Here the artist employs a variety of dark hues to highlight his finest accomplishment.

Image: @bodysupply_needles

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38. Bear Stomach Tattoo for Men

Bears stand for the fortitude to battle and the spirit of the warrior. If you possess the same qualities as a bear, such as being brave, tough, and independent, you should get this amazing Tattoo.

Image: @fv_tattoo

39. Wings Stomach Tattoo for Men

Not many individuals can carry off this design. If you exercise regularly and want to make your abs seem more appealing, then you should get this Tattoo on the upper part of your stomach.

Image: @dale_tattooing

40. Vintage Stomach Tattoo for Men

This Tattoo will help you to look bold. The shading and outline make this Tattoo more interesting. This Tattoo is in the shape of a butterfly, and the three butterflies present on the top of the head give this Tattoo a more appealing look.

Image: @tonykingtattoo

41. Tribal Earth Dragon Stomach Tattoo for Men

For many years, males all across the world have favored the tribal tattoo art style. This is due to its basic yet bold and expressive appearance.

Image: @mallory_tatu_

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42. Bad Bitches Only Stomach Tattoo for Men

Simple statements frequently have a deeper significance than a fully detailed tattoo. Although the letters in this Tattoo are carved in dark black ink, you may always select the font and color of your own.

Image: @harveygtatts

43. Rolling Horse Stomach Tattoo for Men

This striking stomach tattoo combines patterns to highlight the wearer’s masculine characteristics. A horse tattoo is engraved on the belly button’s lower side, and two goats with their horns touching are etched on the other side.

Image: @katy.wiedemann

44. Butterfly Stomach Tattoo for Men

The butterfly is one of the most exquisite patterns for both men and women. Additionally, it is symbolic, standing for growth, attractiveness, and change.

Image: @hyesutattoo

45. Radiant Stomach Tattoo for Men

This type of Tattoo works for both men and women. Each part of the Tattoo has a unique design, adding to how well it fits in the stomach region. Your body art collection may benefit significantly from this Tattoo

Image: @jankerellatattoo

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46.  Spider Web Stomach Tattoo for Men

This spider web stomach tattoo style is popular among men who prefer scary or frightening themes and often wear them due to their intensely ominous and frightening vibe.

Image: @sailorsanddamestattoo

47. Fallout Stomach Tattoo for Men

The artist has done an excellent job of simplifying this sophisticated piece of art with delicate black linework. This Tattoo is the ideal method to exhibit your creative side to the world.

Image: @thebigempty92

48. Devil Stomach Tattoo for Men

Stomach tattoos are a great option if you want sensual, unique artwork for your body art. The advantage of getting this kind of Tattoo is that you can decide whether to cover them up or flaunt them.

Image: @apso_tattoo

49. Butterfly Stomach Tattoo for Men

The spiritedness of the wearer’s soul can be symbolized by a butterfly tattoo on the stomach. With a combination of light and dark lines, the Tattoo is totally done with black ink on the upper area of the stomach.

Image: @tintenfasstattoo

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50. Scary Heart Stomach Tattoo for Men

For men looking for a design with a lot of meaning, this type of heart tattoo design is a good choice because it is a global symbol of love, sorrow, and existence. It is a well-liked option for people who seek really distinctive body art.

Image: @ivantarquinitattooing

51. Massive King Stomach Tattoo for Men

This Tattoo is perfect for covering your old scars around your belly button and upper stomach. This stomach tattoo is a fascinating one because of its size. 

Image: @shanti_stabandprmtvclctv

52. Blueberry Stomach Tattoo for Men

There is lots of room for you to extend any stomach tattoo. This Tattoo wonderfully complements the wearer’s skin tone and holds a very particular meaning.

Image: @little_elm_tattooer

53. Lion Stomach Tattoo for Men

The stomach is the most incredible place to place this sort of Tattoo since it has a more detailed pattern and needs more room. To show the Tattoo’s intricate design, the artist utilizes light black shading.

Image: @miketontattoos

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54. Dagger Stomach Tattoo for Men

Men’s lower stomach tattoos have a highly provocative, sensual feel to them. Additionally, this kind of Tattoo can make you appear like a real badass and reveal a strong pain tolerance.

Image: @darkdaystattooer

55. Christ Stomach Tattoo for Men

This type of appealing tattoo design not only displays your beliefs but also looks stunning. The artist created an outstanding work with this Tattoo.

Image: @blak_rose_tattoo

56. Demon Mask Stomach Tattoo for Men

Due to its delicate yet striking use of black and its superb attention to every last detail, this is a masterpiece for tattoo enthusiasts.

Image: @lorenzomoran13

57. Painful Stomach Tattoo for Men

The design of this tattoo design is properly different from the other or regular tattoos. The artist uses different color combinations to draw this masterpiece.

