32 Ghost Tattoo Ideas That Prove Ghouls Can Be Cute

Boo! We are here again with some of the cutest and ghost Tattoo ideas. So are you ready to get amazed?! Love Halloween and love tattoos? We have had enough of those gory pumpkin tattoos.

It’s time to try something that’s the perfect mix of spooky and cute. Yes, we are talking about ghost tattoo ideas.

32 Ghost Tattoo Ideas That Prove Ghouls Can Be Cute

Sure, they would be a great addition to your Halloween fun but they can be versatile too. Well, even if you missed Halloween, it’s never too late to get a ghost tattoo.

Traditional ghost tattoo designs were all about grim and symbolic elements. Today’s inked ghosts represent much more than that. Modern ghost tattoos are all about minimalism, fun, and cute designs.

Your ghost tattoo does not have to be spooky, scary, or symbolic of the evil spirit. Still unsure? Keep calm. We have got 32 amazing ghost tattoo ideas that are fun, cute, and aesthetic. 

Worried about the tattoo placement? Think no more because these versatile ghost tattoos will look great just about anywhere on your body. Hop in for some cute, spooky goodness!

1. Cute Ghost Leg Tattoo                              

Cute Ghost Leg Tattoo      

Image: @jvckbarrow

If you love wearing shorts and showing off your calves, consider getting this cute ghost tattoo design on your leg. Black and grey would be the perfect ink for such tattoos.

Oh, did you notice the tiny popcorn tub this little sheet ghost is holding?!                                                                              

 2. Ghost Tatto On Ankle

Image: @jvckbarrow 

Are you a newbie or a tattoo collector? A tiny ankle tattoo will be perfect for you. An outline tattoo of a sheet ghost, modern design, and a great tattoo artist seems like an awesome Halloween ink idea. 

This is one of those tattoo designs that get noticed a lot so, be prepared for a lot of questions.                                           

3. Dark Ghost Tattoo On Leg


Image: @lauragomeztattoo 

Wait, did we say cute? Well, maybe not this ghost tattoo. Doesn’t this illustration remind you of demons and dark, evil spirits? Well, that’s what ghosts are all about.

A ghost movie shows these creatures as a symbol of darkness and a bad omen. Fans of such genre are most like to get this tattoo. Thank God it’s only a tattoo! Imagine such a figure appearing in front of you. My soul would have left my body!

Sure, it’s a little creepy and scary but that’s what makes Halloween fun.

4. Sheet Ghost Tattoo Designs

Image: @lemon.droop

Remember those cute, budget-friendly Halloween costumes that we would make out of an old bedsheet with cut-out eye holes? Total nostalgia! Go “trick and treat with this cute, outline bedsheet ghost tattoo.

5. Halloween Ghost Tattoo


Image: @outofstepbooks 

Imagine Grim reaper knocking on doors, trick or treating, and haunting graveyards! A white bedsheet instead of his black robe and a spooky pumpkin basket instead of the scythe.

Doesn’t it sound like the ideal Halloween tattoo idea? The upper arm could be an ideal placement for this tattoo design.

P.S. – We recommend black ink for such ghost tattoos.                                               

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 6. Forearm Ghost Tattoos

Image: @inkingabby

Animated horror movies are everyone’s guilty pleasure. Remember Scooby-Doo and his adventures? That’s where this spooky sheet ghost is from. Meaning apart, this ghost tattoo is fun and minimal.

The black and grey work along with some shading has been used here. A flying ghost holding a black pumpkin – now that’s what will intrigue people, especially kids.

7. Small Ghost Tattoo Design                                         

Small Ghost Tattoo Design                                         

Image: @fatcowtattoo                                  

Now we are talking cute. Snapchat’s little ghost logo has made tiny sheet ghost tattoos really popular. This tattoo design has a great fan base among women. You can get a coup tattoo of this cute little ghost with your lover or bestie. 

P.S. – Outline or minimal ghost tattoos in black ink would look better on fair to medium skin tone. If you have darker skin, consider having a solid, black tattoo.

8. Ghost Tattoo With Dark Outline

Image: @kazu_tattoo   

Another Ghostface Chillah inspired ghost tattoo is here! Featuring a bold, dark outline, black and grey ink, and the cutest ghost boo, this is one of those tattoo designs that will slay no matter what.

Get it on your legs, arm, chest, or any other part of your body. Just make sure to find a reputable artist because you don’t wanna mess up this one.

9. Little Ghost Tattoo on Back                              

Little Ghost Tattoo on Back                              

Image: @handpokedbym

Today’s minimal tattoo idea! Do you want to wear your ghost tattoo on your waist but don’t want it to look flashy? Well, that’s what tiny, little ghost tattoos are there for.

Make this picture your tattoo inspiration and slay this Halloween! Also, there are different ways in which you can manipulate the design and ink color. Be creative and be spooky!

10. Black And Grey Ghost Tattoo

Image: @twila.moon

Ooh looking for some ghosty cowboy friends? Let’s talk about them! Who said ghosts don’t have legs? We got one wearing a cowboy hat and boots! Hee-haw!

