30 Lovely and Delightful Poppy Flower Tattoo Ideas and Design

Flower tattoos have become a popular choice because of the appeal and many people like flowers, and it is the symbol of natural beauty. One such flower, which is a rare one but a beautiful tattoo choice for flower tattoos, is the cup-shaped poppy flower. These flowers can be found in various parts of the world. You must have heard of the seed of the poppy; these have been used for sleep, death and peace since ancient times. In addition, some drugs can be extracted from this flower, like opium and morphine.

30 Lovely and Delightful Poppy Flower Tattoo Ideas and Design

There are plenty of ways of doing the poppy flower, and we will throw light on all the options you can go for. However, the most common choice is the red color poppy flowers.

The poppy flower is also placed on tombstones, and on them, it is to represent eternal sleep.

In ancient times it was used for soldiers that had sacrificed their lives in wartime. Moreover, the red poppy that is found in California is the state flower and national flower of Albania.

These flowers are also a great way to show the relationship between life and death.

Poppy Flower Tattoos 

1. Upside-down Poppy Flower Tattoo

The classic pink upside-down single stem poppy is a beautiful tattoo. These upside-down tattoos look in an excellent position to the bearer but not to any other person, and this is an unusual way to get a tattoo as most people get a tattoo that looks straight from a 3rd person’s point of view.It looks like a miniature windmill, the one children use for playing.

Image: @artevidatattooink

2. Spotted Red Poppy Tattoo

The deep blood red used in this flower makes the tattoo look visually appealing, and the black lining used in it looks terrific—the contrast of red and black looks impressive in tattoo styles. The pistil is also made here with intricate detailing and skill. 

Image: @catalysttattoosg

3. Traditional Style Poppy Flower Tattoo

You can even have the flower made without the stem, and the orange color is also a good one to use in this flower tattoo. The design and variant in shading are also done beautifully.

Image: @shanlouisetattoos

4. Outlined Behind Ear Poppy Tattoo

Behind the ear has become a popular tattoo choice among people now, and it says something about your personality that you are outspoken and bold. Because this is a body part that is not easy to hide if you do not want the show of your tattoo, and this one done here is done in simple black sketch white looks great with white tone because of the contrast. So if you like minimalistic tattoos, you can go for this one.

Image: @xixi.t2

5. Simple Outlined Poppy Flower Tattoo

Here is abstract art on the poppy flower with simple outline work. Black and white tattoos look amazing in which the negative space adds to the tattoo design. You can get a similar forearm tattoo where the flower looks like it is made of a paper cut.

Image: @o_tattoo_studio

6. Small Ankle Poppy Flower Tattoo

Here is the painting style poppy flower with a full-grown flower and a bud, bringing new opportunity to new life. This tattoo shows a wise use of the negative space from the bearer’s skin tone.

Image: @denovo.ink

7.  Poppy Flower Tattoo With The Heartbeat ECG Stem

This is a doodle-looking kind of tattoo and animatedly made more. You must have seen a similar sort of flower used in cartoons to represent the autumn season. You can get a similar-looking poppy flower tattoo if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo style. The end of the stem is made in a unique way by using a heartbeat looking on an ECG machine.

Image: @acee.tattoos

8. Red Poppy Stem Tattoo

Here is a beautiful-looking flower with a small bud of the flower about to bloom. A new bud of a flower is the symbol of unique opportunity and new beginnings.

Image: @stefanopetrellatattoo

9. Beautiful Poppy Foot Flower Tattoo

This is another variation of how you can do the poppy flower tattoo with an eye in the pistil, and the flower looks more like a doodle. You can even get it in the form of a freehand drawing done by someone.

Image: @audberry_tattoo

10. Watercolor Poppy Flower Tattoo Designs

You are in the right place if you like realistic tattoos, as we might have something here for you. Here is a skillfully made real-looking poppy flower tattoo in which the flower and the leaves are made with intricate detailing and sound design. If you like such tattoos, you can take inspiration from the one below.

Image: @seolheetattoo

11. Matching Poppy Flower Tattoos For Couples

You can also get the poppy tattoo design as a couple of tattoos or in a pair. For example, look at the tattoo done below with different flowers made with poppy seeds. And this one is a geometric tattoo idea with two little black triangles added to it. So if you are looking for matching flower tattoos, get one like this.

Image: @walt_tattoo_mke

12. Large Poppy Flower Painting Tattoo

Do you like watercolor paintings? If yes, you can get a tattoo in the watercolor painting style. For example, a tattoo is done in a watercolor painting manner. The red coming out of the flower matches significantly with the flower’s symbolic meaning for death, and the red may show the blood spilled. The red color looks like it is splashed here, and the idea of a sleek stem compliments the prominent tattoo perfectly. The single red poppy flower is the most infamous one among all designs.

Image: @_jsem_pocmarana_

13. Minimal Black Outline Poppy Flower Tattoo

Here is another simple, minimalistic tattoo idea for you; if you like a simple tattoo or your first tattoo and do not want too much ink on yourself, go for this tattoo.

Image: @sci.ink.tist

14. Friendship Poppy Flower Tattoo

Simple sketches of flowers or minimalistic tattoos look fantastic, and black goes amazing with light skin tone as it creates a fabulous contrast. Look at two different ways of doing this tattoo below. 

Image: @sci.ink.tist

15. Black and White Poppy Tattoo With An Eye 

Here is a rare-looking tattoo idea that you can choose because an eye is added right in the center of the flower’s pistil. Small lines are added to the whole tattoo to make it a little different, and the single eye that is added is the symbol of God’s eye that is watching over everyone.

