106 Underboob Tattoo Designs- Unleash Your Inner Ink Enthusiast

Key Takeaways: 

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  • Proper aftercare is crucial to maintain the tattoo’s quality and prevent complications.
  • Consult with a skilled tattoo artist to create a design that complements your body shape and desired style.
  • Consider the potential pain associated with this placement, as the ribcage area can be sensitive.
  • Take your time choosing the design and ensure it holds personal significance before getting an underboob tattoo.

Underboob tattoos have gained one of the best popularity in recent years, emerging as a captivating canvas for self-expression and body art enthusiasts. However, with this surge in interest comes a unique set of challenges.

The problem lies in the potential for misunderstanding and stigma attached to underboob tattoos, as they often intersect with societal norms and expectations. In response, individuals have taken action by proudly embracing these daring designs, viewing them as a form of empowerment and self-assertion.

These tattoos provide a solution for those seeking to reclaim their bodies as a space for creativity, self-confidence, and personal expression. In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of underboob tattoos, exploring the artistry, symbolism, and the journey towards self-acceptance and empowerment that they represent.

Are underboob tattoos popular? Yes, underboob tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years. Their rise in popularity can be attributed to their unique and alluring placement, allowing for creative and personalized designs. Many individuals find underboob tattoos to be the best way to express themselves while embracing their body’s natural contours. 

All the tattoos under the breast as specified on the general body parts can be considered as an underboob tattoo, but the tattoo will not be too far away from the breast. They are also called breast tattoos.

Furthermore, if you suppose to just like and explore new things, then you can try this underboob tattoo design as a part of your body art adventure. Because lately, boob tattoos and tattoo underboobs have gained a lot of popularity, although, it looks great during the summer times. So if you want a tattoo that you can show off in the summer, this might be the perfect tattoo for you. You should know that the aftercare of these tattoos is a delicate affair and is different for everyone.

Before You Get Started

  • Carefully select a design that resonates with you, considering aesthetic appeal and personal significance.
  • Recognize that the skin around the underboob area can be sensitive. Discuss pain tolerance, positioning, and size with your tattoo artist to ensure a comfortable experience.
  • Deliberate on the placement of your underboob tattoo, considering factors like symmetry, visibility, and how it complements your body’s natural contours.
  • Anticipate the healing process by wearing loose clothing that won’t rub against the tattoo, and be vigilant about keeping the area clean and moisturized as it heals.
  • Research and choose a tattoo artist experienced in underboob tattoos. Review portfolios, seek recommendations, and ensure their expertise aligns with your desired design and placement.

Significance of  Underboob Tattoo

Underboob tattoos hold one of the best significant meanings for those who choose to adorn this area of their body. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these tattoos often symbolize self-confidence, empowerment, and personal expression. By selecting this unique canvas, individuals make a statement about their body autonomy and their willingness to challenge societal norms and expectations.

Underboob tattoos can also serve as a form of body art therapy, helping people reclaim their bodies after experiencing changes or insecurities. Ultimately, these tattoos carry diverse significance for each individual, making them a deeply personal and meaningful choice for those who embrace them.

Placement of Underboob Tattoo

The placement of an underboob tattoo is on the lower part of the breast, typically underneath the natural curve of the breast itself. It extends from the inframammary fold, where the breast meets the chest wall, and can extend horizontally or slightly upwards towards the lower portion of the breast.

This placement allows for a visually striking and alluring design while also providing an excellant for some discretion when desired. It’s essential to consider factors like skin elasticity and how the tattoo may change over time due to factors like pregnancy or weight fluctuations when choosing this placement.

Finding the Right Tattoo Artist for Underboob Tattoo

Finding one of the best tattoo artists for an underboob tattoo is crucial. Look for professionals experienced in intricate and sensitive areas like the ribcage. Start by reviewing their portfolio to gauge their style and skill level. Ask for recommendations from trusted sources and read online reviews. Schedule consultations to discuss your design ideas, ensuring they understand your vision and can provide expert guidance. Please pay attention to hygiene practices and the cleanliness of their studio. Ultimately, choose an artist who makes you feel comfortable and confident in their ability to create the underboob tattoo you desire.

