36 Delightful and Iconic Dice Tattoo With Gleaming Personality

Dice tattoo designs are distinctive, and it is a great idea to get it inked. Many tattoo designs are widely approached and are certainly requested for risk-taker types. These tattoo designs are modified to almost any theme and combine elements and symbols to complement each other. A frequent design idea for both men and women, you will always want a touch of audity for the tattoo design. 

36 Delightful and Iconic Dice Tattoo With Gleaming Personality

Why choose a dice tattoo?

The dice tattoo is a creative and innovative idea of expressing someone’s personality in a symbolic way. There is a term too in a native america which stands for “dice throw.” This tattoo does not means a faint of heart which makes it an excellent choice to try. It may be an excellent addition to your tattoo collection that will stand the test of time, as many other tattoo designs have done. In addition, dice tattoos are unique because they usually are smaller in size.

What is the meaning of a dice tattoo?

The meaning of dice tattoo is prevalent amongst Asian culture and many other cultures worldwide. It goes back thousands of years and has different meanings depending on people’s symbols, cultures, and beliefs. Though giving a positive and negative meaning, these are a symbol of risk-taking, and as the roll of dice shows, the attitude towards life. The numbers on the dice also represent luck. It also refers to daredevil, boldness, fortune and gambling. 

Some of the best dice tattoo designs are:

1. Forearm dice tattoo design

Credit: inkmattik

If you are looking for a dice tattoo design, it is a good idea to get it inked on your forearm. Getting it inked in black and gray is a fit for any fan and is a budget-friendly option. As a distinctive approach, calling it inked in a realistic look gives a pop to the tattoo. 

2. Number dice tattoo

Credit: usmapstudio

The role of dice and the number that comes up decide the game’s outcomes. It is a symbol of risk-taking and gambling, and thereby the dice tattoo with the number can have a specific meaning to the individual but does not have the same meaning for everyone. 

3. Eyes in dice tattoo

Credit: geeorgitoo 

A unique and intriguing expression of individuality with some specific meaning comes with a dice tattoo. These dice tattoo designs can be shared with other elements with different colors or sizes. The addition of eyes to the tattoo makes it look mesmerizing, giving it a symbol of fortune. 

4. Tiny dice tattoo

Credit: weareyoung.tt

Tiny dice tattoos are preferable amongst women and are a cute-looking tattoo design. The design can be accompanied by other designs such as flowers, sunrise, and other elements to make it look more pretty. 

5. Matching dice tattoo

Credit: charietattoos

The best selection of suitable forearm tattoo designs inked in royalty style shows the best design selection. The American style tattoo design inked in colorful design gives an incredible appeal, showing adore towards each other. 

6. An eye and dice tattoo

Credit: ceentaur

A dice tattoo will make an excellent homage to the classic and popular board games. Showing the love of gambling or dice games gives a seamless pattern with traditional tattoo design inked on hand with bold and bright colors. 

7. Melting dice tattoo

Credit: sotomorgantattoo

Enhancing individual well-being, the dice tattoo shows different meanings. The melting dice tattoo is a new kind of tattoo for enthusiasts giving it a distinctive appeal. It shows the fortune of individuals. You can also get seamless tattoo design patterns, making it look adorable. 

8. Dice tattoo on wrist

Credit: now_tattooer

The rolling dice tattoos on the wrist are the most common tattoo designs and are primarily known as attractive among the dice tattoos. People often connect tattoo designs to gambling and for those who have their hands on the table for rolling the dice. The dice tattoo design on wrist looks cool when men are at the actual gambling time.

9. Fuzzy dice tattoo

Credit: lovecat_tattoos

The tattoo design looks incredibly net worth for those who love to engrave dice tattoos as a favorite design that daily involves the concept of different designs such as fuzzy dice, making it appear different from other designs. Including black ink makes the design appear clear. 