Image: @ashevillecrafttattoo

16. One Line Beautiful Poppy Flower Tattoo

You can even get a drawing tattoo your child made for you; for instance, look at the tattoo below that looks like a simple freehand drawing. The leaves show that the flower is about to bloom.

Image: @johnb.designs

17. Red And Black Flower Poppy Tattoo

A black background can be a significant element that you can use for a vibrant red tattoo. The petals are done in such a way that they give them a silky and royal look, and the way black is used around the stem looks stunning.

Image: @woodenfolks

18. Cover Up Painted Poppy Flower Tattoo

You can even get this tattoo if you are looking for a cover tattoo; these tattoos are an excellent option for your scars. Look at the tattoo done below; for instance, the abdomen area scar is covered in a wise way and gracefully. The contrast of the red and green look fabulous, and the flowers are made with good intricate detailing.

Image: @petertikos

19. Unique Arm Poppy Flower Tattoo

An utterly unique black and white using the negative space 3D style abstract tattoo body art. This looks like some abstract painting; if you have a painting that you like in particular, you can show it to your tattoo artist and have your tattoo made in a similar style.

Image: @modul.schwarz

20. Memorial Opium Poppy Flower Tattoo With Quote

In earlier times, the poppy flower was used as a tribute and to pay homage to the soldiers that sacrificed their own lives to save civilians; this tattoo is based on that theme. If you are also grateful to the soldiers who serve us selflessly and relentlessly, you can get a similar tattoo; you may even get this tattoo if you have someone from your family in the army. It is a great way to show appreciation for their service in both cases. 

Image: @kitaarose

21. Full arm Poppy Flower Tattoo with Quote

Here is a kind of sleeve tattoo that can go with the poppy flower, and in it, you can give a meaningful quote written right across the whole arm. If a quote motivates you or has changed your life, then blend it with a poppy flower like it is done below.

Image: @kokeshitattoo

22. Full Colored Poppy Tattoo 

A colorful poppy flower along with a combination of an array of flowers of all sorts is a terrific tattoo option for a rare tattoo and if you are someone that loves flowers. A tattoo like this also extends your personality and tells your relationship with nature.

Image: @wendyarruztattoo

23. Black Poppy Tattoo On Wrist

The black sketch poppy is again a terrific tattoo style; here is another variation that you can use to let ideas pop in your head. These tattoos also look fabulous in the light grey sketch.

Image: @cats.inks

24. Poppy Flowers Bundle On Body Tattoo

You can even get a small bouquet in grey color for a different authentic tattoo. Here tiny seeds and other kinds of leaves are added to the tattoo. The inner arm and the forearm are excellent places for this tattoo.

Image: @misskwan

25. Single Stemmed Poppy Floral  Tattoo

Tiny black dots used for tattoo style is also a unique tattooing style, and the lines add to the look of the flower. Your tattoo artist can also add his creativity to the artistic impression.

Image: @chnikof

26. Red And Black Poppy Flower Tattoo

The red and black is a color contrast that looks amazing in any tattoo, but the combination is used in a slightly different manner because of the hint of colors chosen in this tattoo.

Image: @tattoostudiomorocco

27. 3D Poppy Flower Tattoo

3D tattoos look fantastic, and to get a poppy flower in a 3D style is just a brilliant idea; look at the beautiful body art done below.

Image: @malavida.tattoo

28. Poppy Booty Tattoo Design

If you do not want a single flower, you can go for a bunch of flowers, all done in separate ways. The tattoo done below has a variety of flowers and covers an extensive area from the tattoo. The leg is also an excellent place to get one. You can get a similar tattoo for a perfect accessory to flaunt this summer.

Image: @ouchieink

29. Tiny Ankle Poppy Flower Tattoo Design

Minimalistic and straightforward tattoos have become popular with tattoo enthusiasts; if you want a small tattoo, you can show your tattoo artist this tattoo for ideas.

Image: @sorrymominkoly

30. California Two-colored Poppy Tattoo Design

This is the poppy found in California, so if you are from there or just like the pattern of the flower, then this is a tattoo that you can go for if you are in for a one-of-a-kind tattoo.The purple poppy flowers tattoo looks impressive. You can even try the blue poppy flower tattoo.

Image: @cindi_ink


Are poppy flowers used for drugs?

There is a highly addictive non-synthetic narcotic extracted from this plant and highly consumed by a lot of folks; it is opium. Opium is the main ingredient used to create other highly addictive and harmful narcotics like morphine, codeine, and heroin. Papaver somniferum in the plant is where the opium is found.

What is so special about poppies?

The poppy flower carries a strong message and is a solid message to the patrons as, during the first world war,it was used as a sign of remembrance and was associated with Armistice day. It could be easily seen in the western front.

Is it illegal to pick poppy flowers?

No, in California, it is not, the residents can pick flowers from their private land, and the Eschscholzia californica was declared the state’s official flower on March 2, 1903. So now, this day is officially celebrated as California Poppy Day.

Are poppy flowers edible?

The seeds found in flowers are edible, but all poppies are poisonous in nature. Therefore, only seeds found in the two species which are, Papaver somniferum and Papaver paeoniflorum can be eaten. 

What is the red poppy a symbol of?

The flower has a range of meanings and has been used for death and even peace; other things it is associated with are consolation and remembrance. However, sometimes it can simply mean sleep as the flowers were placed on tombs to represent eternal sleep.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of flower tattoos, then the poppy flower is a pretty fantastic option to get, not only because it looks graceful but has significant meaning attached to it. This post must have given you an idea of all the places and about all the ways in which you can get a poppy flower tattoo.

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