50 Cross Tattoo Concepts for Shoulder: Blending Faith and Aesthetics

   Key Takeaways

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  • Cross tattoos on the shoulder carry deep religious significance, symbolizing faith, spirituality, and a connection to one’s beliefs.
  • Each cross tattoo design on the shoulder is a unique expression of one’s faith, with variations in style, size, and additional elements allowing for personalization.
  • The shoulder provides a versatile and visually impactful canvas for cross tattoos, allowing intricate details and a prominent yet tasteful display.
  •  Shoulder cross tattoos appeal to men and women, offering a universal symbol of devotion and spirituality that transcends gender.
  • The enduring symbol of the cross, combined with the shoulder’s timeless canvas, results in a tattoo that represents faith and exudes a classic and enduring aesthetic.

There are a plethora of tattoo ideas to choose from. One of them is religious tattoos. Religious tattoos are quite prevalent among young adults of all faiths. Cross tattoos are a great illustration of religious tattoos.

50 Amazing Cross Tattoo Designs To Try On Shoulder

Amongst Christians, cross tattoos are quite prevalent. The cross signifies Jesus Christ’s self-sacrifice for our misdeeds.

For centuries, this has been the Christian emblem. Even if you’re not a Christian but want a cross tattoo inked on your body, there will be no problem. You only have to choose a pattern.

Just go to any nearest tattoo studio to acquire your desired tattoo design.

50 Amazing Cross Tattoo Designs

Image: @tattooist_hwayeong

What Makes Cross Tattoos Popular?

In times of turmoil, the cross has a lot of value and significance for people.

Some of the connotations linked with the cross are as follows:

  • Religion and Emotion
  • Life and Sacrifice
  • Individual Transformation and Resurrection
  • Escape from Fulfilment
  • Dedication and Trust
  • Love and compassion 
  • Peace

There are so many varying interpretations of the cross that it’s safe to conclude that it means something different to everyone.

For decades, this strong symbol has transcended countries and ages, and it is as forceful today as it was over 2,000 years ago. Why would someone not have such a tattoo with so many good meanings associated with it?

When cross tattoos are combined with other motifs such as prayer hands, roses, butterflies, and flying doves, they may appear really attractive.

You may personalize your tattoo by adding a name or choosing from a variety of significant statements with a cross design. After that, your tattoo design should look fantastic.

Significance of Cross Tattoo for Shoulder 

A cross tattoo on the shoulder holds profound significance as a visible symbol of faith and spirituality. Positioned on this prominent body part, it becomes a personal and public declaration of one’s religious beliefs. The shoulder’s broad canvas allows for diverse interpretations, from simple and elegant designs to more intricate, personalized expressions of devotion. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the cross on the shoulder is a timeless emblem, a constant reminder of the wearer’s faith, and a testament to the enduring power of spiritual convictions. Whether as a subtle affirmation or a bold statement, the cross tattoo on the shoulder represents a sacred and meaningful connection to one’s beliefs.

 Before You Get Started

  • Clearly define the style and details you want for your cross tattoo on the shoulder, ensuring it resonates with your connection to faith.
  • Explore tattoo artists’ portfolios to find one with expertise in religious symbols, specifically cross designs, ensuring they can capture the spiritual essence you seek.
  • Consider any additional elements you may want to incorporate into the design, such as religious symbols or personal touches that enhance the overall symbolism of the cross.
  • Reflect on the specific area on your shoulder for placement, considering the size and orientation that complements both the design and your body’s contours.
  •  Familiarize yourself with proper aftercare practices, including gentle cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection, to ensure your cross tattoo’s optimal healing and longevity on the shoulder.

Placement of Cross Tattoo  for Shoulder 

The placement of a cross tattoo on the shoulder holds both symbolic and aesthetic significance. Positioned on the shoulder, this tattoo is prominently displayed, making it visible and easily showcased or concealed based on personal preference. The shoulder’s broad and flat surface provides ample space for intricate designs, allowing for detailed and artistic representations of the cross. The central location on the upper body emphasizes the importance of the symbol, creating a visually striking and meaningful focal point. Whether chosen for its aesthetic appeal or spiritual significance, a cross tattoo on the shoulder allows for a versatile and impactful expression of faith and personal beliefs.

Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist for Cross Tattoo  

Finding the perfect tattoo artist for a cross tattoo on the shoulder involves seeking someone with a balance of technical skill and an understanding of the tattoo’s spiritual significance. Look for an artist with a portfolio that showcases expertise in detailed and intricate designs, particularly those related to religious symbols like the cross. Reviews and recommendations can provide insights into their ability to capture the essence of faith in their work. Communication is key, as a perfect tattoo artist for a shoulder cross design should be skilled and receptive to the wearer’s connection to the symbol, ensuring the final inked representation aligns seamlessly with their beliefs and aesthetic preferences.

Aftercare For Cross Tattoo  for Shoulder 

Proper aftercare is essential to preserve the integrity and vibrancy of a cross tattoo on the shoulder. Keep the tattoo clean by gently washing it with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Apply a thin layer of recommended tattoo ointment to moisturize the skin during the initial healing stage. Avoid exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight, and refrain from submerging it in water for prolonged periods. Resist the temptation to pick or scratch at scabs, allowing the tattoo to heal naturally. Diligent adherence to these aftercare practices ensures optimal healing, preserving the visual and spiritual impact of the cross tattoo on the shoulder for years to come.

Here are 50 cool cross tattoo shoulder ideas for men and women to choose from.

1. Shoulder Cross Tattoo

The back Shoulder Cross tattoo is one of the most popular places for designs. The cross design represents your devotion and faith in your religion. The cross is a sign of Christianity where lord Jesus saved humanity.

That’s the reason this symbol holds a significant meaning.

Shoulder Cross Tattoo

Image: @artcraftstattooundpiercing

2. Cross Tattoo With Names

A Cross tattoo expresses spirituality. People wear cross tattoos with the names of their loved person they have lost touch with, and some are designed for other purposes.

But most people come to design the name of their favourite person, which is the best way to express their relations.  

Cross Tattoo With Names

Image: @mastermindstattoo

3. Cross With Baseball Stitch Tattoo

If you are a lover of baseball sport, then cross with baseball stitch tattoo design looks perfect for you. This tattoo will represent your feeling toward your sports.

Both men and women now fond of sports, particularly baseball, can get themselves inked with this tattoo.

Cross With Baseball Stitch Tattoo

Image: @bentowers_tattoo

4. Black Cross And Roses Tattoo

In Christianity, roses are associated with various meanings, including innocence, pleasure, and sacrifice. As a result, it’s no wonder that many Christians opt to include these lovely flowers in their cross tattoos.

Maybe it’s because this flower is England’s national flower, and the English flag features a red cross, which represents Saint George.

Black Cross And Roses Tattoo

Image: @leffleuredumal67

5. Red Cross Tattoo

This cross is packed with the bold, powerful, and ardent red hue, which is surrounded by gothic boundaries.

As strong, piercing spikes, solid thin black lines easily flow and encircle around the cross design tattoo, maintaining both curved and pointy ends together.

The overall beauty of this tattoo lies in its simplicity and how it complements the wearer’s body.

Red Cross Tattoo

Image: @victory_tattoonl

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6. Inspiration Words And Cross Tattoo

If you need some kind of motivation in your life, inking yourself about motivation phrases to keep up the energy is a good idea. Every getting ready for your work and seeing the phrases will make you driven.

As in the picture, one will drive inspiration from their harder times to keep themselves down to earth.

Inspiration Words And Cross Tattoo

Image: @vcink.gallery

Quick Guide to Shoulder Cross Tattoos: Symbolism, Style, and Aftercare

  • Faithful Elegance: Choose a cross design that resonates with your faith, and consider subtle details that enhance the overall elegance when getting a shoulder tattoo.
  • Skilled Artistry: Select a tattoo artist with expertise in detailed designs, ensuring the precision needed for the intricacies of a cross tattoo on the shoulder.
  • Subtle Placement: Opt for a shoulder location that complements your body’s contours, making the cross tattoo visible and subtly impactful.
  • Maintain Symbolism: Preserve the spiritual significance by adhering to aftercare practices – gentle cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection – ensuring the longevity and clarity of your shoulder cross tattoo.

