65+ Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs that Will Surely Give You Sensational Appearance

The tattoo of a cross stands for firm faith and trust. Numerous people have argued that this one represents unwavering love, devotion, and sacrifice. The cross in pictorial form represents the wooden cross on which Jesus was crucified. 

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65+ Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs that Will Surely Give You Sensational Appearance

Leaving religious feelings aside, cross tattoo designs for women are more popular today and are popular options for many because of their unique qualities and eye-catching attractiveness.

The act of getting a cross tattoo itself alludes to dedication and surrender. Its versatility, which allows it to be used anywhere on the body, is another significant factor in its popularity. 

However, the appearance is enhanced further when clothing is worn on the upper body, such as the arms and chest, as well as the neck region, the region behind the ears, and other areas.

1. Floral Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This pattern resembles a cross made with lovely flowers and leaves that have been woven together. This design has very thick linework that ties everything together to create a stunning tattoo.

Image: @vampiligua

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2. God Is King Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Women generally adore cross tattoos since they can quickly alter them to symbolize various meanings and ideas. This gorgeous tattoo on the upper arm combines a cross and a crown with the statement “God is king.”

Image: @tattoobybam

3. Grateful Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Tattoos with religious or motivational messages look beautiful on the wrist. This tattoo is a small yet elegant and stylish wrist cross tattoo. This kind of tattoo is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Image: @erin.tattooist

4. Heart Beat Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This wonderful heartbeat tattoo is something you should absolutely get if you want to symbolize your love for someone special. This tattoo is a beautiful combination of love and faith.

Image: @lutattooartist

5. Colorful Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Colorful cross tattoos for females are popular right now, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this lovely tattoo. This is a unique and attractive tattoo design with an amazing color combination.

Image: @zenna_henna

6. Red Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

A cross tattoo is one of the most adaptable, traditional tattoo options available to women. This red ink cross tattoo on the back of the woman helps to reveal her wilder and bold side.

Image: @eth.ink

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7. Fine Line Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This one is the cutest and the most simple tattoo design on the inner bicep. The artist used black color to draw this masterpiece, but you can choose the dark hues according to your preference.

Image: @cheong_ah_mini

8. Diamond Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

A glittering diamond is inked at both the cross’s ends and center. This tattoo is perfect for the more elegant woman due to its elegance. The diamond in the cross’s middle denotes the woman’s inner beauty, and the diamond on either end of the cross stands for the woman’s limitless beauty.

Image: @87_tat

9. Bracelet Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The three-dimensional beads on the bracelet tattoo seem amazing and nearly genuine; the shine on the beads increases and improves the wrist’s attractiveness. Moreover, this tattoo represents the wearer’s religious beliefs.

Image: @_natasa_taousani

10. Leaves Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The woman’s courage, power, and confidence in God are all shown by this tattoo. It truly demonstrates her belief that everything is possible with God.

Image: @titoaguayo85

11. Finger Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Finger tattoos are incredibly charming and attractive on their own. This black-lined Finger cross tattoo has a simplistic style and endearing appearance. This adorable little tattoo contrasts beautifully with the heart, on the other hand.

Image: @polvotattoos

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12. Thigh Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Thigh tattoos look attractive, and you can easily hide them from others in your work. This tattoo is one of the best artworks of the artist. He uses light shading to give this masterpiece more uniqueness.

Image: @e.hyang.tattoo

13. Natural Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This arm tattoo design is another combination of lovely flowers with a cross. This tattoo stands for everlasting feminine beauty and confidence. If you want to show your brave side, then you should definitely get this tattoo.

Image: @sonny_tatt.x2

14. Creepy Art Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The artist represents all the little details of this tattoo with light and beautiful shading of black color. This tattoo indicates that the individual is difficult to approach; thus, you should avoid them.

Image: @akironstattoo

15. Connected Lettering Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The finest approach to convey the woman’s vibrant and intriguing personality is through this cross tattoo, which is made up of several vibrant hues. The wearer’s level of strength is symbolized by this tattoo.

