27 Outstanding Fishing Tattoos Ideas For You

Do you like fishing? Do you have a happy memory with your father of going fishing? Then this particular tattoo is for you; if you love seafood and like fish in seafood, then you can go for it. 

27 Outstanding Fishing Tattoos Ideas For You

Today, Tattoo enthusiasts want one-of-a-kind tattoos that define their personality and show their beliefs. So if you were looking for such a different tattoo, then this post is for you, here you can scroll through one of the unique tattoos.

You can get it as a full tattoo, as a sleeve tattoo, or your arm or even on your finger.

27 Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

1. Fish Caught Tattoo

You can get the tattoo when after all the effort and the waiting, a fish is caught, make the rod on one finger and the other end of it where the fish are seen on the other end, so when you place your finger in a particular fashion, it shows the complete tattoo. 

Credit: hammel_ryan

2. Fishing memories Tattoos

You can have a memory of your childhood when you went fishing with your elders; these memories hold a special place in a child’s heart. So if you have such a memory, you can get such a tattoo, like a father and a son sitting with fishing rods in hands and waiting for the fish to get caught.

Credit: tonykellytattoos

3. Forearm Salmon Tattoos

Is salmon your favorite type of fish? If yes, you can have a salmon tattooed on your forearm and show your love for salmon to everybody by getting a tattoo of it, a forearm tattoo looks great

Credit: castorraubadleroriginalo

4. Fisherman Fish Tattoos

The classic fisherman tattoo that all fishermen can have is fishing on various coasts as a means of livelihood. 

Fishermen usually have this tattoo on their forearms to mark their profession.

Credit: omerxtunca

5. Fish On Fish Tattoos

Fish on says fishing is your way of life, and you have to keep on fishing as a part of your daily life routine.

Credit: scottmartintattoos

6. Fishing View Fish Tattoos

If you find the fishing view as the perfect one for you because you love fishing so much, then you can get this tattoo. 

Credit: motorcitytattoos

7. Forearm Fishing Tattoos

Forearm tattoos look great on men, and getting a fish on your forearm can be the perfect one for you as it will be one of a kind.

Credit: joshjaehnig

8. Gone Fishing Fish Tattoos

Going fishing is like going on vacation, or outdoors, so fishing is your fun activity and ideal timepass. 

Credit: johnislandink

9. Geometric Dragon Koi Fish Tattoo Design

If you combine the fish tattoo with a geometric design, it will add a modern touch to this funny tattoo, and nothing looks better than a blend of modern and a tattoo of your passion. 

Credit: ksink_tattoostudio

10. Colorful Salmon Tattoos

The colorful salmon is a perfect idea for body art; the colors add life to the tattoo and make it great as a unique tattoo.

Credit: mothershellytattoos

11. Mountain View Fish Tattoos

In this tattoo, your tattoo artist can display his creativity, but usually, this tattoo is done with the prominent tattoo as an average fish and the other half of the fish made of a mountain view.

Credit: mikey_ratt

12. Trout View  Tattoos

The trout view tattoo is an excellent idea if you are an outdoor person and love mountains and fish; in this tattoo, the fish will form the outline of the top tattoo, and inside, the fish will be the perfect view of the mountains. 

Credit: soft__cake

13. Black and White Tattoos Detail

The simple black and white design with the skin for the white shading in the fish looks outstanding and is a unique tattoo.

Credit: ashtimlin 

14. Fishing Pole Tattoos

The simple fishing pole, also known as the fishing rod, makes an awesome minimalistic tattoo that can show off your passion for fishing or your favorite outdoor activity.

Credit: d.rachmann

15. Hooks for Dad Tattoos

The hook tattoo with dad is usually a memorial tribute that clearly says that you will never let your dad go no matter if he is no more; he is alive within you.

Credit: matt_fletcher_tattoo

16. Tiny Hook Tattoos

The tiny hook is essential for fishing; it shows that no matter how slight the angle is, it can catch as much bigger fish as is ironic to its size.

