28 Great Adoption Tattoos Ideas And Designs Honoring Family And Love

The word adoption has a different meaning for people in terms of their feelings, the feeling with which they take this decision, and most people are proud of their decision.

But, most of them like to show their happiness for taking this decision, and they do this by getting a tattoo in honor of this sacred decision.

28 Great Adoption Tattoos Ideas And Designs Honoring Family And Love

Adoption is a perfect thing for the parents, and the child as the lives of both these people change. There are a lot of parents out there who are incapable of having a child biologically, and it is such a blessing for parents like these as they can adopt a child.

Humans and people also like to adopt pets like dogs, cats, and other animals.

In this era of social media, people like to spread sacred messages to spread positivity around and encourage people without geographical locations.

If you are also looking for a way to embrace your decision, you can do this by getting a tattoo. Here are a lot of choices from which you can choose the perfect tattoo for you.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @itsme_misstiff

28 Adoption Tattoo Ideas

1. Black Outlined Tattoo

This is a simple and great tattoo to express love with a triangle in a simple black outline and a simple heart in black made around that triangle.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @roxie_maeve

2. Floral Adoption Symbol Tattoo

You can add colors to the triangle and heart to make the tattoo more visually appealing and make it so that the triangle overlaps the heart and then add flowers around the symbol. You can even add the date of adoption with the prominent tattoo.

You can even get a rainbow symbol in between the tattoos.

floral adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @cjmalarsky   

3. Semi-Colon & Rose Tattoo

The affirmation is against depression, and a semicolon represents mental stress; if you get it as an adoption tattoo with a rose, it makes it a one-of-a-kind tattoo. The rose represents the passion for love.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @claudsnovoa89  

4. Floral Wrapped Tattoo

This is another classic idea for making this tattoo with a band of different flowers around it. So many flowers look great in tattoos and are an excellent way to show love for nature.

floral adoption symbol tattoo

 Image: @tattoo_leah

5. Roman Numeral Center Tattoo

You can have the date of adoption written uniquely by getting it in roman numerals inside a heart and then getting different design veils around it. For example, you can use light red with black in this tattoo.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @mademoiselle_s_19 

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6. Black & Red Tattoo

You can get a simple, minimalistic color on your forearm in red and black. The heart and triangle entangled together is the ultimate symbol to show adoption.

adoption symbol tattoo on leg

  Image: @brittanysuetattoo

7. Love Tattoo

You can even have love written as a tattoo on you with a different font and note the ‘O’ using the triangle and heart.

love tattoo

Image: @gay_girl_on_fire    

8. Rose Wrapped Adoption Symbol Tattoos   

You can even wrap the symbol of heart and triangle with a rose; you can use simple roses in black with a sound design or use the color red to make the tattoo more intriguing.

The rose is the ultimate symbol of passion in love so is great with the adoption symbol.

adoption symbol tattoo on shoulder

 Image: @chelsartistry 

9. Paint Splatter Amazing Adoption Symbol Tattoos

The paint splatter will look like watercolors used in a painting; you can use two or three colors in a color splash manner and use it around the design.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @itsme_misstiff    

10. The Missing Puzzle Piece

The missing puzzle piece is also a fantastic tattoo and a fantastic way to show your love. This tattoo depicts that the child was the missing piece, and you just found that person with your love.

A missing puzzle piece has no value in itself without the whole puzzle board.

Have the missing puzzle piece made, and inside it a heart.

adoption symbol tattoo

 Image: @tattoojd13

11. Ohana Tattoo

Ohana is a simple script idea that you can use to symbolize family, so it is a great way to show the person who has just entered your family as the meaning of ohana is family. So you can even use this as an adoption symbol.

ohana tattoo

Image: @alto.ink

12. Roman Numeral Adoption Date Tattoo

You can get a tattoo in the manner of a linear line in which the date of adoption is written in dark bold black color. You can get such a tattoo on the inner bicep side of your arm. It is a great way to honor the date of adoption.

roman numeral adoption tattoo

Image: @kylescott_tattoos         

13. Birth Month Flower Tattoo

You can have a beautiful flower made on your arm as an adoption tattoo, a rose and a different flower.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @sydbee.tattoo

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14. Country Outline Tattoo

If the person you have adopted is from overseas or another country, you can get a tattoo of that country’s map. Like you are grateful to the government for providing you with such a special gift.

country outline tattoo

Image: @_pineyard_

15. Name And Date Tattoo

You can get the adopted person’s name with a heart and a triangle. You can look at different ways in which you can get a graceful adoption tattoo.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @trishajeantattoo  

