124 Fascinating Hand Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Men

Hand tattoo have become quite popular among people who like tattoos. The Hand Tattoos For Men is more like a statement because they are taken as a sign of boldness.

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Hand tattoos are pretty visible, so think twice before you opt for such a tattoo. It is also a reason that this tattoo is taken more like a statement. 

124 Fascinating Hand Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Men

Nevertheless, hand tattoos are not just to show strong men, but these tattoos carry a beautiful meaning. These tattoos will not only be visible to others around you but always be in your line of vision.

The hand tattoo will cause pain in your hand a little more than other tattoos because of the thin skin on the hand and also because of the nerve endings. Some men get it for the beautiful body art and the texture that one can experiment with.

Here we have prepared a list of the mesmerizing tattoos you can get on your hand. 

1. Simple And Clean Hand Tattoo For Men

You can get a tattoo done in black ink as the most popular choice, and looks fantastic in a lighter skin tone only because of the contrast it creates. It is done as a sleeve tattoo from the forearm to the hand. 

Image: @jessie.hatchet

2. Black Rose Tattoo On Hand

In general notion, roses are a sign of love. It is to denote love won or love lost. But the black rose is a sign of grief and to show the loss of a loved one.

The shading done using negative spacing looks fantastic. For reference, look at the tattoo done here.

Image: @okaygnto

3. Violent Black Abstract Tattoo

Here is a rare pretty-looking tattoo with apt shading and apt use of the negative spacing. If you are looking for an antique piece, you may draw inspiration from this tattoo and get something authentic. 

Image: @oscarorcellet

4. Beautiful Pattern Tattoo On Hand 

This one here looks like a flower tattoo. If you have a favorite flower, you can have it etched on you in this manner.

Image: @tehran.tattoo.ink

5. Colorful Lion Tattoo On Hand

A lot of people like to compare their personalities to that of animals. Yet, you must have seen a lot of men wearing lion tattoos as they stand for fearlessness and courage.

However, this is traditionally done more, which is a great way to stay connected to your roots.

Image: @hope.and.fear

6. Black Flower Tattoo On Hand 

Suppose you like tattoos with shading, then here is what the result will kind of look like. It is another great way of having the pistil and the central part made in black shades and then the surrounding of lighter color.

Image: @black_ebet

7. Ink Rose Tattoo On Hand

Earlier in this post, we saw a rose tattoo, and here is another way how you can get a rose tattoo done by using the skin tone to give shade to the tattoo. 

Image: @latattooeria_veronica

8. Maa Tattoo Design On Hand 

Getting a tattoo done in a native or foreign language is an excellent idea for an intriguing yet meaningful tattoo.

For example, here is something written in Hindi, meaning mother. If you want to be vocal about your love for your mother, here is a tattoo you can get for her.

Image: @thegroomaxtattoos

9. Detailed Shaded Wolf Tattoo Design On Hand 

Wolf tattoos may be the most popular tattoos out there that people go for, as the wolf tattoo carries excellent meaning. It is a sign of strength, protection, and loyalty.

Loyalty because wolves always stay true to their pack. Moreover, this one looks more fascinating because it is done in a 3D texture, and the shading seems excellent.

Image: @zolinoart

10. Drawing Style Rose Tattoo On Hand

Well, a rose tattoo changes with its color, and a bud also carries a different meaning from a fully bloomed flower. A rose bud tattoo symbolizes purity, youth, and a new beginning. This one is another unique style of getting a hand tattoo. 

Image: @iameljuanito

11. Satanic Tattoo Design On Hand 

Scary tattoos are often intimidating and mean that the person is bold and can carry this kind of stuff. A satanic tattoo can have different meanings depending upon the design and color.

The tattoo inspired by satan can mean that you worship the devil or take joy in committing any of the seven sins or maybe you are addicted to them.

Image: @beniego.tattoo

12. Unique Pattern Tattoo Design On Hand

Are you looking for an antique design? If yes, then we might have something here for you. A single eye symbolizes God’s vision watching over us all.

But this one is made in a unique way with a rare surrounding design. It has a little hint of a psychedelic tattoo. 

Image: @xblossomtattoo

13. Bird And Cage Tattoo On Hand 

A bird tattoo made with a cage means denoting freedom. It can be like coming out of something, overcoming your fear, or getting over something that had kept you in a rut.

Getting each of them in different hands is genius, so when the hands are held together, it adds to each other’s meaning.

Image: @tatuajes_tattoos_ig

14. Trending Tiger Tattoo Design On Hand

A tiger tattoo stands for more things other than raw strength and power. It is a symbol of good luck, wisdom, and prosperity.

So you can get a tattoo that covers the entire area of the back of the hand. You can make it traditionally or have it in a realistic tattoo style. 

Image: @stormthegatestattoogc

15. Snake Tattoo Design On Hand 

The snake symbolizes fertility, power, rebirth and temptation. You can use this tattoo as a symbol of transformation or a significant change that you have gone through in life.

