Dandelion Tattoo Meaning

For some people tattoos form a central part of their identity. Tattoos can be used as a way for people to express themselves and their creative mindset.

Dandelion Tattoo Meaning
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Many people choose to see their own bodies as a blank canvas that is there to have personal artwork done on such as tattoos.

Sometimes people choose to get certain tattoos done simply for aesthetic reasons however other people choose to get them because they hold symbolic and greater meaning to them.

Regardless of why people choose to get tattoos the vast majority of individuals do have some sort of reason behind why they get the tattoos that they do.

Dandelion Tattoo Meaning
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What Do Dandelion Tattoos Mean?

  • Second Chances-  Dandelions are often seen as representative of second chances. This is because the dandelion returns again and again regardless of circumstances. For instance, it can be beaten down, trodden on and left for dead and it will still return. This shows that people can change and come back stronger so for this reason the tattoo is often used as a form of self love as one decides that they can give themselves a second chance. It can also be used in terms of second chances within a relationship and as a symbol of forgiveness. 
  • Thriving regardless of adversity and achieving your goals in order to reach a place of ultimate  happiness regardless of what is holding you back- This meaning behind the dandelion tattoo once again comes down to the plant’s strength. As the dandelion can thrive in most climates and conditions it is often used as a symbol for overcoming adversity to reach peace, this is no different within the tattoo industry. 
  • Sending down deep roots to connect with your past and your family’s history- Dandelions have deep roots which can also make the dandelion a symbol of deep rooted connections. For this reason the dandelion is often seen as a way of expressing a deep connection to your own roots such as your ancestors and your family history. People may choose to get this tattoo if they have a particular interest in family history or have a particularly close bond with one or several of their ancestors. 
  • Making a wish for a brighter future for you and everyone else in the world- From a young age we are taught to blow on a dandelion and make a wish. This is a socially accepted tradition which goes without questioning therefore, people associate dandelions with wishes. This association means that some people get the tattoo to show that they have personal wishes for their own future whereas others get it to represent wider wishes for everyone in the world. Some people may also choose to have this tattoo to show wishes that they have for certain people such as their children or grandchildren. 
  • Embracing happiness instead of giving in to sadness, grief, or depression- A dandelion is often a symbol of mental health, this is because much like the dandelion doesnt give in to the cold climates it is teaching us not to give in to the cold times in life such as times of sadness, grief and depression. Some people choose to get the tattoo to represent their personal struggles with mental health such as those with a diagnosis of depression or similar. On the other hand, people will often get this tattoo to show that they survived a struggle, this could be the loss of a loved one, domestic abuse or any other kind of hardship, it serves as a reminder that they can survive anything. 
  • Reconnecting with your own innocence, no matter what has happened to you- Dandelions are often associated with innocence this is because they grow freely and are seen by children as magical. The notion of reconnecting with long lost innocence is something that a lot of people wish for. People that yearn to rekindle their sense of innocence are often those that have been through lots of trauma such as abuse or natural disasters, they yearn to be the person they were before and to see the world through innocent eyes once more. 
  • Reminding yourself of the importance of your spirituality, especially when life’s difficulties are distracting you.- The naturally mystical element of dandelions has led to them having a close connection to spirituality. Therefore for people who are very spiritual this can be a great tattoo and can remind them to not become distracted from their own beliefs. 
Where Is The Best Place To Have A Dandelion Tattoo?

Where Is The Best Place To Have A Dandelion Tattoo?

Tattoos can be done anywhere that you want them to be and some people choose to have them all over their body. Ultimately where you choose to have your tattoo is up to you however, there are some things to consider such as: 

  • Size – It is up to you how big you want your dandelion tattoo to be but this needs to be taken into consideration when trying to decide where to have it. Many people choose to have this tattoo done on quite a small scale as it reflects a dandelion’s true nature. However, if it is a very meaningful piece some people may choose to have it done much bigger and therefore they would need somewhere with a much larger surface area such as their back. 
  • Pain – When deciding where to have any tattoo you should consider your own personal pain threshold. Some more painful places include your spine, fingers, and ribs so if you have a low pain tolerance then these might be some places worth trying to avoid.
  • Undercover – Once you have decided to have a tattoo you also need to decide whether you want it to be somewhere that can be easily covered up. You may decide that this is the right option for you for reasons such as work, family disapproval or for certain social situations. Generally speaking the dandelion tattoo is widely accepted and therefore you are unlikely to have any real need to cover it up unless you need to cover all tattoos up, for example, if you are in the military. 
  • Social Acceptance – Similarly to the above, when deciding on the placement of your tattoo you should try to weigh up how socially acceptable it is as this could have an impact on where you choose to have it. People usually see the dandelion tattoo as widely socially accepted and they often even see it as quite an innocent tattoo so you are unlikely to run into issues regarding social acceptance. Furthermore, you may not want to let social acceptance interfere with your decision which is also fine. 
Dandelion Tattoo Meaning
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Final Thoughts

The dandelion tattoo has many different connotations and meanings which in turn means that people choose to get this tattoo to represent numerous different things.

Generally speaking, it is a widely accepted and positive tattoo with has very few negative connotations.