83 Dragon Tattoos So Graceful They’Ll Take Your Breath Away

Have you been dreaming of getting a dragon tattoo? A dragon tattoo can be a powerful symbol of strength, wisdom and courage. Dragons are said to bring good luck and can protect you from harm. They are both revered and feared in folklore, and their appeal is universal, transcending time, culture, and religions.

83 Dragon Tattoos So Graceful They'Ll Take Your Breath Away

Dragons are rapidly becoming one of the most popular tattoo designs. These mythical creatures can be found in cultures all over the globe and are often associated with very different things. It is believed that dragons have existed for over 10,000 years in areas like China, Japan, and extraordinary islands near Scotland. 

The elongated lizards were initially considered evil and unpredictable, but today their depictions represent power, wisdom, leadership, cunning, vitality, and creativity. They can also be linked to fire and water – both powerful forces. Depending on the style, size, and color of the dragon tattoo you choose, a dragon can represent many things like masculinity and femininity. And it can also express your favorite fictional dragon from TV or books – like Khaleesi’s three dragons from Game of Thrones!                

Look at some of the most famous dragon tattoos and discover inspiration for your next ink. Then, you can pick a design that pulls your favorite elements from several dragons and incorporate that imagery into one powerful piece. So stop in today, and let’s get started!

Best Dragon Tattoo Ideas That Are Timeless

Choosing a dragon tattoo is a decision that should be taken seriously. There are many different designs, cultures, symbols, and meanings behind the tattoos of dragons. To ensure you select the perfect dragon for you, we have rounded-up five different kinds of dragons and their characteristics in this infographic.

1. Trending Dragon Tattoo Design

Why do you want a dragon? Because it looks cool, of course. While the tribal dragon is widespread, the entwined dragons and the symbolic dragon are equally desirable if you want a tattoo with a little more meaning behind it.

Get ready to unleash your inner dragon! Whether you’re a tattoo artist looking for some new designs, or just a fan of the art, our tattoo gallery will give you the inspiration you need to get inked up. With over 77 Graceful Dragon Tattoos For Back, you’ll find everything from simple black and grey outlines to neon-dyed scales and metallic features. So much variety is available that you’ll never be able to settle on just one.

Credit: kerryqueentattoo                                                              Credit: strangemmmaker

Credit: yattedbyyana                                                                      Credit: tattooss.alkaya

Credit: boriana.markova.tattooart                                                      Credit: tintenstrich.tattoo

2. Elegant Japanese Dragon Tattoo 

Whether you’re looking for a Japanese-style dragon tattoo or inspiration for other types of colorful designs or themes, this list has everything you need. There’s plenty of variety on our list, from mythological dragons to animal-inspired designs to mystical and magical hues.

If you love the classic dragon tattoo but want to think beyond the standard trim and obvious placement options, or if you’re fascinated by Japanese culture, then get inspired by our collection of 77 stunning dragon tattoo ideas.

Japanese dragon tattoos have become very popular among tattoo lovers, who are always eager to find new styles.

Credit:  joey.navarro.tattooer                                                           Credit: dorian.bakalov    

Credit:  sarahavilatattoos                                                                   Credit: mario.elijah.tattoos

Credit: alexandrejorge1                                                                     Credit: searchandenjoy

3. Dragon Tattoo On Back

A back dragon tattoo makes a statement appearance saying that you are brave and mighty, ruling over the space you occupy. As with traditional tattoos, you should ensure that your back dragon tattoo is well thought out and consider how it will fit into your style and personality.

Credit:  neller_veronica                                                                         Credit: sandwichtattoo

Credit: tatuarium.ec                                                                          Credit: chewstattoos

Credit: kuro_drachen                                                                       Credit: santa_tinta214  

4. Dragon Tattoo On Full Back

Feeling naughty, and you want to unleash your inner beast? Well, nothing quite says ‘don’t mess with me’ like a fiery dragon. Sitting pretty on your arm, this deadly dragon comes in a dazzling array of breath-taking colors, with either green, yellow or red eyes (okay, so maybe they are kind of cute after all).

Credit: tattoo_mack                                                                            Credit: migoiiart

Credit: davidjgoldstein                                                                          Credit: bigyeongeh   

Credit: daynanortontattoo                                                                  Credit: hanzino_irezumi

5. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

If you love both the symbolic meaning and physical impact of dragon tattoos, why not have both at once with a tribal-style dragon tattoo? Using only black ink, this tattoo style will not only look authentic and striking, but it doesn’t take that much time to design, either. A dragon rendered in a tribal style will be fierce and powerful but also provide plenty of detail for people to admire for years to come.

