116 Unique And Delightful Shoulder Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Female & Male

The delightful Shoulder tattoos are associated with strength and power. Shoulder tattoos have become a popular choice among men and women not only because it is a good choice but because of the lesser pain they will cause you.

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And you get a more extensive area to get any kind of design on you.

116 Unique And Delightful Shoulder Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Female & Male

Attractive Tattoo Design For Shoulder

1. Couple Of Peonies Tattoo

The peony tattoo stands for various noble things like love, nobility, beauty, and honor. Peony tattoos look like a fantastic piece of art in a colorful scheme, but you can also get them in contrast to black and white using the skin tone.

The shading on the dark leaf looks impressive with light shading on flowers.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @ehae.ink

2. Prancing Tiger Tattoo

The tiger is the symbol of strength, wisdom, prosperity, and good luck. Many people compare themselves to different kinds of animals depending upon the traits they can relate to.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @millygrace_art

3. Scorpio Tattoo

The scorpion is a symbol of love and sensuality as well as desire. The frequently placed erotic body place makes the scorpions look dominant, defensive and passionate.

The sign of the scorpion itself is usually deadly powerful and closely associated with ancient cultures. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @kokoloko_tattoo

4. Symbolic Lady Tattoo

Here is a tattoo that may hold personal meaning to the bearer, the loyalty word written and then cut delivers a strong message.

And a tear dropping down the eye shows some pain that the person must have gone through.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @luke_is_electric

5. Phoenix Tattoo

The phoenix tattoo is a popular choice because of the deep meaning it stands for; it stands for birth, death, and rebirth. So if you want to depict the cyclic nature of life and renewal, then you can get this tattoo.

You can also denote in life that you felt that everything was lost and felt dead inside, but you fought it and were resurrected from it. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @zunai_insane_shades

6. Sparkling Stars Tattoo

Stars are a symbol of success and ambition, and honor or hope. If you are looking for a minimalistic tattoo, then you can go for something like this with scattered little stars.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @t.ottawa.tattoo

7. Octopus Tattoo

The octopus stands for different meanings, and the most common one is for magical knowledge and also for multi-tasking. The way it is made looks amazing with little features.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @thetattooer

8. Arabic Script With Heart Tattoo

Getting a name tattoo in your favorite language or foreign language looks terrific. Adding a heart makes the message clearer that it is a tattoo for a particular person. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @artist_atul_panotwra

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9. 3D Dog Tattoo

Dog tattoos are a favorite choice for pet lovers and others who love dogs. Also, it is everybody’s best friend and loyal one to humans. So if you have a dog and want to love it, you might as well get a tattoo of it like the one below.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @tattoosfolder

10. Spider’s Web With Spider Tattoo

The spider web is the symbol of incarceration, so you can even use it to show you are confined in someone’s love. But on the other hand, the spider is a sign of fertility, wisdom, harmony, and balance. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @_slimeoriginal_

11. Abstract Design Tattoo

If you like the abstract art used in painting, you can use the same impersonification for your tattoo as it is done here with a random design.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @flameo00

12. Dragonfly With Flower Tattoo

The dragonfly is used to denote changes in a person’s life. It can be a good change and even sometimes death. The blue color used for the dragonfly gives it a mystic look.

The purple color of the flowers leads to good contrast.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @vickileaboulter

13. Kingfisher Tattoo

The kingfisher bird is quite famous because of the brand so that someone may get it for the brand, but other than that, the bird itself stands for many things.

It stands for peace, focus, prosperity, wisdom, creativity, balance, abundance, patience, determination, and dreams.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @tattoopondes

14. Wolf Tattoo

The wolf stands for things like spiritual protection, loyalty, and strength. So the wolf is quite a popular choice when it comes to animal tattoos.

The reason is the things it stands for and is also known as the apex predator.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @latino_ink

15. Ram Skull Tattoo

A ram’s head is the symbol of patronage, a diety, and devotion. It is also seen as a sign of knowledge and power. The significance of the ram skull dates back to ancient times in Greek.

The ram skull can be used for any such kind of devotion. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @kianahopetattoo

16. Bat Tattoo

A bat stands for long life, health, good luck, and happiness. The Moon with the bat is a good sign as it can show that the bat is only found at night. Otherwise, the crescent Moon used here is the symbol of fertility and motherhood.

The bat looks cute as it is made in a doodle way, and the stars match entirely with it. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @jen_lightfoot

17. 3D Snake Tattoo

The snake is the symbol of transformation and rebirth. You can use this tattoo to show some significant change in your life as a snake sheds its skin.

