55 Appealing Sternum Tattoo Ideas And Designs To Create Magic

If you are in search of eye-catching and attractive ink, the under-boob tattoo (Sternum tattoo) may be the right choice for you. It has become trendy in recent years, or it could just be the versatility of attracting new clients.

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55 Appealing Sternum Tattoo Ideas And Designs To Create Magic

The location lends itself to a wide variety of options, sometimes big and bold, sometimes small and subtle. These versatile tattoos can be easy to conceal and equally easy to show off.

Sternum Tattoo Design Includes:

1. Lotus Flower Sternum Tattoo

Lotus flowers represent enlightenment. They are linked to Hinduism and Buddhism, with Christians also using it in their faith. The open bud of the lotus symbolizes awareness and openness.

The white symbolizes purity of heart and the ability to remain faithful.

Image: @inkbycristina

2. Dot-Work Lotus Flower Sternum Tattoo

The lotus tattoo represents mindfulness and the tattoo stands for grace and purity. The unique and customized lotus sternum tattoo inked with fine line detailing and distinctive look represents enlightenment.

As a symbol of attractiveness, the tattoo design makes the style look distinctive and elegant. 

Image: @wecanberainbows.bink

3. Mandala Sternum Design

Get a tattoo and make sure the compliments come your way. Easily combined can build Mandala tattoos over a design, and it is best to show off!

The tattoo does not take up too much area on your body, and you can add it below the breast. There is no doubt that a tattoo will make a real piece of art. 

Image: @mangsitattoo

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4. Beautiful Mandala Sternum Tattoo

The sternum tattoo is pretty awesome inked in the center. A lovely vibe with unique and customized design reflects balance, perfection and eternity.

With sacred meanings in culture, the particularly popular cultural variation adds a touch of uniqueness to any outfit with showing off tattoo design. It can also be easily covered and gives a bold look. 

Image: @geoska

5. Realistic Rose Sternum Tattoo

Roses are the most iconic flower design, and the petal bloom of the rose is compared to the emotional openings. Making it exciting and meaningful for black ink’s bold and vivid color creates the styling appeal.

It represents duality, betrayal, and rebirth. 

Image: @jackalope.22

6. Black And White Rose Sternum Tattoo

With the highest level of passion, the rose tattoo shows beauty in the balance with emotions to embrace the black and white tattoo ink.

There is no other design to replicate the artwork inked on the sternum. With black and white shading, the tattoo gives a desirable look to the overall appeal. 

Image: @finlayyb

7. Butterfly Tattoo For Sternum

Butterflies are beautiful, and the design represents freedom and transformation. If you want to show off your butterfly tattoo, a tattoo artist explains the attractiveness tattoo represents.

With the distinctive appeal, the cameo-style frame of the butterfly inked in black gives a unique look. 

Image: @binitattoo_eglinton_yonge

8. Half Flower Half Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

The butterfly and flower tattoos represent beauty, love, and attraction and convey symbolic meaning. Moreover, the intricate detailing with black ink gives the whole tattoo idea a desperate look. 

Image: @tc.tattoos

9. Dragon Line-Art Sternum Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are a symbol of mystical power. After selecting a design, the intricate black ink detailing gives a practical and distinguished outcome that enhances the whole artwork.

In addition, the detailed linework makes the style decent and attractive in a unique way. 

Image: @catscratch_tattoo

10. Red Ink Dragon Sternum Tattoo

Red is a color that signifies passion, strength, and love. Red dragon tattoos are typically Chinese or tribal-style tattoos. The red ink on a dragon shows not just strength, but also it has magical powers.

The distinguished design gives a unique look to the whole tattoo idea. 

Image: @foxx.teeth_

11. Snake Design Sternum Tattoo

The intimate and dynamic tattoo design featuring a small snake on the sternum helps you celebrate the start of a new cycle.

Representing strength and intelligence to the simple snake tattoo gives a delicate and distinguished artwork enhancing the whole look. 

Image: @vldc_tattoo

12. Two Snake Sternum Tattoo

The intimate and dynamic tattoo design featuring a small snake on the sternum helps you celebrate the start of a new cycle.

Representing strength and intelligence to the simple snake tattoo gives a delicate and distinguished artwork enhancing the whole look. 

Image: @taylorcowentattoos

13. Lunar And Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

The lunar cycle going from full moon to crescent moon with the addition of butterflies is the favorite critter. With magical vibes, the famous tattoo design idea with similar shapes to the lunar cycle gives a delicate tattoo appeal.

Make the design in black ink to show the tattoo a distinguished appearance. 