A snake tattoo with its mouth open can be a symbol of danger.

Image: @artea_tattoo

16. Beautiful Circular Tattoo Design On Hand

Tattoos with circular motion have become a thing now. You can almost try any kind of design with this style. So if you like some design, try to have it done like this. 

Image: @wisdom93ink

17. Anchor Tattoo Design On Hand

The anchor tattoo can have several meanings attached to it. For some, it can be the simple representation of the sea; for some, it can be a reminder to stay grounded.

At the same time, one may interpret it as a symbol of stability.

Image: @giorgi0moretti

18. Shaded Tiger Tattoo Design On Hand 

Here is another tiger tattoo that you can choose. It is an excellent idea for a tattoo as it is combined with a flower which is great to depict the dichotomy of life.

A tiger can be taken as a symbol of death and flowers as a symbol of life.

Image: @makz_tattoo

19. Realistic Black Panther Tattoo On Hand

A black panther is a pretty attractive tattoo with reasonable meanings, like courage, freedom, guardianship and power.

Moreover, this one is animated, so you will manage to steal the show anywhere you go. 

Image: @oc_jamestattoo

20. Amazing Detailed Eye Tattoo Design On Hand

The omnipresent eye of God is thought to be present everywhere and watching over us all. So you can get this tattoo if you believe in God and have faith in him.

The design around the eye looks fabulous, and you can go for such a quirky design.

Image: @13.12.ttt

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21. Abstract Wolf Tattoo Design On Hand 

The wolf is a symbol of spiritual protection and power. However, the tattoo done here is unique. The letters scattered over the hand and fingers give the tattoo a unique and authentic look.

The numbers 0 & 1 are called binary numbers used in computer language. A tattoo like this can show someone’s love for computers. Also, the black sketch kind of style for tattoos looks fantastic.  

Image: @favela.ink

22. Pitbull Face Tattoo Design On Hand

People get all kinds of pet tattoos. If you love your dog and want to take your love to the next level, then you can show it by getting a tattoo of it. For instance, here is a tattoo of a pit bull which is a symbol of courage, true power and loyalty.

The one done here looks like a memorial tattoo. The other hand also has a dog tattoo with wings, implying that it has left for heaven’s abode.

Image: @chasetafoya

23. Amazing Tattoo Design On Hand 

This one is a pretty intriguing tattoo because it has a lot of elements in it. So many different elements in a single tattoo can add significant meaning to it.

Like the snake, the symbol of transformation and the Scorpion stands for powerful sexuality and intimidating fear.

Another element added to this tattoo is the Moon and Sun, which can mean a couple of things like love for outer space or represent extremes like life & death, femininity & masculinity.

Image: @tatautattoostudio

24. Skeleton Tattoo Design On Hand 

A skeleton tattoo, in general, is a symbol of strength, but when it is done on the hand, it is usually done as a homage to a loved one who has lost his life.

There are specific ways you can get this tattoo made here: a skull is done which is a symbol of death. The eyes made on this skull give it a more scary look.

Image: @juice_tatt

25. Realistic Lion Face Tattoo Design On Hand

If you like a tattoo that is a little on the realistic side, then here is one for you. A tiger tattoo on the back of the hand looks fabulous on men. Look at this tattoo done below with great detailing, and the color added to the eyes gives it a mystic look.

Image: @preso_carter

26. Single Rose Tattoo Design On Hand 

The rose has been used as the ideal symbol of love for ages, and people get it tattooed for the same reason. It is either to represent love won or love lost.

Getting a rose tattoo looks fantastic. The thorns with the flower show that being in love is not always a joyous ride, and sometimes it can even bring pain.

Image: @jeremias.tattoo

27. Dangerous Skeleton Tattoo On Hand

If you are bold enough to carry a scary tattoo, that doesn’t look very safe. However, if you want something that brings all eyes to you as soon as you walk into a room, then have a glance here.

The skull looks scary with the shading and the detailing done on it. However, if you look closely at the eye, you will notice some design on it.

Image: @dmitriastattoo666

28. Unique Tattoo Design On Hand 

A simple tattoo with birds, flowers and the Sun but looks like a pretty tattoo. The Sun symbolizes light and new beginnings, and the bird stands for freedom.

It, in general, shows the person’s love for nature. You can also club some of your favorite things and form a unique style.

Image: @xbuckytattoox

29. Beautiful Lettering Tattoo On Hand 

Wording and letters tattoo has always been a popular choice; club it with a butterfly is genius. There was a time when butterfly tattoos were considered to be just feminine, but not anymore.

Even men wear these tattoos now as it carries a beautiful meaning. It stands for change and transformation, and if you have gone through a significant change recently, you can go for a butterfly tattoo in your favorite color.

