57 Incredible and Beautiful Infinity Tattoos Ideas and Design for Wrist

The tattoo options have become so flexible that you can get tattoos at almost any part of your body. But somebody parts are the most favorable ones among people who like tattoos.

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One such body part is the wrist; it has become popular where people want tattoos. One reason for it is that it can be seen easily as people will usually notice your tattoo, and if you are getting the first tattoo, you can get one here. Also, as minimalistic tattoos are popular with people now, they look attractive on the wrist.

Infinity Tattoo Designs

1. Tribal Infinity Tattoo

The tribal design is done for uniquely honoring your culture. So if you like some culture tribal design or are inspired by your culture’s structure, you can use it to make the infinity shape.

The shading done in this tribal tattoo makes it pretty attractive. This may be the best infinity tattoo.

Credit: jessicawentzeltattoo

2. Infinity Dark & Single Stroke Tattoo

You can even add other symbols to the infinity sign, like small dainty birds; they symbolize freedom. Look at the shading style done in this tattoo.

Credit: heartwork94

3. Small Leaves Infinity Tattoo

The leaves are the symbol for the circle of life, which means that death follows the afterlife. So you can get this tattoo if you believe in the eternal never-ending cycle of life. These leaves also show that you are a nature lover.

Credit: gatonegro.55

4. Amazing Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design

A bold black infinity mark without any other element or symbol makes an excellent tattoo.

Credit: alena_from_fairytale

5. Breathe Infinity Tattoo Ideas

A motivational tattoo and a solid but simple message for the bearer and the people seeing the tattoo. 

It means to loosen up sometimes in life and remember to take it easy. But, unfortunately, today, the problem of stress has reached new heights for many working professionals, and they end up messing up their minds. Yet, it is important to breathe and maintain that mental peace.

Credit: bymissjenn

6. Infinity Symbol Tattoo with Single Heart

This one is another way of blending the heart with your infinity sign, It can be a tattoo for your love, or you can have this tattoo just for the love of it.

Credit: alvarotattoos.m6

7. Little Flowers Infinity Tattoo Design

If you are someone that loves flowers, then this tattoo is for you; flowers are a symbol of natural beauty and usually are for love. So the combination of the infinity sign and using the flowers to make it is an exceptional tattoo idea.

Credit: mini_tattooer

8. Infinity Tattoos

Here are a lot of ideas with other elements and associated meanings in which you can see the infinity tattoo; if you like the infinity sign and are looking for an idea to get a one-of-a-kind tattoo, then you can have a look at the below tattoos to draw inspiration for your authentic tattoo. For example, a tattoo is done with a heart, rose, feather and the infinity sign to make your favorite animal’s shape.

Credit: toritattoo.al

9. Faith Infinity Tattoo

You can even get the infinity tattoo to show your faith in God; for instance, if you look at this tattoo, it shows confidence in Christianity as the cross belongs to the Christian religion. Adding a small cross with the word faith looks elegant.

Credit: ootd_l0ve

10. Always Forever Infinity Tattoo

Adding the words always and forever with your infinity sign will add to the significance of your tattoo. Usually, these words are used for family, so you can go for this tattoo if you are lucky enough to have such people in yours.

Credit: alittleshortforastormtrooper

11. Love Strength Infinity Tattoo

If love gives you strength and keeps you going, you can get this tattoo. You can get this as a couple of tattoos; it looks pretty graceful. Below a couple has uniquely got a pair tattoo; this can be your strange way to express your love to the world.

Credit: kitchen_magician101

12. Family Infinity Tattoo

If you are looking for a family tattoo, then an infinity sign with the name of your loved ones is a perfect tattoo idea. A simple tattoo in black ink with a small black heart in between looks like the ideal tattoo to show that eternal bond.

Credit: bleed_well_tattoo

13. To Infinity and Beyond Tattoo

The infinity and beyond tattoo is an intelligent way to get the infinity tattoo uniquely, writing the words infinity and beyond in a pair. You can get it as a pair tattoo so that when both the people are together, the tattoo looks complete. For instance, look at the tattoo done below.

Credit: theinkmonkey

14. Love Infinity Tattoo

Here is another style of getting the infinity love tattoo; instead of the heart, you can also have the word entangled between the sign.

