83 Stunning Wrist Tattoos For Best Inking To Try

The wrist is an excellent spot for a meaningful tattoo as you can stare at it every day and flaunt it in your style. In addition, the incredible, charming, and significant ink design gives an astonishing inking style.

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83 Stunning Wrist Tattoos For Best Inking To Try

The wrist is a popular location for tattoos–and there’s a good reason behind that. For one, it’s a small, open space, making it an easy canvas for any design you have in mind.

It is also a tattoo placement that’s easily hidden or shown, so it feels more intimate than others.

Best Design Tattoo On Wrist

If you want to get unique and powerful tattoo ideas on the wrist, go beyond elemental arrows, butterflies, hearts, and other floral designs.

Tattoos on the wrist have a profound meaning as they are always visible. In addition, the design ideas can be colorful or inked in black, leaving an artistic impression.

1. Wheat Tattoo On Wrist

Wheat tattoo designs harvest great body art inspiration that provides a symbolic touch for prosperity, humanity, or fortune.

The wheat tattoo design is a creative idea giving a refined look to the style. Perfect for your wrist, it can be the most appealing and stylish design idea. 

Wheat Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: beccambtattoo

2. Small Gentleman Tattoo

Significant meanings and design of small gentleman tattoo on wrist takes less space and looks stylish. It is a unique choice when considered and comes as a particular option.

Getting a black inked bow and suit design looks excellent to show your passion with an additional and personal design idea. 

Small Gentleman Tattoo

Credit: 5d.lens

3. Beetle Tattoo On Wrist

The beetle tattoo on wrist with colorful inking looks excellent. The realistic beetle bug tattoo may simply be in the form of an insect or a classical Egyptian amulet.

The design looks great and is suitable for both genders. The colorful design with shading gives a realistic look to the tattoo style. 

Beetle Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: self_destructive_tendencies_

4. Semicolon Wrist Tattoo

The young people share their reason for getting a semicolon design. It is an affirmation message against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.

The design can be placed virtually anywhere and is subtle enough to find strength. The small black ink design on the wrist looks tremendous and shows hope. 

Semicolon Wrist Tattoo for men

Credit: therealmalyza

5. Rosary With Cross Tattoo On Wrist

The rosary is believed to ward off demons and evil spirits and steer people away from temptation.

A person who wears a rosary beads bracelet tattoo on their wrist or body want to feel safe and protected by Mary and Jesus.

Rosary With Cross Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: moretattoosahead

6. Celtic Knot Band Tattoo On Wrist

Celtic knots band represents prominent tokens of prosperity. The interconnected knots with separate entities come as a remarkable brilliance being diligently preserved.

The Celtic knots tattoos can symbolize an eternal bond between two people or humans and nature. They can also be a symbol of eternal life.

Celtic Knot Band Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: sammcgarrytattoos

7. Chinese Script Tattoo Design

Chinese calligraphy is one of the widely chosen forms of tattoo designs, which use a set of symbols to depict a particular feeling or to get their names etched whimsically.

Chinese word tattoo designs come up as a modern way of expressing their feelings using carefully etched characters. 

Chinese Script Tattoo Design

Credit: 541_tattoozone

8. Impressive Match Stick Tattoo On Wrist

A light matchstick tattoo inked in the tiny style with flames looks stylish. The exciting and gently burning matchstick seems incredibly significant.

The impressive design inked in black with flame shading gives a gorgeous look to the style. 

Impressive Match Stick Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: strega_apothecaryandtattoo

9. Colorful Stars Trail Tattoo On Wrist

The wrist is one of the most commonplace places to get a tattoo inked. The colorful stars inked on the whole arm look stunning, with a different meaning behind the tattoo design.

With standard placement shows achievement that is special to your dear ones. Making it eye-catching for the other colors looks amazing. 

Colorful Stars Trail Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: neonblacktattoo

10. Directional Compass Tattoo On Wrist

Making a compass tattoo on the wrist looks impressive to get inspired by compass design. The compass shows the direction, and the stunning design offers the trend of life and a symbolic choice with an attractive style.

In addition, the small black ink design with directions marked gives a distinct appeal. 

Directional Compass Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: dear.sxphie

11. Black Portrait Tattoo On Wrist

The black ink style encapsulates the cutting-edge nature design conveying intense emotional depth alongside wisdom.