Aftercare for Underboob Tattoo

For an underboob tattoo to heal and last a lifetime, proper aftercare is necessary. Maintain a spotless and dry environment. Gently wash the region with lukewarm water and mild, fragrance-free soap. Avoid rubbing it as you pat it dry with a clean, soft cloth. Apply a little coating of the tattoo-specific ointment that has been my best advice to keep the skin hydrated and assist in avoiding scabbing. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to reduce friction, and avoid swimming in hot tubs or tanning beds while the tattoo is healing. Your underboob tattoo will heal wonderfully and retain its vibrant appearance if you take good care of it.

Personal Opinion:

Underboob tattoos can be a beautiful and empowering form of self-expression, accentuating the natural curves of the body. However, it’s essential to consider the design and pain associated with this placement carefully. 

101 Design Ideas For An Underboob Tattoo

1. Mistletoe Underboob Tattoo

Mistletoe Underboob Tattoo
Image: @ fraukekatze

When you see the word mistletoe, the first thing to pop up in your mind is Christmas and kisses. However, the symbolic meaning of the mistletoe tattoo is about renewal, growth, hope, friendship, renewal of life, and good fortune

2. Bunch Of Roses Tattoo

Bunch Of Roses Tattoo
Image: @blank.tattoostudio

Not only do roses look beautiful, but a bunch of roses tattoo also have an engaging symbolic meaning to them as it stands to represent the highest level of passion. They represent love won or love lost.

Beauty and emotion are in a perfect amount in a rose tattoo design, yet, the bunch of roses are an excellent idea for unique underboob tattoos.

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3. The Wise Owl Tattoo

Wise Owl Tattoo
Image: @shadesofgreytattoopiercing

Did you know? In some cultures, the owl was the protector of the dead, and some believed it could communicate with the departed souls and taken as the guardian angel of the dead, it has been an essential animal for a long time.

The symbolic meaning to an owl is that of wisdom, knowledge and transition. Although the wise owl is unlucky in some cultures because it remains primarily silent and is considered as a nocturnal animal, the owl is generally favored for its wisdom rather than being unlucky.

4. Creation Of Adam Tattoo

The original artform of this tattoo comes from the Sistine Chapel, which Michelangelo did. It shows the first creation of God. Witnessing the first sign of life.

The tattoo shows God, the giver of life, is about to breathe life into Adam by touching him. Both hands about to merge signify that Adam is about to receive the gift of life, after which he was recognized as the first-ever human to set foot on earth.

Adam Tattoo

Image: @ceelostattoos 

Hence, the most precious moment of human life. The symbolic meaning of this boob tattoo design is life itself.

You can either go for the full tattoo or the smaller which has just the hands about to touch and the entire tattoo design has an image of God and Adam also.

5. The Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @crisantemotattoo

Angel wings gained popularity in men for chest tattoos and back tattoos as body art designs but, same as men, it looks great on women also as an underboob tattoo. The angel wings design can also be a tribute to the beloved who is in heaven above and this angel wings tattoo also depicts freedom, faith and protection.

6. Leafy Adventures Tattoo

 Leafy Tattoo

Image: @gulsumalacalitattoo

The leaves are an excellent choice for a tattoo because it represents the cycle of life yet, a leaf boob tattoo design may mean that you are at peace with all the changes in your life and accept change.

7. The Half Mandala Tattoo

Half Mandala Tattoo

Image: @helennorris81

In Sanskrit, Mandala means a magic circle that is sacred and has a timeless pattern symbolizing balance, eternity and perfection.

Also, the half Mandala stands for the circle of life and structure of the universe and finally, it is also a unique and intricate design for a tattoo underboob design.

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8. Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

Image: @sahramonnintattoo

You must be familiar that snakes shed off their old skin after a period, which symbolizes rebirth; so having a snake tattoo design idea can relate to starting a new life. Snakes stand for different things like evil, temptation, strength, intelligence, adaptability, sin and use of colors or shapes are advised to have your unique tattoo.

There is a particular body art tattoo, the Ouroboros, in which a snake is biting its tail. This snake tattoo design stands for and represents continual renewal, reincarnation and the never-ending circle of life.

