37 Ultimate And Prominent Scorpion Tattoo Ideas And Designs For Hand

Are you looking for some badass “job stopper” ideas? You have landed on the right blog. Hop in! Scorpion Tattoo Ideas.

Don’t mess with people who have a scorpion tattoo! Well, at least this has been the general idea about Scorpion tattoo.

37 Ultimate And Prominent Scorpion Tattoo Ideas And Designs For Hand

Remember those badass music videos from the 70s and 80s? The dudes of rival groups and bikers wearing black scorpion tattoos! It’s mostly from those videos where these tattoos became popular. 

Modern tattoos are unisex and can be worn by anybody and everybody. So, if you have made up your mind about getting these arachnids inked, here are 37 ultimate ideas that will make you book an appointment right away.

P.S – This blog focuses on scorpion tattoos that are inked on hands, however, you can get this in your desired location as well.

Let’s get started! 

1. Mind-Blowing Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Do you remember those prison movies where the baddy would have a similar scorpion tattoo on the hand as shown in the picture? Combined with other elements, this tattoo idea can work really well as a hand tattoo.

So, if you love black ink, and love the idea, take a quick screenshot.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @alexrobinsontattoo

2. Black Ink Scorpion Hand Tattoo 

At this point, we want to confess that we have included black ink scorpion tattoos generously. Not because they are popular but black ink enhances the look of badass tattoos.

So, if you are a fan of blackwork tattoos, this blog will be a treat for you. The tattoo shown in the picture is a great example of black and grey tattoos.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @  melaniegraceart_

3. Attractive Scorpion Tattoo

Surprise surprise! This is a coverup tattoo. You did not realize that, did you? Who said scorpion tattoos can not be pretty? This tattoo idea is a perfect example of alluring scorpion tattoos.

With a perfect blend of purple and black ink, this tattoo will totally slay!

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @freeasdeer

4. Small Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Are you not into large, elaborate tattoos? You are not alone! While giving tattoo recommendations, we try to include ideas that cater to a wider audience rather than a specific type.

So, here’s a tiny scorpion motif for your hand. Easy to make, and almost painless (because of its small size), this is a perfect tattoo idea for first-timers.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ mads_ink

5. White Outline Big Scorpion Hand Tattoo 

Are you looking for a fine-line design for your scorpion tattoo inspiration? Here it is! Check out this badass hand tattoo.

If you want your tattoo to have a frightening and menacing appearance, you will not go wrong with this cool tattoo idea. Make sure to book a high-rated artist because you don’t want to mess up this one.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ fatpotts

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6. Stylish Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Quick question. Have you ever wondered why hand and finger tattoos are called “job stoppers”? Well, its meaning is literal – a job stopper is something that makes one unhirable.

The USP of hand and finger tattoos is that they are visible tattoos. Therefore, in places where tattoos aren’t allowed, such motifs make the person non-eligible for the job. 

If you are up for this scary, black job stopper tattoo, book an appointment now!

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ nightmarket_tattoo

7. Elegant Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpion tattoos can mean a range of things like intimidation, fear, strength, evil, and loyalty based on the elements they are paired with. The tattoo shown in the picture shows a traditional-style scorpion with two crossed nails.

This could mean strength or overcoming obstacles. People usually fear scorpions because of their deadly sting and look for ways to stop them. The nails could suggest obstacles. However, meanings apart, this tattoo idea is neat and elegant. 

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @  nicholasleetattoo

8. Cool Scorpion Hand Tattoo

The reason why scorpions are equated with strength is that despite their small size, they do not back off and keep on defending themselves.

If strength is what you want your hand tattoo to portray, the tattoo shown in the picture could be a great idea. It’s simple, traditional, and somber. Men and women both can go for this tattoo design.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ youngalbundy

9. Nice Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Are you into old-school body art? Good News. We have a recommendation for you! Look at this raw yet symmetrical body jewelry! Isn’t it gorgeous? The tick black outline and the black and grey shading make it ideal for trial tattoo lovers too! Are you a tattoo collector? You can even get this design in a smaller size.