You can add shades of black, grey, and brown to enhance this lanky-legged ghost tattoo. Planning a tattoo gift? Dedicate it to a loved one.

11. Spooky Ghost Tattoo Design                    

Spooky Ghost Tattoo Design                    

Image: @rachktattoo                                                               

We all love carving pumpkins for Halloween, don’t we? What if your pumpkin goes missing and you see this guy holding it in front of you?

Well, let your reaction remain a mystery, and first get this spooky guy inked on your body. Creepy as it may look, this ghost tattoo is a work of art.

12. Halloween Ghost Forearm Tattoo

Image: @mayah_fernandes

Guys, bring the mystery and fun of those afterlife gothic tales to your ghost tattoos! Black ink, spider web, carved pumpkins, and floating ghosts! Horror tattoo designs never got cooler. Adorn your arms with this macabre beauty. 

13. Funny Style Ghost Tattoo Every Tattoo Artist Will Love Making 

Ghost Tattoo Every Tattoo Artist Will Love Making                               

Image: @torbstattoos    

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Quick question. What inspired you to get a ghost tattoo? A scary movie, an Instagram post, Halloween, or a fun night out with friends? Don’t be confused.

Haven’t all of us worn funny sheet ghost costumes? Why not make that memory permanent by getting a ghost tattoo that slays, like literally! 

The funny part is that if ghosts were watching you, they would think “ooh who’s that sexy lady”?

14. Ghost Holding Flowers Tattoo

Image: @grafixface_tattoo

Are you an old-school tattoo person? We might have found the perfect ghost tattoo design for you. We aren’t very sure about what a ghost holding flower would mean but this illustration brought about in a tattoo is the perfect traditional tattoo idea. 

Beware! The spooky boy is here!

15. Colorful Ghost Tattoo                                 

Image: @dolleyeddrew                                                            

Ever seen a ghost witch? Well, now you have! Harry Potter fans are going to love this tattoo idea. Charming shades of white, black, pink, orange, and purple, the cutest ghosts, and a neat art! That’s all it takes to make ghost tattoos that scream aesthetics.

Who said ghost tattoos look good only in black ink? This idea will make everyone go awww! Get inspired and represent your style. 

16. Cute Ghost And Mushroom Tattoo

Image: @manthbtattoo

Ghoul ghosts and intoxicating mushrooms are both symbols of fear and magic. Here’s a ghost tattoo idea portraying the same. Meanings apart, this ink idea is perfect for chest, back, and upper arm tattoos.

We aren’t sure if this tattoo suggests death or not but it looks like the ghost was out to do some mushroom picking. 

If you had ghosts and “shrooms” in your mind before reading this blog, it’s a sign! Go get inked!

17. Small Ghost Ankle Tattoo  

Small Ghost Ankle Tattoo  

Image: @basia.kolasinska                                                    

Small, but kind of evil! That’s what this tiny ghost tattoo is about. There may be occasions when you may want to hind your tattoos.

This tiny ankle tattoo is perfect for those situations. See for yourself, this ghost symbol is barely there. So, if you are a tattoo collector and wish to get a ghost tattoo, don’t think twice. Just get it!                                          

18. Forearm Ghoul Tattoo Design

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

Couple Tattoo alert!

Well, in our opinion, this ghost tattoo should be called “totally cool” instead of “totally ghoul”.

Featuring the Snapchat ghost wearing shades on one forearm, and a reading ghost on the other, this tattoo is the coolest ink ever! Adorn your arms with the cutest, minimal ghosts.

19. Spooky Sheet Ghost Tattoo                         

Spooky Sheet Ghost Tattoo                         

Image: @ashcarsontattoo                                                

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Wait, we aren’t done yet with our cool and chilled-out ghost tattoo ideas. This may not be as spooky, but this is definitely the coolest tattoo you will ever own.

In a world full of interpretations and meanings, take a break and get this super cool tattoo. Even Pinterest would not have such cool ideas.

20. Ghost Cat Body Tattoo

Image: @anaphantom.tattoo

Ok, cats can be adorable and creepy at the same time. So, a gat ghost tattoo is not too bad an idea for a spooky tattoo design. This tattoo idea has got a mixture of a cat, a ghost, bats, and the crescent.

Could a tattoo get more ghoul? Inspired by the new-school tattoo art and featuring a perfect blend of black, grey, purple, and yellow ink, this ghost-cat tattoo is a vibe!

21. Cute Ghost Arm Tattoo Design


Image: @dariancrowshawart                                       

“No matter what we do, all we think about is you”! Imagine these feetless ghosts singing this to you. Haha! Jokes apart this Instax-style ghost tattoo is lit.

This is a creative way to include two or more ghosts to your hand tattoo. While this design would look wonderful on women, our adorable dudes can also consider going for this idea. 

22. Spooky Ghost Designed Tattoo   

Image: @katiemaytattoo

Stand still! The villa ghost is here! No, we are not referring to some movie scene, we are flaunting this ghoul tattoo idea.