9. Colorful Roses Reconstruct Tattoo

Roses Reconstruct Tattoo

Image: @almatatuando

Mastectomy surgery is life-changing for women, so colorful rose tattoo reconstruction helps them cope and give new rays to their lives. In addition, for these underboob tattoos, colorful roses are done in a beautiful way to make the scars somewhat forgettable, as if they were never there.

10. Flowers Underboob Tattoo

Flowers Tattoo

Image: @tattoo.gul

These pretty vines can be a great option if you don’t want anything on your sternum and have this unique tattoo just under the breast to flaunt it this summer. The flowers tattoo stands for peace and serenity.

11. The Mighty Bird Tattoo

Bird Tattoo

Image: @ryanschippertattoo

In history, the Swallow bird was a sailors mark who used to explore unknown waters and there is a saying that the sailors might drown one day, but the Swallow will carry their soul to heaven above.

Sailors had also that mighty bird or swallow inked tattoo design on their hands, neck or chest and it also likewise denoted to their sailing experience. The sailors thought it protected them and brought them luck. Suppose you are looking for something with a modern and traditional impression, then, in addition, this tattoo might be the perfect choice for you. Birds stand for freedom as a general quotation.

12. Dainty Floral Tattoo

Dainty Floral Tattoo

Image: @seyown6

If you love the natural world and nature in it, then this dainty floral tattoo design idea is for you, although, it acts as a reminder to look for the beauty in life. But, on the other hand, the minimal floral tattoo design is for those who are getting their first tattoo and they do not want to get too much of new ink on their body.

13. Wasp Tattoo

Wasp Tattoo

Image: @autumnzilla

The wasp may not be a popular choice among women or in general but makes for an interesting tattoo, however, the wasp has a symbolic meaning to it, like development, management and growth.

14. Swallow With Roses Tattoo

In history, the Swallow bird was a sailors mark who used to explore unknown waters and there is a saying that the sailors might drown one day, but the Swallow will carry their soul to heaven above.

Swallow With Roses Tattoo

Image: @tattootashi

Club the mighty Swallow with roses to have a blend of modern-traditional artistic impression.

15. Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Inspired by the famous Mandala in blend with Lotus is a tremendous artistic impression—the Lotus stands for strength and peace and the Mandala for eternity and perfection. It can be the perfect choice for a tattoo with a deep hidden meaning.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Image: @kirstywillcox_tattooartist 

The Lotus also stands for the purity of soul and enlightenment and the combined tattoo is called the flower Mandala, which stands for compassion, connection, love and hope.

Flower or Lotus Mandala has been famous with women for now and it can also be an excellent yet distinctive option for an underboob tattoo design idea.

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Quick Guide to Underboob Tattoos for Women: Art with Elegance

  • Delicate Placement: Opt for a delicate underboob tattoo design, considering the natural curves for an elegant and flattering appearance.
  • Maintenance: Choose a minimalist design for quick healing and maintenance. Keep the area clean and moisturized to preserve the vibrancy of the tattoo.
  • Breathable Fabrics: Wear loose, breathable fabrics during the healing process to minimize friction and promote optimal healing.
  • Sunscreen Protection: Safeguard your underboob tattoo from sun exposure by applying sunscreen regularly, preserving its clarity and preventing fading over time.

16. Watercolor Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo design is on the subtle side, which generally looks great with bright colors with intricate detailing. The tattoo design gets its unique name from the attempt to mimic characteristics of watercolor painting tattoo artwork.

Watercolor Tattoo

Image: @mr.tigre.tattoo 

You can also ask your tattoo artist to club this watercolor tattoo design with additional elements such as floral vines to have an artistic impression.

17. Colorful Blossom Tattoo

Colorful Blossom Tattoo

Image: @baliblondytattstudio

The blossom makes an awesome tattoo, and putting flowers with a beast has been a popular choice. Furthermore, you can also add bold and bright colors to your floral tattoo designs and with the inking, you can also add distinctive shades to your life. It is a terrific idea for underboob tattoos.

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18. Tribal Art Tattoo

Tribal Art Tattoo

Image: @eltonschoenau_tattoo

Want something different and engaging at the same time? Go through the choices of a tribal tattoo as the symmetry of this tribal art tattoo design is impressive because the boob acts as the frame of this tattoo.