Just make sure to brief your artist really well. 

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ alexheathtattoo

10. Traditional Scorpion Hand Tattoo

Here’s another traditional scorpion tattoo for you guys but with a slight color twist! The previous recommendations have been mostly black and grey. This cutie has got a pale, blue twist to it in its inner shadings.

Believe it or not, certain colors can add depth to your tattoos if used in the correct way. The artist of the tattoo shown in the picture has used traditional black, solid ink for the outline and a blend of grey and blue for the shading and the body.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ rejk171

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11.  Dark Black 3D Scorpion Tattoo

Who loves a 3D hand tat? This one’s for you guys.Whoa! A scorpion! Yes, that’s how this 3D scorpion tattoo will make people gasp.

This tattoo idea can be “The Scorpion Hand Tattoo” for you if you love realism tattoo art. But make sure to find an artist who specializes in 3D and realism tattoo work. 

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ jo_scarlet_shades

12. Awesome Scorpion Tattoo On hand

A black scorpion tattoo is much more than just about the black shade. It can signify strength, protection as well as death. If you want an appealing hand tattoo that intimidates the views, go for the design shown in the picture.

P.S – Be prepared for a lot of questions from people who see it.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ scottytattoo84

13.  Nice Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Who loves the grey-wash style of tattooing? If you are one of those, we have got an awesome tattoo idea for you. Take a quick screenshot of this tattoo inspiration. 

The grey-wash tattooing style is great for people who do not want solid colors in their tattoos. Also, this technique enhances shading and gives a 3D look to the tattoo.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ b.obringado_ink

14. Red And Black Scorpion Tattoo

Did you know that scorpions are highly romantic creatures? A male scorpion does a special dance-like movement to attract the female. Therefore, scorpion tattoos can signify sexuality and passion for a loved one too.

If you have a similar theme in mind, you can go for the scorpion with a heart tattoo. If you look at the illustration shown in the picture, the entire body/scales of the scorpion are made in the shape of a heart.

Also, the tattoo in the picture showcases a great blend of blackwork and red ink. This is a very creative and unique design for a scorpion tattoo.

We would call this tattoo a modern adaptation of Sailor Jerry Scorpion tattoos.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ sinn_tattoos

15. Wonderful Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Here’s another recommendation for a Valentine’s Day tattoo with a scorpion motif. You know the drill! If it’s for Valentine’s Day, it has to have red! And so does this old-school scorpion tattoo. This is a great way to add color to an all-black scorpion tattoo.

The tattoo shown in the picture is made in a classic Americana style, making it ideal for people who want old-school or traditional tattoo art.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ prideandjoytattoo

16. Perfect Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Realistic tattoos have become popular among tattooers and tattoo lovers. So, how can we miss such designs out of our recommendations? Look at this picture. What catches your attention? The realistic shading? Or an amazing usage of the white ink? 

An elaborate body, detailed work, and gradient shading make this tattoo idea a perfect fit for people looking for realistic scorpion designs.

Scorpion tattoo on hand

Image: @ alteregotattoozukowo

17.  Great Scorpion Tattoo

If you are looking for a bright scorpion tattoo on your hand, your quest is over! Check out this cool tattoo idea featuring black, grey, and teal ink.

The black and grey ink keep the tattoo somber while the bright teal color enhances the higher points and the overall body of the scorpion. This is a great way of depicting real-life jewel scorpions.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @  tatoo_arif

18. Old Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

If you are getting “Job Stoppers” which basically means hand and finger tattoos, you can be creative about the placement of elements towards the moving fingers.

For example, the tattoo in the picture shows a black and grey scorpion whose claws are placed on two different fingers. So, when the wearer moves his fingers, the tattoo moves too! Isn’t that the smartest way to get a scorpion tattoo on the hand?