Image: @ tattooist_jammy.j

16. Ornamental Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This chic cross tattoo on the woman’s finger features a design that appears stunning and outlandish. This pattern resembles a plain cross and can demonstrate the woman’s strong devotion to Christianity.

Image: @cruelatattoo

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17. Wings Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This design is something to think about if you’re searching for a unique cross tattoo for women to go over the top of your back. This tattoo has evolved to represent the loss of a loved one or a near-death experience.

Image: @zvee._.tt

18. Birth Flower Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Flowers are ideal for tattoos if you like your body art to have a symbolic or hidden significance. With this gorgeous tattoo, you can showcase your own sense of style.

Image: @tattooist_eheon

19. Strength Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This particular tattoo falls into the modest tattoo category and is popular among women who want to display their inner strength. The artist uses the red color to make this tattoo more appealing.

Image: @tony.ton.12

20. Piece Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

If you want a tattoo on the inner part of your arm, why not choose this unique piece? Pretty flowers and leaves are used together to make the shape of a cross. This tattoo is perfectly complementing the skin tone of the wearer.

Image: @tatty.erika

21. Roman Numerals Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

You can pay tribute to your favorite day with this roman numeral tattoo. This style of tattoo is also more significant because not everyone will immediately know the date of your tattoo.

Image: @voodookittyy

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22. Black and Grey Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Do you want a large cross tattooed on your arm? Try this three-dimensional effect cross tattoo. This tattoo represents the bold and brave side of the wearer.

Image: @apo_tattoo

23. Word Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

If you prefer a stylish tattoo covering your upper arm, then this tattoo can be a good choice. This cross tattoo has delicate line work, which will give you a more sophisticated appearance.

Image: @papiezyca.tattoo

24. Name Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

One can get this cross tattoo in any area of the body. This simple but delicate design features the name of the wearer. The artist has drawn this artwork flawlessly.

Image: @baser_dotstone

25. Simple Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This straightforward cross tattoo uses simple swirly patterns to emphasize any woman’s attractiveness. This tattoo serves as a daily reminder that every woman deserves a little happiness.

Image: @three.tattoos

26. Pinterest Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This is one of the elegant and stylish ways to carry a cross tattoo. Cross tattoos typically convey a person’s faith and religion through their significant symbolic meaning. This tattoo represents the wearers’ love, faith, and trust in everything.

Image: @tattoodrucker.de

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27. Antique Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is a vintage-style cross that symbolizes the values you should maintain in your life. This ink serves as a constant reminder to the wearer that faith should always win over fear. 

Image: @tattooist_lora

28. Rosary Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Show your seductive side with this lovely rosary women’s cross tattoo. The artist uses black color to draw the little cross, which complements the heart with a rose tattoo.

Image: @1920tattoozhub

29. Above Knee Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Cover the upper area of your knee with this lovely knee women’s cross tattoo. This exquisite cross-tattoo design includes a brilliant arrangement of rose flowers linked with a rose. You can use different bright colors while getting this masterpiece.

Image: @zveersart_tattoo

30. Serenity Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This is an ideal tattoo for any energetic woman. You can get this tattoo on a different region of the body, including your upper arm, back, wrist or leg. This tattoo serves as a reminder to let go of things you can’t change and focus on what you can.

Image: @donaldvoelker

31. Shiny Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is another masterpiece that can be placed anywhere you want. The shading of the tattoo has been done so flawlessly that it shows each detail of the tattoo very clearly.

Image: @unogamartwork_tattoo_1990

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32. Dynamic Ink Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Simple tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and yet look excellent. Whatever placement you decide, your individuality should be reflected in the design of your tattoo.

Image: @freyatattoo

33. Sketch Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Every tattoo is one-of-a-kind, much like each person’s relationship with God. This tattoo stands for faith and love, as well as the beauty of life and the wearer’s spiritual development.

Image: @modoink_jenn

34. Ankle Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Women frequently choose to have their ankles decorated with body art. Due to the way it wraps around the leg, the ankle is unquestionably among the greatest locations for this amazing tattoo.