Understanding the extent, the entire humankind’s capacity of experience gives a beautiful streamlined fashion style to the outline design idea. 

Black Portrait Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: butterz559

12. Copyright Year Tattoo Design

The existing literature on copyright in tattoos either assumes or concludes mass-produced designs. The stylish design of 1985 inked on the wrist gives a distinguished loom to the bold black ink.

The tattoo can also be inked as a memorable date on the wrist. 

Copyright Year Tattoo Design

Credit: big_boyz_ink

13. Courage Cowardly Dog Tattoo On Wrist

Courage cowardly dog designed on the wrist works beautifully and blows off your mind.

As dog tattoos are admired by most individuals, exploring a unique and evergreen type of cartoon design ushers the cuteness of your character. It looks great in black ink

Courage Cowardly Dog Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: alexsancheztattoos

14. Bold Black Ink Cross Tattoo

The Christian cross tattoo depicts a meaningful, famous, and extraordinary design on the wrist. The bold black ink gives an ultimate holy symbol of Christianity, representing the act of Jesus.

Addition with torturous killing, the tattoo design inked on the wrist looks excellent. 

Bold Black Ink Cross Tattoo

Credit: raybanink

15. Buddha Wrist Tattoo

The hyper-realistic Buddha portrait could portray enlightenment or awakening, which is usually the prominent symbolism of Buddha.

The lotus flower is an excellent addition as it means purity. Both could mean that you are awakened and have become pure.

Buddha Wrist Tattoo

Credit: the_red_violin_tattoo_shop

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16. Fear None Wrist Tattoo Design

The small tattoo designs inked in a colorful style give a perfect design on the wrist. Making it an ideal accessory for the meaningful yet fear none design idea gives an elegant look.

The design idea inked with a shading effect showing an eye looks stylish. 

Fear None Wrist Tattoo Design

Credit: nw_tatts

17. Camera Tattoo On Wrist

If you can’t imagine your life without your photo camera, you should pay attention to this type of tattoo. Camera tattoo designs have different meanings; let’s put them together.

For example, you could have the design of a Polaroid camera taking a picture on the wrist, giving a styling detail. 

Camera Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: zappedbyxandra

18. Dotted Shade Cube Tattoo

The wrist design with a dotted cube shape gives an elegant look. The tattoo design inked in black offers a stunning appeal making the design with lots and lots of tiny dots.

The detailed additional geometric design with shapes and dots gives a stylish appeal. 

Dotted Shade Cube Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: 37.co.kr

19. Cursive Faith Wrist Tattoo Design

Finding the best faith tattoo can be a great way to reveal it. The freedom and protection appealing to those who want to honor their faith give a styling look.

The beautiful design idea inked gives a festive look making it subtle and unique. The individual provides an incredible styling for the design. 

Cursive Faith Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: ideiasparatatuagens1

20. Feather & Flower Tattoo On Wrist

It’s a way to show that you’re spreading your wings and taking flight. Birds don’t fear being high off the ground. Instead, they go boldly into the sky.

Feathers capture this excitement and free spirit nature, the same as the cherry blossom tattoos.

Feather and Flower Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: silveranchatatto

21. Amazing Black Crane Wrist Tattoo

Its image in tattooing is used to express hope and optimism for a bright and peaceful future.

Still, it’s also come to mean more than that: for many American men, the crane means one with the strength, reliability, and sense of responsibility necessary to achieve and maintain that peaceful and hopeful optimism.

Amazing Black Crane Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: winnie__waiyin

22. Pastel Black Ink Skull Tattoo

Discovering the hidden message behind your favorite designs is done magnificently to enhance the tattoo look.

The pastel skull tattoo inked on the wrist gives light shading with a soft and distinct look. The wide bracket-style makes the tattoo look approachable, providing an enhanced look. 

Pastel Black Ink Skull Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: masterpiece.atlier

23. Arrow With Feather Tattoo On Wrist

Whether it symbolizes strength, direction, self-defense, focus, or independence, an arrow tattoo suggests that you are always ready and willing to fight anything that gets in your way of life, even if it is a battle with your inner demons.

In addition, the red ink line along with the arrow gives a distinctive appeal to the style. 

Arrow with Feather

Credit: inkedby.mia

24. Castle Wrist Tattoo

Castle is often a symbol of medieval times, fairy tales, and nobility. Next up in our series of the best and most unique tattoo designs globally.