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ samjenkinsontattoos

19. Pretty Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Traditional tat lovers, this one’s for you! No matter how popular new-school or minimal tattoos get, the old-school tattoos have still maintained their fanbase. They are raw, classic, and beautiful.

The tattoo shown in the picture is mostly a bold-outline tattoo with a hind of black and grey shading. Get your hands on this cool traditional scorpion tattoo! 

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ rosiemichelletattoo

20.  Fancy Scorpion Tattoo

Who said scorpion tattoos look goo only when made in black ink? Here’s a live example to prove that theory wrong. Remember one thing – your tattoo, your rules! 

If you are looking for colorful tattoos, may we suggest this fancy design? This is an amazing colorful take on traditional scorpion tattoos. While the tattoo in the picture is made with pink and purple ink, you can experiment with your favorite colors.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ frenchtowntattooco

21. Scorpion Tattoo Design 

Here’s another cool idea for a scorpion tattoo! Placement is the key to bringing scorpion tattoos to life. The picture shows a black and grey scorpion whose claws are placed on the thumb and the index finger simultaneously.

So, if you want to make your hand tattoos move, you can follow this cool placement trick.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ inked_benz

22. Black And Grey Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Are you unsure about the real meaning of black & grey scorpion tattoos? Here’s the thing:

The tattoo of a scorpion is associated with many things and therefore, can suggest a variety of meanings. The point we are trying to make here is that not all scorpion tattoos will have the same meaning even if they look the same.

The interpretation is totally subjective to the wearer’s intentions and beliefs.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ _davilaart_

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23. Amazing Black Ink Scorpion Tattoo 

There’s no bad time to get a scorpion tattoo. If you have it in mind and you have the resources to do it, do not hesitate in getting your body art. You can go for this black and grey traditional scorpion tattoo on the hand. 

P.S – If you like our recommendations but wish to change their placement, go ahead! These tattoos will slay every corner of your body.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ inkdreamstattoo

24.  Grey Ink Scorpion Tattoo

Are you looking for a realistic scorpion tattoo that’s classy and not too big? Got it! Here’s a recommendation for you. If you want your tattoos to look realistic, it’s important to find a suitable artist because not all tattoo artists specialize in realism.

And, did you notice that cool heart-shaped sting of the scorpion tattoo shown in the picture?

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ connorrudytattoos

25. Excellent Scorpion Hand Tattoo                       

Black tattoo lovers, you are going to love this one! It’s amazing how a single ink can look so appealing. The tattoo in the picture, however, is not all black and has bits of grey ink too.

A lighter shade in a black tattoo design helps sculpt the illustration and adds depth to the overall tattoo.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ richwithcolor

26. Black And White Scorpion Hand Tattoo

If you are up for a washed look in your tattoos, consider getting this black and white scorpion tattoo. White ink is a great way to add detailing to a black or gray tattoo. 

It’s a misconception that washed-look tattoos do not require maintenance. They need equal care as colorful or solid black tattoos or else you may end up with a faded look. 

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @orbtattoos

27. Classic Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

Traditional tattoos never go out of trend. The tattoo shown in the picture is a great example of old-school scorpion tattoos. This style was really popular among men in the 70s and 80s.

Modern tattoos can be worn by everyone irrespective of their gender and age. If you find the tattoo in the picture familiar, it is a version of Sailor Jerry’s scorpion tattoo.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ cooptattoor1

28. Cute Scorpion Hand Tattoo

Black ink, a decent tattoo artist, and your idea of a scorpion tattoo make the best tattoos in the world! If you are looking for tattoo inspirations to portray protection and strength through critters, do not think twice and go for a scorpion tattoo. 

