32 Good Looking Rose Ankle Tattoo Designs

Rose tattoos have been a popular choice for many people, so if you want to ink something cute yet romantic, you need to pay attention to the beautiful rose ankle tattoo designs.

32 Good Looking Rose Ankle Tattoo Designs

It looks extremely good on your ankle when you prefer to get a gentle and gorgeous small rose tattoo.

Red Rose Tattoo

Image: @maiko.only

Before asking your tattoo artist to create a rose tattoo on your ankle, you need to find out the real meaning behind your tattoo.

It is easier to guess that a rose is a symbol of love and passion, so you need to choose the red rose design to make any of the pieces stand out.

Rose Tattoo

Image: @catenailaria

Eye Catching Rose Bush Tatttoo

Image: @mikeespinosatattoos

When you are thinking about considering femininity, elegance, gentleness, and even grace, you need to get a pink rose that looks even more elegant when you combine it with the different elements.

It can be butterflies, a dove, and many others, but don’t forget to add some words to your floral tattoo.

You can even add the important dates, so here are some ideas to get inspired when you prefer to get a rose tattoo for your ankle.

Geometric Rose Tattoo

Image: @persepione

Red Rose Tattoo Ideas For Women

1. Black Rose Tattoo

A black rose is an excellent way to make a statement on your skin, and you can contrast the darker tones with the delicate design that creates a poetic piece of art.

You need to opt for something large and powerful or small and subtle, so no matter what you pick, your ankle tattoo body art is going to make a statement.

Black Rose Tattoo

Image: @anna.macabre.tattoo

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2. Yellow Rose Tattoo

Not all roses have to be red to look beautiful – even a yellow or golden shade can significantly signify joy while creating an inviting impact on the design.

It also looks impressive even if you are not adding any elements to it and even enhances its look when you pair the same with the flora.

The best way to improve the tattoo design is to complement the warm tones and green leaves, and you will get a piece of art worth cheering for forever.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Image: @john_monsta

Yellow Roses Tattoo

Image: @sirenandsailorstudio

3. Red Rose Tattoo

If you desire to keep your tattoo classic, then a red rose can make the real difference, and the pattern is timeless and depicts adorableness in many different styles.

Whether you look for an Asian art or something realistic, you are not going too wrong with your decision when you get this piece.

Be sure that you are refreshing the color after a few years, as they are going to fade with time.

Red Rose Tattoo

Image: @sziink_tatto

Tiny Rose Ankle Tattoo

Image: @saloni_tattooartist

4. Purple Rose Tattoo

Jewel tones look amazing in the best rose tattoo, and a purple rose is generally linked with the nobility, so getting this tattoo makes you feel like a queen.

No matter the design you choose, blending it with the purple color makes you feel like royalty, so go ahead and add elements you like.

Purple Rose Tattoo

Image: @cat_morfin

Small Purple Rose Tattoo

Image: @markedonetattoo

5. Black and White Rose Tattoo

Christ and modern, these black and white rose tattoos are an outstanding option for those who are in love with the black and white rose tattoo designs.

The tonal combination is an excellent concept for those who don’t want to recolor their skin even after a few years and love the ideas of a modern illustration.

You can even sketch things with the use of a pencil-inspired piece or, if possible, keep it geometric, and your tattoo design will have everything.

Black and White Rose Tattoo

Image: @yellowcattattoo

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Bold Rose Tattoos Artwork

6. Realistic Small Rose Tattoos

Not all ink has to be contemporary in design, but the realistic rose tattoos often look like a photograph printed on your skin, which makes an elegant impact.

Before choosing any design, you need to do your research and consider that go with a design that looks stunning.

Realistic Small Rose Tattoos

Image: @x_sambam_x

Realistic Small Rose Tattoo

Image: @nashy_tattoo

7. Skull and Rose Tattoo

Channel your inner Shakespeare with a skull and rose tattoo – the design is entirely filled with the symbolism that one can get on their body.

It signifies the inequality of life and death – the wearer of the tattoo holds the balance between sound quality and evil and the attitude that lies in between.

Black Ink Skull and Rose Tattoo

Image: @goal_digger_piercing

Image: @niko.shot.fineline

8. Cross with Rose Tattoo

Appreciate your faith in God with this gorgeous cross and rose tattoo that is a symbol of belief and loyalty – the fragile flowers contrast creates a symbolic piece for you.

Whether you want a conventional cross or a little bit sleeker design, you can’t go wrong with this dazzling piece.