16. Adoption Tattoo Symbol

The heart intertwined with a triangle symbolizes finding a lost loved one, so you can get this tattoo using radiant colors like red and green.

adoption symbol tattoo

 Image: @retreatspokane

17. Infinite Love Tattoo

The infinite love tattoo is the one that you can get for all of your children as the word is written in an attractive font, starting with the unlimited sign. It is a great way to show your infinite love for family.

infinity love tattoo

Image: @ze_ricochet

18. Flower Triangle Tattoo

A flower, in general, is taken as a symbol of love, so getting a triangle filled with flowers is a great tattoo idea.

flower triangle tattoo

 Image: @footefoote_tattoo

19. Detailed Adoption Tattoo

The intricate design in simple black and grey shading is a good idea if you look for a vintage touch in your tattoo.

detailed adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @ianthestrikingviking

20. Floral Heart Tattoo

You can even have a heart made from a bunch of flowers; for example, look at this tattoo which is made with pretty small flowers for an adoption symbol.

floral symbol tattoo

Image: @res_369       

21. Found By Love Tattoo

A unique tattoo idea with a heart, you can have three simple hearts made, two of relatively big size and one in a smaller size between those two hearts. You can even add color splatter to the tattoo; it looks sassy.

love tattoo

   Image: @sbwhistler

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22. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

There are many ways to get a heart made, but this one is a very intimate way as you can get fingerprints and then form the shape of a heart with it. You can even add the names of your loved ones with this tattoo.

heart tattoo

Image: @jade_dragon_tattoos_585ny

23. Lotus Adoption Symbol Tattoo

The lotus tattoo symbolizes rising above temptation and becoming a better person. So to signify this significant change in your life and change the life of an individual, you can get this tattoo.

lotus tattoo

Image: @mackenziestattoo

24. Adoption Tree Tattoo

The adoption tree tattoo is generally made to show the family tree and honor the ancestors. But you can get this tattoo to celebrate a new addition to your family.

For example, look at the tree made below with such beautiful designs and intricate detailing; moreover, the tree symbolizes strength.

adoption tree tattoo

Image: @bulldogcustomtattooing

25. Adoption Symbol Tattoo

You can use a Celtic sign to form the boundary of the prominent adoption character, and you can add names and shading to the tattoo to make it authentic.

This is a great way to show your adoption story, an adoptive mother can go for this tattoo.

adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @studio21tattoo

26. Adoption Heart Tattoo

A simple outline tattoo in black sketch looks excellent on the forearm; if you are looking for a minimalistic tattoo or getting inked for the first time, then this can be the one.

adoption heart tattoo

Image: @murdernurse

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27. Adoption Triangle Tattoo

The adoption triangle with a lock inside the triangle is excellent for one of a kind tattoos. The lock is the symbol for a secret, so if you want to keep your adoption a secret, you can use this tattoo.

adoption triangle tattoo

Image: @ashjasmer

28. Matching Adoption Symbol Tattoo

You can even get a tattoo in the form of a tribal tattoo. In the tattooing world, tribal tattoos are a great way to honor ancestors and family, so getting the adoption symbol in this form is brilliant.

matching adoption symbol tattoo

Image: @lovewinswithirishtwins


What Are Adoption Tattoos?

Adoption tattoos are those which are used to honor the adoption of someone. The symbol for the adoption tattoo is a triangle and a heart intertwined between it.

The triangle’s three points represent things: the first point is for the birth parents like your birth mother, the second point is for the adoptee child, and the third corner is for your adoptive family like adoptive moms.

So finally, the heart jelled with them is used to represent the love between all.

Is There A Flower That Symbolizes Adoption?

Yes, there is also a flower available to show adoption. For example, the flowering lotus can be used to depict adoption. In addition, you can get the triangle and the heart with the lotus for a good tattoo idea.

What Is The Color For Adoption Awareness?

The color for adoption awareness of children and to show that you support child adoption is white, a white color ribbon to be specific.

In addition, the month of November is declared as the national adoption awareness month. Children in foster families search for permanent families, using the blue ribbon for awareness.

What Do You Call An Adoption Day?

The day a family makes an adoption is called the “Gotcha Day” celebration day.

Some even decide it as the day to mark the anniversary of the day of placement, and some make the celebration on the day when the court finalized the adoption.

What Age Can You Adopt?

The prospective adopters are about to adopt a child; the age limit for those is 21 years, which means they should be at least 21 years old, and there is no age limit above it.

Adoption is a beautiful thing for the adoptee and the adoptive parents, and to honor this decision; you can get a tattoo and look at all the above choices that you have.


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