19. Lotus Underboob Tattoos

The Lotus stands for the purity of soul and enlightenment.

Lotus Underboob Tattoos

Image: @johnnymatters

Clubbing with a geometric design, the Lotus Underboob tattoo design forms a significant artistic impression. As a result, Lotus has become a popular choice for a tattoo in the recent decade.

20. Deer And Vines Tattoo

Deer And Vines Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_toy

A deer is in the center, and from it, vines spread towards both ends; and these tattoo designs also stands for spiritual authority and spirituality. Combined with thorns and roses, this deer and vines tattoo design stand for loyalty and passion gives a gothic vibe with distinctive and elegant appeal.

21. Floral Magic On Ribs Tattoo

Ribs Tattoo

Image: @melbtattoos

It is an extensive tattoo covering the breast’s side and comes down, touching the ribs and you can also add colors to give floral magic on ribs tattoo design to give a more lively and vibrant look.

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22. Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo

Image: @valhallatattoobondi

In Greek, the Medusa is represented as an apotropaic symbol used to protect and ward off negativity. It has the philosophy that to deter evil; you have the image of evil. Now Medusa has emerged as the most ultimate feminine symbol as it represents female power and when combined with snakes, this tattoo gives a natural devilish look.

23. No Regrets Tattoo

No Regrets Tattoo

Image: @art.bykarla

No Regret Tattoo design is a creative and indifferent design idea that also represents hope, positivism, and confidence for life!

24. Floral Mandala Tattoo

The combined tattoo design is called the flower Mandala, which stands for compassion, connection, love and hope.

Floral Mandala Tattoo

Image: @ashen.draws

Flower Mandala has been famous with women for now and can be an excellent option for an underboob tattoo.

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25. Quotes Tattoo

Quotes Tattoo

Image: @tattedbymimi

A famous quote, a favorite one or one that inspires you, you can choose anyone to imprint on you. You can get a big one or a small one tattoo design that can club it with some color or thing. Quotes with sentiment also look great, for instance, Daddy’s girl.

26. Rose Under Breast Tattoo

Rose Under Breast Tattoo

Image: @gabsketches

A burning rose looks tremendous, or a simple rose with thorns and intricate design also looks catchy. Roses have historical significance to them; it is a symbol for the memory of a loved one and in addition, the bright pink rose tattoo is for innocence and new love.

27. Vintage Flowers Tattoo

Vintage Flowers Tattoo

Image: @alessouka.ttt

However, your love for rusty and vintage things such as flowers can become a part of your body art in the form of your new distinctive vintage feel boob tattoo. You have a floral print flower tattoo with different flowers combined.

28. Twin Floral Vines Tattoo

Twin Floral Vines Tattoo

Image: @chasenolantattoos

Twin floral vines tattoo idea under each breast makes for a great body work. The symmetry in this under boob tattoo design will form its beauty and is one great idea is the vines are about to merge towards the center.

29. Traditional Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

Image: @mike_m_tattoo

The Henna dates back to about 5000 years. First, the western countries gave it its blend, and today it has become a favorite choice for an under boob tattoo and the Henna stands for luck and happiness, and one can see it in almost every traditional Indian wedding.

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30. The All-Seeing Eye Tattoo

All-Seeing Eye Tattoo

Image: @angelagarcia_tattoo

The all seeing eye is taken as the eye of God and it symbolizes that the God is watching over us and it is also a manifestation for the providence of God. Getting this eye can signify your belief in God.

31. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo

Image: @marieloutattoo

Sunflower Tattoos

Image: @wichilin1126

The sunflower tattoo design stands for romance in the distinctive area and the sunflower tattoo will sit in the center of the sternum. Moreover, the sunflower represents everlasting and hopeful love.

32. Orca Whale Tattoo

Orca Whale Tattoo

Image: @harleyharz

If you are a person who loves the Sea, then you can go for this Orca Whale tattoo design, giving it an elegant and creative look, this tattoo design will not take much space.

33. Moth And Roses Tattoo

Moth And Roses Tattoo

Image: @jorgerosales_tattoos

Moth with roses is another popular choice because of the final picture of the duo, however, Moths symbolize positivity as they are said to bring you towards light away from the darkness.