The variety of appealing meanings with minimalistic design gives an incredible look to the wristband design. 

Castle Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: blackamethysttattooco

25. Coverup Flying Birds Tattoo

A blue-colored flying bird tattoo on the wrist represents good luck, happiness, positivity, and innocence.

The natural themes with nautical themes with popular designs can represent good fortune, sweet seas, and bright blue ink. The feminine design idea looks excellent in style. 

Coverup Flying Birds Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: addictiontattoostudioni

26. Stunning Lotus Tattoo On Wrist

Lotus flowers symbolize several things, making them unique and highly personal tattoos. In general, the flower is believed to represent rising above temptation and becoming a better person.

In addition, the pink shaded lotus design inked on the wrist gives a stylish look.

Stunning Lotus Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: eunyutattoo

27. Geometric Shaped Bird Wrist Tattoo 

The wrist’s geometric-shaped bird tattoo design is considered a potent metaphor for human life and emotions.

Therefore, the design comes as a popular choice to opt for a minimalistic wrist idea. The better areas to get smaller and more noticeable tattoos on the style give a band around the shape look. 

Geometric Shaped Bird

Credit: koalatinkstudio

28. Outlined KeyHole Tattoo

Keyhole tattoos are stalwart displays of intellectual inclinations. They imply a reserved personality that is filled with sly secrets.

But, as the body art suggests, these hidden traits are gems that will gradually be revealed over time. The black ink design on the wrist gives an elegant look. 

Outlined KeyHole Tattoo

Credit: hairy.hehe.handpoke

29. Designer Key Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is one of the best places to get a small and simple design idea inked. Making a bold statement, the black ink style with various key designs gives an enhanced look to the design.

It symbolizes open and close and a difference between freedom and incarceration

Designer Key Wrist Tattoo

Credit: srxolotltattoo

30. Kings Crown With Rose Tattoo

Crowns are worn by monarchy and are associated with glory and power.

As a symbol of royalty in their own right, they are rulers of their own lives and destiny and feel like influential people often choose king or queen tattoos to signify these things. The design idea looks great on the wrist.

Kings Crown with Rose Tattoo

Credit: ghost_talons

31. Watercolor Elephant Wrist Tattoo 

It is a universal symbol of strength, divinity, loyalty, and good luck. When carefully planned and popularly placed on the body’s temple, the elephant design makes a striking tattoo design.

The colorful style gives an incredible design idea to enhance a stunning view. 

Watercolor Elephant Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: purplemartintattoos

32. Half Lion With Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The symbol of the dreamcatcher is a famous talisman and a strong Indian amulet that combines beauty and sacral value.

It consists of strength and ferocity representing achievements in one’s life. It is a popular design idea inked on the wrist. 

Half Lion With Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Credit: jana_the_genius

33. Black Chain Tattoo On Wrist

As a prevalent use in the prison tattoo, the tattoo design symbolizes incarceration and life sentences. The chain design inked in black on the wrist represents oppression, slavery, and defeat.

It is a very symbolic tattoo, and it depends on how the design is depicted as it also means protection and strength. 

Black Chain Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: emasx

34. Heart Shaped Bone Tattoo

The simple minimalist tattoo design is subjective and unique to everyone. Giving a styling design look to the wrist provides a meaningful reason.

Showing grief, regret over a relationship, strength, and protection. Symbolizing your love with a bone-shaped heart tattoo gives a styling appeal.

Making the bone heart design look elegant and the intelligent design looks different.  

Heart Shaped Bone Tattoo

Credit: tattulapike

35. Creative Love Tattoo On Wrist

Many times, the tattoo represents self-love. It depicts numerous feelings like trust, passion, faith, hope, and friendship.

While there are hundreds of ways to express your love for someone, love tattoos can give you an edge over the look. You can express your passion with style, making the design appear different on the wrist. 

Creative Love Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: jbjuliatattoo

36. Loyalty Wrist Tattoo Design

A loyalty tattoo on the wrist is a unique design idea. It symbolizes loyalty towards someone and is a popular inking design.

The perfectly designed wrist tattoo is a trending style, and there is no better way to show off your loyalty to someone with the help of tattoo design. The simple black ink design gives an incredible look to the wrist. 

Loyalty Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: passionart2015

37. Magnificent Black Hourglass Tattoo

An hourglass has become one of the most popular design elements in tattoo art. The tattoo design inked on the wrist with black inking gives an illustrative look.

