54 Incredible And Meaningful Quote Tattoo Ideas And Designs For Shoulder

The advancement is done in the field of tattooing art, which has made it possible for you to get a tattoo on any and all types of body parts. Quote tattoo for shoulder is one of the incredible ideas in getting a tattoo inked.

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54 Incredible And Meaningful Quote Tattoo Ideas And Designs For Shoulder

The shoulder is a popular place where you can get a tattoo. Here we will explore all the possibilities of how you can get a tattoo on your shoulder.

The shoulder tattoos are a popular place for tattoos among girls because it makes them look more attractive. However, there are specific ways in which you can use the slope of your shoulder to complement the tattoo.

 1. Shoulder Tattoo Quote

Here is a plain yet strong message the bearer gives of what she thinks. But, of course, you can also boldly present such a message yourself.

Image: @divtattoo

2. Elegant Tattoo Quote

Here is another minimalistic tattoo with an elephant face. The elephant is the symbol of loyalty, divinity, and good luck.     

Image: @1920tattoozhub

3. Love Me For Shoulder Quote Tattoo

The heart tattoo is for a happy and passionate personality, and the flower with a heart shows the love for these. You can also similarly used your favorite elements with a quote for your authentic tattoo.

Image: @magiczartwork

4. Believe In Myself Shoulder Quote Tattoo

Here is a motivational quote that the bearer uses to keep him going and have faith in themselves.

Image: @facotattoo

5. Let Your Faith Quote Tattoo

Here is another faith tattoo to keep that faith strong and not let it shake away. Such a tattoo can keep you striving for more when your strength fails you.

Image: @big.g._tattoos

6. Future Quote Tattoo

We all have a thing of being hooked to our past, and it is something that we do not want to let go of.

But the truth is that if we get rid of it instead of clinging to it, that is the best thing we can do for ourselves. So just inhale the future and exhale all your past.

Image: @customtattoodesign.ca

7. Amazing Quote On Shoulder Tattoo

From the looks of it, this one looks like a friendship tattoo. You and your friend can go for a similar-looking tattoo to honor your bond.

Image: @

8. Long Shoulder Quote Tattoo

If you like quote tattoos and want to get a long quote etched on your shoulder, you can get it in this linear manner or have a few twists and turns done in the quote.

For example, the owner of this tattoo expresses how she thinks that love is the most beautiful thing in life.

Image: @smatson47 

9. Deep Understanding Quote Tattoo

Here is a line that can get you into analyzing your life. Quotes like these with a profound meaning look fabulous.

Image: @thedot.tattooboutique

10. High On Life Quote Tattoo

It is a simple three-letter message, but it has an essential nature, as one should be high on life rather than inducing chemicals to reach a specific state.

Image: @1920tattoozhub

11. Mesmerizing Quote Tattoo

Another minimalistic quote in a stylish font. You can also go for a quote in your native language.

Image: @yleniaattard

12. Fear God Shoulder Quote Tattoo

Fear God so that it abstains you from committing something horrible and what is considered a criminal offense. Fear can be a driver of a lot of good and bad things.

Image: @travieguy.ink

13. Nice Quote Shoulder Tattoo

Minimalistic and straightforward tattoos have become a popular choice because of their elegance and graceful looks.

So if you want a minimalistic tattoo or a first tattoo that involves minimum use of ink on your body, you can go for something like this.

Image: @goldencobratattooclub

14. Family Quote Tattoo

You can use the infinity symbol to direct the eternal things in life. The infinity symbol with the family member’s name is a great tattoo idea to show love for your family. You can use the words to complete the infinity tattoo.

Image: @ax_tattoos

15. Quote with Heart Tattoo

You can have the name of your favorite person etched with a small heart to tell them how much you are fond of them.

Image: @abnertattooink

16. Memorial Quote Tattoo

In memory of a loved one, a tattoo is the best thing that you can have to honor someone you loved and who has left for heaven above.

The lifeline with the name tells how much the bearer was fond of the person, but in general, the lifeline is the symbol of hope and fight in despair.

Image: @tattoo.museum.marseille

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17. Quote With Rose Tattoo

A simple rose for your love tattoo looks impressive. However, blending the name with the stem of the rose can hold meaning for a couple of things, as the rose is for love won or love lost.

Image: @vickysmithtattoo

18. Couple’s Matching Quote Tattoo

The quote starting on the body with an insanely creative look gives a meaningful ink. Tattoos that complete each other is a sort of like linking your partner and yourself together.