Image: @elliebird.tattoo

30. Babyface Tattoo Design On Hand

There are variations of rose tattoos that demonstrate the style and application theme of inking tattoos. The black ink tattoo inked as black shaded art gives an appealing look with a sign of the highest level of passion.

The addition of banner and babyface on the arm makes the tattoo distinctive and idealistic. With different meaning, you can have variation of ideas to enhance your tattoo styling.

Image: @tattboy1000

31. Western-Style Tattoo Design On Hand

This unique design is made with dark black bold ink, which covers almost all the back of the hand. It is an excellent demonstration of using skin tone to create a negative spacing effect.

Additionally, this tattoo can carry some religious sentiment or personal meaning to the owner.

Image: @bryanlomeli_tattoos

32. Clock Tattoo On Hand 

The clock tattoo represents time and may work as a reminder to someone that all the time they have is limited, so one should do all the essential things in life while they enjoy it.

And the eye used as a dial is genius as a single eye is the symbol of God’s sight.

Image: @gerazilla

33. Priscilla Name Tattoo Design On Hand

It is a classic and simple design, and if you are fond of a person, you can also get the name of that person tattooed on you. The crown with the character looks good and conveys that they are here to rule.

Image: @hfdinkslinger

34. Army Tattoo On Hand

Do you love the army and support it or have someone close to you in the army? Then you can get a tattoo to show your love and support to them.

You can even get a tattoo to show your respect for the army. Moreover, some personalized things are added to this tattoo which tells about the owner’s personality.

Image: @los_tatuajesdel.jk97

35. Sacred Heart Tattoo On Hand

The heart tattoo symbolizes love; other than that, and it can also represent pain and sadness. This tattoo with barbed wire and a cut on it depicts pain.

One may even interpret it as being trapped in a relationship and marriage, or on a similar note, it may mean that a person will stay in love no matter what challenges may come their way.

The burning flame at the top of the heart is again a depiction of pain.

Image: @nickbridwelltattoo

36. Bear Tattoo On Hand 

3D tattoos are popular because they look amazing and may require a skillful artist to create such a design. For instance, look at this bear tattoo with fantastic shading.

The bear symbolizes strength, courage and tenacity so that you may get one for all these things.

Image: @electric_tattoos

37. Horror Skull Tattoo Design On Hand 

Here is another variation of the skull tattoo. This one is made in a genius way, like if you put your hand on your face, then the tattoo will fit the shape of the face to make a half skull.

Getting tattoos like these usually also look fantastic, and then you add extra sense to them by having them in sync with some body part.

Image: @angelorodrigueztattooartist

38. Blessed Tattoo Design On Hand

You can use your favorite font to have something written on your hand. For example, look at this tattoo with sacred writing above other fonts used to create something authentic.

Image: @wild_art_tattoo

39. Double Face Drawing Tattoo Design On Hand 

It is a theme-based tattoo that carries a strong message. Everybody has a personality that is just hidden within themselves, and then another is exposed to everyone in the world.

So this tattoo is apt for those who purposely do this and become another person, according to the situation. So you can get this as a reminder to not trust anybody easily or to show people that you have realized this truth about the world.

Image: @luzifer_1911

40. Perfect 3D Tattoo Design On Hand

3D tattoos have become the new attraction for tattoo enthusiasts. The way this tattoo is made is quite genius because a clock tattoo has been done here, and instead of making a simple dial, the clock’s inner mechanism is used, which looks fantastic.

It can show a person’s love for machines. Also, a cross added to the tattoo’s overall look and showed the person’s religious faith.

Image: @mick.tomo

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41. Crying Eyes Tattoo On Hand

The crying eye can stand for several meanings. One common one is that a person may have served some time in jail.

Or the other importance attached to it is that they were humiliated like being bullied or someone has killed someone. People associated with gang culture also go for such kinds of tattoos.

Image: @tatualajara

42. Owl Eyes Hand Tattoo Design

Here is an owl tattoo, but the way it is made gives it a spooky look. You can go for such tattoos if you have a gothic side or are bold enough to carry mysterious patterns.

The owl is a symbol of magic and astral projection. The eyes make it look haunted, and the cross adds to the story.

Image: @ianchiesa

43. Simple Tattoo Design On Hand

It may be a way to show the realization of indifference towards the aspect of life. So half skeleton and half clock are good elements to club together.

As they can stand for a more significant meaning together as the skeleton tattoo on hand is done in memory of a loved one.

Image: @gato.cisneros.1

44. Beautiful Pattern Tattoo On Hand

Beautiful patterns on all parts of the body have become a thing now. For instance, have a look at this pattern done here made with dot artwork of tattooing.

You can even use such a tattoo as a coverage tattoo to cove something you had before and now see as a mistake.

Image: @divinealchemytattoos

45. Crown Piece Tattoo Design On Hand

A crown is a symbol of triumph, glory and self-control. But with the date inscribed on it looks like a tattoo that carries a specific memory. Or it can even be a memorial tattoo for someone.