In addition, the design inked on the wrist with some shading effect offers an enhanced tattoo design as it shows time running. 

Magnificent Black Hourglass Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: logan.dysico

38. Japanese Scaled Dragon Tattoo

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a lucky symbol. They are also a symbol of nobility and are associated with emperors. The Chinese dragon art style is fluid, like water.

The dragon itself will have a long, thin body similar to a snake and fish-like scales.

Japanese Scaled Dragon Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: mona_lissa_tattoos

39. Black Ink Man In Gas Mask Wrist Tattoo 

The man in the gas mask tattoo on the wrist represents an unidentified man. With a black inking style, the tattoo gives a hidden meaning.

The gas mask design is a popular design from explosive fallout to fumes in the air, and there are plenty of designs to admire. However, the stylish idea inked on the wrist gives a stunning appeal to the tattoo look. 

Black Ink Man In Gas Mask Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: ink.4.life.tattoo.studio

40. Distinguished Lock Wrist Tattoo

A lock tattoo can embody this metaphor, symbolizing the love between two people. Popular designs may include a heart-shaped padlock or a heart shape on the end of the key.

As a result, the locks have become romantic tokens of universal symbols of a relationship’s commitment, strength, and constancy.

Distinguished Lock Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: annarawr_ink

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41. Line Music Tattoo On Wrist

For many people, music comes as a livelihood to them. It expresses one’s passion for music; either he can be a music lover or a musician.

Music tattoos are also signs of anger, hate, and sometimes commemorating a specific era of music. The simple black ink design on the wrist looks elegant and is an appealing tattoo design. 

Line Music Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: antar_does_arts

42. Red & Black Wrist Band Tattoo

For getting a permanent band tattoo on the wrist, the practical and powerful design honors the memory of life. It is not an uncommon band design for each loss.

Representing strength and luck for the design shows different meanings to different people. The red and black tattoo looks adorable. 

Red & Black Wrist Band Tattoo

Credit: doloremtattoo

43. Bold Black Ballerina Girl Tattoo

The ballerina tattoo symbolizes grace and femininity, paying tribute to the artist’s dignity, energy, and passion for elegance.

The bright scene performance of ballet tattoo tributes the energy and passion in the most elegant form. 

Bold Black Ballerina Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: dstoreart

44. Dual Outline Om Wrist Tattoo 

Om means unity with the highest, a combination of spirituality and physicality.

It appears at the beginning and the end of multiple Sanskrit prayers, and the deep and powerful symbol refers to life and the whole universe. The design inked in black with little red color shows a styling look. 

Dual Outline Om Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: smallpiecetattoodxb

45. Spooky Nun Tattoo

The incredible creepy yet beautiful design idea inked on the wrist is one of the sinful and seductive tattoo types.

The nun is a girl representing spiritual enlightenment and union with higher powers. So if you seek a creepy nun design, the bold black ink design looks incredibly significant. 

Spooky Nun Tattoo

Credit: ken_possibble

46. Crying Eye Pyramid Wrist Tattoo 

The eye of the pyramid is a symbol that depicts an eye often enclosed in a triangle surrounded by the rays of light or glory.

It represents divine providence whereby the eye of God watches over humanity. The black ink design on the wrist looks over humankind with an attribute of personification. 

Crying Eye Pyramid Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: binitattoo_highpark

47. Black Ink DreamCatcher Wrist Tattoo 

Dreamcatchers represent protection and safety.

Some people who choose this design feel like the tattoo will protect them from anything terrible since they have always been associated with protection from bad dreams and negative spirits, bad dreams, and bad omens.

In addition, the black ink design on the wrist makes the tattoo look elegant. 

Black Ink DreamCatcher Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: antpayne_wright

48. Red And Black Wrist Tattoo

The bird tattoo on the wrist often represents freedom and fight. The fantastic amount of design represents independence, and it is associated with ideas of freedom mentally and physically.

The red ink flowers on the wrist give the person an elegant and intellectual idea. 

Red And Black Wrist Tattoo

Credit: __getinked__

49. Black Relax Wrist Tattoo 

The simple tattoo design looks clean and classic, giving a perfect look to the RELAX tattoo. The beautiful design idea on the wrist provides a distinct approach to life.