Credit: sammansbridge/

15. Custom Infinity Tattoo on Wrist

Do you like tribal tattoos? You can even blend the infinity tattoo with a heart. The tribal tattoos are a great way to stay connected to your roots; if you are proud of your culture and want to honor your ancestors, you can go for this tattoo. If you love your culture, you can see the signs used in your culture and then blend them with your infinity sign. You can use a contrast of red and black to make your tattoo visually.

Tribal tattoos were used in the past for communication purposes, and they did speak about the person’s personality.

Credit: danieskyink

16. Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design

The tattoo done is a hilarious one; a person can be fond of anything in life, and you can use the infinity sign to denote your eternal love for that thing. The tattoo done below is with a simple black infinity sign and chips written in regular font. You can get that tattooed similarly if you are also in absolute love with food like this.

Credit: harry_aranda

17. Love Name Best Infinity Tattoo Ideas

This one is a unique way of doing the infinity tattoo using the feather and birds for making the shape; the feather is the symbol for freedom, and so is the bird, so if your love gives you freedom and has allowed you to rise in life then, you can get this tattoo.

Credit: jenyas

18. Animal Lover colorful Infinity Tattoo

Here is another tattoo you can get for your pet; you can make a similar tattoo if you love your kitten.

The color theme used in this tattoo is identical to the watercolor splash tattoo style. Take ideas from this tattoo to create your authentic tattoo.

Credit: kitty1183

19. You and Me Infinity Tattoo Idea

Together, you and I are a wise tattoo idea that you can for your significant other. You can even get this one as a friendship tattoo to show your eternal bond with a person.

Credit: negink.tattoo.art

20. Mum Dad Everlasting Love Infinity Tattoo

Do you love your parents and have been looking for a tattoo to express your love for them. Look at the infinity tattoo done below; you can get a similar tattoo to show fondness for your parents.

Credit: ravhale

21. Dog Love Infinity tattoo

You can love anything in your life, whether a food choice or a pet. If you love your pet, you can show your love for it by getting an infinity tattoo. Look at the tattoo below for the creative way the tattoo has been executed.

Credit: nexttattoo_zgz

22. Memorial Infinity Symbol Tattoos

A memorial tattoo for a loved one is done in the loving memory of a person; if you want to celebrate a person’s life who is no more in this unique way, then go for this memorial tattoo and add a quote to the tattoo that shows the person personality. A feather is also added to this tattoo in a completely different style.

Credit: smatiasbernardo

23. Nice Infinity Symbol Tattoo Design On Wrist

You can even use numbers to symbolize the eternal importance of something in your life. For example, it can be your birth year number or the birth year of a particular person in your life.

Credit: the_royal_driller

24. Double Infinity Tattoos

You can even have the double infinity tattoo if you want to have a one-of-a-kind-looking tattoo. For example, you can get the double infinity looking like a chain entangled or get it in the way it is done below. You can even use this to create your tattoo using inspiration from here.

Credit: stylish_mehendi_12

25. Wrist Love Infinity Tattoo

Another simple tattoo idea to appreciate love.

Credit: nailfashiontattoos

26. Feather with Name Infinity Tattoo

Here is another style of inducing the feather into the infinity sign tattoo; if love is freedom for you, you can go for this tattoo as the feather is the symbol of liberty. Infinity feather tattoo has also become a popular choice now.

Credit: iantattooinksalon

27. Lily Infinity Tattoo

Lily is the perfect flower tattoo for women because it symbolizes womanhood. So if you are a mother and are proud of being one, you can get this tattoo because lily is the symbol to show the transformation of a woman into adulthood/ motherhood. So if you like lily, you can get an infinity sign in pink color.

Adding an initial date with the tattoo can also become the tattoo parents get for their baby.

Credit: ayse.yetgin.96

28. Colored Heart Infinity Tattoo

Here is another style where you can get the heart etched with the infinity tattoo; you can even get the heart between the infinity sign. The rainbow sign in between is also the sign of supporting the LGBTQ community. You can get this as colorful as this one or use a single vibrant color.

Credit: deefrost_design

29. Letters in Heart Infinity Tattoo

 Are you looking for heart and infinity tattoo designs? Well, here is one for you in a different style; look at the heart etched with initials and then an infinity sign added to the base of the tattoo.

A slight flare of red will add to the visual appeal of the tattoo.

