Discover The Timeless 72+ Great Looking Jesus Tattoo For Arm

Are you looking for a way to showcase your love & faith to Jesus this Christmas? What can be better than getting your Arm inked with a timeless Jesus tattoo? Jesus Tattoos is a new form of worship! Find out some sanity-soaked Jesus Tattoos for your Arm!

Discover The Timeless 72+ Great Looking Jesus Tattoo For Arm

Tattoos are the hottest trend in the town! Beloved by millions of people for their impressive looks and life-soaked colors, Tattoos are the modern style to express love, affection, and respect for your beliefs.

And they look pretty amazing too! And when it comes to the most loved tattoos ever, Jesus Tattoos are on the top of the minds!

Why Jesus Tattoos Are So Desirable?

An extensive set of people are marching towards this trend! Most people get it for religious reasons, and they get it to express their faith in Jesus Christ. So whether you want to show off your love for Jesus’ father or just the word itself, the Jesus appearance tattoos featured here will indeed please you.

If you’re someone looking for the best Jesus Tattoos For Arm, we have some jaw-dropping inspiration for you! In this post, we will walk you through some of the most breathtaking and timeless 72 Great Looking Jesus Tattoos For Arm that will turn people to you – in a good way!

Meaning of Jesus Tattoo Design

For ages, Jesus Christ has been widely revered as ‘Lord of Lords’ – the supreme divinity! Jesus Tattoos means love, faith, devotion, positivity, and all positive things of this universe! Wearing a Jesus Tattoo design denotes you’re carriers of his teachings – A love distributor! It shows you’re a peace lover and believe God is with you every time. It shows you put God first in your life!

There are many factors to consider when it comes to tattoos, so here’s a breakdown of the main ones: location, size, and shape. Getting a tattoo is a big deal. Make sure you’re ready for it before getting your first or next.

History, Symbolism and Meaning of Jesus Tattoo Design

Jesus king, Tattoos have been around the globe for ages! Jesus’ tattoos represent the love & power of God and faith towards religion. In addition, it can work as a sign of hope in your life for some people.

A Jesus tattoo symbolizes faith and devotion religiously. Whatever be your spiritual beliefs, a Jesus tattoo is a way to represent your love for Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus’s tattoos have been a sign of faith, devotion and love for Christians and non-Christians. Therefore, each symbol has a special meaning & teaches different emotions.

Popular Locations for Jesus Tattoo Image

While you can get a tattoo almost anywhere, it’s always best to think that not all parts of your body are ideal for tattoos, especially if you’re planning to get a sacred tattoo like Jesus tattoo —for example, your wrist or your back—will impact the value and aesthetics of that tattoo.

Choosing the right area of skin for your tattoo is essential because you want to make sure that the tattoo is worth it. Also, if you are pregnant, you should avoid getting inked some areas of the body n because they can change during pregnancy.

Apart from this, when choosing a location for your tattoo, try to think about how much sun exposure that area is likely to receive. For example, when going for a colored tattoo, a place that doesn’t see many suns is best for the longevity of the colors, as UV rays cause colors to fade over time.

Types/Styles of Jesus Tattoo Design

When getting a tattoo, it’s essential to consider all factors before getting inked. However, it’s crucial to realize designs are also a BIG concern. Not all Jesus tattoos are the same. They come with different looks and purposes. So, get a design that you can live with for years to come!

Some of the best Jesus tattoo designs you can wear include:

  • Jesus Tattoo With Heart And Flowers
  • Jesus Hand Tattoo With Slogans Image
  • Eternal Jesus Head Tattoo With Flowers
  • Upper Arm Christian Tattoos
  • Christ on the Cross Tattoos
  • Small Jesus Cross Tattoo On Finger


If you’ve recently gotten a tattoo, these tips can help keep your new body art looking fresh.

A tattoo can be a beautiful, personal way to express yourself… but you want it to stay that way, don’t you?

Whether you already have a tattoo or are considering one, these tips can help. 

First things first. Tattoos require daily care. Sun exposure and weight changes can damage the skin, which can affect your tattoo. Together, cleanliness and hydration are your keys to healthy skin and a vibrant tattoo. And fortunately, these habits keep you looking and feeling great in general, too.

Stay fresh. Drink plenty of water. Wash your skin everyday with a bar of gentle soap and water.
Take note of what you wear. One should go for SPF clothing so the sun won’t dim your tattoo. Also, try to cover your art area while walking in the sun.

Keep your weight optimal. Avoid excess loss or gain of weight.

Select color as per your skin tone to get the best result of the tattoo image. For example, prefer light colors to make your skin look fairer. On the other hand, if you have dark skin, rich color will do magic.


Firstly tattoos are safe! However, if you own sensitive skin or are allergic to color, there are chances you may end up with problems like:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin infections
  • Bloodborne diseases
  • MRI complications
  • Burning or swelling at the tattoo site
  • Keloids, or overgrowths of scar tissue
  • Other skin problems

However, this is not always true. If you’re getting down your tattoo from a legit place with enough experience, hand and authority for excellent services, half of your risk factors got vanish same time! So fret not!!! Just knock on the right door!