With timelessness, the visual design on the wrist inked in black gives an elegant and stylish design idea. Making the style look gorgeous as the relaxed tattoo shows calmness. 

Black Relax Wrist Tattoo

Credit: niluticat

50. Sisters Love Wrist Tattoo 

A sister tattoo is the one you get done with your siblings to show off your love, friendship, and connection towards each other.

The matching tattoo design is also one of the options to show your bond with your siblings. The never-ending trend can be one of the best symbols of an unbreakable bond and commitment toward each other. 

Sisters Love Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: iantattooinksalon

51. Hypnotized Doorway Tattoo On Wrist

The doorway tattoo represents imagination, creative ideas, motivation, and new life. The doorway tattoo with a most modern traditional sense of freedom gives a deeper meaning.

Stairway to heaven tattoos have always been in demand among men and women. It is because it symbolizes that one has lived a life of virtue. 

Hypnotized Doorway Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: antarctic_blue

52. Colorful Flower Wrist Tattoo 

A flower tattoo can commemorate your hometown, romantic partner, or even family history, but even the simple beauty of flowers is enough.

The purple flower edition is a sign of beauty, nature, freshness and life. People never get tired of getting floral tattoo designs.

Colorful Flower Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: cat_._kat

53. Small Plane Wrist Tattoo 

On airplanes, tattoos are trendy among people who love to travel. Airplanes symbolize parts of your journey through life. It can represent your turbulent state and the different people and emotions you’re going through or dealing with.

Small Plane Wrist Tattoo

Credit: simon_tattoo_art_studio

54. Small Handshake Tattoo

People who wear the handshake tattoo carry the symbol as a talisman against negativity and bad vibes.

In addition, the small and colorful handshake tattoo design inked on the wrist can be stylish with the addition of a flower. Wrist tattoos are trendy, and a handshake design looks pretty cool. 

Small Handshake Tattoo

Credit: blackpanda_tattoo

55. Colored Smile Wrist Tattoo Design

The typical smiley tattoo came from the emoji that looks the same. This emoji is used to show the emotion of happiness and is universally accepted.

The colorful design with a smiley makes it look adorable. It looks cute, and the detailing makes the style look adorable. 

Colored Smile Wrist Tattoo Design

Credit: maybe_inkstudio

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56. Green Peas Wrist Tattoo Design

The small tattoo design of the pea needs inspiration and is one of the blissful pleasures.

The sweet pea flower tattoo is often employed to represent farewells and goodbyes and the remembrance of loved ones and close friends. The sweet pea is a striking bloom when depicted in tattoo form.

Green Peas Wrist Tattoo Design

Credit: westend.tattoo_wien

57. Elemental Books Wrist Tattoo 

A book tattoo is a unique tattoo. It looks very cool, inspirational, and unique. It always motivates you and inspires you for a new beginning.

The colorful elements on the wrist look into a different world. Also, the great love of reading and writing on the wrist gives a different look to the tattoo style. 

Elemental Books Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: thetatstudio

58. Colored Superman Wrist Tattoo

The superman tattoo represents strength, honor, respect, bravery, endurance, and durability.

There are thousands of eyes and appreciation, and Superman is an alien from Krypton who has pledged his allegiance to the earth and uses his superhero abilities for good.


Colored Superman Wrist Tattoo

Credit: tattoosbylee_whitedragon

59. Small Whisk And Dagger Tattoo 

A nicely tattooed whisk seems to be turning into a magic wand. The dagger design can symbolize liberation, sacrifice, betrayal, and death and hold minor subtle meanings.

The black ink design on the wrist gives a stunning look. 

Small Whisk And Dagger Tattoo

Credit: tinypokesx

60. Pine Tree On Wrist Tattoo 

Tree tattoo design represents knowledge, growth, and wisdom. The design is linked to nourishment, strength, immortality, freedom, and fertility.

The small black ink tree tattoo designs are essential as they represent growth. Trees are compared to human life because of their complex nature. 

Pine Tree On Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: moooon_art_

61. Tribal Tattoo On Wrist

The tribal tattoo designs have different meanings, and to be one of the designs with nature and to live long, represents strength, love, and wisdom.

The bold black ink on the wrist gives an incredible appeal to the tattoo style. Tribal wrist tattoos are small and beautiful tattoo designs suitable for your hand.