7. Spiritual Cross Designer Tattoo

To create more significant and eye-catching tattoos, traditional cross tattoos have been replaced with unique and trendy tattoos. The tattoo is enhanced by the addition of various aspects, both perpetually and cyclically, to boost its worth.

The addition of a chain-like structure to this tattoo is totally incredible.

Spiritual Cross Designer Tattoo

Image: @gorgatattoo

8. Floral Cross Tattoo Design

Flowers are widely presented in Church events and at family weddings and burials since flowers have multiple definitions in Christianity. The flowers’ meaning is regarded as traditional, and the Bible’s description of them.

The rose, which is connected with the Virgin Mary, is among the most common flowers for Christian tattoos. White flowers, such as jasmine, lily, and orchid, are also symbolic of Mary.

Floral Cross Tattoo Design

Image: @emi_bloom_ink

9. Tribal Cross Tattoos Design

For several years, the cross has been among the greatest iconic tribal tattoo patterns. This is due to the strong art style’s suitability for basic forms and patterns such as the cross.

The cross also has a distinct character because of the curvature and spikes of tribal design. Tribal cross tattoos have a manly air to them, making them popular among Christian men.

Tribal Cross Tattoos Design

Image: @devotedtattoostudio

10. Solid Cross Tattoo

Here is yet another masterpiece of solid black that gives you solid visuals and imagery. It is quite simple, though. It gives you very amazing aesthetics. It looks , but it looks amazing when done on your shoulder.

Solid Cross Tattoo

Image: @trishfailla

11. Matching Cross Tattoo Design

One of the amazing ideas is to show your spiritual side to people. Adding two matching tattoos on each shoulder gives you really lively aesthetics. The wooden appearance of this tattoo is what sets this masterpiece apart from others.

The overall placement is also perfect, giving the wearer religious looks.

Matching Cross Tattoo Design

Image: @smashtasticallydelicious

12. Paint Stroke Cross Shoulder Tattoo

A simple tattoo with amazing artistic appeal is just a masterpiece. One of the best tattoos to show your spiritual side. The black ink used gives a paintbrush-like appearance which is really unique.

Paint Stroke Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @dannybeldendesigns

13. Cross And Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Dragons are usually interpreted to be the protector of mother Earth. When the dragons are incorporated in a cross tattoo, the combination signifies the strongest sign of protection and direction within.

Cross And Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @renegade_tattoo_hoonigan

14. Tribal Celtic Cross Tattoo

The Celtic cross tattoo, often called the holy cross, is produced using lighter and darker ink for a flawless pattern. Dark ink is used to create the trinity Celtic link, while light color creates the side cross motifs.

The sun is the most important sign in the Celtic cross, as it represents the earth, water, and celestial bodies.

Tribal Celtic Cross Tattoo

Image: @mr_edweirdo

15. Unique Tribal Cross Shoulder Tattoo

While inking, your whole body is a canvas. You can choose any design you want or incorporate another motif to the main tattoo to make it stand out.

Such one is the unique tribal cross shoulder tattoo, which is inked with blue color in the middle and has a tribal element present all around the shoulder.

Unique Tribal Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @adamdoestattoos

16. Tiny Cross Tattoo

Get a little cross tattoo if you would like to give a discreet homage to your beliefs. These tattoos are incredibly distinctive, and they symbolize your faith.

A small tattoo may be done just about everyone on the body, but many people prefer to get a cross tattooed on their shoulder or wrist so that they can view this whenever they wish. A shirt could also be used to conceal a little cross tattoo on your arm.

Tiny Cross Tattoo

Image: @lelde.stabulniece

Keep In Mind

  • A cross design that holds personal significance, reflecting your unique spiritual journey and connection to faith.
  • Consider the intricacies of the design, balancing size and detail to ensure clarity and visChoose ual impact on the shoulder.
  • Explore additional symbols or embellishments that enhance the overall symbolism of the cross, adding depth to the tattoo’s meaning.
  • Reflect on the specific area of the shoulder for placement, considering factors like body contours and visibility to enhance the tattoo’s impact.
  • Adhere to recommended aftercare practices diligently, including gentle cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection, to ensure the enduring vibrancy and symbolism of your cross tattoo on the shoulder.