Credit: deefrost_design

30. Quote Infinity Tattoo on Wrist

You can even use a quote to make the infinity sign, a quote that inspired you and is something that touched your heart and then your life has revolved around it. So you can get it on you with the infinity style if there is a quote.

Credit: super_woog

31. Amazing Infinity Tattoo Design

The infinity sign etched with a word that holds vital importance in your life is a good tattoo idea. In addition, you can add the shade of little white to your tattoo. Finally, add a little bird to your infinity sign to make the tattoo more grasping.

Credit: vicky_tattoo_studio

32. Infinity Symbol Wrist Tattoo

Many people use different methods of expressing their feelings, like some use tattoos. You can also get an infinity tattoo as a family tattoo. Look at the tattoo below to draw inspiration for a family tattoo; it shows your eternal bond with your family.

Credit: bee.sproutz

33. Love word Infinity Symbols Tattoo

Simple love lettering infinity tattoo looks gorgeous on the wrist.

Credit: victoriajburnett

34. Simply Infinity Tattoo

A tiny and dainty tattoo looks elegant. Moreover, it is an excellent option for you if you are looking for something that spills minimum ink on your body or tattoo. Minimum use of black ink looks graceful on light skin tone because of the color contrast.

Credit: franfran_artes

35. Infinity Colored symbol Tattoo Design on Wrist

Although you will see most of the infinity tattoos done in black color, you can also get a colorful one that looks attractive and makes your tattoo unique.

And you can add a name and date to your infinity sign tattoo.

Credit: rebelmonstermx

36. Little Flowers Infinity Tattoo

If you love flowers, this is the tattoo you can get; many different flowers are added to this tattoo. Many other flowers symbolize love for all kinds of flowers that are out there. And the flower is the symbol of natural beauty. Add the flower’s original color with each of it, and the cross in between looks fabulous.

Credit: pauljrtattoos

37. Infinity Heart Tattoo

Infinity is to show the limitlessness of things, so with a heart, it shows your belief in love and your partner. If you are lucky enough to have loved ones in your life, then you can get this tattoo.

There are quite a few options to blend in a heart with and the infinity sign; look at the tattoo below for reference.

Credit: danieskyink

38. Butterflies Infinity Tattoos

The butterfly is the symbol for change and transformation, if you have had a significant difference in your life for the good, you can go for this tattoo, and if you love butterflies, you can also get this tattoo.

Add design and color to butterflies to make the vector more engaging. 

Credit: manikink_tattooz

39. Lovely Infinity Other Tattoos Design

Adding initials and date with the infinity sign is also a good tattoo idea; you can look at the tattoos done below for ideas to pop up in your mind.

Credit: blacksparrowsanse

40. Rope Infinity Tattoo

You can use many things to make the infinity sign, and the rope is also something you can use to make the mark. Look at the tattoo done below to get ideas for how you can do the infinity tattoo utilizing the rope. Here the rope is done with intricate design and good shading.

Credit: mascalzonetattoo

41. Infinity Tattoo on Wrist

This one is an idea for a minimalistic tattoo; you can even use this tattoo to show your friendship with a person. Writing names at the end of the tattoo can be a sign to establish the unique and eternal bond between people.

Credit: jazzystattoosnyc

42. Small Infinity Tattoo

Tiny minimalistic tattoos look attractive on people who are fond of tattoos.

Credit: ariannafava

43. Single Letters Infinity Tattoo

The watercolor painting style is also popular; you can go for this tattoo if you love paintings. It is done in the way the color is splashed on a canvas and contrasts with black, and other vibrant colors look terrific like a tattoo.

Look at the tattoo below to draw inspiration for your unique-looking tattoo.

Credit: ari__tattooer

44. Stylish Infinity Tattoo

One more way to this tattoo is to blend the butterfly with your infinity sign with the sketch—simple tattoos in black look terrific.

Credit: permanent.baku

45. Big Infinity Family Tattoo

 If you want to get a sleeve tattoo using the infinity sign, you can get a big tattoo with adding elements. Look at the tattoo done below to show your tattoo artist to create an original authentic design for you. The contrast of red and black generally looks amazing in tattoos.

This one is a tattoo that you can get for your family.

Credit: high_inkpact

46. Coloured Infinity Tattoo

If you support the LGBTQ community or belong to one, you can go for the rainbow color tattoo idea. The rainbow color supports the LGBTQ community and otherwise is also an exemplary tattoo option.

