Double Triangle Tattoo: Meaning And Symbolism

The double triangle is quite a popular tattoo that you might have seen some people have, not only because it is incredibly simple and minimalistic if you want it to be, but also because it has a deep significance.

Truth be told, any basic geometric shapes are aesthetically pleasing as a tattoo, but the triangle is especially sought after, as humans have always had a fascination with this particular shape.

In fact, you can find triangles in most cultures around the world, and in most cases, triangles hold great symbolism within faith and spirituality.

Double Triangle Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

But if a triangle by itself is so special, what about a double triangle? What does it mean? Is it double as powerful? What kind of double triangle tattoo designs can you have, and what do they mean?

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it. So let’s get started!

The Symbolism Of Triangles

As we have already mentioned, triangles carry a lot of meaning and symbolism, especially relating to faith and spiritualism in many different cultures and religions.

Generally, the triangle represents manifestation and enlightenment, as well as revelation and a connection to a higher self, or an omnipresent being.

A triangle has three sides and three points of contact, and therefore it is the sacred triad of the divine.

You might have noticed, in fact, that three is pretty much a magical number. In stories and fairytales, everything comes in threes, and in many religions, divine power comes in a triangular representation. For example, the triple goddess in many pagan faiths, or the holy trinity in Christianity.

The triangle also represents balance in oneself, between the body, the mind, and the soul.

All of these things combined are what have made the triangle one of the most sacred of shapes. It is used to represent wisdom and knowledge, as well as divine connection.

It can represent the cycle of the moon and the creation of life. The triangle is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-feeling.

And the weight of all this symbolism is what makes it so popular not only as a tattoo but as a recurring shape used throughout history.

Double Triangle Tattoo Aariations And Their Meanings

A single triangle is already significant enough, but a double triangle? This design is when you have two triangles together, usually one over the other so that they are juxtaposed, and often, people will choose to have one facing up and the other facing down. But of course, there are many variations.

Here are some of the more specific meanings that your double triangle tattoo might convey, depending on the exact variation of the design.

Downward double triangle

If both of the triangles are pointing downward, then this is usually a symbol of femininity, so it is a tattoo design most often seen on women. Downward triangles represent femininity, maternity, mother nature, and the world of the cosmic universe.

Most often the double triangle downward design is used to express a connection to the feminine divine, invoking cosmic powers of intuition and emotion, as well as opening up your body to the surrounding universe, and the nature around you.

Essentially, it is a strong symbol of femininity and all that comes associated with it!

Upward double triangle

Upward triangles are often used to represent masculinity, and a double triangle in this variation is a very strong symbol for this, meaning it is often seen in men.

The upward double triangle is a strong symbol for the sun, and elements of fire, as well as striving for greatness and success.

It is also connected to the cosmic world but in a bolder way, signifying all that is visible and present. Many of the people that wear this tattoo design have it to signify strength and passion.

Opposite Triangles

When you have two triangles, one pointing upward and the other pointing downward, you are creating a combination of the feminine and the masculine, which leads to the creation of life itself.

This design symbolizes the clashing of opposing elements, which come together to create life, passion, and wonder.

Most often, this tattoo variation is used to represent opposites coming together, clashing while they meet in common ground. For example, many people will have it as a version of fire vs water, air vs earth. Or mountains vs the ocean, and similar.

The double triangles can often become a diamond, and it is worn by many people regardless of the gender they identify with.

Designing Your Double Triangle Tattoo

Designing Your Double Triangle Tattoo

When designing your double triangle tattoo, you must work with your tattoo artist to understand what it is you want the design to represent, as well as the meaning behind the intent of having that specific tattoo on your body.

There are many things to consider, so here are a few pointers.

The Double Triangle Variation

We have already gone through the main three different variations of the double triangle tattoo, whether it’s upward, downward, or opposing. Think about what it is you want it to convey, and what you prefer, and choose one of the three!

The Size

As a general rule, the double triangle tattoo tends to be more of a minimalistic design, simple enough to convey the deepness of its meaning and symbolism.

So usually, it will be quite small. However, you can have it as big or as small as you want, depending on your preferences, and the part of your body where you want it.

The Coloring

Generally speaking, the double triangles tattoo is two bold black triangles, one overlapping the other.
However, many people choose to add some coloring to this tattoo design, and quite often, it will be two different colors, one for each triangle.

This makes it more unique, and can also add to the significance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Two Triangle Tattoo Mean?

Two triangles combined together, as a general rule, will signify humanity as a whole. They can also represent creativity, and a connection to life, as well as a balance between opposing elements and concepts.

A downward triangle represents femininity and all the associated concepts, and an upward triangle represents masculinity, and everything attached to it.

What Is A Double Triangle Called?

A double triangle is a double triangle. But in geometry, a triangle that has two equal sides of length is called an isosceles triangle. Sometimes double triangles are designed to be a single isosceles triangle because there are two equal sides that represent that duality.

What Is The Significance Of A Triangle-Themed Tattoo?

Triangles are connected to the number three, and the power of the sacred divine. They represent balance and true wisdom. They are past, present, and future, they are body, mind, and soul.

This is why a triangle-themed tattoo can hold many meanings and can be interpreted in many different ways.