Image: @ju.tatto0

14. Sun And Moon Sternum Tattoo

The gorgeous place to get a tattoo inked is the sternum. The sun and moon tattoo represents two opposing powers such as life and death, good and bad, femininity and masculinity.

The black and white dotwork intricate detailed design gives a styling look to the whole artwork. 

Image: @ink_era_tattoo

15. Dagger Traditional Sternum Tattoo

The traditional design generally represents bravery, triumph, or overcoming demons or obstacles, wildly if the dagger or sword is stabbing the snake.

With colorful ink, the bold tattoo design gives intricate detailing to enhance the overall look. 

Image: @anthony_mealie

16. Traditional Angel Sternum Tattoo

Traditional tattoos are a classy choice, and the design looks great on the sternum. Feature iconic appeal for the striking black ink art symbolizes attractiveness.

With the scripted version of your choice, you can add different elements to the tattoo. 

Image: @greeneye_tattoos

17. Wolf Head Sternum Tattoo

The wolf tattoo represents the spiritual protection, strength, loyalty, and true nature of a wolf. It can also symbolize family, devotion, love, and luck. The vast black ink design on the sternum gives a striking tattoo design. 

Image: @kerlynweaver

18. Detailed Bat Sternum Tattoo

Giving a tough and girly vibe for the tattoo design, the bat can be upside down with impressive wings. Bat tattoos can mean many things to the people who choose to wear them.

In addition, the bold black ink design gives a styling look to the whole art, making it a desirable look. 

Image: @nebraska_jellybeans

19. Geometric Watercolor Sternum Tattoo

The watercolor design is a versatile technique, and the abstract look in triangular shape is one of the most popular designs.

The addition of bold colors enhances the eye tattoo style inside the triangular shape giving it a unique and diligent appeal. 

Image: @seanmillertattoos

20. Flower Bat Sternum Tattoo

Some of my favorite floral tattoo designs work when getting one inked. The addition of flowers to the bat makes the style attractive and unique with an illustrative look.

In addition, the abstract shape design enhances the look and makes the design look adorable and unique. 

Image: @megan_reckless

21. Skull With Dot-Work Tattoo

A bull skull tattoo can represent strength, death, protection, and courage. The black outlined design gives a dangerous and popular content for the tattoo design and enhances the appeal with a distinguished look with a selective appeal. 

Image: @ellsy_pulltattoos

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22. Snake And Skull Sternum Tattoo

A sternum snake tattoo can help you celebrate the start of a new cycle. Snakes can represent temptation, a new beginning, or the cycle of life and the outlined design enhances the tattoo look with a distinguished appeal.

Getting a stylish look makes the tattoo attractive. 

Image: @ez_eee_tattoo

23. Hawk Bird Sternum Tattoo

With a variety of design ideas, the bird tattoos with open wings is a great idea. The design idea inked on the style with a distinguished look enhances the tattoo design and is a great way to experience the overall look.

In addition, the intricate black detailing makes the tattoo stylish. 

Image: @tattooist_eheon

24. Crane Tattoo

The crane tattoo is often a symbol of a successful and loyal marriage. In addition, Crane symbolizes beauty, grace, peace, happiness, and longevity. The open wing crane tattoo gives a deliberate look to the style. 

Image: @stephen_tattooing_

25. Bee With Flower Sternum Tattoo

A bee tattoo stands for loyalty. These tiny insects are loyal to other beehive members and the queen. Being a symbol of feminine solid leadership and power, the tattoo design in the diamond shape with flowers gives a styling look. 

Image: @eli_new_zoomtattoo

26. Giant Bee Sternum Tattoo Design

The tattoo design of the giant bee gives a delicate look with black ink. The increasingly popular tattoo represents spirit input, inspiration, wisdom, and divine love.

The underboob style shows the reward of hard work and family, making the style look decent. 

Image: @na_ink

27. Ornamental Dagger Sternum Tattoo

The dagger represents betrayal, loss, and danger, but it is also seen as a symbol of protection, sacrifice, and bravery. The ornamental dagger gives a styling look to the sternum design.

With the distinctive look of the sword with a moth, the tattoo gives a stunning look in black color. 

Image: @crushedclub

28. Sternum Artistic Tattoo Design

Dot style is an excellent way to show off your shape. They seem simple, but there is a lot you can do with a dot style. With minimalist art and no personal meaning, the dot style gives a distinguished sense to the whole artwork.

With intricate detailing, the interesting tattoo looks elegant. 

Image: @ladyhans

29. Bold Sternum Tattoo

A sternum tattoo is an excellent way to show off your shape. You can add up different designs to make your tattoo look decent.

