27 Heart tattoo Ideas And Designs That Will Make You Feel Love

With the trend of tattoos began, heart tattoo are the ever-popular choice. It is suitable for both men and women.

It is perhaps popular as there is no better significance than a heart to show affection or love towards your partner. The heart tattoo shows numerous things and also has multiple significance.

27 Heart tattoo Ideas And Designs That Will Make You Feel Love

Every heart tattoo design has its meaning with different styles and shapes. The design might vary from small to large and are inked in different categories.

However, the modern world no longer follows these trends, but you can use these tattoos to denote a meaning close to you by representing your style .

The Best Heart Tattoo Ideas Are:

1. Girls With Heart Tattoos

The matching tattoo design for girls is one of the most extraordinary symmetrical responses. The bond showing minimalist tattoo design gives a gorgeous look to the whole artwork.

The couples also tend to draw matching or similar designs on the wrist. Given its minimalist artwork, one can get different styles with the addition of initials.

heart tattoo

Image: @miss_inkerbell_tattooartist

2. Fineline Wings And Heart Tattoos

You will often find heart tattoos adorned with wings, whichever suits your fancy. The purpose of adding wings to a heart tattoo symbolizes a free spirit and freedom.

Some people like attaching wings to their heart tattoos because it represents the pure love and joy they feel in their hearts. The outlined design on the forearm gives a unique and stylish look to the tattoo.

heart tattoo

Image: @maritzka. ttt

3. Dark Black Heart-Melting Tattoos

The bold black ink melting heart tattoo with seamless background shows a tribute to someone or sadness.

The tattoo concept on foot is unique and inspires your creativity by giving a meaningful reason. An enhanced look makes the style distinctive as a sign of grief and mourning.

heart tattoo

Image: @coffincow

4. Rose Heart Tattoos On Shoulder

With inspiration to new ink, having a basic black outline in a beautiful and delicate option gives a vintage look.

The cute rose addition at the outlined heart gives a feminine look to the shoulder tattoo. Representing a new beginning as the extraordinary artwork gives a distinctive look to the whole idea.

heart tattoo

Image: @choya_tattoo

5. Doll And Heart Tattoos

Dolls dressed up for a day in a heart tattoo are a perfect accessory to the art. The tattoo can show appreciation for your love for dolls.

The fine detailing with shading effect to create the cutest tattoo makes a perfect accessory to the sweet little artwork.

heart tattoo

Image: @mariapeligro.tattoo

6. Antique Heart Tattoos Design

The cupid arrow with red and gold ink strikes your fantastic choice and represents truce and friendship. With a distinguished look, the tattoo can signify different things from strength and relationship to moving forward.

It can opt for one of the most resonating and extremely common designs showing toughness and courage.

heart tattoo

Image: @siihee.tattoo

7. Infinity Heart Tattoo

The infinity heart tattoo also represents till death do us apart. Expressing never-ending and limitless love for the tattoo combines iconic symbols.

The design helps to show a sign of commitment, and it can also be an interpretation of the primary meaning of eternity. The black inked tattoo represents love giving it a statement.

heart tattoo

Image: @nabink.tattoo

8. Heart And Face Tattoo

The design is incredible and eye-catching. The heart and face tattoo has a powerful meaning. Getting a crying heart tattoo on the shoulder indicates sadness and could represent the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or heartbreak.

The bold black ink gives a designer look to the whole artwork with fine detailing for the face look.

heart tattoo

Image: @demeter_artt

9. Crying Heart Tattoo Design

Interrupted as a symbol for the crying heart tattoo shows a broken heart and the loss of someone close to you. A sign of heartbreak and a love affair that no longer burns shows a distinctive look.

The bold black ink art on the thigh gives an eye-catching statement to your skin.

heart tattoo

Image: @fatkattattnj

10. Palm Trees Heart Tattoo

The palm trees are also known as trees for life. Trying the ideal beach vacation or walking through the beach gives a distinctive look.

As a sign of eternity, the genuine virtues in life, the palm trees in heart shape show your deep understanding of happiness and freedom.

heart tattoo

Image: @smthptr

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11. Heart Locket And Key Tattoo

Lock and heart-designed tattoos come as a sign of very positive meaning. Most people use this design when it wishes to show love for someone close to them.

The lock usually means that one person exists in your life. The intricate detailing enhances the overall look.

Locket And Key Tattoos

Image: @tatmagic118

12.Heart Locket And Key Tattoo

A black heart and eye are a sign of sad loss for a person wearing one. The tattoo is mainly associated with death or grief. It is a very creative and exciting piece of art.

It resembles a maze, and if you notice, some pointers will lead you out of it too.

Locket And Key Tattoos

Image: @torcheart

13. Heart Tattoo On Wrist 

The heart tattoo outlined on the wrist gives a lot of reasons to discuss. First, the black ink style conveys a strong message with minimal fuss.

With sketching, one can have distinguished meaning for the wearer. Finally, making it look stunning for the tattoo helps you with a commitment to the other.

Tattoos On Wrist 

Image: @alexiart_official

14. Three Heart Tattoo On Wrist

A three-heart red-inked tattoo on the wrist signifies your past, present, and future. The tattoo mainly refers to love.

The red ink on the wrist shows passion, love, friendship, remembrance, and adoration. It can be inked as friends getting a similar tattoo or matching couple design.