3D tattoos look impressive, and a snake tatttoo will also look good in this way, take reference from the one done below.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @tattoobaranovichi

18. Mini Cake Tattoo

People use tattoos to express themselves, and it can be anything like you can even get a tattoo of your favorite food.

Like here, you can see a simple small tattoo of a cake. If you are a sweet tooth, then you can get this tattoo. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @soosoo.tattoo

19. Joker Tattoo

Here is a joker tattoo that has gained popularity over the recent years and grown on people because of the intimidating roles that are played by the character Joker in various movies.

The part has so much fan following and recognition because it emphasizes the dark side of life and significantly impacts people.

If you have seen the character and like the movie, you can also get a tattoo to show your appreciation.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @ivan_tattoo94

20. Fighting Fish Tattoo

The fish is the symbol of perseverance, and the Japanese culture also has great significance for fish in their culture. So two fish are made together, and fighting is the symbol of fighting against hard times.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @iriss_tattoo

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21. Serpents Around Cross Tattoo

The serpent tattoo generally stands for transformation and change, but with the cross meaning changes, when these are done together, they stand for Satan.

So like, if you go for a simple cross tattoo, then it is for the faith in God; you can also go for a tattoo that symbolizes Satan.

You can even use this tattoo to denote the two extreme forces of nature: good and evil.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @auua.tattoo

22. Brownskin Tattoo

Racism may have ended in most regions, but it still prevails in those where it persists. This is a great tattoo to show that you are proud of your color and you stand by what you believe in.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @inkkcali

23. Ornamental Tattoo

Ornaments are used for all kinds of design purposes, so you can even use them as your tattoo. If there is a design that you are obsessed with, like here, the tattoo done here is of a mandala done like a necklace.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @sacredcartel.okinawa

24. Crow And Skull Tattoo

In many cultures, the crow is taken as the sign of death and doom. So the crow might be the perfect tattoo to get with the skull as the skull represents death.

If a person is wearing a skull tattoo, it generally says that the person is not even afraid of death.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @vicalvxrez

25. Red Snake On Shoulder Tattoo

The red snake is the symbol of protection and strength, so wearing one may protect you from all sorts of situations or give you the power to face them.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @tattoo_audist

26. Mandala Tattoo

Many cultures have associated themselves with the Mandala tattoo as they used it as a symbol for a better understanding of balance.

The meaning that the Mandala depicts is balance, perfection, and eternity.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @monotone__tattoos

27. Thoughtful Line Tattoo

This one is a direct message tattoo with nothing fancy. Script tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts.

However, if you also have such a line or words that keep you motivated or have significantly impacted you, you can get that tattooed on you.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @charlane_chop_shop

28. Moana Themed Tattoo

The Moana tattoo is a traditional Polynesian tattoo, and the waves are used in a circular motion for this tattoo.

This is because the waves are the symbol of the constant force of life. Moreover, the art used for this tattoo is the dot artwork, where tiny dots of different sizes are used to give shape to a tattoo.

Unfortunately, using this kind of circular motion for the tattoo has also become infamous.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @boxoffrogstattoostudio

29. Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are the ones that have a modern touch to them. The contemporary art form of tattoos has various kinds of shapes that give them the definition of a geometric tattoo.

Like here, one such shape is used to make a magnificent tattoo. You can explore with your tattoo artist all the kinds of shapes that you can use for your geometric tattoo.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @y4shk4

30. Hawaiian Style Watermelon Shirt Tattoo

The watermelon is the symbol of the favorite time of the year for someone or can simply denote summers.

However, the Hawaiian-style shirt is an intelligent way to show that someone belongs or is fond of that culture.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @jayraphaello

31. Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower is the symbol of intelligence, longevity, and good luck. You can use a sunflower tattoo to show happiness or manifest positivity in your life.

Sunflower tattoos look fabulous in yellow, but you can even use one in ordinary black ink.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @___chaehwa___

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32. Big Butterfly Tattoo

The meaning attached to the butterfly is young love. This is because butterflies keep going from one flower to another; this is why it is used as a connotation of young love.

Other meanings that the butterfly is associated with are joy, grace, immortality, and summer. The blue color used for butterflies is the symbol for good luck. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @southgatetattoo

The cat is the symbol of resilience; there is a reason why people say that cats have nine lives. So if you have a cat, then you can get her tattoo made on you.