With a distinguished look, the sternum tattoo inked in the bold black color is one of the fabulous designs and looks attractive. 

Image: @xandria.tattoos

30. Minimal Sternum Tattoo Design

The moon symbolizes female power, transition, creativity, growth, and the deep meaning associated. The tattoo inked on the sternum gives a unique and distinctive look as a symbol of creativity and growth.

With small ink, the design provides an appealing look. 

Image: @cheyannerussell96

31. Fine-Line Flower Tattoo

A unique and sexy tattoo design inked with love and passion symbolizes a romantic pairing. In addition, the tattoo represents grace, affection, and gratitude.

The outline design features a look to enhance the style and make it versatile. 

Image: @divinefeminine_tattoo

32. Fine-Line Bamboo Sternum Tattoo Design

The design is placed on the dot tattoo representing success over challenges and hardships. The fine dots inked on the sternum gives an incredible art style with black ink.

The small yet awesome tattoo is one of the simple design ideas. 

Image: @the_last_bamboo_tattoo

33. Tribal Black Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are a rite of passage in many cultures. With remarkable beauty, the symmetrical significance of a simple tattoo represents your heart.

The bold black ink style looks perfect and is a mythical look with exceedingly popular design. 

Image: @_orangulu_

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34. Innovative Tribal Sternum Tattoo Design

The wing-style tattoo is a popular selection among women for underboob design. The majorly extinct symbol of cultural heritage gives an epic design idea.

While adding color to the tattoo gives a little unusual style idea. 

Image: @boom.inks

35. Wording And Sword Sternum Tattoo

Amor Fati is a phrase translated for love of fate. The tattoo design represents the self-confidence of a girl and her power. The Latin expression inked with dagger gives ethical and political significance to the tattoo idea.  

Image: @uglybaebae

36. Lettering Tattoo Design

The sternum tattoo is an expression of freedom for people who will get such ink designs. The delicate script is a great way to feel empowered with body adornment.

With the most superior quality, the connection with the realistic appeal can lend itself to anything making it a popular choice. Obsessively marking the tattoos on the gigantic place, the sternum design looks excellent. 

Image: @dre_made_tattoo_

37. Watercolor Constellation Sternum Tattoo

The versatile technique is a popular choice that includes plenty of whimsical and delicate artwork. The bright and vivid watercolor sternum tattoo inked on the sternum gives a distinctive look.

It is a great way to achieve the goals with freehand art. A blend of different hues creates a bright and bold shade. 

Image: @jamminjamon_tattoos

38. Mandala Elegant Tattoo

The sternum mandala tattoo with a variation of design gives a trendy style. The enchanting designs with different shapes and sizes have advanced to allow fine line work.

With a collection of intricate detailing, the tattoos make the style look decent and elegant on the sternum in black ink. 

Image: @reignsupremetattoostudio

39. Little Sternum Tooth Tattoo

As a popular choice, the tooth fairy pouch honoring emblem is muscular and can withstand excellent healing. Mending a kind of bling that you cannot take off at the end of the day takes off the favorite saying.

You can give a decent look with the addition of a tooth to the style. 

Image: @kandikotton

40. Leave Sternum Tattoo

The versatile and stunning tattoo style of leaves placed on the women’s cleavage gives a dynamic and irresistible look.

The leaves tattoo just an outline of renounced emotions, undying hope, grace, beauty, imperfections, and freedom. With a distinctive look, the tattoo gives a stunning look

Image: @hello.magali.o

41. Olive Sternum Tattoo

The olive branches are a popular and meaningful tattoo idea. It is a symbol of prosperity and peace, and the tattoo design is a sign to say something to show that you want to end a disagreement.

With new rounds of negotiation, it is something to offer an adversary in the hope of obtaining peace. 

Image: @vergissmeinnicht_tattoo

42. Heart Sternum Tattoo

For some people, the tattoo can mean severe disorder, and determining the exact order of base makes the style look decent.

The concept of adding biological heart design with the addition of DNA gives an enhanced style look. It makes an incredible art in bold black ink. 

Image: @__mimi__tattoo__

43. Mushroom Tattoo

Mushroom tattoos are often represented as a symbol of power, and inking them on the body gives a detailed look.

Mushroom tattoos can represent influential people or help inspire you to be more assertive in life. The simple yet elegant design makes the tattoo appeal unique. 

Image: @dukeblosser

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44. Little Lotus Sternum Tattoo

Lotus flowers symbolize several things, making them unique and highly personal tattoos. In general, the flower represents rising above temptation and becoming a better person.