Image: @dezztattoo

46. Baby Tiger Tattoo Design

Baby tigers stand for innocence and fragility, so combining the flower with it is a brainiac. As the flowers also represent tenderness and softness.

Image: @soulfulinkstudios

47. Geometric Style Tattoo Design On Hand

Do you like the modern style of tattooing? If yes, then you can try geometric tattoos nowadays. It is combined with a traditional tattoo of a devil; some may even interpret it as a tattoo of an animated Sun.

Image: @inknhems

48. Cartoon Art Tattoo On Hand

If you like things a little on the playful side, then you can get any tattoo done animatedly. It is another theme-based tattoo that implies double-faced humans.

One side of whom is innocent, while the other side is devilish and brutal. Take a reference from the tattoo done here and show it to your tattoo artist to get something like this.

Image: @ghastlycassie

49. Font Style Tattoo On Hand 

Words or script tattoos are terrific because they carry a direct message. You can get a quote or some words written on your hand in your favorite fonts.

For example, look at the tattoo below that combines different fonts.

Image: @drip.a.barber.company

50. Peep Tattoo Design On Hand 

When the club, spades, heart, and diamond are done together, they represent fire, water, earth, and wind. So if you love nature, then you can get this tattoo.

It shows the constant struggle of opposing forces to attain victory in life. You can even use it to represent your temptation in life that constantly is in your mind to overcome each other.

Image: @lilbopeepboy

51. Crab Red Flower Tattoo Design On Hand

A crab represents wealth, happiness, rebirth, masculinity, adventure, loyalty and prosperity. The combination of red and black looks amazing in all kinds of tattoos, so the flower in red looks impressive.

Different flowers have varied meanings but ending the crab’s tail with a flower is great to show this crab tattoo is a way of welcoming great things in life.

Image: @eternaltattoo.fremont

52.  Traditional Attractive Tattoo On Hand

Here is one more idea for a traditional tattoo that carries a personalized meaning to the owner. Combining each on different hands is a good idea for a tattoo and making it unique.

Image: @tintayterapia

53. Ancient Tribal Skull Tattoo Design

This tribal tattoo carries a fascinating meaning as it may be done to symbolize the presence of a spirit that has died.

Yet it looks like a combination of a skull tattoo with another traditional tattoo. The detailing on the skull and feathers makes the tattoo intriguing.

Image: @kelcietattoos

54. 3D Machine Tattoo Design On Hand 

Here is a theme-based tattoo that has a 3D touch in it. The owner is implying that inside the outer layer of the skin, they have steel and machine instead of bones.

It may be an inspiration taken from some of the movies which showed humans like this and tried to depict futuristic scenarios, where robots will have taken over and will roam around posing as humans with wearing skin.

Image: @alextattoos

55. Amazing Freehand Tattoo Design 

The freehand art form has become a popular choice. It is like someone drawing something on a piece of paper with a pencil.

But, in this tattoo style, no stencils or frames are used, and the artist does the job freehand. Look at the lotus tattoo done below for rising above temptation and becoming a better person.

Image: @xemmaxjonesx

56. Black Ink Skull Tattoo Design On Hand 

If you are looking for a rare skull tattoo in a smaller size, you can get something like this. Not making the lower part of the jaw will make your tattoo an antique one.

The skull is for death. If someone is wearing this tattoo, then it means that they are not afraid of death. It is the reason that you must have seen a lot of bikers wearing this tattoo.

Image: @manonskullz

57. Honeycomb Style Tattoo Design On Hand

The most common meaning that is associated with the honeycomb is that of fertility. Ladies can go for this tattoo if they want to show pride in their being. At the same time, men can also wear these if they like the pattern.

Image: @tundotattoo

58. Nice Hand Tattoo Design

Here is another fabulous tattoo for the hand. This tattoo is similar to the one we saw earlier as it also shows that a lady must wear a mask and then get it off.

It may attempt to show the sadness in a female’s life that she can’t share with anyone.

Image: @shayne_tattoo_artist

59. Aggressive Lion Tattoo Design On Hand

A lion’s aggressive tattoo may show a person’s aggressive nature or imply that you are not someone to be messed with.

However, the lion symbolizes strength and courage, so one may also get to drive these qualities from it. In addition, the white color used for the lion’s teeth makes the tattoo look scarier. 

Image: @joe_ross_lafave_

60. Dallas Design Tattoo On Hand

If you love a place or belong to one, you can get that tattooed on your hand. Like some people have a dream place they want to go to, they may get such a tattoo.

For example, look at this Dallas tattoo that shows the owner’s love for the place. The personalized elements added to the tattoo look cool.

Image: @ur_tattoos

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61. King Lion Tattoo Design On Hand 

The lion is the king of the jungle, and often people tend to compare themselves with animals because of the qualities they see in them that are relatable. So this tattoo of a grave face of a lion will look fabulous on a strong personality.