33. Pet Cat Tattoo

Look at the tattoo done here; it is hilarious because of the cat sitting in this pose.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @dejamort_tattoo

34. Black And White Rose Tattoo

The rose tattoo stands for passion in love, or it stands for love won or love lost. Using the skin tone, you can create a good contrast for your rose tattoo.

The detailing and shading done on the petals of the rose add to the alluring look of the whole tattoo.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @lionfish_collective

35. Lion With Rose Tattoo

The lion is the symbol of bravery and courage. So if you see this tattoo on an individual, then you can identify him as a courageous individual.

The lion and rose are outstanding elements that go together in a tattoo. The shading done in the lion tattoo is intricate and done dexterously. 

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @otchch

36. Bear Tattoo

The bear is the symbol of tenacity, courage, and strength. It represents dignity and power. Moreover, you can just use the bear tattoo to describe a teddy as your childhood best friend.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @tor_ink

37. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Numbers are used in various tattoos to communicate essential things or memories of some days. In a similar way, you can use roman numerals to depict some beautiful memories of your life or the date of an important event.

For example, the tattoo here clearly carries some personalized message to the bearer. You can also similarly use roman numerals to remember some special day like a birth date.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @muvaink_official

38. Armor Tattoo

The armor was used by warriors to protect themselves in battle from various kinds of weapons. So now, if you get a tattoo of it, it can carry a similar meaning. So if you see an armor tattoo on someone, it is done to manifest inner strength and courage.

You can get this Tattoo on your shoulder, and most people get it here, but you can also connect it to your chest like a big armor tattoo.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @don.elbas

39. Small Rocket Tattoo

A rocket is a sign of exploration; it is taken to explore the beauty of the outer space worlds that have spinning planets and sparkling stars.

If you fantasize about the things in space, then you can show that love by getting a rocket tattoo. You can get the rocket in a colorful combination or a simple one like it is done here.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @yomi.ink29

40. Dragon Face Tattoo

The dragons carry an essential meaning in Chinese culture. They are the symbol of things like protection, wisdom, strength, and good luck.

So if you are Chinese or like the culture, you can get this dragon tattoo. You can get a fierce dragon tattoo just for the qualities it stands for. The detailing in this dragon tattoo is done skillfully.

Shoulder tattoos

Image: @jiang_tattooer

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41. Realistic Spider Tattoo

A spider is a sign of balance, harmony, wisdom, and fertility. Although the spider is a creature that most people are scared of, the Tattoo is known for its meaning.

The spider here is not made in the usual way; you will see a spider tattoo because the legs of the spider are also used to form a flower.

 tattoo designs

Image: @flashtattooist

42. Sun Tattoo

A Sun may carry a different meaning in cultures, but generally, they stand for light and rebirth. The Sun is also the sign of life as, without it, there would be no existence of life, yet it also represents the balance of life.

The dot artwork for tattoos is used here to make this Sun.

 tattoo designs

Image: @boxoffrogstattoostudio

43. Hexagonal Pattern Tattoo

The hexagon may look like any other random shape, but in reality, it carries significant meaning from ancient times.

It is seen as a shape of interlocking triangles that stands for balance and harmony of male and female energy. It is also known as the flower of life.

 tattoo designs

Image: @martee13

44. Spartan Headgear Tattoo

People often draw inspiration from movies for their tattoos. As it is done here, the Spartans gained massive popularity because of the funny aspect of it.

This helmet is from that movie where they went to war with their enemies. The red pattern used for the boundary of the helmet is an excellent way to form a highlight.

 tattoo designs

Image: @a_luoti

45. Custom Piece Tattoo

The book’s tattoo stands for wisdom, learning, and even religion. The tattoo is done here and contains customized elements that hold meaning to the owner of the tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @sacred_island_tattoos

46. Hummingbird With Hydrangea Tattoo

Different flowers have separate meanings, but the hydrangea flower stands for gratitude, beauty, and grace. And the hummingbird stands for resilience and kindness.

The color combination done on both of these is a cool one. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @tilda_tattoo

47. Lotus With Beads Tattoo

The lotus tattoo is often associated with enlightenment and is even clubbed with a tattoo of meditation because the lotus is the symbol of rising above temptation.

It also illustrates the path to true enlightenment, and the beads are an excellent element to fuse with this tattoo. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @conspiracy_ink

48. Night Fury Tattoo

The night falls every day, and with it comes the fury. The night can bring many dreadful things and some fearful creatures.

