68 Classy and Glorious Finger Tattoos Ideas and Designs for Women

There was a time when finger tattoos were considered taboo, and not many people did opt for them. But now finger tattoos have become a popular choice, and a lot of people are interested in them, and a lot of people get them.

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It is so because of its dynamics as you can get the finger tattoo for any type of design, and these can be very impactful designs, but it all depends on the pigment and the kind of ink you use and, of course, the size you choose.

68 Classy and Glorious Finger Tattoos Ideas and Designs for Women

But there is a thing about the finger tattoos that they hurt more than the regular placements for tattoos as there is less fat and muscle present here.

Finger Tattoo Ideas

1. Creative Tattoo

The prominent tattoo is the crown, symbolizing strength, self-control, and triumph. Here, finger tattoos are done like people wear rings on their fingers; you also have different elements added to other fingers.

Image: @inkbydes

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2. Stay Away Tattoo  

A hilarious tattoo idea; if you are too upfront regarding your personality and perceptions, then you can choose a similar tattoo like this. The script clearly says stay away; introverts can go for this tattoo and those ambiverts who do not like socializing.

Image: @linzihungerfordtattoos

3. Name Tattoo

A name tattoo is done for a person who holds a special place in your life, and getting the tattoo in between the fingers is a wise tattoo idea as you can flaunt your tattoo only on purpose, like when you want someone to see it.

Image: @ansh_ink_tattoos

4. Cool Tattoo On Finger

The snake symbolizes rebirth, transformation and fertility, and the dagger stands for some kind of betrayal or danger. But here, these are combined with another animal tattoo. You can also have different animals like this on other fingers as all animals have different symbolic meanings, and you can have all those etched to which you can relate your traits. The dagger is made very creative as it looks coming through the finger.

Image: @kae.rina.art

5. Fantastic Finger Tattoo

Too many finger tattoos, if there are a lot of small designs that you want to get, then go for such a tattoo style. You can have the moon, lotus, stars, aliens like it done here.

Image: @dragon_girl_thc

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6. Crown Tattoo On Finger

Another crown tattoo style that you can choose from if you are into crown tattoos. The crown is the symbol of self-control.

Image: @nancy.amhaz.tattoos

7. Cross Tattoo Design

The catholic faith tattoo, the cross, is an excellent way in which you can show your devotion. If you are also a Christian or a believer of the Christian community, then you can choose a simple minimalistic cross. 

Image: @l.georgehunt

8. Colored Tattoo

The feather is the symbol of courage, freedom, and travel. You can choose any color you want your feather tattoo to have your customized tattoo. And you can combine other elements with it like here it looks like a daffodil.

Image: @changing.planet

9.  Flower Tattoo Design

Flowers are a popular choice for tattoos, and all the flowers are associated with specific meanings. So if you like flowers, you can have a simple flower etched on your fingers.

Image: @bodyartbyjess

10. Healed Finger Tattoos

The proper healing of the finger tattoo is a necessary process, and here you can see how adequately healed the design done on the finger looks.

Image: @taylorhelmantattoo

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11. Small Tattoo Design

A simple, minimalistic tattoo can speak volumes depending upon the design you choose and how impactful it is. If this is your first tattoo and you want minimum ink on the body, go for such a tattoo. 

Image: @kalakaarshaggy

12. Stylish Tattoo Design

Here is a hand entire cover tattoo idea, and the women with the snake is the best element to get that complements each other perfectly as the snake is the symbol of creativity and creative life force. 

Image: @soullesstattoos

13. Rose Tattoo On Finger

Here is a creative flower tattoo idea, roses are the most popular flowers chosen for tattoos as they are the symbol for love lost and love won. So one can even use this tattoo to show passion in love. 

Image: @vthebodyartist

14. Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is symbolic of transformation and change; if you have gone through a significant difference in your life, you can get it, and you add different colors to your tattoo to make it more engaging.

Image: @0613.bangpo

15. Stylish Finger Tattoo

Using all fingers for different minimalistic elements is a brilliant tattoo idea to give it a one-of-a-kind look. Take inspiration from this tattoo and add unique characteristics to your finger which are meaningful to you. 