17. Flaming Skull Cross Tattoo Design

Want to combine your pious side with a devilish look? This is a tattoo of a skull with a cross on it. On the summit of the cross is a flaming skull with a thorn crown, symbolizing the end of wickedness.

It’s recommended to have the tattoo on the Shoulder leaning towards the back so that it has enough room to stand out. The tattoo is tattooed by wrestlers or males who enjoy playing with risk.

Flaming Skull Cross Tattoo Design

Image: @jimmystattoos

18. Line Work Black Cross Tattoo

Don’t you like overly expressive tattoos? Why don’t you just go with this linework tattoo, giving you merely cute aesthetics? It is simple and elegant though it sets the wearer apart.

The shoulder is a good placement for such a tattoo, but you can also have it on your wrist or forearm.

Line Work Black Cross Tattoo

Image: @ssukim_tattoo

19. Inverted Cross Shoulder Tattoo

The upside-down cross is misinterpreted by many people. Many individuals think it symbolizes anti-Christian sentiments or even Witchcraft. However, its origins are Christian, dating back to the very first pope, St Peter.

The stated explanation is that he did not believe he was worthy of dying in the same manner as Christ. As a consequence, the upside-down cross has come to signify both the Catholic faith and God’s modesty.

Inverted Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @kiyamochiink

20. Winged Cross Shoulder Tattoo

When crossed tattoos are inked with wings, they take on a celestial appearance. The cross’s wings represent a renowned individual to whom the tattoo is devoted and related to one aspect of your life, such as your parents, mentors, or companions.

In addition, the tattoo depicts the existence of Jesus Christ in your life in the shape of an angle.

Winged Tattoo design

Image: @dariaxda2

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21. Jewel Cross Tattoo

Jewel tattoos are not only attractive but also classy and opulent. They may be incredibly realistic and intricate. Colorful gems, as featured in these cross tattoos, look quite fascinating.

Chains and other decorations can also be added to the design for a remarkable design.

Jewel Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_hwayeong

22. American Flag Cross Tattoo

A tattoo of the American flag symbolizes independence, equality, and perseverance. Men who ink American flag tattoos would like to show their pride and love for their nation. Others get this tattoo to pay respect to martyrdom.

American Flag

Image: @traditions_tattooep

23. Wooden Cross Tattoo Design

The renowned symbol of Christianity, a wooden cross, represents the crucifixion of Christ. This wooden cross tattoo associated with self-sacrifice is truly a stunning description of devotion.

Wooden Cross Tattoo Design

Image: @kovacs.robert.18

24. Eagle And Cross Tattoo

Eagles often are a symbol of strength, power, and freedom; when incorporated in a cross tattoo, it gives you really stunning visuals. These birds chose to fly high and are known for their intelligence.

To represent your freedom and devotion, this eagle and cross tattoo is a perfect combination.

Eagle And Cross Tattoo

Image: @tattoos_by_who_

Pro Tip

Choose a cross design that aligns with your faith and complements the natural contours of your shoulder, creating a visually striking and meaningful tattoo.

25. Praying Hands With Cross Tattoo Design

The tattoo with praying hands is an understated tattoo. The cross is representing the Sleeba Cross, which represents St. Thomas’ role in Christianity. The folded hands represent a saint’s supplication to the Lord Jesus.

This also depicts the request to Jesus to always be with you.

Praying Hands Tattoo Design

Image: @vasilisdimopoulos_tattooer

26. Coverup Cross Tattoo Design

If you have had a tattoo that you regret, covering it up with such a devotional symbol is a good alternative. You just had to use bolder ink to conceal the earlier tattoo.

As in the picture, you don’t want that cancer symbol anymore on your body; cover it up with a cross.