10. Full arm dice design tattoo

Credit: cb_sacredoath

Meaningful full sleeve dice tattoos or ideas look incredibly worthy when men and women roam around in the casino. The gambling images of cards and poker and the rolling dice, including photos of money, time, luck, look brilliant in her work and the personality is worth noticing.

11. Flaming dice tattoo

Credit: monique_ligons

Flaming dice tattoos are also one most common designs of dice tattoos. Many people believe their thoughts in their random numbers and in context with gambling love to make a lucky number with a dice tattoo on their body; in a way, luck always remains with them.

12. The burning question dice tattoo

Credit: rival_tattoo

Dice tattoo with fire and flames in black and gray ink is a traditional tattoo design and is the most common tattoo design. The prominent theme has a complex symbol with a detailed design on the wearer. Inked in bold black color makes it look superior. 

13. Simple dice tattoo

Credit: joeyrosadotattoos

Getting a unique tattoo design is what one would love to have. Getting tattoo design ideas from the tattoo artist using exciting colors and shapes makes the dice appear great. Shading takes patience and is done with tiny dotwork. 

14. King card dice tattoo

Credit: windriver_tatto

The king or queen card tattoo design with dice is made for men. These tattoo designs for men are totally in love and symbolize gambling and experimenting on luck. Engraving the tattoo design with lucky numbers and stars on the cards adds a distinctive appeal to the tattoo design. 

15. Ace card dice tattoo

Credit: kotoe_ink

Aces can be used to symbolize power, victory, or good luck. Other famous hands include the full house and straight. Some people may only want to get a single card tattooed on them. There are several choices when it comes to that approach.

16. Skeleton dice tattoo

Credit: zanereti

Looking for some lovely skeleton tattoos does not scare true fans of the best table spot or playing game. The black ink used in the tattoo design will pop the design out with a bold effect of other elements, including the dice. 

17. Casino life dice tattoo

Credit: blackinkgod2

The casino dice tattoo design comes to represent a bit of your gambling money to enjoy life at its fullest. Attracted by these exciting tattoo designs, you can emblem dice with your favorite number, either in monochrome or colorful ink style. 

18. Love dice tattoo

Credit: arunaurquhart 

Discovering dice tattoo designs with creative and trendy appeal makes it appear an addiction to playing board games. However, the tattoo design is a favorite one for those involved in gambling and playtime daily. 

19. Traditional dice tattoo

Credit: deeself

The traditional dice tattoo with simple mono colors is excellent for placement on the wrist. You can add the pop of colors you desire, making the tattoo design appear elegant and appealing and adding colors that contrast your skin makes the tattoo design appealing great!

20. Colorful dice tattoo

Credit: alletattooshop

Any artistic tattoo fan can make the dice tattoo inked in colorful appeal. The addition of bold and bright colors to get inked makes the design subtle yet elegant in its way. In addition, the fantastic tattoo design with white for shading gives it a distinctive appeal. 

21. Amazing dice tattoo

Credit: filoisback

Punters always consider number seven a lucky number in North America. It is also known as a “magic number.” So if you are a gambler that always wants to be lucky, they have a number seven tattoo design.

22. Watercolor dice tattoo design

Credit: dorotea.easter

The tattoo design represents different meanings, and it works well with luck for many individuals. However, giving the tattoo a different sense with watercolor inking style makes the design appear indifferent from thousands of other designs. 

23. Black and white dice tattoo

Credit: kamilburta_ink

The linework natural tattoo design inked in black and white gives a distinctive style to the dice. With black and white tattoo design, usually in a square or rectangle-shaded style, makes the tattoo design adorable. 

24. Cherry dice tattoo design

Credit: silverlinetattooottawa

Cherries were used in the past in slot machines. If three cherries appeared in a row, they indicated that you were the winner. For this reason, the tattoo design is meant to denote good luck.

25. Funny dice tattoo design

Credit: johnboy2215

The retro tattoo design ideas with outstanding elements are a great way to add them to your designs. For example, the tattoo in funny style from the edge of the dice makes it look indifferent to others. You can ask your tattoo artist to add additional elements to make the tattoo style different from others.

