How Much Do Nose Piercings Cost And What Impacts The Cost?

Nose piercings are a lot of fun. They can make a huge difference to the way that you look, and for many people having a nose piercing can make them feel more confident.

They are a fantastic accessory for many different outfits – you can get a septum piercing or a nose stud, and feel wonderful with it. There are so many different options out there, no matter your style.

Because there’s such a wide variety of options out there, there’s been a lot of attention on nose piercings in the media over the past couple of years.

How Much Do Nose Piercings Cost And What Impacts The Cost

It can sometimes be difficult for people to decide whether they want to go through the process of getting a nose piercing though.

One of the main reasons that people will second guess getting a nose piercing is because they can cost a lot of money, and there are also a couple of additional drawbacks associated with getting a nose piercing.

The thing to remember is that the price of a nose piercing can vary. It can change based on lots of different factors, so in reality you could get a piercing that would be a reasonable price for you.

It’s always important to ensure that you don’t get the cheapest piercing out there though, because spending too little money can result in getting a low quality piercing job done.

If you want to have an enjoyable experience and a great looking piercing, but you don’t want to pay through the nose for it, then you should keep reading on – we’re going to tell you everything that you have to be aware of in order to get a high quality piercing.

Things That Can Determine The Cost Of A Nose Piercing

When you look at the prices associated with nose piercings, it’s easy to be stunned. It can seem like such a high price sometimes.

If you were wondering why the prices are so high, here are a couple of reasons.

Nose Piercing Type

You have a lot of skin on your nose, meaning that there’s plenty of space to get nose piercings in a lot of different places.

You can get surface piercings, bridge, septum, nostril and septril piercings.

Now, not all of the piercings are equal in terms of how easy they are to do. Some are certainly more complicated to do so it requires more effort to apply them.

Because of this, the price tends to increase for these specific kinds of piercings.

If you’re getting a nostril piercing then you will likely find that it’s pretty cheap in comparison to lots of other kinds of nose piercings.

Credits: nose_piercings

Of course, there’s no universal rate decided for nostril piercings, so the price will vary depending on where you get it done.

You are going to need to budget a little bit more money for a bridge or a septum piercing since they usually cost more money, anywhere from 40 to 90 dollars in many cases.

Nostril piercings tend to be cheaper, costing from 25 to 65 dollars.

The Place Doing The Piercing

Different nose piercing parlors can vary in terms of how much they charge their customers for different services.

Professional parlors are going to charge you a lot more money, but this isn’t a bad thing since they will be thorough doing the job.

The person doing the work will ensure that it’s done correctly and everything is properly sanitized to avoid infection.

It’s always better to go to someone who’s well trained and professional since you will usually get a much better service as a result.

If you go to a professional parlor, you will get people who are highly trained – you can’t always find this in smaller places that are privately owned.

Nose piercing

A professional parlor will also give you a welcome environment that will help you to feel a little bit less stressed about the procedure, which will make it a lot more enjoyable.

All of these things can then result in you having to pay more for the service. Before choosing a parlor, do your research.

Look into a few different places then highlight the ones that follow the right protocols and have the best equipment for the job.

It’s best to avoid going to a piercer that doesn’t have the skills to do the job, since it could end up going wrong.

Yes, you will pay less for the job but you could end up getting health complications as a result since they may not sanitize their tools correctly or may end up putting the piercings in the wrong place.

It is best to avoid the chance of this happening, so make sure you go to a pro.

Material Used

The type of material used for the jewelry can also determine how much you pay for the service, as you can probably imagine.

Buying a gold nose ring is going to cost a lot more money than it would cost you to get something made out of stainless steel.

Credits: modeco__

In addition to this, if you get allergic reactions then you are likely to need implant grade stainless steel in order to avoid reacting to the metal.

Implant grade is generally one of those materials that is designed to be suitable for use in the body. With that being said though, there are different grades of stainless steel.

Some of them are not suitable for use in the skin. Stainless steel tends to cost a lot more money than low quality steel or other kinds of materials that you can get.

The cheaper kind of stainless steel usually consists of a lot of nickel, and people tend to have allergies to this material.