Image: @bcromptontattoo

62. Angel Wings Tattoo Design On Hand

The angel wings stand for meanings like faith, protection and freedom. It can be used as a tribute to a loved one who has passed away.

The name Thor is a fictional character that has a great fan following. You can get their name etched if you also like such a fictional character. The detailing on these wings looks great.

Image: @ng.ringvean

63. Open Mouth Style Tattoo Design

It is a rather funny-looking tattoo. The owner has chosen his favorite elements and then clubbed them in the cool-looking tattoo.

The lips tattoo is a very sensual tattoo and a sign of counterculture. It can be taken as a connection to sex appeal and something erotic. Finally, the dollar sign tattoo symbolizes happiness and the realization that money cannot buy anything.

Image: @bcromptontattoo

64. King Face Tattoo Design

The king’s face with a crown is the symbol of prosperity, power and wealth. This tattoo can work as an affirmation to excel in life and thrive in life. The detailing on the crown and the beard looks fantastic.

Image: @marraink

65. Fresh Black Rose Tattoo Design On Hand 

A black rose is often related to grief. Some may get it to show some sadness and pain one has experienced.

But the way the rose is made here looks fantastic with the combination of negative spacing and black color. In addition, the design of the petals looks fabulous.

Image: @cj.concepts

66. Reno Tiny Style Tattoo Design

You can get the name of your loved one etched on your hand. Take inspiration from the tattoo below and get your favorite person’s name. 

Image: @missemmtatts

67. 3D Snake Tattoo Design

Snake tattoos have become quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts now, and one effective way to make the tattoo more engaging is getting it done in a 3D style.

If you look at the vector below, you can get an idea of what you want to get on your hand. The shading and detailing done on the snake look fabulous. 

Image: @beccambtattoo

68. Cool Deer Tattoo Design

The deer is the symbol of spiritual regeneration and spiritual authority. If you relate to any of these qualities, you can get a tattoo on your hand.

Ring tattoos look fantastic, and many people wear these now, yet you can also get something like this.

Image: @_jhaiho

69. Stylish Alphabet Tattoo Design On Hand

Stylish font makes a message more meaningful, which is a great way to deliver a direct message. The fight against cancer can be depicted in several ways, but this one is an excellent way of showing it.

The skull placed in the alphabet is a good way to indicate danger.

Image: @twistid_ink

70. Glossy Rose Tattoo Design

Glossy tattoos look great, and there are various ways to make a tattoo highlight. One such method is demonstrated here with minimum pain. The petals designed here look alluring to the eye.

Image: @mr.inkwells

71. Seeing-Eye Tattoo Design

The Sun and the eye are good elements to get as a tattoo. Both of these carry significant meaning. The Sun is the symbol of rebirth and light.

And a single eye is the eye of God watching over every creature on earth. Some can even take it as a psychedelic tattoo.

Image: @cali_inkslinger

72. Amazing Tribal Line Art Tattoo Design 

Tribal tattoos are a fantastic way to take pride in your culture and stay connected to your roots. Tribal tattoos were meaningful in earlier times as they communicated important things like rank in a tribe or sexual maturity.

If you take pride in your culture, you can dig into your culture to find out a sign that you found attractive. And then get that done on you.

Image: @tattooist_mahesh

73. Sea Captain Tattoo Design On Hand

If you love the sea or are fascinated by it can get a tattoo of a sea captain or a sailor. There are a lot of mystic creatures associated with the sea, so you can get any of it done on you.

Or it can just be someone paying respect to the sailors who go into the roaring sea at all seasons. The color scheme used in this tattoo makes it look alluring. 

Image: @tattoos_by_kit

74. Traditional Swallow Bird Tattoo On Hand

The swallow bird is the symbol of freedom and travel as well as returning home. The sailors used this tattoo to denote sailing prowess.

So if you love going out in the sea, you can get this bird tattoo. The combination of roses and swallows looks fabulous.

Image: @femininktattoo

75. Hidden Pattern Tattoo Design 

Another excellent tattoo idea with a unique design, this looks like an old God or, some may say, a devil. The skin tone is ideally used in this tattoo, forming a great pattern.

But this kind of tattoo will pain you a lot because of the design, and also, the hand has a thin lining and a lot of nerve endings. 

Image: @nes_tattoos

76. Purple Rose Tattoo On Hand

The meaning of the rose tattoo changes with its color. The purple rose is for things like prestige and royalty. Another thing that the purple rose is associated with is success and achievement.

So you can use this tattoo as an affirmation or motivation to get closer to your success. Hope with the rose is complementing the whole tattoo. 

Image: @blackfishtattoostudio

77. Clown Face Tattoo On Hand

The clown face has become a lot popular in recent decades because of the movies. The clown is to make everybody laugh and keep happy, but the cinema attempted to show the grave sadness behind that mask.