Tribal Tattoo On Wrist

Credit: elham.tatto.design

62. Trust The Universe Wrist Tattoo 

If you are thinking of getting a wrist tattoo design, getting a simple design idea on the wrist looks excellent.

Deciding on the perfect tattoo design idea by compromising small symbols with powerful meaning, the trust the universe tattoo looks great. 

Trust The Universe Wrist Tattoo

Credit: dreambodyarttattoo

63. Unique Anchor With Date Wrist Tattoo 

Sailors usually wear anchor tattoos, and the design stands for hope to face hardship. The unique tattoo design idea inked on the wrist in black gives a stunning appeal with intricate detailing.

It also holds a symbol with different meanings to manage the tattoo design uniquely and attractively. 

Unique Anchor with Date Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: kazeetatted

64. Adventure Plane Wrist Tattoo 

The small adventure tattoo looks stylish and can be a fashionable look on wrist. Wrist tattoos were first worn by those who adventured around. However, tattoos are becoming a trend.

Adding an airplane to the tattoo with the creative word adventure gives an enhanced look to the style. 

Adventure Plane Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: tattigator

65. Half Warrior Face Wrist Tattoo

The warrior design can represent those who believe in and stand up for themselves as fighters.

The warrior never gives up and includes the different meanings of courage, strength, firmness, and struggle. The intricate design looks excellent when inked on the wrist in half with an arrow.  

Half Warrior Face Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: tattoosbyjazziee

66. Barbed Wire Tattoo On Wrist

Reminding us of a painful fence to cross for a barbed wire tattoo represents the strength of people who have overcome traumatic experiences in life.

The design inked in black on the wrist symbolizes strength and courage. Wrapped around the wrist for the tattoo gives a band look. 

Barbed Wire Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: philbackustattoo

67. Matching Name Wrist Tattoo 

The name tattoo is unique and refreshing. The personalized tattoo design inked on the wrist as a name tattoo of the person you love gives an incredible look.

Offering a fresh spin on the tattoo design looks great on you, and the name seems incredibly significant. Couples’ matching name designs also look great with a stylish appeal on the wrist. 

Matching Name Wrist Tattoo

Credit: sassymomof2cuties

68. Truth Word Tattoo On Wrist

The small tattoo designs inked on the wrist make a perfect accessory to enhance the design idea. The detailed styling tattoo on the outer wrist gives a stunning look to the word truth.

The sun tattoo symbolizes truth and gives an elegant, subtle appeal. 

Truth Word Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: nanaink__

69. Long Alien Wrist Tattoo 

The alien tattoo can symbolize meaning and value to those who wear these design ideas. Such tattoos are generally inked on the wrist, and they are easy.

The symbol protects the wearer from evil, and it traditionally shows off the design work. 

Long Alien Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: bb_tattooz

70. Awesome 2D Skull Wrist Tattoo 

Skull tattoos represent overcoming complex challenges or overcoming death. The tattoo design can symbolize strength and power and often wearer protection.

The design idea looks incredibly significant when inked in black on the wrist, making the style look elegant. 

Awesome 2D Skull Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: inkedbyphily

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71. Ornamental Bow Wrist Tattoo Design

Girls use bow tattoos to show their feminine side. The bow and arrow tattoo is ideal for getting the first tattoo designed, adding to its allure.

It is a powerful weapon used for hunting, fighting, and protecting. The ornamental design inked on the wrist gives an elegant detailing to the style. 

Ornamental Bow Wrist Tattoo Design

Credit: munsell_tattoo

72. Bright Blue Fire Tattoo On Wrist

The wrist tattoos look incredible on the wrist as they are versatile and have excellent visibility. In addition, the blue fire cross tattoo design inked on the wrist looks stunning.

The blue flame tattoo is regarded as a Christian symbol and is a way to express faith in God. 

Bright Blue Fire Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: staytrueink

73. Matching King Queen Wrist Tattoo 

A crown tattoo has powerful symbolism, and the design is often associated with victory, triumph, and strength. The king and queen tattoo designs represent a commitment to each other.

It makes it through tough times with strength and courage. The design is a matching idea that can be inked on the wrist. 

Matching King Queen Wrist Tattoo 

Credit: faby_tattoo

74. Blue Outlined Wing Tattoo On Wrist

Wing tattoos are one of the popular design ideas, and it represents different things that are important to you.