For instance, you can look at this tattoo with a creative beast made with the tattoo artist’s skill. The shading on this creature also looks fabulous.

 tattoo designs

Image: @thetattoo__club

49. Smoking Girl Tattoo

Here is another personalized tattoo. The girl may be a character from some animated series or a movie. You can also similarly get a tattoo.

Get the tattoo of your favorite girl and add your custom characteristics to it.

 tattoo designs

Image: @cholasak.k

50. Whale Tattoo

The whale stands for a couple of things like psychic abilities, kindness, harmony, good luck, devotion, peace, and balance.

So not only a whale tattoo will look cute, but you can go for it for any of these qualities.

 tattoo designs

Image: @sendho_blackstone

51. Watercolor Robin Tattoo

The watercolor style tattoo is an inspiration from the watercolor style used for paintings. If you like that style, then you can also get your tattoo in the same texture.

For reference, look at this Robin tattoo. The robin tattoo is associated with death and rebirth. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @johnnyvegastattoos

52. Polynesian Tattoo

This one is a kind of a tribal tattoo; the tribal tattoos are a great way to stay connected to one’s roots and honor their ancestors.

There is a whole number of tattoos available in this segment of tribal tattoos. If you like the design, you can dig deep into your culture and find that perfect tattoo.

The tribal tattoos held great importance in earlier times as they were used to communicate crucial things like ranks and sexual maturity etc.

 tattoo designs

Image: @islandtat

53. Traditional Eagle Tattoo

The Eagle is the symbol of things like power, luck, dominance, focus, clarity, spirituality, etc. The Eagle is among the most powerful and enormous birds out there.

You can get an eagle tattoo to communicate any of these things about your personality. Again this tattoo is done in the traditional way rather than the contemporary one.

You can use color for your eagle tattoo to make it more vibrant.

 tattoo designs

Image: @oldschooltattsupply

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54. Sun Moon And Stars Tattoo

Minimalistic tattoos are the best not only money-wise but also pain-wise. Moreover, they look graceful. The standard interpretation of the Sun, Moon, and the star is that of a family.

 tattoo designs

Image: @tati_alt

55. Bee Memorial Tattoo

A bee tattoo stands for loyalty, but this one here looks like a memorial tattoo. So different meanings can be interpreted from this tattoo. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @victoriaegantattoo

56. Tiger Face Tattoo

When you see a tiger, the first thing that may come to your mind is strength, which stands for raw power.

And there is also another thing that stands for wisdom, good luck, and prosperity. People often like to compare themselves to animals according to their personality, so you can also opt for a similar-looking tiger tattoo like the one done below.

 tattoo designs

Image: @shamanartstattoo

57. Elephant Tattoo

The elephant is a sign of strength, divinity, and loyalty. Also, elephants are associated with family because they are among the most compassionate animals. Tattoos of elephants look cute

 tattoo designs

Image: @mafias.ink

58. Bunny Tattoo

The bunny tattoo is associated with totems of wealth and abundance; that is why they are taken as a symbol of good luck charm.

Other things that the bunny stands for are physical prowess and fertility. The bunny tattoo made here looks like a character from an animated series.

 tattoo designs

Image: @cshelltattoo

59. Gorilla Helmet Tattoo

A gorilla stands for wisdom and intelligence. The meaning of a Gorilla tattoo can be different for individuals as it can also be for leadership and compassion.

At the same time, a helmet is a symbol of hard work and determination. So both these together add to the meaning of the tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @cshelltattoo

60. Type Negative Tattoo

The O negative tattoo may look like a simple tattoo at one glance; one may even get it to show and take pride in the blood group they belong to.

But the other meaning attached to it is of a famous pop star who got by the stage with the name O negative, and he was all over the media for some of his doings.

Yet he had a great fan following. He had attempted suicide and was also in the headlines for overdoing drugs.

 tattoo designs

Image: @martee13

61. Eye With Barbed Wire Tattoo

The common things that are associated with barbed wires are strength, power, and authority. Another significant thing that it is associated with is hardships and struggles.

So an eye with a tear makes complete sense with this tattoo.

The barbed wire used to make the heart shape signifies that the pain caused must be because of love.

 tattoo designs

Image: @tiago.pereira.tattoos

62. Hawk With Snake Tattoo

The meanings associated with the hawk and snake are pretty different if made individually, but if they are made together, they add to the purpose.