Image: @th3sh4p3

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16. Crown Tattoo Design

The crown tattoo with the simple dots looks impressive, and the three dots are a great example of the kind of minimalistic tattoo that speaks volumes. The three dots can show siblings or children in your life. 

Image: @antpayne_wright

17. Cross and Diamond Tattoo 

The diamond is the symbol of inner beauty, and it shows that true beauty is found on the inside. It is an excellent tattoo with a deeper meaning to get in today’s world, which has become all about the beauty that one can see with the naked eye. The cross is an excellent element to get with it. You can even have the rosary finger tattoo with the cross.

Image: @cazpicsntats

18. Leaves Tattoo On Finger   

The leave is also an excellent element to get on your finger as it symbolizes the eternal circle of life that life follows death and after death again comes life. You can also use the leaves tattoo to illustrate that people also go through different stages in life. 

Image: @sav.ttt

19. Tiny Finger Tattoo

Minimal tattoos always steal the show, and if you are also interested in tattoos like these, then look for all such designs that you can choose from. 

Image: @v.c.tattoo

20. Unique Finger Tattoo

Here is another simple dots tattoo blended in with other meaningful elements to leave a quirky look.

Image: @tex.season

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21. Cool Tattoo On Finger

The skull, snake and dagger are such elements that seem to lift each other’s grace, and their meanings also relate. The skull symbolizes death and the dagger is the symbol of betrayal or danger

Image: @blaxbyrd_360flock

22. Snake Tattoo Design  

A snake tattoo is a good option for girls as it is the symbol of fertility and the force for new life. The single-eye tattoo is the sign of God’s eye watching over all of us. 

Image: @margot.datura

23. Diamond Tattoo 

Beauty lies in the inner side of the person, so do not judge a book by its cover; if you are also a believer of this quote, you can show it by getting a diamond tattoo. 

Image: @vannysternchen

24. Classic Tattoo On Finger

The lotus stands for rising above temptation and becoming a better person; if you have brought this change in yourself, then you can show it with this tattoo. 

Image: @amyleee21 

25. Lettering Tattoo

You can even get a memorial tattoo on your finger; getting dates on you is a mark of some important event in your life. 

Image: @inkstudiocivico13

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26. Lettering Tattoo Design

Letter tattoos have often found themselves etched on the fingers, and fingers have become a popular placement choice. 

Image: @cruzio_ttt

27. Nice Finger Tattoo

A simple design with minimum ink looks tremendous and will cause less pain. Such a pattern can also be a good style if you have a lot of elements to get; the starting and ends of the fingers etched will create a design.

Image: @eliarttattoo

28. Fabulous Tattoos

The treble sign or sign tattoo can be your choice for a rare-looking tattoo. 

Image: @tinytatts.bysandraduarte

29. Tiny Crown Finger Tattoo

This is the simple crown with no other elements; if you like to keep things simple, then this is the tattoo that you should go for. 

Image: @nadia_nazzarenko

30. Stylish Small Finger Tattoo

Here are many elements tattoo ideas for all the fingers; you can choose a single component to get a combination from some of these. 

Image: @kikka.tattoo

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31. Tiny Diamond Tattoo 

A tiny diamond tattoo like a small diamond ring will show that you are more of an inner beauty vibe person meaning that personality attracts you more than what meets the eye. 

Image: @blacknwhite.tattoo

32. Small Heart Tattoo

Here is a love or a couple of tattoos that you may go for; the heart is the symbol for love with other meanings like trust, passion, hope, friendship and strength. So you can get a small heart etched for all these reasons. 

Image: @karolina.cloud9nails

33. Diamond Tattoo On Finger

Here is another tattoo idea for a simple, minimalistic tattoo

Image: @cafe_tattooo

34. Small Tattoo Design On Finger

The moon and cloud tattoo is a combination to get as the cloud is the symbol for cheerful times ahead, and the moon stands for growth and change.

Image: @artist3dink

35. Love Tattoo On Finger

A simple love script tattoo is also a cute tattoo to get for a loved one.

Image: @cleberdiastattoo

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36. Love Tattoo Design

You can either get the love tattoo in the simple form on a single finger or a single letter on each finger. It is the perfect tattoo as it has only four letters.