34. Watercolor Flowers Tattoo

Watercolor Flowers Tattoo

Image: @eclipse1966

Flowers when combined with watercolors tattoo looks magnificent and a lot of women tends to get it done as their underboob design idea this year. Look at it, and you will know why it is so good for an underboob tattoo.

35. Quote Of The Day Tattoo

Quote Of The Day Tattoo

Image: @borisdiprospero222

It can be your daily go-to quote and like the one of the favorites that pops up in your mind every day when you wake up, the one that keeps you going, the one that motivates you. You can also have the half quote tattoo design under one breast and half tattoo under the other to make the distinctive tattoo design more intriguing.

36. The Sun And Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo designs come with that universal truth by showing that we cannot separate them no matter what we do and you can get this tattoo with a modern touch.

Sun And Moon Tattoo

Image: @paralinetattoo

It is an under boob tattoo symbolizing that two opposing forces of the universe live in harmony with intricate and specified detailing.

37. Feathers And Flowers Tattoo

Feathers And Flowers Tattoo

Image: @emilypageart

Feathers are associated with freedom, courage and wisdom and as a result, women are more inclined to get feathery tattoos, and feathers quickly gel up with other designs.

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38. Gothic Underboob Tattoo Design

Gothic Underboob Tattoo Design

Image: @tattoo_pixie_sweden

Suppose you are from a generation that loves Marlyn Manson and people like him. Probably you have a gothic touch to yourself, and this Gothic underboob tattoo design idea can also be your personal, creative and favorite choice.

Keep In Mind

  • Acknowledge that the underboob area can be more sensitive, so discuss pain tolerance with your tattoo artist and choose a size and design that aligns with your comfort level.
  • Ensure your underboob tattoo is positioned symmetrically to enhance visual appeal and discuss placement options with your artist to find the most flattering and comfortable position.
  • Keep in mind the clothing you typically wear and how your underboob tattoo may be visible or concealed, allowing you to choose a design that complements your style.
  • Be prepared for the healing process by wearing loose, comfortable clothing to avoid irritation and adhere to aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist to promote proper healing.
  • Select a design that not only complements your body’s natural contours but also reflects your personality, allowing your underboob tattoo to be a unique and personal expression of art.

39. Goddess Isis Tattoo

Goddess Isis Tattoo

Image: @ladeesse

Isis is known as an Egyptian Goddess represented for motherhood, marriage and fertility and the tattoo design is represented as an ode to the Goddess of the Moon. In the tattoo design, she has wings, a headdress and her throne. The famous popstar Rihana has this tattoo on her sternum, which made it famous, and in addition Rihana underboob tattoo stirred the trend of chest tattoos among women.

40. Floral Skeleton Tattoo

Floral Skeleton Tattoo

Image: @inknerd7   

Floral Skeleton tattoo is a unique tattoo with immense creativity and this tattoo symbolizes the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth.

41. Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo

Image: @dopeminika_tatt

The mermaid stands for nature, intuition, birth or rebirth, and creation with your love for the ocean can take shape in the form of this magnificent tattoo. Also, mermaids have exciting tales associated with sailors and explorers of the Sea and the mermaid tattoos can be designed with intricate detailing.

42. Sweet and Dainty Tattoo

Dainty Tattoo

Image: @nataszkatattoo

If you love minimalistic aesthetics, then this sweet and dainty tattoo design is for you and one can opt for some symbols and a pattern in which you can use them to arrange. You can even go for your zodiac sign.

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43. Unique Sternum and Underboob Tattoos

Sternum and Underboob Tattoos

Image: @cobralightning

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the under boob tattoo area and you can also have a different pattern combined with vines, flowers or animals with a Quote. It looks great as a sternum tattoo.

44. Father Time Tattoo

Father Time Tattoo

Image: @tattoosbyrianna

A clock tattoo represents the eternal circle of life and death. Clocks tattoos sit great on the sternum area and you can also use the hands of the clock to denote some critical time for you in the father time tattoo design.

45. Cute Dainty Chains Tattoo

Dainty Chains Tattoo

Image: @rompd_byraebaeco

Get a feather dangling from a chain as the cute dainty chains tattoo looks exquisite with even adding club a chain with additional element of a flower.