Coverup Tattoo Design

Image: @mackenziestattoo

27. Freehand Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Don’t forget to consider this masterpiece; this freehand cross tattoo is outstanding. The overall imagery done in this tattoo makes this tattoo superb. The black ink used in this tattoo is what defines and raises the standards of this tattoo.

Freehand Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @sithlord32

28. Dove And Cross Tattoo

They reinforce the idea of Jesus Christ’s sufferings for humanity’s salvation and his final death as a result of humanity’s misdeeds. The dove represents Christ’s majesty, while the cross represents his crucifixion as a result of his deep compassion for mankind.

Dove And Cross Tattoo

Image: @prosperous_ink_tattoo

29. Cross, Clock, And Galaxy Tattoo

So many elements into one tattoo are quite alluring. Representing all the elements into one tattoo is quite a creativity. However, here the artist should be applauded for his work.

The galaxy and clock under the cross, all elements complement each other beautifully.

Cross, Clock, and Galaxy Tattoo

Image: @paulie_thrasher

30. Tiny Watercolor Cross Front Shoulder Tattoo

The colorful touch here is amazing. The name written with a cross is quite prevalent, mostly representing the wearer’s love for the person. Overall placement and imagery of this tattoo are fascinating, complemented by the creative watercolors idea at the back.

Tiny Watercolor Tattoo

Image: @ovejanegra_tatuajesacapulco

31. Cross With Hat Tattoo Design

A cross tattoo with this cowboy hat is a stunning visual, representing the strength and bravery of the person. It is quite a cool style that is dated back to the 90s. However, this tattoo makes a perfect piece of art.

Cross With Hat

Image: @raideltattoo

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32. Fineline Cross Tattoo

The fine lines on this cross represent its rustic appeal. When added with a verse from the holy book that means a lot to you, this wooden tattoo is quite meaningful. It can help you in your good and bad times or whenever you need the lord badly.

Fineline Cross Tattoo

Image: @divine_ink127

33. Jesus Cross Tattoo

Many individuals opt to merge their cross tattoo with a picture of Christ himself to properly accentuate the Christian aspect of their tattoo. Because Jesus is the savior of mankind, this style of body art is both powerful and emotional.

To signify Christ’s crucifixion, sorrow, and heavenly rebirth, a Jesus cross tattoo might be coupled with certain other signs like passion flowers, drips of blood, or a halo.

Jesus Cross Tattoo

Image: @ronierontztattoo

34. Customized Cross Tattoo Design

The patterns for men’s cross tattoos on the forearm are black. A steel mesh pattern fills the interior of the cross, and a black circle connects all four sides. Three little flowers are added to the cross’s corner to create one of the greatest cross tattoos for men.

Customized Cross Tattoo Design

Image: @spirit_wolf_tattoos

35. Cross And Skeleton Front Shoulder Tattoo

The crucifixion of Jesus can be represented by combining the Skelton and cross together. However, the small detailing of this tattoo is what adds to the beauty. The small king’s crown at the top and the heart at the top of the cross is quite fascinating.

Cross And Skeleton Front Shoulder

Image: @camoz

Did you know?

Cross tattoos on the shoulder have a rich historical significance, with the placement often associated with knights and warriors who adorned crosses as symbols of strength, protection, and faith during medieval times. Today, this tradition continues, and a shoulder cross tattoo can still convey a sense of spiritual fortitude and personal conviction.

36. Egypt Cross Tattoo

Egyptian Coptic Christians get a cross tattooed on their right forearm or shoulder as a symbol of their faith. This was formerly a sign of the trials they had to endure. The black ink used clearly defies the tattoo and enhances its beauty.

Egypt Cross Tattoo

Image: @sir.alfredtattoo

37. Mother Daughter Cross Tattoo

To symbolize the close connection, most mothers and daughters embellish themselves with the same tattoo. Quite a unique concept, though it’s prevalent nowadays. Here the cross-tattoo half heart and flames above the tattoo are stunning.

Mother Daughter attoo

Image: @mindy.art1st

38. Red Cross With Symbol Tattoo

It symbolizes the essential aspect of the religion: Jesus Christ’s suffering for humanity’s salvation. A cross tattoo is also not religious and strong, but it can also be paired with a variety of other motifs and art styles to create a new meaning.