It’s a cheap material but it’s really not good if you often get skin allergies. You really need to stay away from this material if you have allergies.

Ideally, you should try to use higher quality metals for your piercings. Some examples include solid platinum, rose gold, diamond, and finally implant grade stainless steel.

The prices of these can vary from 3 to 70 dollars, though this ultimately depends on other aspects such as the overall design of the piercing.

You will need to keep the initial piercing in for a while after you first get it done, but after that you will surely be eager to get more jewelry to add to your collection.

In this case, you will want to have a look on websites such as Amazon or Etsy. Both of these sites have a wide variety of options that you can consider.

It’s great that sterling silver piercings don’t cost a lot of money, but you need to remember that there’s a reason for the low cost.

There’s a good chance that you could get an allergic reaction from the jewelry if you wear it for a long time, so it’s best to avoid it whenever possible.

The Overall Piercing Package

Different parlors are going to provide different deals and packages. These can make a huge difference to the overall price of the service.

Credits: lily.karofsky

Packages usually consist of the default, totally basic jewelry but you can increase to a more expensive package.

In most cases, you are going to need to pay at least an extra 50 dollars extra if you are intending to change the jewelry in any way.

If it’s your very first piercing in the nose then it’s usually recommended by professionals that you use the default jewelry to start with.

You can then change it out for something else when it has finished healing.

Now, if you’re going to a high end, professional establishment then your package is likely to cost a little bit more money since the package tends to come with aftercare products that you can use to keep your piercing in good shape after the fact.

You may think this isn’t necessary, but actually having proper aftercare is crucial after you get a piercing. The services for after care will often cost roughly 20 to 60 dollars.

Not all parlors will provide this service though, in which case they will recommend products that can often be picked up from your local drug store.

In addition to that, it may also be necessary to consider the tip, which will often be around 10-15%. This will generally be part of the extra cost that you pay.

With all of these things in mind, it’s a good idea to think about the various costs involved so you are prepared for potentially large bills.

It’s better to know what you’re getting yourself in for so that you can budget for it correctly.

Parlor Location

Finally, you will also need to think about the location of the parlor that you are visiting, since piercings in some places of the world are going to cost significantly more than they may in other places.

For instance, if you are visiting a downtown location in a city or you are going to a place that’s very tourist-heavy, then it will usually cost you a lot more money to get your piercing.

This is because the costs to rent the establishment are generally very high for the owners, so they need to make up for the overheads in their pricing.

Potential Hidden Costs

Sometimes it’s not just about the piercing – there are situations where there will also be extra costs associated with your purchase.

It does depend on where you are visiting, but these are just a few of the hidden costs that you should be on the lookout for.

Credits: paigesavill94

Service Tip

Sometimes a tip cost will be included in your bill when you are getting a nose piercing. For the most part it will generally be a 5-15% tip, so you will need to keep this in mind.

The tip is pretty important since it’s a way of thanking the piercer for their service – if you’ve gone to the right place, this service should be one that is both done well and has been carried out safely.

You need to have some level of training to apply a nose piercing – it’s not something that you can do from watching a 5 minute YouTube video.

As such, this cost is usually okay since you’re getting a good service.

Specific Jewelry Designs

For the most part you are going to just get a default type of jewelry when you pay for a piercing package at a parlor.

With that being said though, it’s possible to add extras or alter the jewelry if this is something that you want to do.

You will be able to add extra stones or color if you wish.

This all costs extra. In most cases it will cost around 50 dollars extra to do this, but this can vary depending on what you are trying to change and the kind of jewelry being used.

If you use the default jewelry then you can avoid paying extra money.

Most professionals will suggest that you use the default option anyway, so it’s worth remembering that before going for jewelry with crazy designs straight away.

Aftercare Options

A lot of professional parlors that you visit, particularly the high end ones, are going to give you the option to have aftercare services as part of the package when getting your piercing done.

Your piercer will generally give you some instructions that you need to follow at home and will give you some products to use to help the piercing to heal correctly.

This will generally cost anywhere from 12 to 115 dollars, though it can sometimes cost more than this.

It’s not always mandatory to have aftercare as part of the package but you will certainly thank yourself for having it.

This is especially true if you have never had a nose piercing before.

