37 Awesome Open Pisces Tattoo Ideas To Try Right now

Pisces tattoos are widely popular as feminine tattoos because they stands for femininity. Tattoos are a creative and unique way of telling the world who you are without speaking. It is like a symbol of your traits which you want to show to the world. There are several tattoos and options available to choose from, and the zodiac sign tattoos are one of them.

37 Awesome Open Pisces Tattoo Ideas To Try Right now

Pisces zodiac sign combines two fishes that represent reality and fantasy of a bipolar personality of Pisceans. Therefore, it is one of the most popular tattoos ideas for people to get their zodiac signs inked. These tattoos show the character and traits of Pisceans people and help enhance their beauty.

Pisces Sign Constellation Tattoo Ideas

Pisceans are born between Feb 20 to Mar 20, and the water element represents them. Pisces zodiac sign people tend to be creative, imaginative, emotional, sensitive, and sympathetic to others. They ensure the happiness of their loved ones and go to any heights to keep them happy

Like their qualities, their designs are also different and enchanting to the eyes. Pisces designs can be very creative, and for creating the designs, ‘sky is limit’ for them. 

Here are some great and eye-catching tattoos for the Pisces people

Zodiac Pisces Fish Tattoos

1. Bold Fish With Constellation Pisces Tattoo

A bold fish above the constellation looks stunning. Try this sleeve tattoo design in a little bigger size with gray shades on your arms without any thought.

Image: @dexteradeitattoo

2. Back Large Goldfish Tattoo

If you love fish and you’re a Piscean too, then this design is one for you. A large goldfish tattoo on the back or shoulder will look eye-catching.

Image: @zombietattoozone

3. Outline Fish Pisces Design

Outline tattoos look as fabulous as dark and shaded tattoos. If you won’t believe me try this blue outline fish sleeve tattoo, and you will surely love it.

Image: @geometric.tattoo.project

4. Fish Tattoo Design With Detailing

Piscean are creative, emotional, creative, and the fish represents their quality of healing. So, without any second thought, a detailed fish tattoo is an excellent choice for them. You can try this tattoo in Black and gray or color. They will look stunning in both.

Image: @stefanbunja_tattoo

5. Small Zodiac Fish Tattoo

Try this small zodiac fish tattoo if you look for a smaller tattoo. Two fish swimming in opposite directions will look incredible. It will look stunning on the wrist or upper side waist.

Image: @francomontes5

6. Black and White Fish Tattoo

As I said above, Pisceans are creative people, so they love to be creative with their designs. So, here is an artistic black and white fish tattoo design for the thigh, shoulder or arms.

Image: @zodiac_tattoo_company

7. Best Pisces Tattoo for Middle of Back Design

It is also a popular choice among Pisceans. Two fish swimming in opposite directions behind the neck makes a stunning design. First half the body of the fishes in Black and rest in gray shades.

Image: @breannabaghaee

Illustrative Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

8. Floral Watercolor Glyph Tattoo Design

Floral glyph tattoos make a stunning design. You can add the glyph below the flowers, attaching them.

Image: @eli_peony

9. Mermaid Pisces Tattoo Designs

We talk about the Pisces tattoo and not discuss the mermaid; that will be unfair. So Pisceans, don’t wait for a mermaid tattoo for the arms. The mermaid tattoo will look amazing in both colored and black ink.

Image: @tattoogolgesangu

10. Unique Zodiac Pisces Tattoo

Finding the right tattoo for Pisces can be difficult for Pisceans. But don’t worry; we are here to help you with this unique Pisces zodiac sign tattoo. A face with half-colored ink with Pisces is going to look fabulous.

Image: @heatherlynntattoos

11. Constellation With Fish Tattoo Idea

Black and white fishes and constellations look fantastic. But what about the colored tattoo? Try two fish in the constellation or around it colored ink.

Image: @o.a.k_art

12. Pisces Tattoo Designs

There are tons of designs for Pisceans to choose from, and they can add two ideas in one. First, try the tiny glyph with the words written Pisces under it with two fish swimming in opposite directions. Then, you can try some elements with it to make it more creative.

Image: @midnighttattoo_

13. Fish Pisces Colorful Tattoo Ideas

A small colorful fish Pisces tattoo makes an elegant choice for the arms. Try this one now.

Image: @dandin_santos_tattoos

14. Colorful Pisces tattoo ideas for side waist

One of the most beautiful tattoos is this one. It looks stunning on the side waist and looks feminine. One of the most beautiful tattoos for Pisces women.

Image: @daiaraujotattoo

15. Side Pisces Constellation with Star Tattoo Design

Pieces are usually made in small sizes and look great on any body part. However, some Pisceans love to get them above the ribs, and it looks stunning. This Pisces star constellation tattoo is quite popular among girls.

Image: @inkedbylele

16. Small and simple Pisces Constellation Wrist Tattoo

A small Pisces tattoo on the wrist or the shoulder with dotted lines makes it a more fantastic choice to get. The less is, the more is the rule we follow for these Pisces tattoos.