If you were wondering how a dotwork tattoo of ghosts looks, you are currently watching it. Traditionally such tattoos would symbolize death but their modern adaptations are punk, emo, and fun.

If you are obsessed with horror themes, you may choose to add a creepy quote to your ghost tattoo. We recommend all-black ink for such tattoo ideas. 

23. Black Ink Ghost Tattoo                                

Black Ink Ghost Tattoo                   

Image: @blackamethysttattooco

The reason why black ink looks effortless on ghost tattoos is that a general idea associated with them is dark and supernatural. Such themes look best in darker ink shades.

Besides, if you are planning on getting small or miniature tattoos, nothing better than getting them in black ink.

24. Spooky Ghost Tattoo

Image: @flashcarsontats

Today’s minimal tattoo idea! Adorn your shoulders with this outline tattoo made with bold, black ink. We love that you love black and so, we can’t get enough of such tattoo ideas.

The tattoo design shown in the picture is quick and easy to make, ideal for first-times. Because a bigger tattoo means more pain.

25. Ghost Holding Flowers Tattoo 

Ghost Holding Flowers Tattoo 

Image: @grizzlyayretattoos                                             

If you are looking for a traditional Halloween tattoo idea, consider getting this sweet yet spooky tattoo of a ghost holding flowers. Not sure who would like such a welcome.

Haha! A classic Americana style, blackwork, and your gorgeous legs are the perfect ink combination for this tattoo style. Life is all about good things, don’t think much just get this tattoo.

26. Cute Ghost Holding Balloon

Image: @fkaties_cakeless_art

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It’s like this ghost is asking “will you play with me”? This tattoo design is the perfect blend of cuteness and creepiness. We, know, the red balloon reminds you of the famous “It”.

Well, today is all about spooky tattoos, so any horror-related creativity is allowed. Right? So, welcome this little Halloween friend to your collection of tattoos.

Also, this style is a great way to add elements and color to your ghost tattoos. 

27. Black Spooky Ghost Tattoo                          

Black Spooky Ghost Tattoo 

Image: @meyzentattooz                                              

Here’s another illustration for you. Looking at the picture, it seems as if the ghost is saying “what”! We will have to admit that the design is quite creative.

A scared ghost wearing a witch hat, and a little black heart! Hmm, what could it mean? Well in most cases, such inks portray fun and creativity rather than some deep-rooted meaning. 

28. Cute And Spooky Ghost Tattoo

Image: @chrisgifted72

Love both aliens and ghosts and want your tattoo to showcase both? Well, you can go for this tattoo idea! Featuring a floating sheet ghost with green alien eyes is a great blend of the two pre-mentioned characters.

We know, this unique piece of art is hard to resist. This Halloween, adorn your skin with non-conventional, and unique tattoos. 

29. Ghost With Poppy Flower Tattoo   

Ghost with poppy flower Tattoo   

    Image: @tattoosbycaro                                        

Looks like this adorable ghostie has a crush on some woman. A mesmerized expression on the face, adorable blush, and a gorgeous flower in the hands, what else could it be?

Jokes apart, if you are searching for minimal and cute ghost tattoos, this could be the one. Though cuteness may not traditionally be associated with ghosts. But in modern-day tattoos art, there are no fixed rules.

30. Bubble Ghost Design Tattoo

Image: @txttoo 

Aren’t Korean tattoo ideas are the cutest thing ever? It’s amazing how they make their fashion, accessories, and even tattoos look so adorable. This Halloween let’s play it cute!

Check out this tiny sheet ghost taking a bubble bath. This is undoubtedly the perfect outline tattoo featuring back, blue and yellow ink. Ghost tattoo designs never got cuter! You have got only one life, get inked before you regret.

31. Graceful Cute Ghost Tattoo                 

Graceful Cute Ghost Tattoo

Image: @floralhaunting.tattoos                               

Let’s get bold and graceful! Here’s the most elegant sheet ghost tattoo you will ever find. Two words for this style – “Yes Madame”. 

Amazing, isn’t it? These tattoo designs look effortless but it takes a lot of skill to create them. Look at the shading and detailing done to create a 3D look.

So, make sure to find a highly rated artist. And yes, women would totally slay this tattoo, but our dear men can get it too. 

32. Cute Ghost Ankle Tattoo

Image: @seed.sprout.tattoo 

Ever seen a nerd ghost? It’s incredible how modern symbols have made these supernatural elements look new-school and adorable.

This is our last recommendation in today’s ghost tattoo series. This handpoked tattoo of a little ghost is everything! We are totally obsessed with it.

Also, have you noticed that the cutest tattoo ideas are made using the handpoke technique? Just gorgeous!

And those were the ideas guys! We hope you were able to pick your favorite one among all these tattoos. Be it Halloween or a casual ink urge, ghost tattoos are always in trend.

Let’s admit it, most of us have been in love with the idea of cute ghosts since Casper. It’s high time you get a perm for yourself because these are the most “beautiful” tattoos ever!

Happy inking to you.

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