Cross with Rose Tattoo

Image: @salomoneyyy_inks

Cross Rose Tattoo

Image: @frankduxtattoo

9. Money Rose Tattoo

The tattoo is a great representation of the power and a new beginning – the money with rose are entirely filled with the meaning that one can get on their body.

The petals resembling banknotes are an exciting yet striking combination that is a sure way to attract attention, and when you pair them both, it creates the strongest influences with a beautiful concept for a piece of ink.

Money Rose Tattoo

Image: @manchesterink

10. Traditional Rose Tattoo

There is nothing like a traditional rose tattoo that has been a popular option for years and often resembles a sailor design when you get the one on your ankle.

The ink looks beautiful when you don’t add any stem or thorn, which greatly represents love, strength, and hope.

You can go with the fantastic piece if you are after a traditional tattoo design that looks great no matter the style you are blending it with.

Traditional Rose Tattoo

Image: @j.colorist

Image: @aqsa_omar

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Roses Tattoo Ideas – Ankle Rose Tattoo Designs

11. Compass Rose Tattoo

The compass with a rose symbolizes that you are in the right direction, and it lets your heart guide the entire actions of your life that has a deeper meaning for fortune and hope.

With so many behind the same, you need to get the one that goes well with your personality, and it even looks great when you blend it with the different elements.

Compass Rose Tattoo

Image: @sefakoydovmeciler

12. Rose Outline Tattoo

Sometimes going with the most simple pieces can leave the most significant impact, and a rose tattoo with an outline look an entirely beautiful and delicate option for those who are not into the colored ink.

Line art is a lovely concept that does not fade fast with time, and it also allows you to fill different shades to your tattoo to make it look elegant.

Image: @tattoobysophi

13. Rose Tattoo With Words

Make an elegant memory that lasts forever with a rose tattoo blended with a name, and you can dedicate your rose tattoo to your loved ones while adding their names.

You can ask your tattoo artist to add a character in the stem that creates an enduring commitment to someone who is important to you.

The tattoo is a complex combination of affection and resilience that acts together to create a stunning piece of art that is worth showing off.

Rose Tattoo With Words

Image: @xmelnoddings

Small Red Rose Tattoo Ideas

14. Simple Rose Ankle Tattoo

If you are not into the super-detailed ink, then go with a simple rose tattoo design that works great for you – the use of a few lines incredibly expresses the image of a flower.

It leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees it, so the use of black looks enigmatic against the skin, and the white is a subtle tribute to the beautiful flora.

You can go design them on your wrists, ribs, and even your forearms for smaller pieces, which are a dainty option that speaks volumes.

Red and White Roses Tattoo

Image: @jalexandria.fit

Image: @juliasaccardo

15. Watercolor Ankle Rose Tattoo

You can make any tattoo stand out while blending it with the watercolors that look appealing, and these are attractive choices for those who love the beauty of a rose.

The tattoo design leaves a profound influence on modern art, so go with the traditional colors that include pink, red, and yellow combinations, or you can even choose your own colors.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo on Foot

Image: @foreverartistic

Watercolor Rose Tattoo

Image: @miss.unicorntattoo

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16. Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

A tattoo gets filled with meaning and beauty when you combine the same with a rose and a butterfly – nothing can be a better choice other than this.

It has a more profound symbolism, and the ink is a beautiful representation of the life circle, so there are different ways that you can opt to design the piece with the use of wings intersecting with the flowers.

You can even ask your tattoo artist to draw the butterfly landing on the rose, and the addition of elements is going to compliment the design elegantly.

Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @dionas23_tattooartist

Image: @chicomalox

Frequently Asked Questions – Rose Ankle Tattoo

What Do Rose Tattoos Mean?

Rose Tattoos were popular for years, all because of their beauty and symbolic meaning – the red roses have been related to romance, love, and affection.

However, every color has a different representation, so the different colors of roses convey different things.

Yellow symbolizes joy and fortune, whereas pink shows gratitude, and blue is a rich significance of rarity, so you can choose the one that suits your personality.

Chic Roses Tattoo

Image: @leighyam15

What Does A Black Rose Tattoo Mean?

A black rose tattoo represents death, loss, grief, but it does not mean that it is a negative tattoo – it looks lovely when you wear the same to show your tribute to a lost loved one.

Foot Roses Tattoo

Image: @stecairnstattoo

Why Are Rose Tattoos So Popular?

The rose tattoos are a popular choice for different reasons – they lend themselves to different art styles, and you can create a detailed tattoo with the use of watercolors.

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