Tribal dragon tattoos have become very popular in the western world in recent years. Inspired by the traditional tribal art of indigenous people, these designs are bold and eye-catching. 

Tribal dragon tattoos draw from the popular tribal tattoo art style and are filled with intricate lines and beautiful shading. Using geometric shapes, rounded curves and points, tribal dragons look bold, eye-catching, and fierce. These tattoos also use only black ink, not shading, for a simple yet great look.

Credit:  inkjectiontattoostudio                                                  Credit: ben_chocolatotattoo

Credit: kamxtattoos                                                                     Credit: stagelefttattoo

Credit: heed313                                                                              Credit: hemoglob_ink

6. Red Dragon Tattoo Design

Red Dragons are the most powerful and mystical type of dragons in existence. It can transform into any object and use its magic to conjure things out of thin air, according to legends. For example, if you see a red dragon in your dream, you are blessed with prosperity and success.

The dragon is a powerful spiritual being that combines the elements of fire and water to create the part of “dragon-fire .”This mythical creature can change form at will, but red dragon tattoos are most commonly used to represent protection.

Dragon tattoos are usually a representation of power and association with Asian culture. Red is the most commonly used color for dragon tattoos, often associated with Chinese dragon tattoos. Asians believe that dragons bring good luck, fortune, and protection.

Credit:  keuptattoo                                                                             Credit: trang_tattoos

Credit: anne_bonny__ink                                                                     Credit: vividinkhagleyrd

Credit: nathantootilltattoo                                                               Credit:  eddyboristattoos

7. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

This ancient Chinese symbol stands for prosperity and good luck, bringing to mind the image of a great and mighty emperor. The dragon art style is distinct; this is the most popular tattoo dragon and the lucky symbol that people often choose to get inked. Asian dragons are long, winding serpents with scaled bodies. They have long necks, smooth scales and fins, claws, beautiful eyes and wings on their backs. Although they can’t fly, when swimming in the water, these dragons are graceful and powerful creatures who shoot up sprays of water as they move along. If you are interested in getting an Oriental-style dragon tattoo, it’s a fantastic idea to return to the visual art of the culture for your inspiration…

If you love dragons but want a tattoo that’s slightly different from the norm, consider getting a Chinese dragon. The style is similar to more Westernized versions, but the details are significantly additional and include snake-like bodies and fish scales.

Credit: adelefaithart                                                                       Credit: tenocturno

Credit: auktattoos                                                                             Credit: sarahmmortimerart

Credit: auktattoos                                                                                   Credit: libbyguytattoos

8. Samurai Dragon Tattoo On Back

The samurai warrior tattoos are the image and the statement of a strong and brave individual. This picture signifies the courage, power and intensity of the warrior. The horse here acts as a swift messenger to bring his master from one place to another in no time. The warrior’s sword is not less than his bravery, as he holds it firmly in his hand, showing his intense attitude to fight and win over evil.

The Samurai Warrior Tattoo is a perfect decoration for your back. The form of this warrior consists of a traditional Japanese samurai sword with a red background displaying courage, loyalty and commitment, among other attributes. The horse represents the power, speed and agility of the samurai. Perfect for those who love Japanese culture and tradition.

Credit : chip baskin                                                                             Credit:  rusty.mirasol

Credit: massimilianotintisona                                                    Credit: arieltuliotattoo

Credit: snezana_belgrade_tattoo                                                  Credit: san_clemente_tattoo 

9. Skull And Dragon Tattoo

Dragon skulls are an excellent choice for a man who wants a bold and powerful tattoo. The Dragon Skull Tattoo is a symbol of strength, bravery and fearlessness.

Beautifully illustrated and highly detailed, this temporary tattoo of a dragon’s skull is an excellent way for any fan of the creatures to show their appreciation for the strength and power of these fantastic beasts with ink. This is also a perfect item for anyone who wants an attractive dragon design but isn’t sure if they can commit to getting body art as elaborate or visible as a full dragon tattoo.

Credit: jack_dobrescu                                                                Credit: mindalteringtattoos

Credit: lucifernandarotten                                                              Credit: manleybryanttattoos

Credit: beli_indijanc                                                                    Credit: deefloriantattoos

10. Small Dragon Tattoo

If you’re a beginner looking for your first inking or want something unique and exciting, a small dragon tattoo is a way to go. Not only are these tattoos perfect for women and men who want something smaller than the average design, but they can appeal to fans of both Eastern and Western culture. And don’t worry about showing it off. Our online catalog shows that you can wear this dragon inking anywhere on your body and still look good.

A small dragon tattoo is a beautiful thing. If you’re getting your first tattoo, or if you want to test your skin’s tolerance for pain, then a tiny dragon inking makes sense. Smaller inking is also easier to conceal at work or if you have an understated style.