How should you plan for a Jesus Tattoo for Women?

While you can get a tattoo anywhere you like, it’s good to keep in mind that somebody areas aren’t always the ideal places for tattoos; for that reason, you might want to avoid areas that can disgrace the value of tattoos or ones that might be affected by pregnancy – in case you’re a woman.

Maybe you have plans for that hand, including marriage, parenthood or other things? Why not look for an alternative location for your Jesus tattoo?

So now, when you know the significance of Jesus’ tattoo and everything about Jesus’ tattoo, it’s time to get some fantastic ideas for getting a splendid Jesus tattoo design on your Arm! 

So grab your cup of coffee, sit on your couch and get ready to hit the scroll button!

What Are The Best Jesus Tattoo design And Their Meaning?

Here you find the 72 Great Looking Jesus Tattoos For Arm and their respective meanings.

1. Colored Jesus Tattoo On Arm 

The Colored Jesus Tattoo design with black hair or curly hair on the Arm tattoo is one of the most trending Jesus Tattoo you can see on many people’s arms nowadays.

It is said that the red markings over the face symbolize the blood he shed while crucified, while the lines and dots under his blue eyes represent vessels that held tears of compassion shed at the sight of the miserable conditions in which people lived.

If this tattoo heals your soul, you know what to do next!


CREDIT : _jesus_tattoo_

CREDIT:  rucheesie 

CREDIT:  _jesus_tattoo_ 

CREDIT:  inkedupmala 

CREDIT:  justink_tattooshop

2. Cross And Jesus Tattoo Design

A tattoo of the crucifixion with many details would be a great idea to have made. You can have this on your Arm, chest or your back.

There are a lot of details that you can see in this tattoo design, and they can be a great representation of your aspiration to express your pain as well as the sacrifice that your Savior made for you.

CREDIT: bomber_nc_456 

 CREDIT: dustindelongofficial

CREDIT: jesus_tattoo_cx


CREDIT: malke_tattoo

CREDIT: malke_tattoo

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3. Crowned Jesus Tattoo with Brown Eyes

A crowned Jesus faces tattoo with facial hair is primarily famous because it portrays the idea of royalty to whoever sees it.

And they are one of the earliest images of Jesus tattoos. More specifically, this is an image consisting of the face of Jesus encircled by a crown. The Jesus head tattoo is usually composed to look like an ancient king or warrior, with his shoulders broad and his neck well defined.

Credit: lemondragontatoo


Credit: goldrosetattoo




4. Fantastic Jesus Tattoo

If you’re looking for something out of the box, these Fantastic Jesus head Tattoos can drop your jaws a bit extra! Finally, you can have a 3D Jesus tattoo design to turn the whole vibe! On the other hand.

if you need something minimal but elegant, go for the simple holy spirit cross sign – that looks amazing without any great designs.

Credit: j4y__1997


Credit: aleftattooarte

Credit: valdoferreira_13

CREDIT: juniormendes2521

CREDIT: romulo_scapini

5. Jesus Tattoo Design On Arm 

Jesus’s forearm tattoos are also perfect for those who wish to capture the serenity and softness of European Jesus (UK). You can achieve this by designing your Jesus arm tattoos that look like he is wearing a short-sleeve shirt, and his peaceful face is peeking out from it.

The color choice for Jesus’ arm tattoo is red and blue. Red symbolizes the blood he spilled by losing his life, while blue stands for his peace, tranquility, love, submissiveness, power etc.

Credit: boavistatattoostudio  

Credit: kylebtattoo

Credit: lehtattoo

Credit: _jesus_tattoo_

Credit: willianxaviart

Credit: romulo_scapini

6. White Jesus And Mary Tattoo Design

No matter what happens in your life, the Virgin Mary Tattoos will always listen to your troubles. They are there for you when you need them. Virgin Mary tattoos designs are also given to people looking for hope and comfort. You can find multi variants for Jesus And Mary Tattoo Design.

Credit: edwardflottjr

Credit: caasistudios

Credit: independentink7 

Credit: ivan_cvetkovic_tattoo                          



7. White Jesus Arm Tattoo photo

This tattoo is meant to dramatically affect Christians who feel the pain of Christ’s crucifixion through the tattoos. Wearing this tattoo can be your BIGGEST Gospel this Christmas!

The design of this tattoo may look complicated, but you can use it as a simple design as well. For example, you can put your name or family name in the form of a cross on your wrist. Many people place their names here to remind themselves that they always have a family to help them through life’s problems.


Credit: oakcliffmario

Credit: klein_tattoo

Credit: fabiomidgard

Credit: voletus8_art

Credit: j4y__1997

8. Jesus Face Tattoo

If you’re into something minimal but stunning, then Jesus Face Tattoo can be the perfect pick! Jesus Face Tattoos are pretty, minimal and original.