They stand for the balance of good and evil, where the bird is for good and the serpent for bad or evil. The shading on both the creatures adds to the aesthetics of the tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @opac.tattooer

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63. Bird Tattoo

In general, a bird tattoo is associated with flight and freedom.

So if a person wears a bird tattoo, he longs for freedom or wants to show new freedom from something.

 tattoo designs

Image: @aoitattoo

64. Rangda Tattoo

The rangda tattoo is excellent to show the inner fight of a person for good over evil. It also denotes a wife’s soul when she follows her departed husband to the underworld.

 tattoo designs

Image: @kowaitatu

65. Sasuke’s Curse Mark Tattoo

Use movies or your favorite series to get your authentic tattoo. Like here, this is a tattoo of a famous character from an animated series that is Naruto.

If you have seen the series, then you must be aware of this curse mark. Sasuke was imprinted with this mark in the cartoon.

You may get the tattoo the same as it was used in the series, but you can also experiment with it and your favorite colors to it.

 tattoo designs

Image: @marcelo.baezz

66. Viking Raven Tattoo

The raven’s tattoo is connected to that of warriors; this tattoo is done to display honor to Odin, the chief of Gods.

In ancient times the raven was also used as a messenger to communicate about those who died in battle or other crucial messages.

The skin tone of the bearer is used skillfully to give design to the raven.

 tattoo designs

Image: @lussier_daniel_

67. Cute Abstract Tattoo

Here is another demonstration of why the minimalistic tattoos always manage to steal the show. Look at this graceful tattoo with minimum design but looks elegant on the girl.

 tattoo designs

Image: @cherie.beautyco

68. Eye Of Horus Tattoo

The eye of the Horus comes from the Egyptian religion that stands for healing, protection, and well-being.

You can get the eye in pairs or just get the single look like it is done here. And you will mostly see this tattoo done with a single eye.

 tattoo designs

Image: @skyler_sager

69. Sakura Flower Mandala Tattoo

Flowers, in general, are a symbol of natural beauty, but this particular flower has ties to Japanese culture where it stands for youth and innocence.

But the remarkable fact about this flower is that the flowering time for these plants lasts only a few hours. So the flower is also a sign of fragility.

The Mandala is a great secondary tattoo to choose from as it symbolizes balance, perfection, and purity. A girl can get a Sakura flower to take pride in her youth.

 tattoo designs

Image: @marla_tattoo

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70. Family Name Tattoo

People often get tattoos for their family, so you can even get a tattoo in the native language of your family name. You can try a tattoo in a foreign language if you find any language attractive.

 tattoo designs

Image: @weicai_tattoo

71. Italy On Shoulder Tattoo

You can even use tattoos to show your patriotic gesture toward your country. Like here, you can see that a man has not only not the name of the country but the map and flag as well.

The tattoo here is done in a pretty creative way; you can also get a tattoo of this sort in your own country or even your dream country.

 tattoo designs

Image: @tatted_pumpkin

72. Outer Wilds Game Tattoo

There are a lot of men who are gamers, and most of them like to play any sort of game. If you also have any such kind of favorite game on your mind, you can get a tattoo to show your love for it.

Have a look at this game tattoo on how you can execute your favorite one.

 tattoo designs

Image: @meadowlark.tattoo

73. Peacock’s Feather Tattoo

A peacock tattoo may be the perfect tattoo for a girl who wants to remind herself of the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Things that may get the peacock tattoo are luxury, royalty, and beauty. The peacock even has great significance in Indian culture, and the feather stands for essential things.

The feather here is made with an animated touch, but if you like realistic tattoos, then you can do one with appropriate detailing.

 tattoo designs

Image: @tattbug

74. Over The Tattoo

Using simple designs for words tattoo is a great idea to deliver a strong message as it communicates that the statement in itself is enough.

For instance, this over the moon tattoo is rather done in simple font and style but has a powerful message to communicate.

Moreover such a tattoo is easy to hide, meaning that you can choose your occasion to flaunt the tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @lto_ink

75. Black And Grey Shark Tattoo

Tattoos with a combination of black and grey look fabulous; a perfect demonstration of the mix is done below.

A shark tattoo stands for protection, courage, and guidance. In the Polynesian culture, a shark is taken as a symbol of protection against enemies.

 tattoo designs

Image: @thehowlingdog

76. Rabbit And Porcupine Tattoo

A porcupine is a relatively more minor animal if we look at the ecosystem, but it is famous for being able to protect itself.