Image: @nina_memorytattoo

35. Band Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Band tattoos are very common among those who fervently adhere to the stated religion. They frequently ink armband lines with a cross to represent their passion for their religion.

Image: @tattoo_gasm

36. Purple Floral Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The most adaptable, conventional tattoo that a lady can get is a floral cross. The wearer can select the tattoo’s location and color according to her preferences. This type of tattoo looks simple, elegant, and gorgeous.

Image: @t_amber_

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37. Dragon Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The cross tattoo can be made in a variety of unique ways. Try something different and choose this 3D cross tattoo with the dragon to show everyone your strength and power. The artist uses the bright red color to give this tattoo a more realistic look.

Image: @bex_thompson_muse

38. Blessed Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

While some individuals love conventional tattoos, others choose complex ones. This wrist tattoo with the cross seems really stunning. You should get this tattoo if you want to experience royalty to the maximum.

Image: @smidytattoo

39. Pendant Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

With a mix of dotted and plain line textures, this curved black bracelet tattoo with a pendant looks elegant and lovely. This tattoo depicts a sovereignty symbol and appears to be almost realistic.

Image: @inkbyclos

40. Praying Hands Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This tattoo depicts a prayer hand. The cross symbol in the prayer hand tattoo represents the Lord Jesus. This tattoo can be a representation of any personal god or religion that you follow.

Image: @blue_spark_tattoo_hamburg

41. Inked Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

A three-cross tattoo might signify two different things. First of all, it can stand in for the three facets of God that are revealed in the Christian faith: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Otherwise, it can stand for Christ and the other two crucifixion victims at Golgotha.

Image: @truthcustomtattoo

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42. Illustrative Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This tattoo design is another blend of lovely flowers covering a cross. This tattoo stands for everlasting feminine beauty. Love and passion are the key motivations for this tattoo.

Image: @drybonesink

43. Gothic Style Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Gothic crosses are more frequently utilized as a sign of sorrow, anger, or devotion than as a religious emblem. They are frequently utilized to honor the Gothic way of life as well. The location of the tattoo makes this tattoo more attractive.

Image: @regan_lynch_tattoos

44. Girlish Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Whether you want something simple or edgy, a back neck tattoo can be outstandingly gorgeous. Due to its size and flatness, the back is a popular location for creative and unique tattoo designs like this.

Image: @l_cartoon_tattoo_company

45. Hanging Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The woman embraces her devotion with a lovely charm, as seen by the simplistic tattoo design, which has a little cross hanging on rope with a heart and rope tied to a pigeon. This minimalist tattoo design can be adjusted to suit anywhere on the body.

Image: @_danytattoo

46. Butterfly Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Butterflies tattoos are a beautiful tattoo choice among women. Butterflies can be seen as a representation of life and transformation. The butterfly can also stand for rebirth and optimism in Christianity.

Image: @kyrangtattoo

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47. Snake Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

In many cultures, snakes have varied symbolic meanings. This tattoo stands for bravery and strength. It shows that whoever wears this tattoo is not a coward but a worthy adversary.

Image: @becca.ink

48. Memorial Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

These kinds of tattoo designs are a personal kind of body art for the memory of your loved one. This type of tattoo ensures that your loved one is never far from your thoughts and these tattoos are a tangible reminder of it.

Image: @finesse_ink730

49. Sketching Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

A three-dimensional representation of the cross is an interesting choice for a tattoo. It has the same purpose as other cross tattoos but will also get you more attention.

Image: @ink_asylum

50. Little Hearted Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Even while neck tattoos are less common than tattoos on the arms or the chest, they can make a strong statement. The location is clearly visible. The artist draws this tattoo very beautifully, which will help you grab your surroundings’ attention.

Image: @auraninetyfour

51. Hope Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This tattoo represents a great idea. It shows that one should never lose hope in difficult times. The artist uses dark black color to draw this stunning masterpiece.

Image: @penny_a_artwork

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52. Leg Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Highly gorgeous and possibly the prettiest cross tattoo ever discovered on the leg! Long, delicate lines are used to construct this pattern, which eventually comes together to form a lovely cross-tattoo design on both sides of the legs.