Credit: hktattoo_tina

47. Roman Number Infinity Tattoo

You can even use roman numbers to signify some special event or date in your life. Adding a name to the tattoo will add to the tattoo’s significance.

Credit: everettattoo37

48. Stylish DOB Infinity Tattoo

You can even get your birth date tattooed on yourself and show that you are a believer in self-love. For example, look at this tattoo in pink with the person’s name and date of birth.

Credit: rebelmonstermx

49. Stylish Rose Infinity Tattoo

The stylish rose looks gorgeous with the infinity sign; you can add pink color to the rose, and the rose is the symbol for love lost or love won. So you can show your passion for love using the rose.

Credit: makoy_ink

50. Small Birds Dark Infinity Tattoo

Silhouettes of small birds look fantastic when added to the infinity sign; look at this simple tattoo; it looks elegant and compliments the light skin tone.

Credit: rahulmaalik07

51. Tiny Infinity Tattoo

Minimalistic tattoos look cute, and adding arrows with your tattoo, such as this one, will make your tattoo impressive. The arrow is for direction and shows that you know where you are, or it can be used to show your skill in hunting. This is a deeper meaning tattoo with best positive vibe.

Credit: thetattooboy

52. Unique Infinity Tattoo

A little heart and an initial will also compliment your infinity tattoo. You can either have just one initial like this one or add two initials.

Credit: tattoostudioreddragon

53. Stay Strong Infinity Tattoo

The strong stay tattoo is an affirmation and solidarity against never giving up in life and always going on. If you ever have overcome a situation in life that has challenged you mentally and physically, then you can get this tattoo to remember that moment of character development. This tattoo can even inspire others and motivate them to stay strong in life.

Credit: infinity_tattoos101

54. Stylish Feather Infinite Love Tattoo

Here is another style of getting the feather blended in with the infinity sign. Again, the detailing of the feather is done with great skill.

Credit: eve.ink.style

55. Matching Infinity Tattoos for Couples

You can use the infinity tattoo to express love, and it is also a popular couple tattoo choice because of its graphics. The name of the person you love with a heart will make a tremendous romantic tattoo. The black heart is used chiefly for grief, but it can also be used as a love tattoo.

Credit: blackheart_ink702

56. Sisters Twinning Infinity Tattoo

You are looking for a tattoo to get with your sibling to show your incredible bond. Here is a sister’s tattoo that you can go for with a simple design.

Credit: afterinked

57. Sisters Love Infinity Tattoos

Here is another matching sister tattoo that you can get for your sister to reflect your excellent relationship. The feather is even the symbol of bravery; if your sister gives you strength, you can consider this tattoo option. If you share high and similar values with your sister then you can get this tattoo.

Credit: alexcardotattoo

Other tattoo ideas that you can go for are anchor infinity tattoo, double infinity symbol, infinity tattoo with names, cool infinity tattoo art etc.


What are infinity tattoos?

For most, the infinity symbol is the one that was used in mathematics, or at least a lot of us first saw it in the maths book. The never-ending loop that looks like a tilted eight is the sign of infinity. The infinity tattoos mean limitlessness and never-ending possibilities for things. Infinity tattoo meaning can be different for all depending on the symbol they get with the tattoo.

What does a double infinity tattoo mean?

A double infinity tattoo is a rare one that you will see, and it shows two everlasting commitments combined. This tattoo represents two individuals who go on their separate paths in the journey of life but end up meeting each other and joining their fate for good.

Do guys get infinity tattoos?

The infinite tattoos are a popular choice among men as looking at the people who have got the infinity tattoo, most of them are men. A reason for this symbol to be seen on the bodies of a lot of men is because it surpasses cultural boundations.

What does the infinity heart symbol mean? 

As the name suggests, the infinite heart is for endless love and is not necessarily done within couples but can be done between friends and other family members.

What does triple infinity mean?

The three infinities tattoo is the rarest of design and forms a beautiful structure when intertwined together. It is the physical representation of three forces coming together to create one and represents unity. The bond is boundless between these three.

Bottom Line 

The infinity sign is the best way to reflect the limitlessness of things. You can go for this tattoo if there is a person or an item that you have endless love for. You can use it to express love for your significant partner or even your friend or another family member. The above list even includes tattoos done for pets and even chips. Go through all the ideas for your perfect infinity tattoo.

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