Therefore, a porcupine is a symbol of shielding, protection, and defense. At the same time, a rabbit is the symbol of the manifestation of the divine in nature. It is also known for its physical prowess.

 tattoo designs

Image: @doloresparisx

77. Love And Flower Tattoo

In a general context, a flower stands for love and natural beauty. So getting a flower with the text love is a beautiful tattoo idea that goes well with women.

There are all kinds of flowers, and the things they stand for also differ. The rose here is the sign of passion in love, and it can also represent love lost or won.

 tattoo designs

Image: @dontheotatts

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78. Mage In Forest Tattoo

Are you looking for a spooky tattoo? Well then, here is one fabulous idea for you. A mage standing in a forest gives a mysterious touch to any kind of tattoo.

A mage is to be associated with magical powers, and the grave with the mage makes the tattoo a scary one.

 tattoo designs

Image: @katjart_tattoo

79. Pterodactyl Tattoo

These creatures used to rule the sky and land in older times. Now, if you get a tattoo of it, it depicts one meaning death is inevitable.

So, if you want an antique tattoo in the category of animals, then this might be it.

 tattoo designs

Image: @doc_hospo

80. Crying Girl Tattoo

A crying girl can be a simple way to depict the pain someone is going through or has gone through. Likewise, a heart drawn with a bandage is an indicator of pain.

Both guys and girls can use this tattoo to show their pain.

 tattoo designs

Image: @hannastudio.ink

81. Chameleon Tattoo

The most popular reason why people go for a chameleon tattoo is that they relate to the shy and free-spirited characteristics.

Another thing that the chameleon stands for is solitariness, intuition, and clairvoyance. This one is quite an interesting take on the chameleon.

After all, they are generally made with colors because of their trait of camouflage.

 tattoo designs

Image: @handpokedbylies

82. Alchemy Spiritual Tattoo

The alchemy symbols were used to signify some elements and compounds. But here, the tattoo is compiled beautifully with a triangle and the universe.

This may be a depiction of a person meeting his spiritual self. The sword is the symbol of honor and freedom. So it is an excellent element to add in between the tattoo.

The boundary used in the tattoo in a foreign language adds to the mysterious look of the tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @kukukobain

83. Whimsical Sun And Moon Mandala Tattoo

The whimsical art is mainly used to combine the Sun and Moon. The Mandala is the perfect element to combine with the Moon as it stands for balance and perfection.

But the Sun and Moon together carry significant meaning like life and death, good and bad, masculinity and femininity. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @katiegirltattoo

84. Roots On Shoulder Tattoo

The roots are a sign of connection to the past; you can also get this tattoo to show you are proud of where you come from.

Moreover, you can also get this tattoo as a sign to represent the invisible support that you have in life to go on.

 tattoo designs

Image: @essa_tatt00

85. Wing Tattoo

Usually, the gym goers and the ones that have muscles go for the wings tattoo. The wings are the symbol of freedom and protection. One may also get it to honor the memory of a loved one and his faith in someone.

The negative space used for making the contrast in this tattoo looks impressive. You can also use your skin tone to create something like that. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @mututattoo

86. Faeri Dragon Tattoo

The dragon is the symbol of protection, good luck,  wisdom, and peace. So the dragon tattoo has great significance in Chinese culture, and you must have seen a lot of dragon tattoos.

But one wise way to make your tattoo an antique one is to add fairy wings to it to add more meaning to your tattoo. The fairy is the sign of child-like innocence and beauty.

 tattoo designs

Image: @angelikamiau_tattoo

87. Flowers On Both Shoulders Tattoo

Getting two identical tattoos on both shoulders is a good idea to make your tattoo unique. In addition, the color added to these flowers makes them aesthetically appealing.

The flowers are a symbol of natural beauty. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @annabogen

88. Betty Boop Tattoo

The Betty Boop tattoo is a pretty popular one among girls. Betty Boop denotes the sexuality of a woman who is in control of it. The tattoo is made with a heart, and the wordings look great as a sexy tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @ink.marx

89. Wicked Outlaw Tattoo

This is an outlaw that can be used as a quantifier of the bravado of someone. The skull is the symbol of death, and if someone is wearing the tattoo, then it means that they are not afraid of death.