There are no fancy backgrounds to distract you from the simplicity of Jesus’ face. This Christian art brings out the natural beauty in this piece of art. They are full of meaning and great to portraits your faith in Jesus Christ.

Credit: jodieglovertattoos  

Credit: miki_sewnet

Credit: chinoxtattoo

Credit: rickytatt

Credit: endlessinkstudios

Credit: sebacore_tattoo

9. Cross Jesus Tattoo Design

The cross is perhaps the most popular design of Jesus’s tattoos. There are many variations of this design. The variations mainly depend on the size and complexity of the design.

The everlasting symbol of Christ’s suffering – Cross Jesus Tattoo, can be used in many ways. It can depict martyrdom, persecution, humility and even crucifixion.

The cross is also linked with Christianity, and it illustrates how Jesus died for our sins to take us to heaven.

In short, the most historical Jesus cross Jesus tattoo can be the perfect pick for your arm tattoo!

Credit: inkvisible_tattoos

Credit: georges_nassrallah_tattoo

Credit: inkbymikez 

Credit: bomber_nc_456

Credit: malke_tattoo

Credit: jpena_ink

10. Praying Jesus Tattoo

Praying Hands Christian Tattoo Designs are among the most popular tattoos that people get showing off their love for God.

If this matches with your spirit, you can get this tattoo inked! These tattoos are usually small and discreet but can be any wearer’s size.

Praying hands tattoos are an excellent way to show off your devotion to Christianity. Most of these tattoos feature two hands pressed together in prayer and can be enlarged or made smaller depending upon how much skin you have available.

They can be placed on any part of the body but are often placed in visual spots so that others may see them clearly – like on arms.

Credit: pamador_tattoos

Credit: sammiestattoostudio

Credit: pj_pangantatu




11. Fabulous Jesus Tattoo Design

Are you looking for something out of the box? Then, a 3D Jesus tattoo design could create magic!

A captivating image of Jesus in 3D looks just alive to give a soulful feel. However, the impressive art won’t break your bank. Using a technique called “shading,” you can have a 3D visual depth that seems so that parts of an image appear to pop out.

However, you have to choose the right professional for this detailed tattoo.

You can also choose some of the earliest images of Jesus’ head to get inked in 3D effect.

Credit:  oakcliffmario

Credit: cr8zeeart

Credit: farmingfaith

Credit: ink2bonez


Credit:   deflo_tattoos

12. Fantastic Jesus Tattoo Design

If you plan to get a tattoo for the first time, the dark cross Jesus tattoos will be worth trying. It is a short tattoo; thus, it can be inked on arms, hands, legs and back.

This tattoo has dark shades and bold lines, which gives it a permanent look. You can get black or gray shades inked inside the cross to look best on your skin tone.

Usually, people get these tattoos in black, but you can choose your favorite if you want to. The highlight of these tattoos is the shading and bold lines in them. These tattoos look good so that anyone can get one of them on their body.

Credit: taffer_ttt

Credit: alecktattoo_

Credit: franzbalderramacaballero



Credit: fedetattooartist

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13. Small Jesus Face Tattoo on Arm

Show off your faith in a beautiful and meaningful way with these minimal Small Jesus Face Tattoo for men & women.

Featuring a small Jesus face, these tattoos will add to any outfit and complement your entire ensemble.

Usually, a minimal Jesus faces tattoo is a common choice for women. These tattoos are usually inked in the underside of the wrist.

However, you can also wear them on your hands or neck too. Likewise, you can pick any vibrant color that makes your heart sing when it comes to colors.

If you are thinking about getting a Small Jesus Face Tattoo on your Arm for women, then here are some great inspirations:

Credit: _ink_and_needles_

Credit: pscholl1989

Credit:  The_inkredible_shop

Credit: rjtattoos 

Credit: anthonywatson381

Credit: zilele_tattoo


Have you been planning long on getting a Jesus tattoo design on your body? This coming Christmas could be a perfect time! The only part left is finding the right one for you!

Brownie point, we have done this for you!

This post introduces a perfect blend of ’72 Great Looking Jesus Tattoo designs for arms’! The post also serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for those who are undecided on their tattoos designs.

It is a concise design guide that promotes the standard imagery of Jesus’ tattoos and the meaning associated with that design. So let’s kickstart your hunt for the best Jesus tattoo design out of  72 Great Looking Jesus Tattoos Ideas!

What does a Jesus tattoo mean? 

Virtues associated with the symbol are:

  • Love and connection
  • Faith/beliefs
  • Sacrifice
  • Peace
  • Freedom

Can a Jesus tattoo only be black? 

No. You can wear a Jesus tattoo with your favorite color, design and pattern you want.

Can you have a Jesus tattoo design on your finger?

Yes, you can have a Jesus tattoo on your finger. 

What are Trendy Jesus tattoo designs? 

  • Small Face Tattoo
  • Minimal cross tattoos
  • Colorful Jesus cross tattoos
  • Jesus Cross tattoos with letters
  • The dark brown cross tattoo
  • Cross tattoos with chains
  • Jesus Tattoo design with Marry

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