46. Colorful Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

Image: @atelier_hafenpoesie

A colorful feather tattoo under the chest has become an exceedingly popular area and you need these colorful blooms in your life to fill it with the same spirit and colors of nature!

47. Three Little Angels Tattoo

Three Little Angels Tattoo

Image: @lucedishtattoo

The three little angel tattoo design represents a guardian to a child and in addition, mothers can go for this creative and distinctive tattoo. The cherub angels tattoos are an inspiration from old paintings.

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48. Flowers And Honey Bee Tattoo

Flowers like roses make a great tattoo and flowers and for honey bee tattoo design, you can add additional elements to a flower-like honey bee design.

Honey Bee Tattoo

Image: @sheer_serror

Roses have always been a popular choice among folks, whether an individual talk about the new age or the generations that have passed. The reason is simple, not only do roses look beautiful, but with additional elements they have an engaging symbolic meaning to them and roses stand for love and passion.

49. Soft Vines Tattoo

Soft vines of mistletoe look great and soft vines tattoo is a plant that is closely related to Oaktree druids of the Celtic culture yet druids were the members of the learner class.

Soft Vines Tattoo

Image: @di_anakunztattoo

The mistletoe plant stays green throughout the winter and it remains green even if the host plant turns dead, so now you know why it symbolizes the renewal of life. It even stands for bringing good fortune.

50. Angel Under Boob Tattoo

Angel Under Boob Tattoo

Image: @6str6nger6

The Angels under the boob tattoo design also stands for goodness, innocence and guidance, thereby, where angels signify that there is a God. Get a tattoo on the sternum as it looks great.

51. Shine Bright Like A Diamond Tattoo

Diamond Tattoo

Image: @inkopetropouleas

It is your time to shine again and take over and if you went through a bad phase and have come out stronger, this shine bright like a diamond tattoo design may be for you. Or if you constantly stay and shine in everything you do, the diamond is the symbol of strength and perseverance.

52. Skull Tattoo For Sternum Tattoo

Skull Tattoo

Image: @rubi.tattoo

Skulls have always been a popular choice for a sternum tattoo. Skull tattoo is because the skull represents death, and the symbolic meaning of the tattoo is that death is inevitable, so you should live life to the fullest. Skulls underboob tattoos look great on the sternum and represent mortality and rebirth.

53. Ode To The Bee Tattoo 

With a bee, the thought of flowers naturally comes to mind. Why? Because bees are mostly buzzing around flowers.

Bee Tattoo 

Image: @kyralanei.co

So breast tattoos with flowers and bees are the stand for the love of the spring season and adding colors to this Ode to the bee tattoo will give it a more lively look.

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54. Sweet And Simple Tattoo

Sweet And Simple Tattoo

Image: @zero3_tattoo_studio

A simple word or a simple symbol will do with the minimalistic sweet and simple tattoos look grand and elegant at the same time by getting intricate designs.

55. Whale Tattoo

Whale Tattoo

Image: @elodie.tattoo

A whale tattoo design idea is supposed to mean that you will grab onto the whale, and it will take you with it towards the positive things in life. As an underboob tattoo, the enormous creatures look cute.

56. Thorns on both Side Tattoo

both Side Tattoo

Image: @narale.ttt

Thorns on both side tattoo is not exactly an under the boob tattoo, but it is pretty close and this tattoo gives a message that “He who wants a rose must respect the thorn”

Pro Tip

Choose a design that enhances your body’s natural contours for an underboob tattoo, ensuring it complements and accentuates your unique physique with elegance.

57. Majestic Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo

Image: @scarlettpokes

In the talk of creatures of legends, mermaids have a recognizable space and moreover, the majesty mermaids always remind us of magic and mystery. Hence, we are fascinated by Majestic mermaid and in addition, the legend has it that among sailors, as it also marks for sexual desire.

58. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @crysvan_tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are often accompanied by other feminine tattoo designs such as flowers, birds and elegant patterns. With this lovely butterfly tattoo design having intricate ideas, start loving yourself instead of loving the idea of other people loving you!