A cowboy hat is also a sign of someone who is not scared of taking any chances. The ram skull made like a pistol is also a pretty creative idea as not only is the look fantastic, but the meaning behind it is patronage or devotion.

 tattoo designs

Image: @sofiyaa_vo

90. Scary Shoulder Tattoo

If you are searching for a scary tattoo, then here is one more idea for you. The skull, at first glance, gives a frightening look, so it makes a fearful tattoo.

However, skulls added in with the tattoo with smoke make the tattoo more appealing.

 tattoo designs

Image: @madmikeink

91. Cartoonish Sun Tattoo

The Sun is the symbol of rebirth and light. The Sun is the provider of life on earth, and it stands for the balance of life.

If you like things a little on the animated side, then you can get your tattoo like this in a doodle way.

 tattoo designs

Image: @femimystic

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92. Wicked Dragon Tattoo

The dragon is the symbol of peace, power, wisdom, protection, and strength. Here is a graceful dragon with flowers and an elegant look. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @tattoo.tinca

93. Family Anchor Tattoo

The anchor is the representation of the sea. The meanings that are attached to an anchor tattoo are that of stability, strength, and also a commitment to safety.

Adding names or dates to your anchor tattoo will add significance to your tattoo. Sailors also use a rope to denote an essential meaning to one that has crossed the equator, but the rope is used to form four knots.

 tattoo designs

Image: @inkdbycarly

94. Demon Shoulder Tattoo

A demon tattoo is usually used to instill fear and a warning for others to stay away. There are specific ways to make the demon, and you can also choose your kind of demon.

You can even add your creativity to it. For example, you can either have it on in black ink or add red color to it to make it more intimidating.

 tattoo designs

Image: @latchfordtattoo

95. Mythical Fox Tattoo

The fox tattoo is the ability to make good decisions on the spot. Other things that the fox is for are cunning nature, wit, and craftiness.

So if you see a fox tattoo on someone, then it is the sign of a master of deception and intelligence. The fox tattoo here is made in natural color and made in an animated way. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @tattoocrewlondon

96. Bulbasaur And Pockéball Tattoo

If you like animated series, then you can get a tattoo of your favorite character. For instance, here is a tattoo from a very famous cartoon of the 90s, ‘pokemon.’

The creature here is a famous pokemon, Bulbasaur, and the Pokeball made here was used in the series to capture these.

 tattoo designs

Image: @karrigan.ink

97. Colorful Mandala Tattoo

The Mandala is a good design with deep meaning that anyone may choose. The meaning it stands for is balance and purity. Also, used with meditation tattoos.

 tattoo designs

Image: @tattoos.by.shae

98. Monkey King Tattoo

The Monkey King is also known as the Sun Wukong, and the things it stands for are mischief, mayhem, redemption, spiritual protection, and havoc.

The king of the monkeys can also be used to depict the leadership aspect of some person.

 tattoo designs

Image: @tabuatattoo

99. Eagle’s Wings Tattoo

The Eagle is the symbol of freedom, clarity, focus, power, and dominance. A giant eagle tattoo looks fabulous on all people.

 tattoo designs

Image: @jennywrenstudio

100. Flume With Geometric Patterns Tattoo

The Geometric tattoos have a little modern touch to them, so if you like the contemporary art of tattoos. There are specific shapes that are used for geometric tattoos.

So you can go through the figures that are used for all these tattoos. You can take reference from the tattoo done here as it has a mix of some of the shapes.

 tattoo designs

Image: @guesspre

101. Baseball On Shoulder Tattoo

A baseball tattoo may just simply be there as a sign of your love for your game. You can have a simple baseball tattoo or like the one done here with great creativity.

 tattoo designs

Image: @mikerago23

102. Spartan Shoulder Tattoo

Movies often stir up the imagination of the audience, and people are influenced by the characters. For example, here is a helmet of the famous warriors who go by Spartans in the renowned spartan movie.

 tattoo designs

Image: @electricvintagetattoo

103. Key With Important Words Tattoo

You can go for a family tattoo that shows your love and affection for your family. There are several ways of getting a family tattoo here; the key is a perfect element to get one.

A key is the symbol of opening and closing. However, it may be shown that someone may hold their family secrets here.

 tattoo designs

Image: @conminacreations

104. Two Ravens Tattoo

The two ravens tattoo is infamous, and these two have names like Huginn and Muninn. They stand for survival, death, and rebirth.

These two ravens are made in an exciting way, but you can also get these two apart from each other in identical tattoos.

 tattoo designs

Image: @uffeberenth

105. Freehand Shoulder Wrap Tattoo

The freehand tattoos are an adoption of the freehand drawing art used for standard drawing. In this, no frames or stencils are used for the art, so if you like this kind of art in tattooing, then you can get a tattoo like the one done below.