Image: @ginadvenuti

53. WaterColour Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Show your coolest and fashionable side to everyone with this watercolor cross tattoo. This tattoo is something different from other conventional tattoos, and the artist uses the different colors flawlessly.

Image: @bernardneriviesca

54. light Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

The meaning of a basic cross tattoo is evident, making it one of the most stunning designs. This design consists just faith. Simple tattoos may be placed anywhere on the body and yet look excellent.

Image: @myotto.tattoo

55. Dotted Heart Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

For women with more sophistication level, this tattoo is perfect. The cross hanging below the heart makes a bold statement, and it truly stands out and adds a touch of femininity.

Image: @ simtattoo

56. Face Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

When you are looking for an amazing type of cross tattoo, this would perfectly complement the aesthetic. The amazing shading and contouring done on the face really give the wearer a unique look.

Image: @kk.tattoos

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57. Outline Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This beautiful full-back tattoo is such a beautiful masterpiece of the artist. The artist draws each detail of the tattoo very clearly. This tattoo also stands for the freedom one has after accepting their faith in God.

Image: @vanitytattoo_1996

58. Script Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This cross is inked at hand in dark black ink and is a one-of-a-kind tattoo that many people adore! This tattoo features a strong statement that leaves a lasting impression on everybody who sees it.

Image: @esparzaink805

59. Nature Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This tattoo features a beautiful scene of nature which reflects the wearer’s affection towards nature. This back tattoo is complicated, and if you have a great pain tolerance level, you should definitely get this amazing tattoo.

Image: @ alexanderbabkin_

60. Pencil art Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Simple but strikingly beautiful. This elegant cross tattoo design is laden on the wrist, right above where a watch would typically be worn.  

Image: @noemka_art

61. Olive Tree Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This beautiful design is perfect if you are looking for something different from others. Olive branches stand for harmony, peace, and optimism. Everyone will surely fall in love with the simplicity of this tattoo.

Image: @springmoon_tt

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62. Customized Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

For many years, the cross has been among the most often used tribal tattoo symbols. The tribal design’s curves and points give this customized cross tattoo a distinctive appearance.

Image: @exotictattoopng

63. Jesus Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

A cross with the image of Jesus Christ on it is scribbled nearly behind the ear. Being little and easily concealable by long hair, this tattoo has a cute appearance.

Image: @patriick_arts

64. Fire Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This cross’s inking appears to be fairly basic, yet there is a special touch. Even though the cross is drawn in a strong, pink ink hue, the surrounding pattern of fire gives it a more striking effect.

Image: @sat.inkk

65. Wings With Flowers Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

Wings can stand in for the wearer’s guardian angel or the spirit of a loved one’s death when worn in conjunction with a cross. The artist uses his creativity to draw this masterpiece.

Image: @ruby.tattoo.studio

66. Ring Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is most likely one of those that can be easily recovered. The tattoo itself is small, simple, and elegant. It resembles a real ring on the woman’s finger.

Image: @ka.inika

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67. Jesus Women’s Cross Tattoo Designs

When considering cross tattoos, this one jumps out as unique. Jesus is written on the cross, which has a three-dimensional design and is entirely black in color.

Image: @sacred_ink21

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Finger Cross Represent?

There is no particular significance associated with getting a cross tattooed on your finger; instead, it relies on your desire. Some people decide to ink it on their finger’s side since it is a more discrete location. Alternatively, some people choose to wear it as a symbol of commitment on their right ring finger, just like a wedding ring.

What Is The Significance Of A Cross On The Forearm?

It indicates someone who is arrogant, insecure, aggressive, or worried. However, scientists assert that crossed arms do offer certain advantages as well. It’s also a calming position that you may use to soothe yourself and maintain focus on challenging work.

Which Is The Most Difficult Area To Tattoo?

One of the most painful areas to receive a tattoo is the armpit. You will feel excruciating pain when getting a tattoo here. In fact, the majority of tattoo artists suggest against getting tattoos in the armpit area.

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