It’s a worthwhile investment. Of course, you can get the products in a drug store sometimes, but you’re more than likely going to be paying more money to buy them than you would if you just had aftercare as part of the package.

Cost of the Jewelry

One big thing that is going to influence the cost of your nose piercing is the jewelry that you choose to use.

If you have any intention to change the jewelry then that’s also going to cost you more money, as we have already established.

The material can also influence the cost, since diamond and platinum will usually cost a lot more money.

These materials will usually cost anywhere from 60 to 72 dollars, whereas your basic implant grade stainless steel will usually cost around 3.50 dollars.

The design matters too. If you are getting a piece of jewelry that’s embedded with things like gems and decorative pieces then these are naturally going to cost more money.

If you stick with something simple then it will cost a lot less money, though if you would prefer something more intricate then you can certainly pay the extra money for it.

A unique piercing will look fantastic, so it’s definitely worth the money for a unique look.

Is It Mandatory To Buy Jewelry From The Piercer? Can I Bring My Own?

Some places will allow you to bring your own jewelry, but it really depends on the place that you will be visiting.

There are some that have no qualms with this, but these aren’t the high end places. This usually happens in smaller studios.

More high end, professional places will not let you bring jewelry of your own.

This is because there are certain health and safety protocols that they need to follow in terms of sterilization.

The piercer has no way of knowing how well the jewelry has been sterilized if you have brought it in.

It’s usually not worth the risk for them to fit the jewelry in that case because there’s a chance that they may get bad reviews or complications will happen, so they will insist that you use jewelry from their parlor.

It’s usually a lot better to have the jewelry that you are given by the parlor.

This reduces your chances of getting things like infections or allergies when your piercing is fitted because the jewelry has been properly sanitized.

Piercing studio

If you aren’t happy with how the jewelry looks then it’s always possible to get the piercer to make some alterations, or you can even ask them to make you a customized piece.

You can get something that looks great without risking your own health.

The best thing to do is to call the parlor before the appointment for your piercing so you can get answers to all of these questions beforehand.

This will help to ensure that you leave your appointment feeling satisfied.

Variation In Costs – Studs vs Rings

In most cases the prices of rings and studs are pretty similar, but it can differ sometimes depending on the jewelry material and where on your nose the jewelry is going.

In most cases, the better the material the higher the cost is going to be. Regular stainless steel for instance isn’t going to cost nearly as much as platinum.

Rose gold and platinum, alongside implant grade stainless steel, are going to cost a significant amount of money, so it’s best that you budget for them.

You can be sure that jewelry made of these materials is more likely to last a long time, however.

The jewelry’s placement can also have a pretty big impact too. This can make a huge difference in the cost of a ring or a stud.

If you are getting a septum piercing then a ring is usually the best choice. Rings also look the best on the nostril.

For either of these piercings, you are likely to be paying between 20 to 65 dollars, though it ultimately depends on the place that you are going to be going for the service.

Studs, on the other hand, are best suited for the septril, high nostril and the nostril.

You can expect to pay between 25 and 80 dollars for these piercings.

Studs and rings are similar in price in most cases though, as you can see. Both kinds of piercings will look fantastic on your nose.

As you can probably expect, getting adjustments done is also going to impact the cost.

Where Should I Get My Piercing Done?

It’s very important that you are aware of all of the options available to you when you are trying to select a parlor.

Nose piercing parlors can often vary in regards to what they offer.

The right parlor is going to have a relaxing yet professional atmosphere. You are most likely to find these professional parlors in particularly busy urban locations.

There are also some privately owned piercing shops that occasionally set up piercing stands, and you can get your nose piercing done at these too.

If you go to the mall or near a retail store in a busy location, you may sometimes see these stands.

You can find piercing services in a wide range of different jewelry stores. If you want a high quality service though then it’s always better to go to a professional establishment.

In these places you can get great deals both on the service and on the cost of the jewelry.

You can also be sure that you will be well taken care of because these places will follow sterilization procedures to the letter.

You can feel more confident that you will avoid issues such as skin infections, which can sometimes happen with nose piercings if everything isn’t sterilized correctly.

In some cases, going to a cheap parlor may end up resulting in skin infections if things haven’t been done properly.