Image: @andre.tatuador

37. Word Tattoo 

The hell yeah, a script tattoo is an excellent idea that you can get. You can even try other words with eight letters if you like this style of body art.  

Image: @tattooedbydondon

38. Nice Word Tattoo Design 

A vertical form tattoo is a good option if you want a couple of words or more letter words. Look at this, let it be a script tattoo to pop ideas to your mind for your authentic style. 

39. Flower Tattoo On Finger

According to the Hindu religion, the lotus symbolizes purity and beauty and depicts spirituality. So it is a great flower choice for your tattoo.

Image: @kingbobby_tattoos

40. Om Tattoo Design

The Om symbol has strong ties with the Hindu religion, and it is also used in Jainism and Buddhism. The Om tattoo is the symbol for reverence of life, an honor for the creation and understanding the celestial motion of the universe; you will mostly see this tattoo on Indians.

Image: @haunt_tattoo_studio

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41. Rose Tattoo Design  

The rose tattoo can also be etched in bold black ink near the thumb—this is an inspiration for the tattoo done like the freehand drawing tattoo style. 

Image: @lele_kurama_tattoo

42. Bow And Cross Tattoo Design

The bow is a cute tattoo idea that you can get with the symbol that it brings something together and symbolizes security. The cross with the bow can show that you have grown closer to God. 

Image: @kamicak_tattoo

43. Stylish Finger Tattoo Design

Various elements tattoo design with the single eye that is considered the God’s eye watching at all of us in this universe, and the arrow is the symbol for showing skill in hunting. 

Image: @peaches_ink_

44. Cool Tattoo On Finger

The skull butterfly is a good touch with this finger tattoo with a unique design made with vibrant colors. These patterns also come in handy if you are looking for cover tattoos and want to change something you already have on your finger.

Image: @reykjavikink

45. Wonderful Finger Tattoo

You can settle for all the things that are on top priorities in your life and then have all these etched on your fingers. A tattoo can tell about all the things that are prime for you in life. You can see the dollar, martini, heart and diamond sign here.

Image: @princesss.tiny

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46. Freedom Tattoo

The freedom script tattoo idea with the bird is a good combination as the bird is also the symbol for freedom. The single silhouette of birds is also a popular choice.

Image: @insta.tattoos

47. Small Tattoo On Finger

Another small element tattoo idea greatly compliments the light skin tone because of its contrast.

Image: @holodanielle

48. Creative Tattoo On Finger 

Matching tattoos on both hands are a good idea with different elements if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo. Your tattoo artist can show his creativity and use his skill to create something authentic for you after drawing inspiration from this tattoo. 

Image: @sephiratattoo

49. Tiny Tattoo On Finger Design

The simple dots tattoo on the finger has become a trendsetter; if you want a tattoo for your family, it can be your sibling or even your child. For example, you can get two dots for each child if you have two kids.

Image: @megurum.tattoo

50. Bee Tattoo 

The bee stands for loyalty, and you can get it in a creative way like it is done here. Two extra fingers are used to place the wings of the bee.

Image: @gee_tattoos_u

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51. Cool Crown Tattoo 

The use of negative space for your crown tattoo can provide mesmerizing detailing to your tattoo. 

Image: @555kelsey

52. Small Butterfly Tattoo

If you want to symbolize a significant change in your life or your transformation, then use a butterfly tattoo to show it. 

Image: @xanadenruyter.art

53. Elegant Finger Tattoo Design

Here are some of the unique elements you can get on your finger as a tattoo. Choose some of the aspects that you want to get from here.

Image: @corrieforeman

54. Awesome Finger Tattoo

If you can get the full finger covered and are looking for tattoos, you can draw inspiration here. The sale away is going good with the pattern made. This is also a good idea for matching finger tattoos.

Image: @francesco.capro

55. Butterfly Tattoo On Finger

Here is another style in which you can get the butterfly tattoo on your finger. The intricate detailing done here is an excellent artistic impression. A butterfly placement like this is a cool middle finger tattoo.