Image: @whysmile.wwen

17. Shoulder Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Pisces shoulder constellation tattoo looks incredible. However, you can make it look more enchanting by making it with small-flowered lines or simple lines with the fishes at the end. 

Image: @drankthepaint

18. Dainty Pisces Constellation Tattoo for Pisces women

Fishes are known as great healers, and this Dainty Pisces shows the emotional side of Piscean. Being passionate is one of the qualities of Pisceans. It makes an awesome sleeve tattoo.

Image: @bobbie.ink

19. Attractive Pisces Sign Constellation Tattoo

Pisces constellation tattoos look classy and elegant. They look like a ‘V’ shape when created. You can make them creative by adding some stars or a small with them and make them as creative as you want. However, the beauty of a constellation tattoo lies in its simplicity

Image: @simya_tattoo

20. Tiny Pisces Wrist Tattoo Constellation

Pisces constellation tattoos look terrific, whether they are small size or immense. For example, a tiny Pisces constellation tattoo on the wrist or the shoulder looks great.

Image: @aarpee.ink

Pisces Sign Tattoo Ideas

21. Simple Pisces Tattoo for Side Wrist with Glyph

If you like simple and small tattoos, then a tiny glyph on the side wrist will look fabulous. It will look more beautiful with some dark lines.

Image: @halinczi

22. Pisces ankle tattoos with Thin Glyph

A tiny and simple Pisces will look elegant on your finger, ankle or wrist. Try this one, Pisceans.

Image: @alkemist_inkd_studio

23. Classic Pisces Glyph Tattoo

The small glyph tattoo is Pisceans has many creative and innovative tattoos to try and the glyph tattoo is one of the popular tattoo choices. In this tattoo,two curved fishes swimming in opposite direction makes the pisces glyph with a bar which connects both the fishes.of the classy choices for Pisceans. In this tattoo, two curved lines represent the two fishes swimming in different directions and a small bar in the middle.

Image: @thetattoovalley

24. Minimalist Pisces Tattoos with Glyph for the Ear design

The small glyph design looks stunning on the wrist. But according to the size, you can try this minimalist Pisces tattoo behind the ears or on the finger.

Image: @strawhat280

25. Floral Pisces Glyph Tattoo Design

If you are looking for something more creative, this one’s for you. Try the floral glyph design in a bit of a bigger size on the wrist, and you will surely love it.

Image: @urvaninkto

26. Simple Flower Glyph Tattoo

Flower glyph tattoos will always be elegant and unique however you want. Try this glyph as a vase with some daisies or any flower you wish to.

Image: @tattoo.by.noura

Some Other Zodiac Tattoo Design

Capricorn Tattoos 

Like Pisceans, Capricorn people also have many options to get a tattoo. The horn goat tattoo with a fishtail looks stunning on the arms. Capricornians are considered hardworking and dedicated to their commitments. Capricornians love to get the horn goat tattoo with some colored elements around it, making it more stylish. Some people love small tattoos, so the sign of Capricorn in black ink will give an elegant look.

Virgo Tattoos

Virgo sign peoples are called Virgoans, and earth is their zodiac element. Virgo people are known for their perfection and detail-oriented mind. Virgos have zero tolerance for errors, so there is no chance of imperfection in their tattoos. 

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus sign people are called Taureans, and the symbol for is bull. Taurus people are known for their gentle and fierce nature. They carry strong opinions about things and always prefer home comfort above anything. Like every other zodiac sign, Taureans also have several tattoo designs. The elegant bull tattoo, glyph of Taurus, Taurus goddess tattoo, outlined bull tattoo, a stunning bull tattoo with elements are some of the best designs for Taureans.


These are the very few designs for Pisces tattoo ideas. They look fantastic on every body part. As we said above, Pisceans are known for their creativity, and their tattoos are also very creative. Pisces is a feminine sign, and Pisces tattoos are an excellent fit for girls. However, that doesn’t mean men can’t have these tattoos. They can also choose the tattoo according to their personality and make it creative for the placement they want.


What flower represents Pisces?

“Water lily” represents the Pisces. Because of their water and fishes as their symbol, no other flower will be equivalent except water lilies for Pisces.

Is two koi fish a Pisces symbol?

Yes, the two koi fish represent Pisces as a symbol in the astrology sign. Pisces itself is a Latin word for fish. 

  Do Pisces have powers?

One of the best traits of Pisces is that they are emotionally superb, and their imaginary power is also great. They are very creative in everything and always inspire others because of these magnificent qualities.

Why is Pisces so special?

Pisceans are very sympathetic around them, and the willingness to go to any extent to keep them happy makes the Pisces people special.

 Are Pisces rare?

Yes, Pisces are very rare because a tiny 5.2% population worldwide is born under this sign. Therefore, they are the rarest on the planet.

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