It is why they became so popular, and if you like them get the tattoo of your favorite one.

Image: @savanahaylett

78. Blue Eyes Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Wolf is for strength and loyalty. Moreover, it makes an attractive tattoo. One can even get it to show love for their family as wolves always stay in their packs, making them stronger.

Sticking together allows them even to take over enemies that are much bigger than them. Adding an ice-blue color to the eyes makes the tattoo more intimidating.

Image: @savanahaylett

79. Gray Wash Rose Hand Tattoo

Gray color has become infamous for tattoo color choice, and rightly so because it looks beautiful. For instance, look at this rose with detailing, and the name seems impressive.

However, the grey rose is associated with mourning, death and grief.

Image: @giokay

80. Mandala Piece Tattoo On Hand

The Mandala is an excellent piece of art and carries significant meaning. It stands for balance, perfection and purity. It is even used for meditation purposes to attain peace of mind.

You can get an entire Mandala, like the one done below, combined with some writing.

Image: @tattoos_by_kit

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81. Devil Face Skull Tattoo Design On Hand

Some people worship the devil and are a believer in him. If you are also attracted to these evil forces, get a tattoo of them.

For example, look at the tattoo done below, which is a theme-based tattoo and is a combination of different devils. You can take inspiration from this tattoo and get something similar to it. 

Image: @devilsmark101

82. Maa – Paa Tattoo On Hand

Love your parents? Well, then why not get a tattoo to show them how much. So many children get tattoos for their parents, and so can you get a simple tattoo for your parents.

A simple tattoo like the one below with maa-paa written.

Image: @tattoo_temple_ludhiana

83. Ancient Language Tattoo Design On Hand

Many are fascinated by ancient languages and the signs used in the past that carry significant meaning. However, if you want something rare, you can explore all your possibilities and get something done below.

Image: @vanie.fox

84. Lettering Tattoo Design On Hand

Words that hold significant meaning in your life can be etched on you, and you can use both hands. So that when the hands are put together, they add to each other’s meaning.

Image: @liam_art_6

85. Lost Clock Tattoo Design On Hand

A clock is a good representation of time and limited time to do stuff, so the word lost time may depict a time lost that had significance in one’s life.

Image: @pigmentstattooandpiercingco

86. Reddish Mini Rose Tattoo On Hand

Mini tattoos look great, and I guess they will cost less and will not cause you pain. You can get such a small rose done on the back of your hand, which means love.

Image: @signal_wire_tattoo_co

87. Creative Butterfly Tattoo Design On Hand

A butterfly is for transformation and change. There are a variety of ways in which you can get a butterfly tattoo done on you.

Like you can get a moth or a traditional butterfly or even a creative butterfly. That of a skull replaces the middle part of the butterfly.

Image: @kirst_tattoo_artist

88. Attractive Wolf Tattoo Design On Hand

Here is a devilish-looking wolf tattoo made in a very intriguing way. If you want a wolf tattoo to stand out, get something like this done on you.

Image: @electriccircussupply

89. Family Tattoo Design On Hand

Tattoo for family, all those who love their family and want to express themselves can get a tattoo done with simple wordings. 

Image: @d_woodruff2012

90. Black Blue Rose Tattoo Design On Hand

The contrast of black and blue looks impressive, and creating a background to highlight your tattoo is a great idea. But remember that this black can hurt you to make such a big area. But the design you get in the end is worth it.

Image: @speedyink_tattoos

91. Gorilla Tattoo Design On Hand

The Gorilla is a tattoo that is associated with strength and leadership. It is also related to compassion, honor, intelligence and dignity.

You must have seen the infamous MMA fighter, the notorious MC Gregor, who has been the UFC champion several times.

He has also got a gorilla etched on his chest. However, here with the dates, this tattoo seems to carry some personalized meaning.

Image: @santa_tinta214

92. Awesome Freehand Tattoo Design On Hand

Another demonstration of the freehand art of tattooing where no frames or stencils are used for the tattoo, and just the artist’s skill comes in handy. It is a scary tattoo of a devil which will grab attention as soon as someone walks into a room.

Image: @monicashtattoosupply

93. Eyeball Rose Tattoo Design On Hand

In this tattoo, the artist has taken the creative liberty to create something outlandish. In the middle of the flower’s pistil, he has placed an eye which adds to the tattoo’s meaning.

Image: @kennymtattoos

97. Money Rose Pattern Tattoo Design

Here is another creative design with the dollar bills used to make the flower pattern. All rose lovers can experiment with your tattoo and get something like this.

It can become an ideal tattoo for someone whose favorite things in life are love and money.

Image: @tattoografik

95. Old School Bird Tattoo Design

If you are an old soul and like retro-style things, you can get something old and antique. For example, look at the tattoo done below. It is a small tattoo and looks attractive.