The minimalist quote design on the collar bone looks romantic and shows love towards each other. 

Image: @olly_tattoo

19. Wonderful Quote Tattoo On Shoulder

Quote tattoos near the collarbone look like fabulous tattoos. You can have some famous quotes from your culture done in this manner.

Image: @tattooist.baduc

20. Motivational Quote Tattoo

Motivational quote tattoos are the most popular ones done by people; here is another one. If there is a quote that changed your approach to life, then you can get it etched on you to stay focused and motivated.

Image: @by_jn_customs_

21. Self Realization Quote Tattoo

Pain is something that can build and break people. So if the pain has transformed you into something better and you have managed to channel it by using it as your armor, you can get a tattoo to show a similar path to others going through pain.

Image: @vanessa_tattoos_

22. Great Quote Tattoo

Here is a quote in a foreign language that means the journey is more beautiful than the destination.

Image: @nuinktattoozone

23. It Is Quote Tattoo

This is a famous line from an English movie. It indicates that some things will happen the way they are meant to be.

Image: @ devilscove_tattoo_liverpool

24. Beautiful Quote Tattoo

You must have heard of the quote that whatever happens is for good. So this statement is backed up by this statement that everything happens for a reason. If you also think the same, you can get one tattoo for yourself. 

Image: @anna.tattoos

25. Stunning Quote Shoulder Tattoo

Here is an attractive tattoo in a stylish font. If you want a back tattoo, you can get one similar to this. 

Image: @witchinghourink

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26. Quote With Birds Tattoo

The birds and the lotus together are significant elements that go with each other. The birds symbolize freedom, and the lotus stands for the symbol of rising above temptation.

So if you are also of the same belief that the true meaning of life is not in worldly things, you can get one.

Image: @cheekxtattoo

27. Self Love Quote Tattoo

Self-love is an essential thing in life that people are unaware of. Self-love is something that can keep someone motivated and give mental peace. You can get this one imprinted if you are in harmony with yourself and love yourself before anyone else.

Image: @aicandyartistry

28. Being Proud Quote Tattoo

Some people lose their loved ones to the disease, and then people get tattoos in their memory to honor them. On the other hand, some people fight with their ailments gracefully, and their loved ones acknowledge their bravery.

Image: @cm.tats

29. Free Quote Tattoo

A bird is a symbol of freedom, so you can even write the word with it to signify it.

Image: @mac_tattoos_original

30. Love Quote Tattoo

The ultimate love tattoo you can get for someone you are fond of. If you have this kind of eternal love with someone, then get a quote similar to this one.

Image: @huskymomxtrek

31. Nice Shoulder Tattoo Quote

Here is an idea for a family tattoo. Once every family goes through a time when they have to stick out for each other and support each other. So if your family shares that kind of bond, you can go for a similar tattoo.

Image: @inkworkztattoo

32. Quote With Diamond Tattoo

The diamond is a sign of durability, inner beauty, and power. If you also believe that the true beauty lies inside a person and not on the outside, then you can go for such a tattoo.

Image: @heartsandspadesstudio

33. Family Is Everything Quote Tattoo

Tattoos for the family are a popular choice, and here you can explore all the ways in which you can get one. 

Image: @calli_tattoo

34. Circular Quote Tattoo

There are many ways to get a quote tattoo, and one of them is in a circular motion. If you like this style of getting a quote, then you can go for such a tattoo.

Image: @ lush_tattoo_club

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35. Self Realization Shoulder Quote Tattoo

Your pain will usually grow you into a stronger person. So you can get such a tattoo if you have also grown through your pain. 

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

36. Quote with Big Flower Tattoo

If you like to live your life on your terms, you can get a tattoo. The sunflower is the symbol of hopeful love.

Image: @bodyofinkceo

37. Shoulder Quote Tattoo Design

Everything passes after some time, be it happiness or sadness. So do not let any sad or hurtful moment take over you entirely because nothing is permanent. 

Image: @mooks_tattoos

38. Deeply Motivational Quote Tattoo

Never give up and never lose hope; no matter what brought you down, it is not the end of the world, so try harder anew as every sunrise brings new opportunity.

Image: @ameliastattoojourney

39. Beautiful Work Shoulder Tattoo

Here is a random quote that may inspire you.