In addition, the little lotus tattoo gives an improved look to the overall artwork. 

Image: @nahmoojungwon

45. Scorpion Sternum Tattoo

The sleek and clean design that women possess and appreciate intimidation to express strength and the ability to control and protect. As a symbol of protection and warriors for life, the scorpion tattoo on the sternum gives a refined look.

Image: @mama.cass.tattoo

46. Spider Sternum Tattoo

Spider tattoo shows danger, art, balance, female power, despair, and life, to name a few. The tattoo design inked on the sternum gives a stylish look to the body ink.

Making it a realistic look, the addition of the web makes it unique and stunning in bold black ink. 

Image: @aliceinashes_

47. Dragon And Snake Sternum Tattoo

The dragon and snake are a symbol of balance. While dragons represent the wild and passionate, the snake represents nature’s quiet and cunning side.

The sternum design inked in black and red with outlined detailing gives an elegant look to the overall style. 

Image: @remedytattoofl

48. Flower Sternum Tattoo

Presenting the duality of life, the flower tattoo inked on the sternum shows betrayal, birth, and beauty. Compared with one of the most popular tattoo designs, the popular design among flowers looks fantastic and gives a distinctive look. 

Image: @ohhh_okay_sure

49. Ornamental Fine Line Sternum Tattoo

Looking to be adorned, the ornamental tattoo design inked on the sternum represents the purity of the soul or reincarnation.

The bold black ink design with intricately detailed look and fine line work makes the tattoo look distinctive. The distinctive tattoo design helps manage the overall appeal. 

Image: @sacredhearttattoo

50. Dragon Sternum Tattoo Design

The fierce mythological creature known as a dragon has many positive meanings; in many cultures, they symbolize good fortune and bring luck to the wearer.

In addition, the dragon with wings opens and is inked in black, making the tattoo appear attractive. 

Image: @mattangelltattoos

51. Tiny Heart Sternum Tattoo

These are predominantly worn by women who are afraid of needles. It is something that is made easy and quick. The tattoo design with an outline represents inner peace, commitment, and love for the other person.

Giving a desirable appeal to the tattoo helps enhance the overall ideal look. 

Image: @_lunanegraaa

52. Wing Sternum Tattoo

The outstretched wings are famous, representing the ability to transcend time and space. The crescent moon serves as a bow with an arrow tattoo and is a powerful symbol.

The wing tattoo’s bold black ink style enhances limitations to represent dreams, infinite space, and exploration. 

Image: @liquid_impact_tattoo

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53. Black Skull Sternum Tattoo

The skull tattoo design is a sign of overcoming difficulties or death. Showing the wearer’s strength, power, and protection for the tattoo design inked in bold and bright black color became a trend.

A fantastic way to enhance the look gives a sternum tattoo a decent look. 

Image: @electric_thumbs

54. Ornamental Leaf Sternum Tattoo

The meaning of ornamental leaf symbolizes friendship, growth, and hope. Therefore, keeping the scrolling with the traditional symbol of darkness, wisdom, and mystery with ornamental leaf gives an enhanced look.

In addition, the shading effect with black and grey color gives a desirable look. 

Image: @vanngucci

55. Fish Sternum Tattoo

A school of fish fills in the space on the bottom, while the top of the design features curved lines that represent waves and sea birds. The outlined design work makes the style look distinctive and appealing.

In addition, the freehand fish tattoo design gives an adorable look to the sternum with a stylish appeal. 

Image: @natisse_tattoos

Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Chest Tattoo Symbolize?

Chest tattoos are symbolic for the wearer in that they present themselves face forward. For men, a full chest tattoo is a hallmark of masculinity, strength, and power, plus a personal touch regarding the size and design.

Is A Chest Tattoo A Good Idea?

Getting a large chest tattoo is highly popular among those who develop a well-toned, muscular body. Tattoos on the chest, shoulders, abdomen look eye catchy so if you have a shaped body.

You must try tattoos on these placements because it will enhance the beauty of these body arts. 

How Painful Is A Cleavage Tattoo?

The underboob area is a sensitive spot, so you can expect this one to hurt. Tattoos can vary in pain, depending on the style you’re getting, the kind of artist you’re with, and the kind of method they use.

Where Is The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo?

The most painful spots to get a tattoo are your ribs, spine, fingers, and shins. The minor sore spots to get a tattoo are your forearms, stomach, and outer thighs.

Do Chest Tattoos Hurt More Than Ribs?

Chest tattoos tend to be more painful due to their proximity to the ribs and sternum bone.

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