25 Unbelievably Cute Ladybird Tattoo Ideas You Need To Save Right Now!

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

Ladybugs are one of the cutest insects; they are bright and lovely o doubt they are one of the most popular small tattoos for people all around the world; they are not harmful insects, symbols of good fortune and cute; So if you are looking for some luck and a ladybird tattoo design idea, you are reading the right article.

25 Unbelievably Cute Ladybird Tattoo Ideas You Need To Save Right Now!

Explore these 25 cute ladybird designs and find the best one for you to ink and by the end of this article, you’ll be ready to leave the house and get a tattoo that instant!


What does a ladybird tattoo symbolize?

Generally, a ladybug tattoo represents good luck but it also symbolizes love, happiness and safe travel.

What does a tattoo of a ladybug say about you?

Such a tattoo could mean that you like a simple tattoo, or you just love ladybugs; it also means you believe in love and are quite hopefully romantic in nature.

What do ladybugs represent in the Bible?

In the Bible, a ladybird brings gifts to Jesus, Mary and God Father so, a ladybird is considered a bringer of good things to humans.

Is it good luck to see a ladybug?

Yes, moreover, if a ladybug lands on you, it is supposed to take your illness away from you and bring good luck in your direction.

What does a sunflower tattoo mean?

A sunflower tattoo means hope for everlasting love but it is attached to multiple virtues like happiness and wholesomeness.

Lucky Ladybug Tattoo Designs

1. Heart-Spotted Ladybug Tattoo

There are numerous things that could make a ladybug better, and one of them is a ladybug with heart-shaped spots; try out a cute tattoo design with the cutest ladybirds you’ve seen and you could get one ladybug or a whole bloom. 


2. Bloom Of Ladybugs Tattoo

Fun fact: A group of ladybirds is called a bloom!

There is only one thing that is considered cuter than a ladybug, a whole vibrant bloom of them and to be honest, ladybirds are insanely cute and you might not be satisfied with just one tattoo and if you can relate to this feeling, it’s time you get more ladybird tattoos.

You can add a butterfly tattoo to complement this bloom; your body art will look way cuter with such small additions and you can also get such a ladybug tattoo with your BFF to honor your friendship.


3. Simple Ladybug Tattoo

If you like to keep things minimal and neat, a single ladybug tattoo may be the right option for you and the color totally depends on your preference/stylistic choice.


4. Ladybug With Flowers Tattoo Design

Ladybirds and flowers are a win-win combination, usually, these ladybug tattoo ideas ideally take advantage of the pop of colors of the ladybug and the flower; the tattoo could be in a rose garden to add more elements that add a charm to your lady bug tattoo.

Credit: melinda_fugu_tattoo 

5. Flower And Ladybug Tattoos

A ladybug’s authentic charm blooms in its nature, its habitat, in leaves and flowers, so if a ladybug alone is too simple for you, you can always get a flower with it on your body.


6. Realistic Ladybug Tattoo Designs

A ladybug tattoo doesn’t have to be big to hold meaning; it can be small too so if you want your ladybug tattoo to have a purpose, you do not require to go out of your way.


7. Small Ladybug Tattoos

Small ladybug tattoos are one of the cutest tattoos you can get, they look like vibrant dots on your skin. Apart from this they are considered to be lucky charm and look magnificient to the existing tattoos on your body.


8. Large Ladybug Tattoo Design

Ladybirds are pretty, so pretty that you might want to get a bigger version of them to ink, well, you can definitely get a big ladybug tattoo design even if you are a man or a woman.                                   


Meaningful Ladybug Tattoos

9. Ladybird On Leaf Tattoo

Nothing makes a tattoo pop more than contrast; if you want to use it to your advantage, think of a ladybird on a leaf – imagine the bright red color of the ladybird with the richly colored leaf; it is a great combination of colors that look great and will keep looking brilliant for years.

Credit: sirentattoos 

10. Heart Shaped Black Ladybug Tattoo

If you love a ladybug tattoo so much you make it a symbol of love itself, you can get a ladybug tattoo idea in the shape of a heart that represents your love for the design.


11. Tiny Ladybird On The Wrist

The wrist is one of the most popular areas to get a small tattoo, the position enhances the charm of the tattoo, and who doesn’t want such ink; so if you wish for a beautiful ladybug tattoo but are confused about where to get it?