Image: @thedarlingapril

40. Majestic Shoulder Quote Tattoo

You can even get your quote tattoo stretching right up to your neck. But remember that the tattoo that is done on your neck will hurt a little more than other parts.

Image: @rick_tattooscp

41. It Is Well Quote Tattoo

A positive approach in life is crucial; if you are of the same thought process, then you can get one to express it.

Image: @blackpearltattoohouma

42. Bible Quote Tattoo

You can even use a tattoo to show your divine faith in the almighty; for instance, look at this quote that clearly states the belief in God. It says that if you put your trust in God, then everything is possible in life.

Image: @tattoo_tracy

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43. Shoulder Tattoo Quote Design

This looks like what may be a love tattoo that indicates that when you love a person, you accept all their flaws with them. Or this quote may have some other significance to the bearer, but you can have tattoos with such a personal message.

Image: @tattoosbyjazziee

44. Perseverance Quote Tattoo

Perseverance is such a quality of life that can be the ultimate decider for many things in life, majorly the success and failure in a person’s life. And other stuff like settling for less in life. 

Image: @amanda.noteman

45. The Heart Wants Quote Tattoo

This line comes from a song that used to be quite famous when it came out. You must have heard the song or not, but the line is a wonderful one.

Image: @ares.tattoo

46. Personal Quote Tattoo

Here is another personal message quote tattoo. Something you have read or come across in your life can also become your personalized tattoo.

Image: @ares.tattoo

47. Faith Over Fear Quote Tattoo

Do not let your fear become more significant than your faith; if you like to remind yourself sometimes, get it etched on you. A small cross etched in between the tattoo is a nice touch.

Image: @tattoo_tracy

48. Quote Tattoo

Stylish back tattoo with a touch of a personal favorite font. 

Image: @inos_lembayung

49. Fabulous Quote Tattoo On Shoulder

Acceptance of a person’s true nature is a prerequisite to loving someone truly. The bearer of this tattoo also wants to affirm this strongly.

Image: @ikaw_storyzii

50. Song Title Quote Tattoo

If there is a song with words you can’t get out of your mind, then you can get those written on you.

Image: @tattoosbyjon2018

51. With Pain Quote Tattoo

Another quote says the pain you endure in life only makes you stronger.

Image: @vanessa_tattoos_

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52. You See Quote Tattoo

Nothing is more dear than a person who can see the brighter side in you and then show you the brighter side of life.

If you are lucky enough to have such a person, you can get this tattoo on you. The sun is the symbol of renewal and light.

Image: @tattoosbyjazziee

53. Tibetan Quote Tattoo

A quote from your roots or something that marks your origin can be the ideal tattoo for you.

Image: @mac_tattoos_original

54. Trust Your Struggle Quote Tattoo

Sometimes, all things we are doing do not affect our lives, and all our efforts are in vain.

But that is not true, and when the mind tries to dictate this to you, one should remember to have faith in their struggles and believe that their efforts will lead them in the right direction. So always trust your process.

Image: @danishtattoozhouse

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Quote Tattoos?

Quote tattoos can be a whole sentence or a couple of words that hold meaning to you and capture a sentiment about you. A quote can be about strength, self-love, relationships, or something as simple as a saying from your favorite movie.

All these kinds of quote tattoos will give inspiration to you.

Are Quote Tattoos Good?

Yes, the quote tattoos are an excellent medium to express your heart. Some may go for a line from their favorite book, movie, or song, while some get what was said to them by a loved one.

They are pleasant as tattoos because of the sentimental value they hold.

You can even use these to honor children or your spouse.

Why Do People Tattoo Quotes?

The reason behind any person who wants a tattoo on them is different, but mostly the quote tattoos are done because of honor, to celebrate fandom, or relate them to their roots.

How Do You Get A Tattoo Quote?

To get to know how much the quote tattoo cost you, first, contact your tattoo artist, and send them a pic of what you have in mind. Lastly, send a pic of the body part where you want to see that tattoo on you.

You can even draw a circle on your body for the precise details of the price and style.

Do Quote Tattoos Age Well?

If your tattoo has shading, thin lines, and small words and is relatively more minor in size, it may fade away more quickly than other styles.

On the other hand, a tattoo with too much detail tends to blur. So if you want a tattoo to last a little longer, get bolder lines and larger designs.

Bottom Line

There are multiple reasons why one will get a quote tattoo, but all those reasons lead to one destination that is an impressive tattoo. So if you have a meaningful quote in mind, do not think twice and get it done on you today.

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