Credit: poesis_tattoo

17. Crossed Lines Fish Tattoos

Two fishing rods form an X, and you can have put a fish in between these rods to create a perfect tattoo. Then, you can tell your tattoo artist to make it according to your body’s anatomy.

Credit: lanabananderson

 18. Fishing Fly  Tattoos

 The fishing fly is the insect or bait that we use to catch the fish, so a simple tattoo of the fishing rod with the flea insect, with added colors, looks great. 

Credit: corinnetattoos

19. Floral Yang koi Fish Tattoo

 Flowers are girls’ favorite thing and have been their thing of pleasure for centuries now, and flowers glorify the feminine,  so this one is an excellent tattoo for girls. The fish’s body is made with flowers, and you can add your choice of flower to it with different designs and colors.

Credit: tattoosbysarahh

20. Detailed Line Tattoos 

The detailed line tattoo is of the fishing rod, which is made with precision, and significant thought is given to each part of the rod; it sums up as a great artistic impression. 

Credit: orijeanl.ink

21. Back of Ankle Tattoos

If you are a fan of minimalistic and small tattoos, this can be the perfect tattoo for you that will do the job.

Credit: walshyzink

22. Finger Hook Tattoos

The finger hook tattoo is instead a tiny but cool tattoo done on the side of the finger, an excellent idea for a minimalistic tattoo.

Credit: mike_dean223

23. Teach a Man to Fish Tattoos

Instead, this tattoo is symbolic that a man is self-sufficient if he is taught fishing, can survive and feed himself and is independent to go out there and live his life on his terms without any dependency.

Credit: russelllucky7tahoe

24. Colorful Fishing Fly Tattoos

Colorful fishing fly is a small tattoo, but if your tattoo artist does well with the detailing, it will become a very catchy and engaging tattoo. 

Credit: mika.macabre.tattoos

25. Big Mouth Bass Fish Tattoos

The big-mouth bass fish is the tattoo of moments before the bass fish is about to be caught and opens its mouth wide open to eat the bait. 

Credit: qulock_

26. Fly Fishing Fish Tattoos

The fly fishing tattoo is one of a kind and clearly shows your passion for fishing; you can club this tattoo with a mountain background and have a trout hanging at the end.

Credit: toreynicole.tattoos

27. Hooked Heart Tattoos

This hooked heart is a great idea to make a heart tattoo uniquely; using two hooks to make a heart shape is fabulous for a heart tattoo. 

It can mean that your heart is hooked on someone’s love.

Credit: itsglitter

Bottom line

Animal tattoos have become quite popular now, and so did fish tattoos. Fish tattoos have gained so much popularity because it symbolizes peace and tattoo artists have inclined towards them because of the grown interest.


What are fish tattoos?

The fish tattoo has become one of the most popular choices among people who love tattoos and people who have found a new love for tattoos, and there is a good reason behind it. The fish has been used as a symbol of peace for a long time now, so in general, fish is for peace, although specific fish can have a different meaning.

What does a fish tattoo mean?

The symbolic meaning of the fish tattoo is persistence, patience, prosperity, and power. But, of course, it depends on the type of fish you choose to get a tattoo on you, and the fish is also a cultural symbol.

What is the meaning of two fish tattoos?

In the two fish tattoos, both the fishes swim alongside one another, and the koi fish is usually used to represent the balance of opposing life forces.

Are koi fish tattoos offensive?

Yes, the koi fish swimming tattoo may be offensive to some if done without proper understanding because they come from deep old Japanese culture and Japanese tattooing, which has its own set of rules.

There are a lot of ideas for koi fish tattoos, blue koi fish tattoo, dragon koi fish tattoos, yin yang koi fish, white koi fish, only one koi fish, black koi fish, red koi fish tattoo, small koi fish tattoo etc.

What does the fish hook mean?

The fish hook is for strength, prosperity, abundance, a symbol of good luck and energy. The clip is also a part of the jewelry, and many women wear it. In Chinese and Japanese culture it has a different significance.

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