For example, one can symbolize an inner and deep spiritual connection to someone you love or someone you have lost. The blue inked outline wing style looks great on the wrist.  

Blue Outlined Wing Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: lady_mellisandra

75. Tiny Mother Daughter Wrist Tattoo 

The mother-daughter tattoo represents a close connection between both. The mother and daughter’s matching tattoos do not have to be at the same spot, giving you a more positive buzz for happiness.

In addition, the bold black ink design makes the style elegant and distinctive. 

Tiny Mother Daughter Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: 4utattoo.bucharest

76. Beautiful Badge Tattoo On Wrist

The beautiful badge tattoo design on the wrist represents extraordinary courage to move forward in life. It has a symbolic badge of honor with a representation of protection.

The best selection of graphic elements from the world’s best designers enhances the wrist tattoo. 

Beautiful Badge

Credit: artspirittattoo

77. Realistic Red Flower Wrist Tattoo 

A traditional red flower tattoo on the wrist reminds you to start planning your next trip. The red-colored design inked with proper shading gives a distinct appeal to the tattoo.

The flower provides a stylish look with adequate shading, red petals, and a green stem. 

Realistic Red Flower Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: xandria.tattoos

78. Outlined Blue Phoenix Tattoo On Wrist

The minimalist tattoo design with intricate detailing gives a styling look.

Like the phoenix of Egyptian mythology, a symbol of immortality and spiritual rebirth, the blue phoenix can help you replace your rigidities with flexibility and your old self with the new.

Outlined Blue Phoenix Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: taztat2

79. Linework Infinity Tattoo On Wrist

The infinity loop is one of civilization’s most universal symbols and a popular tattoo subject linked to forever, immortality, and the eternal cycle of life.

Originating in mathematics as the infinity symbol is a powerful representation of an infinite system. The addition of the name and heart gives the tattoo a desirable and personalized look. 

Linework Infinity Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: clarisa.19

80. Hebrew Words Wrist Tattoo Design

The gorgeous and distinctive script design with unconventional style makes an eye-catchy design. The scriptures and phrases in black ink look subtly stylish.

One of the symbolic meanings that come with the primary element is to enhance the black-colored design look. 

Hebrew Words Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: cori.blessedink

81. Paw Print With Date Tattoo

Some of the beautiful paw tattoo designs help you show love towards your pet. The design consists of two paws, and it particularly expresses loyalty, love, and affection for your dog.

For many people owning a dog feels like having a friend, a companion that follows them everywhere and watches over them.

Paw Print with Date Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: firestarterink

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82. Geometric Grapevine Wrist Tattoo 

The geometric grape wine tattoo on the wrist shows stability, balance, mystery, and spirituality. Dedication and passion are connected with joy, harvest, and abundance.

The red inked design with black illustration makes the style look elegant and combined with the skin. 

Geometric Grapevine Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: olumeplinadetatuati

83. Never Give Up Tattoo On Wrist

Discovering a new phase of strength and power is a perfect design for both men and women. Getting something meaningful with a unique and creative idea gives a subtle yet elegant tattoo appeal.

The design makes the style sleek and selective, with cursive writing inked on the wrist. 

Never Give Up Wrist Tattoos For Men

Credit: melodykussner


Are Wrist Tattoos A Good Idea?

Yes, the wrist is an excellent place for a tattoo! If you want to utilize a space that will get prime visibility, the wrist offers a perfect area to display your art.

What Does A Tattoo On The Wrist Mean?

Wrist tattoos were majorly worn by those who loved adventure in the ocean, with the nautical star being a popular and relatively common early design.

Believed to guide and protect the wearer. The tattoo looks impressive and gies a style statement to the look. 

Is Wrist Tattoo Painful?

Tattoos on the outer wrist are painful because of the proximity to the wrist bone (ulna). In addition, the vibration from the tattoo needle over the bone can cause a vibrating pain that isn’t intense but isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

How Long Do Wrist Tattoos Take?

A more extensive design with a lot of detail or color might take two sessions, while an entire sleeve could take months (and hundreds to thousands of dollars) to finish.

But, on the other hand, a simple tattoo should only take about 5 minutes, like a small black star.

What Is The Most Popular Tattoo For A Girl?

Dolphin tattoos are trendy among women. Dragons, Butterfly, Wings, Stars, Hearts, Skulls, Flowers, and Tribal Designs are the famous girl tattoo designs. 

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