The wrist is a great idea to let your creativity shine through fabulously with a design everyone can totally fall in love with.


12. Floral Ladybug Tattoo

If you are more into artistic tattoo styles, here is the right tattoo for you; this tattoo is a combination of flower tattoos in the ladybird’s shape itself, you can incorporate other tattoos too.

It’s creative, appealing and totally artistic, it’s like a garden in your tattoo and if this sounds and looks like your style, there is no better tattoo for you.


13. Ladybugs Tattoo With Gems

A vibrant colorful ladybug is an excellent choice for the insect tattoo lovers and for the people who loves to get carved with small tattoos. A small ladybug tattoo will add meaning to your design.

You could choose any gem you want, a contrasting emerald with your friends or a matching ruby for your friendship, or pick any color you absolutely like and add it to a stone shape you love – and you’re done!


14. Flying Ladybug Tattoo

It is time to experiment with your small ladybug tattoo design; enough of the ladybug sitting, you would agree it is time to let the insect take flight in its full charm.

Credit: kyratattooartist 

15. Small Ladybug Foot Tattoo

Not everyone wants their tattoo to be the center of attention – the best in the world; you just want to have one and the knowledge of it being there is enough to keep you happy.


16. Trio Ladybugs tattoo

You could have different tattoos in different positions (sitting or flying), different patterns or even different shapes – these types of ladybug tattoo designs are unique and could hold a special meaning for you.


Cute Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

17. Ladybug On Finger Tattoo Design

Another area that almost guarantees an awesome tattoo is fingers and if you want your tattoo to look cute and stay visible to you, you should get a ladybug tattoo on your finger; you can get the tattoo over or inside your fingers.


18. Cute Detailed Ladybug Tattoo

Your tattoo is your personality personified, if you have a happy and lively personality, you might want a tattoo that looks lively too and if your taste inclines to cute details, here is a ladybug tattoo idea for you.

Credit: natalia_theabbey 

19. Black And White Ladybug Tattoo

There is no doubt an ankle tattoo looks fantastic and getting a ladybug tattoo design on your ankle makes for the cutest idea ever that you can proudly show off!


20. Decorated Ladybug Tattoo Design

If you want your tattoo to look extravagant like you, you can get a ladybug tattoo design that is decorated and dazzling; it is totally your stylistic choice.


21. Ladybug With Text Tattoo

Sometimes words are required and if you feel this way about your tattoo, you can get some text inked with your design; it could be a line from a poem, a book or you can get your own words tattooed, sounds cute, right?


22. Ladybugs On Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflowers and ladybirds are some of the happiest things you can think of, so if you want a wholesome tattoo, combine these two and create an excellent tattoo for yourself.


23. Minimal Ladybug Tattoo Idea

You can never go wrong with a minimal ladybug tattoo because it is cute, simple and neat; moreover you won’t even regret it no matter where you get it, again attributing it to its amazingly minimal nature.


24. Vibrant Ladybug Tattoo Design

If you like your tattoos to be loud, time to throw subtleness out of the window – first, start with a design you truly want; it can be extra or straightforward and then, add a bright-colored ink to make the ladybug tattoo design look lively.


25. Flower With Ladybug Tattoos

Ladybug and flowers are a charming and graceful combination to try as a tattoo. You can choose any flower, and it will look amazing on the skin.

Credit: tanya_anti 

Some More Ladybug Designs To Try

26. Flying Ladybug Tattoo

Credit: disegnarti 

Credit: peria_tattoo 

27. Beautiful Ladybug Tattoo Band

Credit: stuffnlines 

28. Multiple Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Credit: vania.kilimajer.tattoos

29. Simple Tattoo Ladybug

Credit: patyfedrigo 

Credit: justincariaga

Credit: tattoo_vesna_prague

30. Detailed Ladybug Tattoo For Women

Credit: india.tatt

31. Vibrant Ladybug Tattoo For Women

Credit: slonsalon.tattoo 

Hope you fell in love with a ladybird tattoo design here, these tattoos look fabulous and will stay amazing forever; so now that you have the inspiration you require, are you ready to get a cute tattoo? This is your sign to get a ladybug symbol now!

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