You can experiment with any type of design with these.

 tattoo designs

Image: @koji604tatts

106. Full Lips On Shoulder Tattoo

A lips tattoo is a symbol of sensuality and a good tattoo for a girl. It is the connection to erotic and sex appeal. It is an excellent tattoo idea for girls to make them look attractive.

Minimalistic tattoos look great and are cheaper compared to other designs.

 tattoo designs

Image: @dividedmindsbodyart

107. Blossoms Tattoo

The flower tattoo is used to deliver the message of the sign of life and an ode to spring. The cherry blossom is highly associated with Japanese culture, and people there celebrate the blooming of this flower.

 tattoo designs

Image: @corycooktattoo

108. Remembrance Tattoo

Memorial tattoos are a great way to offer tribute to a loved one who is no longer among us. You can get a tattoo in fond memory of anyone that you loved and have left for the heaven above. 

 tattoo designs

Image: @jbecketttattoos

109. Tribal Tattoo

Earlier in those posts, we saw a tribal tattoo; well, here is another kind of design that you can opt for. It can be your great unique way to stay connected to your roots.

 tattoo designs

Image: @hilltoptattoos

110. Mountain Range Tattoo

Here is a cute and minimalistic tattoo with good shading. The mountain is the love for nature and travel. Sturdiness and firmness are other meanings that can be matched with the mountain tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @staytruetattoo806

111. Heart with Torch Tattoo

A blue heart tattoo is for passion and sadness, while the rose is also the symbol of power in love. The flame in the tattoo is a nice touch as it stands for good over evil.

 tattoo designs

Image: @faetattoos

112. Wyoming Sagebrush Bonsai Tattoo

Wyoming Sagebrush is famous for its clean and quality tattoos, and you can look at such a demonstration here per se. The Bonsai tree is the symbol of a relaxed perspective of existing.

 tattoo designs

Image: @shuuinn

113. Shell Tattoo

The shell is supposed to evoke feelings of peace and tranquility which is the reason that the people go for this tattoo.

 tattoo designs

Image: @jku_tattoo

114. Moon And Cloud Tattoo

A Moon tattoo is the symbol of growth and change. The white clouds are for light and cheerful times ahead. So these together work great as tattoos to complement each other.

 tattoo designs

Image: @wonseraew

115. USA Flag Tattoo

One more demonstration of how to show love for a country through a tattoo. But the way this flag tattoo is executed is an impressive one. It looks like a wound from a big claw strike.

 tattoo designs

Image: @dougiedecosta

116. Cute Clown Tattoo

One more tattoo of the clown is unlike the one carried forward from the movies. This is why it is a different-looking tattoo that you can go for if you like clowns.

 tattoo designs

Image: @bebop_ink

Frequently Asked Question

Are Shoulder Tattoos Painful?

The most painful body parts to get tattoos are thin skin layering and a few nerve endings. On a similar note, the shoulder has thick skin with minimum nerve endings, which means it is the least painful place for tattoos.

So the pain associated with shoulder tattoos is low to moderate.

What Is A Shoulder And Chest Tattoo Called?

A tattoo that spreads across the top of the chest, even just the sternum part, is called a Gorget or Décolletage.

In contrast, a tattoo that is on the front of the shoulder is called Besagew. Tattoos on the shoulder blades can be called Shoulder Coasters.

Are Shoulder Tattoos Feminine?

The shoulder is considered one of the most feminine parts of a woman’s body as the collarbone makes it a very noticeable area.

It allows ladies to show some skin but not too much. This makes it a popular spot for girls to get a tattoo.

How Expensive Is A Shoulder Tattoo?

A shoulder tattoo can cost anything between 200$ and 500$. A tattoo that extends to the upper arm or back will naturally cost more.

What Do You Wear For A Shoulder Tattoo?

You can wear something loose or plant-based clothing. You can even try a cotton t-shirt or a tank top. Something that can quickly move out of the way and give the artist proper space to create something.

To sweat as little as possible, you can try plant-based clothing as it is more breathable.

Bottom Line

Shoulder tattoos are great for men and women because of the visibility and lesser pain involved. Moreover, you can choose more significant designs as they can be stretched backward or towards the chest.

If you want a tattoo, then the shoulder may be the best place for you to get one.

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