Image: @tradinkuk

96. New Castle Tattoo Design 

These are traditional tattoos but are made with a touch of animation. If you like to keep things a little colorful, this tattoo is for you.

You can use all your favorite colors to add color to your tattoo. This one, in particular, looks like beauty and beast.

Image: @tradinkuk

97. Stopwatch Tattoo Design On Hand

The stopwatch tattoo represents the birth of a loved one or their death. But the way this tattoo is done is pretty impressive because it is wrapped around waves.

The waves are the symbol of the evergoing force of life. The red flowers in between have something to do with culture. So you can get an idea from here.

Image: @koitattoo_florida

98. Japanese Cartoon Tattoo Design On Hand

If you belong to Japanese culture or are fond of it, you can get something related. For example, here is a tattoo of a Japanese cartoon, so the owner must be fond of this animated character. 

Image: @koitattoo_florida

99. Beautiful Colorful Tattoo Design On Hand

Here is another way to mix all your favorite colors and create something unique. It is a flower tattoo done in with a good combination of colors. You can also use a flower tattoo to cover the whole back side of your hand.

Image: @evelien_bp

100. Mandala Style Tattoo Design On Hand

Mandalas have become quite famous for their design; if you look below, you will know why. Also, the meaning it stands for is excellent, which is balance and purity.

You can manifest these things by wearing a tattoo on your hand.

Image: @chrism_tattoos

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101. Red Skeleton Tattoo On Hand

This one is a unique depiction of a skull tattoo. You will rarely see a skull done sideways, so this is a brilliant idea for making your tattoo unique and attractive at the same time.

Using the red color on the skull makes the tattoo look more intimidating.

Image: @darkskinbodyart

102. Jesus Tattoo On Hand

People wear tattoos to express themselves, so you can even wear a tattoo to show your religious sentiments. Getting a tattoo of Jesus shows a person’s faith in Christianity.

As Jesus holds great importance because he sacrificed his life for human sins. This tattoo has been executed differently, and you can also try something unique.

Image: @tattooart.kaya

103. Sweet Mini Rose Tattoo Design On Hand

Minimalistic tattoos are gaining popularity because they look fabulous and classy. Moreover, if it is your first time getting a tattoo and you do not want too much ink on your body, it is a great option.

It will not cost you much and will also pain less and probably be done in a single sitting.

Image: @alordinwinterart

 Image: @tattoo_ink_zone_hitesh_parmar

104. Charismatic Skull Tattoo On Hand

Here is another half skull like we saw in the post earlier. Skull, in general, looks like a scary tattoo, but if you get half a skull, it will become more spooky.

So if you are bold enough to get a frightening tattoo, try this one. The skull is for death, and someone wearing this tattoo generally means they are not afraid of death.

Image: @westlondoninktattoos

105. Angry Wolf Tattoo On Hand

The angry wolf with its fangs coming out can be interpreted as you are someone not to be messed with.

However, a wolf also stands for family and loyalty, so this tattoo shows you can go to any limits to protect your family.

Image: @angelinov_art

106. Skeleton Hand Tattoo Design

It might be part of a trend, or the meaning it carries is paying homage to a lost life of a loved one. With some letters used on fingers in this tattoo, it looks like a tribute tattoo.

Image: @fiction_black

107. Realistic Girl tattoo design

Not a tattoo you see every day, but that doesn’t mean it is something you cannot get. You can get the portrait if your favorite person is made on yours. This way, you can express how much you love or are fond of that person.

Image: @ink_mirko

108. Lion Face Tattoo On Hand

The furious king of the jungle with all valor and courage tucked on his face. One may get this tattoo as a reminder of how they see themselves and keep ruling in life.

Image: @sarahmeezer

109. Fire Flame Tattoo On Hand

The fire flame is a sign of deep burning passion and desire. The owner has chosen various other elements to go with the tattoo, adding more meaning to it.

For example, a broken heart implies some pain and sadness. You can also take some different tattoos and combine them like these. The flame is also made in the sketching style.

Image: @ericastatts

110.  Black And Gray Lady Face Tattoo

The black and gray combination looks excellent in tattoos; in recent decades, it has grown on people. If you like the gray color, you can get your tattoo. Look at the tattoo done below for your reference of how it will look.

Image: @the_tattootailor

111. Red Ball And Snake Tattoo Design

The snake is the symbol of power, rebirth and transformation. The red ball made in the tattoo looks like the Sun. The whole tattoo looks like it has some cultural significance the design made in the snake is made with skill. 

Image: @victoria.stlouis.tattoos

112.  Flower And Lion Tattoo Design On Hand

The flower and the lion look great as tattoos as they are good to represent the dichotomy of life. A flower is soft and tender, and the lion is for death and fury.

Image: @glinktattoo

113. Sarah Rose Tattoo Design 

Here is a love tattoo with a plain rose. If you love someone, you can get a tattoo to show them how much they mean to you. You can also use the skin tone to create a similar shading for your tattoo. 