Credit:dusseldorftattoo_zero2                                                             Credit: myart_carmen

Credit: awmir_prm                                                                             Credit:  alcampo.tattoo

Credit: alcampo.tattoo                                                                      Credit: anil_tattoo

11. Stylish Dragon Tattoo On Full Back

If you are looking for a stylish Dragon Tattoo design, this one will impress you with its sharp look. Appearing in black and white colors, these tattoos look fantastic.

Customers can find these stylish Dragon Tattoo designs in various sizes and shapes. Although the design is not perfectly drawn and colored, it still gives a good view. This kind of drawing has got a lot of black shades with the rise of gray and blue color on the body parts. Nice and bold designs are used to make these tattoos short but meaningful. The art is done in such a way that it makes you think about its motive rather than find any flaws in it.

 Credit: caverinhatattoo                                                                        Credit: nwotattoo_jinse

Credit: irezumi_culture_tattoos                                                        Credit: ccctattoo

Credit:  dinhquangquy8668                                                      Credit: caverinhatattoo

12. Attractive Dragon Tattoo  

Tattoos often express personal beliefs and feelings, drawing on religious or spiritual symbols or images of animals or people. However, the tattooing of sacred images within a culture can be nuanced when the subject is viewed in another context. For example, the dragon as a symbol has taken many forms throughout human history, but it remains unmistakable in its visual impact and presence.

While other dragons may have powerful abilities such as controlling the weather or assuming human form, a multi-colored dragon tattoo represents power and strength. As a result, it’s one of the most attractive choices for men and women of all ages.

Credit: oldlondonroadtattoos                                                               Credit:  blackopaltattoostoke

Credit: emilyrichouxtattoos                                                               Credit: strangemmmaker

Credit: tattooss.alkaya                                                                    Credit: darkline_tattoo91

13. Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Adding color to a dragon tattoo can give it personality and make it unique. What makes a dragon different from other tattoos is that there are many different interpretations of what a dragon looks like and its powers. Different countries also have ideas about how dragons look, how they should be depicted and what symbolic meaning they carry.

The dragon is usually thought of as a powerful, evil creature. In Asian cultures, however, dragons are heralded as wise and noble. In addition, different colored dragons have other powers. Standard color choices for dragon tattoos include red, blue, green, orange and yellow.

Credit: andy_vs_tattoos                                                                 Credit: kerryqueentattoo

Credit:  cotti.nicolini                                                                              Credit: rodrigomtattoo       

Credit: tattoo.nspiration                                                                          Credit: piggies_tattoo  



Choose from 77 different dragon tattoo designs, including tribal, beasts, and elementals. All of our designs include a photo-realistic 3D preview, multiple viewing angles, and simulation information about how the design will look on your body.


What does a dragon tattoo stand for?

Dragon creatures embody heroism and courage and are known to possess magical powers. The traditional Chinese dragon symbolizes power, strength and good luck.

What does a Colorful dragon tattoo mean?

When you think of dragons, your mind instantly conjures up images of fire-breathing, mythical beasts. However, most people don’t know that there are five different dragon types: red, blue, green, white and yellow. According to the Chinese book of legends, each color has its meaning and power.

What does a samurai dragon warrior tattoo on the back mean?

A samurai’s tattoo is fascinating as it gives a complete view of the history of the warriors. Almost all the samurai had these kinds of tattoos on their body that helped identify the other person from either enemy or friendly side. This samurai tattoo picture also relates to a warrior’s immense emotions to achieve victory and defeat evil. A dark color is used in this tattoo and gives a marvelous effect with grey shading.

What’s so appealing about dragon tattoos?

The style, colors, and other features are all different, depending on where they’re placed and by who. They can range from fierce and wild to elegant and beautiful. And even though dragons aren’t always the best tattoo choice for everyone, if you like them, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one someday. Dragons are ferocious mythological creatures, but they also represent many good things in life and provide good fortune to everyone who has one tattooed on their body.

What are some best dragon tattoos?

All dragon tattoos are the best and have a unique meaning and charm. There are many different styles of dragon tattoos, including ones with fire, water, and Chinese-style dragons.

You can get ink one out of these below trending dragon tattoos:

  • Floral Dragon
  • Dragon Eye Tattoo
  • Western Dragon Tattoos
  • Yin And Yang Dragon Tattoo
  • Wolf Dragon Tattoo
  • Seductive Dragon Tattoo
  • Cool Dragon Tattoo Ideas
  • Realistic Dragon Tattoo
  • Asian Dragon Tattoos
  • Fire Dragon Tattoo
  • Tribal Dragon Tattoos
  • Colorful Dragon Tattoo

More Dragon Tattoos to Consider





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