Red Cross With Symbol

Image: @socai_tattoo

39. Cross Collection Tattoo

Two additional crosses are placed on the cross tattoo on the top to create it more prominent. Dark ink is used at the beginning of the tattoo but gradually lightens as it progresses.

The watercolour style used in this tattoo is very well completing the whole tattoo.

Cross Collection

Image: @tattoosareni_hercegnovi

40. Sunshine Cross Tattoo

When combined with a cross, sunshine representing the ray of hope is aesthetically appealing. Not only the hope, but it also gives the person some motivation. The beauty of this tattoo is how it shines from around, giving a completely sunny vibe.

Sunshine Cross Tattoo

Image: @ces_tattooer_one

41. Cross With Gun Tattoo

Showing the fighting spirit, guns, when incorporated with a cross tattoo, could mean an end of crime or bravery of a person.

The tattoo here on the wearer’s body is quite striking with the deadly guns and the flames around it, enhancing the beauty of the tattoo as a whole.

Cross With Gun

Image: @seoneul_tattoo

42. Hand Holding Cross Tattoo

A hand-holding cross tattoo is embellished on the body to represent the protective aspect. In times of struggle and fearlessness, such a tattoo will help the wearer gain some strength and courage.

Hand Holding tattoo

 Image: @kobe.tat

43. Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo

Wings are the best tattoo design since they are linked with angels in Christianity. Wings can symbolize the wearer’s fairy godmother or the soul of a loved one who has sadly died when worn with a crucifix.

A winged cross also depicts the liberation that comes with embracing one’s faith in God.

Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @demiurge.111

44. Cross With Dark Moon Tattoo

Incorporate a crescent moon with a cross tattoo for your growth and change. When inked with black ink, this tattoo will be very appealing. The artistic appeal of this tattoo is one thing that is to be appreciated.

Cross With Dark Moon

Image: @lodog_tattooer

45. Memorial Cross Tattoo

In remembrance of your loved ones, having their name written with a cross tattoo is prevalent. The wooden structure and the flowers at the bottom are what complement the cross’s beauty.

Memorial Tattoo

Image: @tomb.tattoos

46. Cross With Lion Tattoo

Adding this to the cross tattoo, the sign of bravery and fearlessness gives the wearer dreadful vibes. As depicted in the picture, the shining blue eyes of the lion as if conveying its strength and fearless attitude.

 Lion Tattoo

Image: @jacksontattooart

47. Cross, Flower, And Lettering Tattoo On Front Shoulder

Most people think adding, so elements into one tattoo quite ruin its visual appeal. However, you will change your mind after seeing this tattoo. How the cross, flower, and letters are added to this tattoo is amazing and describes the artist’s hard work.

Cross, Flower, And Lettering Tattoo

Image: @j.ryong_tattooer

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48. Cross With Jesus And Crown Tattoo

Adding Jesus’ name to the cross elevates its religious appeal. The tattoo here with Jesus’s name and crown is really amazing. The placement is perfect. The fine detailing and calligraphy done with Jesus’s name are to make a complete masterpiece.

Cross With Jesus

Image: @elias_abi_khalil_tattoo

49. 90’s Cross Tattoo

If you love the prevalent design back in the 90s, this one is perfect for you! The illustration depicted in this tattoo is impressive and blends perfectly with the wearer’s body.

90's Cross Tattoo

Image: @lauramayartist_

50. Cemetery Cross Tattoo

Chill your bones with this scariest of all cemetery tattoos. This tattoo’s skeleton, vampires, and other elements are unique, making it a timeless cemetery cross tattoo! The dark theme used in this tattoo elevated its aesthetics.

Cemetery Cross Tattoo

Image: @blackpug.tattoo

Personal Opinion

To me, a cross tattoo on the shoulder is a profound fusion of spirituality and artistry. It’s not merely an inked design but a visual testament to unwavering faith and a personal journey marked on the canvas of the body. The shoulder’s prominence adds an eloquent touch, turning the tattoo into a constant reminder of spiritual strength and resilience.