With a professional parlor you are far more likely to have the peace of mind that everything is okay because the service is certainly being done by highly qualified and trained professionals.

It’s also much more likely to be a comfortable experience for you overall.

How The Piercing Method Influences the Cost

In most cases, the method used to apply the nose piercing is not going to impact how it costs overall.

There are two key piercing methods out there – your piercer is likely to use at least one of them to put your piercing in. The first method is the needle method, while the second is the gun method.

Credits: piratepiercingbelgium

These are both used fairly frequently in parlors, though one is certainly better to get than the other. Here’s what you need to know about both of them.

Gun or Needle Method?

When piercings are done with the gunshot method, a hole is created with just the click of a button. A small incision is made in the nose with the gun.

The needle method consists of putting a slight slit into the nose of your skin using a hallow needle – the piercing is not forced through the nose with this method.

You will have more pressure applied onto your nose if you use the gunshot method, whereas the needle method is a little less intense.

It’s usually better to use the needle method.

For one, you will get a more accurately placed piercing since the slit for the piercing is made manually rather than with a machine.

It’s also not nearly as painful for you, and it’s a more sterile method of applying a piercing overall. You are far less likely to get things like skin allergies using the needle method.

Here are a couple of other pros and cons of using each of these methods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Gunshot Method

Costs Less Money

This is perhaps the biggest advantage that the gunshot method has.

Places such as privately owned, small piercing outlets employ the gunshot methods, and so it tends to cost a lot less money to get your piercing done.

You also don’t need to be particularly skilled to use the gunshot method, whereas the needle method requires more precision.

Doesn’t Take As Long

Not only that, but it also takes far less time to pierce using the gunshot method. This is ideal if you would prefer a process that’s short and sweet.

All that happens is the gun creates a hole through your nose by just pressing a button, and it’s all ready to go.

More Likely to Become Infected

Unfortunately, the gunshot method does make it a little bit more likely that you will get an infection since the bacteria and other stuff on the gun is more likely to spread on the site of the incision.

These guns tend to have little blunt stunts and there are butterfly backs on them.

Bacteria can easily congregate on these, and that makes it more likely that you will have an infected piercing and get bad results. It is significantly more risky if the jewelry is sterling steel.

Higher Risk Of Bleeding

One huge problem with the gunshot method is if it isn’t correctly aimed there can be some bleeding. This isn’t a good thing if you have a big fear of blood.

Not only that, the particles from blood can end up getting stuck in the gun, and they sometimes will stick around even when the gun is sterilized since it’s a lot harder to clean a piercing gun than it is to clean a needle. This can cause all sorts of problems.

Your Skin Might Swell

The site of the piercing is slightly more likely to swell when you use the gunshot method.

Now, most piercings will have some level of swelling at first, but this swelling can last a lot longer with this method.

Needle Method

Doesn’t Hurt As Much

If you want to have less pain when you get your piercing, it’s a good idea to go with someone that does the needle method.

It uses a sharp needle that will pierce the skin accurately and almost painlessly. It’s a much smoother process and doesn’t take long.

Lower Likelihood Of Bacteria Spreading

It’s really easy to sterilize a needle used for piercing, especially in comparison with a piercing gun. Because of that, the bacteria is far less likely to spread.

In fact, many needles are only used once, so you also aren’t as likely to be coming into contact with someone else’s blood when you are getting your piercing done.

Costs More Money

Because the needle method is more precise and requires more experience to do effectively, it can also end up costing you a lot more money.

This isn’t a bad thing though – you can be more certain that you are getting value for your money with the needle method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Hurt To Get Your Nose Pierced?

It can be a tiny bit painful to get your nose pierced, but it should be super painful. Most of the time the process is fairly quick.

You may get some swelling and tenderness in the site after the piercing for around 3 weeks.

What Side Is Best For A Nose Piercing?

You can pierce your nose on any side that you prefer. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. In most cases though, people tend to prefer to get them done on the left side.

How Long Does A Piercing Take To Heal?

Depending on where the piercing is, it will generally take between 1 and 2 months for it to heal. Some piercings such as a helix or a tragus piercing may take as long as a year to fully heal.

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