Image: @art.by.beth.v

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56. Adorable Finger Tattoo

The Sun tattoo is a good idea as it is the symbol of rebirth and light. If you are looking for a first tattoo idea, you can get this one. 

Image: @royal_tattoo_akluj_sumits

57. Dot Tattoo Design

The simple dots can also be used to create a pattern on your fingers. For example, they can be used to create a shape that only holds meaning to you. 

Image: @reyestatts

58. Tiny Rose Finger Tattoo Design

A tiny rose is a good option for girls if they are looking for a love tattoo.

Image: @sydsmithhh

59. Beautiful Cool Tattoo

Here are some random elements that you can choose for your new cool finger tattoo. 

Image: @caramantattooing

60. Stylish Tattoo On Finger Design

A simple ring and a pattern can be the best tattoo for you if you are someone who likes elegant things.

Image: @blackfawntattoo

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61. Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

Rose and butterfly are good elements that can go with each other as you can use them to show that love has brought a good change in you. 

Image: @kikaxink_tattooer 

62. Leaves Tattoo Design

If you are a believer in the eternal circle of life and want to depict that humans also go through a lot of stages in life. 

Image: @felipemansontattoo

63. Amazing Small Finger Tattoo

Simple tattoos have also become a significant part of the tattoo culture.

Image: @pokesbychey

64. Circle and Dot Tattoo Design

The circle represents two things like the cycle of life and perfection, and you can club the dot with it.

Image: @opaline_gem

65. Beautiful Finger Tattoo

The leaves tattoo also looks excellent for fingers, and there are quite a few ways in which you can have them done and club with different elements.

Image: @princekellstar_

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66. Cute Rose Finger Tattoo

Here is a very tiny rose tattoo that may be the perfect choice for your new tattoo.

Image: @creighton_tattoo

67. Pretty Finger Tattoo

Two tattoos on both hands with different meaning looks fabulous and can complement perfectly with this ring of fingers of yours. 

Image: @sarah_ollis

68. Eye Finger Tattoo

The single eye is a popular tattoo choice with more profound meaning as it stands for the omnipresent sight of God watching over humankind. You can get this tattoo if you believe in God and think he is the ultimate guiding force. It is the benevolent guidance from a divine source, and the word providence is also appropriate. 

Image: @7soulstattoo_fairlawn

Other tattoos that you can try are gypsy finger tattoo, index finger tattoo, yang and yin symbols tattoo etc. 


What are finger tattoos?

All the small ink drawings that you may see on people’s hands, particularly fingers, are finger tattoos. And sometimes, you may see this punctured on the inner side of the fingers. There are a humongous plethora of options that you can explore for your finger tattoo, and those can be permanent as well as temporary.

Do finger tattoos stay forever?

On average, a finger tattoo will stay there in its original state for 6-8 months, and in some cases, the friction to the tattoo of unwanted things is more; it may even last a month or two. The explanation for why finger tattoos fade is simply because we use our hands for many things that we do daily, so the tattoo is exposed to a lot of different stimuli every day.

How much would a finger tattoo cost?

Like any other tattoo, the finger tattoo will depend on the same factors like the tattoo’s placement, design, and the size you choose for your tattoo. But we take an average; then on an average, it can cost up to 50$-100$. Although this initial cost may expand because of the retouching sessions, it is no secret that the finger tattoo does not last long and usually needs retouching after some period.

What does a tattoo on your middle finger mean?

As the ring worn in the middle finger is the symbol of an intimate relation of a person with the person and shows that they are engaged, similarly if you get a tattoo on your ring finger, it means a commitment to a romantic partner. 

Why are finger tattoos a bad idea?

We cannot precisely label finger tattoos as a bad idea, but the risk of a blowout is higher. The reason is simple: the finger lacks a good layering of muscle and fat and even has several nerves ending to it. Moreover, the skin on the finger is usually spread by the tattoo artist for tattooing, which will make the finger thinner than it already is. 

So, this is a thing that may even cause the spreading of ink in this particular placement for a tattoo.

Bottom Line

Finger tattoos have entered the mainstream tattooing options and are trendy. So, if you want to become a part of this cool trend and are a tattoo person, do not hold back and get one finger tattoo done today.

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