Three Tattoos On Wrist

Image: @vergastattoo

15. Red And Black Heart Tattoos On Back

The color of your chosen heart tattoo for the back represents several different things. Red represents passion and love, whereas black is a sign of sorrow, and grief gives a definite meaning to the artwork.

The stunning look with different hearts comes as a trendy choice.

 Red And Black Tattoos On Back

Image: @bobboinks

16. Couple In Heart Forearm Tattoo

A cute way to show off your love to your partner. By staying glammed up, the forearm tattoo reminds you of the most sentimental and romantic types.

The creative and most beautiful art inked on the forearm looks excellent and gives a perfect sign for the wearer. 

Couple In Forearm Tattoos

Image: @rachktattoo

17. Fingerprint Small Heart Tattoo

The fingerprint design in a small heart shape gives a beautiful tribute to the tattoo. The black inked design is a perfect look with tattoo inspiration making two fingerprints together.

The real reason for making a variation in the heart gives a special meaning to the whole tattoo art.  

Fingerprint Small  Tattoos

Image: @xronis_avramis

18. Traditional Heart Tattoo On Ankle

The traditional heart tattoo is a design that shows romance, and the meaning gets different when inked with additional elements.

The particular importance given to the traditional art style is considered happy, passionate, and loving combinations. The addition of colors to the art also makes it look attractive. 

Traditional Tattoos On Ankle

Image: @der_schrei

19. Heart Tattoos On Palm

The heart tattoo on the palm represents self-love. Encircled by thorns, the heart-shaped design on the palm denotes one’s capacity to keep them pushing ahead in life.

With distinctive features of authority, energy, and persistence, the tattoo gives a fantastic look to the wearer. 

 Tattoos On Palm

Image: @tattoosbyserenity

20. Watercolor Heart Tattoos

The bright and vivid shades make several subtle colors create a classic watercolor look. The heart tattoo inked in colorful colors comes as a sign of love and passion.

The incredible inking style with a vivid number of subtle color gradients is frequently connected with the wearer. 

Watercolor Tattoos

Image: @nothisisnoms

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21. Heart Sand Flowers Ankle Tattoos

The heart typically represents love, passion, and desire. The heart with arrows pierced through it means the same thing shows intense love, happiness, and beauty.

Considering emotions, the heart and flower tattoo on the ankle gives a selective look to the tattoo. The bold red colors make the tattoo attractive.

 Sand Flowers Ankle Tattoos

Image: @inkpatcham

22. Flower Heart Tattoos On Hand

A heart tattoo represents deep love or personal loss. With a unique look, the tattoo brings special meaning to the wearer. Showing commitment, mindfulness, joy, and beauty, the tattoo of a floral heart gives a stunning look.

The tattoo looks attractive yet beautiful when inked in red. 

Flower Tattoos On Hand

Image: @tattoo_lucia

23. Cute Heart Tattoos On Leg

There are many variations of having a heart tattoo, and each design has a special meaning. With a sign of trust, love, passion, emotion, and courage, the brave red-colored twin hearts inked on the leg gives a definite appeal.

In addition, the most popular cute design helps enhance the overall look of the tattoo. 

Cute Tattoos On Leg

Image: @boomerang_tattooshop

24. Shaded Heart Tattoos On Back

The unique design of the shaded heart gives a never-ending cycle for the unique design. A heart tattoo can represent deep love or personal loss.

The distinct look is a cute symbol of passion chosen by both men and women. The tattoo inked alongside an array of meanings gives a different look. 

Shaded Tattoos On Back

Image: @foreverinktattoo

25. Rose And Heart Tattoos Design

All the rose designs mean perfection, and the tattoo gives different meanings with different shades of color.

Heart tattoos have many purposes, and the tattoo design can be as simple as expressing love or desire. The tattoo represents the delicate beauty of the whole art. 

Rose Tattoos Design

Image: @azbtattoo9

26. Geometric Heart Tattoos On Arm

A geometric heart tattoos often portrays various values showing distinctive meaning. The beauty of the design lies in its simplicity and originality.

Featuring geometric art is simple and compact and is an excellent option if you want to promote the idea of living with love and harmony with one another. 

Geometric Tattoos On Arm

Image: @modul.schwarz

27. Pretty Flower Heart Tattoos Design

The pretty flower heart design is an entirely feminine one. It features black and white flowers formatted into the shape of a heart with no outline.

These look very girlish and cheerful. The black heart tattoo design represents a precious time that is lost forever and may serve to remind you of the beautiful memories all through your life.

Pretty Flower Tattoos Design

Image: @benluketattoo

Frequently Asked Question

What Does The Heart Symbolize?

The heart is the locus of physical and spiritual being and represents the central wisdom of feeling. It is compassion and understanding, life-giving and complex.

It is a symbol of love. Often known as the seat of emotions, the heart is synonymous with affection.

What Does A Three Heart Tattoos Mean?

A three-heart tattoo design represents one’s love of the past, the present, and the future. The three heart tattoo represents passions in life and one’s ever-changing motivations.

What Does A Heart Tattoos Symbolize?

 The heart tattoos idea is often considered as being passionate,happy, and loving tattoo design. However, the color of your chosen heart can represent several different things. 

What Does A Rose Tattoos Mean?

A rose tattoo shows affection towards your partner and love won or lost, has been popular throughout the ages as a symbol of the highest level of passion. 

What Does The Heart And infinity Tattoos Mean?

The two hearts and infinity symbol is another popular variation of the infinity heart tattoos. This design represents the idea that love is infinite and everlasting.

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