Image: @ivan.perezc

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58. Motorcycle Stomach Tattoo for Men

Show your creative side to everyone with this motorcycle stomach tattoo. It looks well on all skin tones because of the deep black ink and its perfect light shading.

Image: @leetattooxii

59. Tree Stomach Tattoo for Men

Many people are motivated by the symbolism linked with a tree tattoo, which stands for longevity and connectivity. You can get this kind of Tattoo on the left or right side of your stomach.

Image: @petemoshiertattooer

60. Rose Stomach Tattoo for Men

The rose represents passion, agony, and beauty, and this type of Tattoo can be drawn in a variety of ways, from vivid and realistic finishes to straightforward outlines.

Image: @thadstrength

61. Illuminati Stomach Tattoo for Men

The stomach is one of the most painful places to get tattooed, but because of the space, it is also a flexible region. This Tattoo is perfectly complementing the skin tone of the wearer.

Image: @nxe_xiner

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62. Panther Head Stomach Tattoo for Men

Panther head ink is a representation of unrestrained power, sovereignty, and freedom. This is the Tattoo to get if you want one that covers your whole upper stomach.

Image: @americanvintageoc

63. Realistic Stomach Tattoo for Men

This will catch your focus if you’re the one who works out and like bigger tattoos. The artist created this design flawlessly near the area around the navel.

Image: @hiakink

64. Sternum Stomach Tattoo for Men

The sternum stomach tattoo is the right choice for someone who wants a tattoo they can cover up at work and flaunt afterward. Men often have a flatter surface to deal with, which might ease the procedure a little.

Image: @tattoosbyrobyn

65. Botanical Stomach Tattoo for Men

These types of lower stomach tattoo designs are complicated and difficult to draw. The artist draws each detail of the Tattoo very neatly with little black shading.

Image: @rebelsnsaintstattoo

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66. Demon Monkey Dude Stomach Tattoo for Men

The Tattoo of a demon monkey is linked to Chinese tradition. This Tattoo may be drawn in a variety of vibrant colors, but the tattoo artist chose a black tone to give the design a more alluring appearance.

Image: @nobodysbusinesstattoo

67. Lettering Stomach Tattoo for Men

Lettering stomach tattoo is a kind of writing used in Old English that dates back to the 12th century in western Europe.

Image: @bo7atattoos

68. Healed Stomach Tattoo for Men

Use your creativity while coming up with your design; it might cover the entire stomach or just a little portion. Everyone will appreciate your individuality with this Tattoo since it is so striking.

Image: @teeganhalstead_tattoo

69. Bull Stomach Tattoo for Men

This Tattoo is a great option and can honor your inner power, regardless of how you decide to get this artwork. This Tattoo highlights the violent and dangerous part of your personality.

Image: @mallory_tatu_

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70. Cobra Snake Stomach Tattoo for Men

Show your fearless side to the audience with a cobra tattoo. The dark black ink in this Tattoo gives the whole Tattoo a bold look.

Image: @andrewstonetattoo

71. Drippy Trippy Flower Stomach Tattoo for Men

See the beauty of this drippy trippy flower tattoo. It looks like the flower is melting like a candle. The amazing structure made in this center is something that captures the whole show.

Image: @inked.by.rose

72. Dolls Stomach Tattoo for Men

Are you looking for a tattoo to inscribe on your body? Get this beautiful doll stomach tattoo that is made precisely with clean lines.

Image: @horikei_hakodate

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73. Nataraja Stomach Tattoo for Men

The Nataraja tattoo depicts the stunning dancing pose of Lord Shiva. See how beautifully the tattoo artist has inscribed the excellent dancing position of Lord Shiva.

Image: @lauragascoynee_tattoo

74. Lord Vishnu Stomach Tattoo for Men

Having a lord Vishnu tattoo on your stomach means that you have a protector to help you in your good times. This amazing art pays tribute to the most diverse culture, Hinduism.

Image: @luke_satoru

75. Spartans Stomach Tattoo for Men

Show your fearless side to the audience with a cobra tattoo. The dark black ink in this tattoo gives the whole tattoo a bold look.

Image: @inkmasters_tattoo_studio

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Should One Get Ready For A Tattoo On The Stomach?

If you have a tattoo on the stomach, avoid eating before the procedure. Follow the aftercare recommendations for the tattoos to lessen pain and the risk of problems.

How Long Does It Take For A Stomach Tattoo To Recover?

It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for the skin’s visible outer layer to recover from a tattoo. It might take up to 6 months for the skin beneath a tattoo to properly heal, even though it could appear and feel healed.

How Do You Take A Shower While Your Stomach Has A Fresh Tattoo?

The slightest amount of moisture on your Tattoo seems To be ok, but it shouldn’t be immersed in water or exposed to running water for an extended length of time. 

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