Image: @naomieb94

114. Eightball Tattoo Design

People get a tattoo to express themselves and often get tattoos of things they like the most. For instance, this tattoo owner has a small tattoo of an eight ball, clearly stating that he must like playing pool.

Image: @valkyrietattoorachel

115. Geometric Stag Tattoo Design

If you like the modern style for tattoos and the contemporary approach, you can get your favorite design made in that style. For instance, look at the tattoo of this stag.

Its meaning is also beautiful, like it stands for virility, stamina, maturity, grace, regeneration and spiritual enlightenment. In addition, the star used as a background of this tattoo increases the meaning it carries.

Image: @laurenscarletshades

116. Alphabet Tattoo Design

Choose a classic font, and then get your favorite word written in it. You can get an idea from the tattoo done below of how your final tattoo will look. 

Image: @noxi.tattoo

117.  Swallow Birds Tattoo Design On Hand 

If you like this bird, then you can get this in a similar style. One style mentioned earlier in this post is in another design. The sailors used to wear it as pride back in the day.

Image: @noxi.tattoo

118.  Beautiful Dot Tattoo Design

The dot-art of tattooing is also a cool one to make your tattoo look alluring. In this art, tiny black dots are used to create a design, so you can even use them to create any design.

Image: @kinkyinktattoo

119. Dark Black Full Pattern Tattoo Design On Hand

Using bold black ink for the tattoo is also a cool pattern. But this kind of coverage tattoo can cause a lot of pain, and the way this negative space is used is genius.

The design prepared here looks like a constellation. The constellation is for assurance and faith. 

Image: @peaches_ink_

120. Glowing Compass Tattoo Design

Glowing tattoos are rare sights, but they look fantastic. If you like glowy things, then it is for you. Look at the tattoo done below. It will give you an idea of how your tattoo will look.

The compass symbolizes travel and those who find constant fulfillment in it. 

Image: @ededdeddietattoos

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121. Egypt Mummy Tattoo Design

Ancient Egyptian mummy was used to preserve human bodies and animals by embalming or an Egyptian process. So you can even use this as an antique memorial tattoo.

So if you like the culture or belong to it, you can get a tattoo like this. 

Image: @sohogarden.tattooclub

122. Real Skull Tattoo Design

If you like realistic tattoos, then here is one scary tattoo. The 3D touch in this tattoo makes it pretty intimidating. However, if you are looking for a skull tattoo, you can consider this your option. 

Image: @studio13_crawley

123. Snake Eye Tattoo Design

The snake eye represents that you are dangerously charismatic and can use your charms when you want. You can even use it to show your anti-authoritarian bent and like to bend the rules.

Image: @gogoink.in

124. Family Wing Tattoo Design On Hand

The wing is a symbol of protection and freedom. One can even get this tattoo in the loving memory and honor of the passing of a loved one.

Image: @lolli_tattoo.art

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Hand To Tattoo On?

The tattoo for the hand boils down to the person’s personal preference. The right hand is usually the dominant hand of most people, so it is the most common place for a tattoo.

The tattoos on the right hand can represent things like logic, Sun and mercy. And the left one stands for things like the moon, emotions, justice and receiving.

What Does A Hand Tattoo Mean?

A tattoo on the hand does not stand for anything, but it can be for a style statement. But the choice of hands can change the meaning. Whatever your design, you are a badass for sitting in a notorious session with pain. 

What Is The Most Common Hand Tattoo?

The most common tattoos you will see on people’s hands are the rose. Hands down, the rose is the number one choice among people in the floral category. The rose’s shape and design depend on the hands and the area.

Are Hand Tattoos A Good Idea?

Hand tattoos are not a bad thing, and the shape of the hand provides a decent canvas for an artist for a good tattoo. Tattoo artists also prefer working on their hands because it allows many options for all kinds of designs.

You can get almost any type of design on the hand other than some designs which need a larger area.

Is A Hand Tattoo Unprofessional?

As a general notion, hand and finger tattoos have been categorized under “job stopper” because many qualified people have not been selected because of their hand tattoos.

Because of these tattoos, people qualified as unhirable. Nevertheless, hand tattoos have gained little acceptance. So, as a result, it has been a common sight in the professional sphere.

Bottom Line

Hand tattoos have become popular among tattoo enthusiasts because they look poise. But you should give considerable thought before getting a hand tattoo because hands are a body part that mostly remains in your line of vision and others.

That means you will have difficulty hiding it, so get it if you are entirely comfortable in your skin. Also, hand tattoos will hurt you a little more than tattoos on your other body parts because of the thin skin lining on the hands, and the nerve ends at the back of the hand.

Plus, getting a hand tattoo will not cost you a fortune. It should probably come under your budget. So good luck with your hand tattoo. Choose one from the list and get one today.


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