If you like this picture with a black scorpion tattoo on the hand, do not forget to save it or take a quick screenshot.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @  haus_artwork

29. Scorpion Tattoo Design On Hand

Scorpion tattoos are popular among men because of the creature’s ability to defend itself. So, here’s a special recommendation for all the dudes reading this.

This tattoo idea is a cult favorite among scorpion tattoos. Bold, black, and fierce! Book an appointment now.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ mente_de_tinta_tattoo

30. Rose And Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

What’s common between a scorpion and a rose? Both of these should not be judged by their appearances. Scorpions are small creatures but their sting can threaten the biggest of animals.

Similarly, roses are known for their beauty but they possess the ability to cause injuries through their thorns. Therefore, one must admire both of these from a distance.

The two elements clubbed together – a rose and scorpion, in a single tattoo are great for portraying strength and protection.  

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @  backhilljilltattoo

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31. Scorpion Sketch Tattoo Design

Are you looking for a stylish and sexy scorpion tattoo for your hand? Look no further, we have got an awesome design for you.

Scorpions have been used for ages to portray sexuality and pleasures. If you wish to seduce through your tattoos, do not think twice before getting the tattoo shown in the picture.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @mrjakextattoo

32. Scorpion Flash Tattoo Design

Getting job stoppers or hand tattoos is best suited for people who wish to show off their tattoos without trying.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have made up your mind about getting a dark and bold scorpion tattoo, you’ve gotta book an appointment now!

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ zombieal

33. Black And Grey Classic Tattoo

If you were looking for a modern take on a traditional tattoo style, this is a sign! You have to get this amazing black and grey scorpion tattoo. Get inked in style!

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ janie_ink_

34. Scorpion Hold Rose Tattoo On Hand

Have you ever seen a scorpion holding a rose? Well, in the world of tattoos, everything is possible! Here’s a cute suitor for you in black and grey ink. If this intimidates you, you have to get this fine-line job stopper!

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ samperrytattoos

35. Dark Black Scorpion Tattoo On Hand

And here we have the much-awaited all-black scorpion tattoo on the hand. If you are a fan of tribal tattoos, blackwork, and sacred geometry, you’ll love this Mexican-style scorpion tattoo in bold, black ink.

We are obsessed with this tattoo idea and you’ll love it too. 

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ dansrivastattoo

36. Scorpion And Eye Tattoo On Hand 

What’s your idea of a perfect tattoo? Should it be black, surreal, and realistic? Good News! We got a tattoo idea that features all three! Have a look at this amazing, surreal scorpion tattoo.

This is a perfect mixture of surrealism and realism tattoos. Plus, it’s black so it makes this tattoo even more lovable.

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ ghostlife

37. Scorpion‘s sting Tattoo

Is it your first time getting a tattoo and you wish to ink a scorpion on your hand? We must say, that’s brave! If at all you are worried about the tattoo pain, you must know that it’s not even close to the pain caused by a scorpion sting.

Don’t worry we aren’t trying to scare you but you can expect a little pain depending on the size of the tattoo. Make sure to book an experienced tattoo artist. 

Perfect Scorpion Tattoo

Image: @ cheyenndorphine

Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Scorpion Tattoo Mean? 

A scorpion tattoo represents fear, strength, danger, death, defensiveness. There are many other symbols associated with the tattoo. 

What Tattoo Symbolizes Fearlessness? 

Daggers also symbolize courage and fearlessness. That is because to use a dagger means one is not afraid of close combat. 

What Does The Scorpion Symbolize In Mexican Culture?

It features in pre-Hispanic artwork of Olmec Indians signifying a midnight sacrifice. Legends dating from the 1500s tell of Spanish conquerors succumbing to stings.

What Is Scorpios Weakness?

They lack communication skills big-time. They find it difficult to speak about something in front of everyone even if it’s necessary.

What Signs Do Scorpios Hate?

Leo and Scorpios conflict over Leo’s failure to change as quickly as Scorpio. The second sign Scorpios find trouble getting along with is Aquarius.

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