26. Rose dice tattoo

Credit: harmtattoo

Gleaming a lot on an individual’s personality makes the dice tattoo look unique. The addition of roses to the dice tattoo gives detailed information about the tattoo wearer. The bold red color for roses and black ink for dice and other elements makes the style look incredibly different. 

27. Black and gray dice tattoo design

Credit: maxtiptontattoo

Dice tattoos are the favorite designs for people who are daily involved with gambling and playtime. People believing in luck and faith generally love the concept of rolling dice, and with black and gray color effects, the tattoo design looks incredibly cool. 

28. Heart dice tattoo

Credit: chapnasty15

A dice tattoo inked on the body with a heart shape also relates to the gambling phase of life. The unknown psychological meaning with gaming shows the wearer’s image with the strength of one’s character. Enhancing one’s well-being, the tattoo design gives an incredible appeal. 

29. Fun little flaming dice tattoo

Credit: iamarst

This tattoo game can make any gamer sweep off their feet. The small tattoo design with the masterful pieces inked in the blood-red color also determines your fate in battle. The EPC tattoo design with an attractive swirly tattoo design makes the style an excellent look. 

30. Gamble dice tattoo

Credit: axellopez

Gambling cards are lucky dice tattoos are for those who have a deep interest in gambling. Engraved with lucky numbers, stars, and cards, people add dice designs to make sleeve tattoos. Choosing the tattoo design that represents your personality makes it appear indifferent. 

31. Stunning dice tattoo design

Credit: __ale1993

You can gleem a lot about a man’s personality with the tattoo design. Choosing the pair of dice to get it inked in bold black ink makes the design appear trendy yet modern. The black ink makes the tattoo design stunning. 

32. Loser dice tattoo

Credit: everythingwentblake

Some people have an inherent feeling that they are born to fail. Creating a design with the inflow to get a dice tattoo inked around looks incredibly cool. The tattoo design can be changed to lover instead or afterward as it suits. 

33. Hand dice tattoo

Credit: hustle_tattoos

Don’t you love to roll it when the design lands on the hand of the opponent? The hand tattoo design idea inked is an excellent way with distinctive elements. The addition of playing cards with quotes gives an incredible appeal making the design look distinctive. 

34. Floral dice tattoo

Credit: melaniecristo

You can add florals to the dice tattoo representing prosperity and good luck. Tattoo design is the best choice as the flowers bring joy and hope, and sometimes all of it can be used for the tattoo design. 

35. Wings dice tattoo

Credit: kyahmanuel_artist

The monochrome tattoo design with angel wings holds a lot about inked the tattoo. Wings having the dice gives a new symbol of prosperity, good luck and freedom. On the other hand, the tattoo design inked in black shows an indifferent look. 

 36. Heartbreak dice tattoo

Credit: syctattoo

A broken heart tattoo in the dice conveys heartbreak and sadness. The classic and traditional tattoo design with the transformative ideas gives an incredible design discovering the hierarchy of tattoo styles. 


Which is the best tattoo design?

If you are getting a tattoo inked for the second time, a small tattoo design is probably the most innovative way to go. Tribal tattoo designs have been there for centuries and represent symbolism, tradition, culture, and masculinity.

What do Playing Card tattoos mean?

The playing card is a classic tattoo image, a symbol of both good luck and fortune, but also a symbol of fate and even death. The playing card is a classic tattoo image, a symbol of both good luck and fortune and uncertainty and even death.

What does a rolling dice tattoo mean?

They are a symbol of taking risks, and the common one is the ‘roll the dice’ attitude to life. But, on the other hand, the tattoo means that one is free to live life as it comes.

What is the latest tattoo trend? 

Trends like blackwork and gray shading tattoos arise in popularity, but 2022 will be getting a little more thoughtful and abstract designs for body art.

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