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59. In Memory Of Tattoo

In Memory Of Tattoo

Image: @arnaz_disaster

In the loving memory of a person or a pet, you can have a date engraved in roman numbers or the person’s face or a favorite line by them on the memory tattoo design idea. You can also have just the initials by using this memory tattoo to mark the birth or death.

60. Phases Of Moon Tattoo

The phases of the Moon tattoo design comes with exciting and elegant ideas and they can be related to the stages of life. Like the Moon, a person goes through phases where he feels full or empty, or his half stuck in things or half absent from situations, the tattoo looks adorable.

Phases Of Moon Tattoo

Image: @zajawatattoo_krk

As the moon is the symbol for death, magic, growth and rebirth and as the cycles of the Moon are eternal, so is the process of life and death.

61. Majestic Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo

Image: @theyuyuartist

Full breast majestic angel tattoo designs starting from the sternum to the end of each breast look fabulous and the Angels wings represent a couple of things like God, faith, protection, guidance, strength and courage.

62. A Splash Of Color Tattoo

Splash Of Color Tattoo

Image: @tattoos_by_rob_hooper_n

A simple yet artistic splash of color tattoo design idea with a lot of ways in which you can play with colors looks mesmerizing with elegant design work. If you love nature, you can create beautiful scenery or have a favorite animal as additional elements and there is a famous colorful painting, you can have it done on you.

63. Back To Dinosaurs Tattoo

The most magnificent and enormous creatures that ever lived on earth are dinosaurs; so if you are amazed by dinosaurs, you can have one ‘back to dinosaurs’ on your body.

Dinosaurs Tattoo

                                                      Image: @dianacoellotattoo

Dinosaurs’ tattoos are primarily a definite and intricating choice among folks as an admiration for their strength.

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64. Motivational Quote Tattoo

Motivational Quote Tattoo

Image: @tattoo_xiang

If you follow a successful person for motivation and have a motivational quote that gives you strength, you can have it on your sternum or the rib cage as it is excellent for underboob tattoo designs.

65. The Golden Snitch Tattoo

Golden Snitch Tattoo

Image: @Xminimausimini

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you go wandering into the magical world while watching the famous movie series? The snitch represented the deathly hallows; if you are a J.K. Rowling Harry Potter books series fan, you can wear the snitch tattoo as a mark of appreciation.

66. Bejeweled Crown Tattoo

Bejeweled Crown Tattoo

Image: @nikytattooer

If you are someone who is fascinated by jewelry, then you might want to get this gorgeous and lovely bejeweled crown tattoo design irresistable for you. The Crown is a sign of triumph and victory when combined with your love for jewelry and this turns out as a great tattoo as symbolizing power and the throne.

67. Fancy Red Floral Tattoo

The Fancy red floral tattoo design is a breast reconstruction tattoo body art and in addition, it is not on the sternum or the ribs but the side boob or the lower part. However, a sternum tattoo can be an option.

Red Floral Tattoo

Image: @matthewmorledgetattoo

It is a sad affair when a woman has to undergo something like mastectomy surgery, it is when a woman has to undergo a surgical procedure in which the surgeon removes the breast. Mastectomy surgery is life-changing for women, so tattoo reconstruction with redness and color can help someone get over the pain and scars.

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68. Blue Roses Tattoo

Blue Roses Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_mi.ran

The blue roses represent imagination, fantasy, impossibility, yet, when clubbed with a perfect design, the blue rose forms a significant artistic impression.

69. Flowers In The Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo

Image: @orangetattoocompany

The magic circle of Mandala filled in with flowers gives an alluring look.

70. Colorful Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo

Image: @sashttt

Colorful lotus tattoo is for stability, perseverance and purity so that you can get this tattoo on you by adding brilliant colors and it will add to your calm nature as Lotus is for peace. Tattoo artists love creating artistic impressions by experimenting with your tattoo artist may give you that unique tattoo.

71. Leo Underboob Tattoo Ideas

Leo Underboob Tattoo

 Image: @hier.und.jetzt.tattoo

The artists can take inspiration for tattoos, even from zodiac signs as well. For example, all the Leo’s can get this tattoo on them to flaunt it next summer. The Lion is the king of the jungle, and it stands for bravery, strength, courage and leadership.

72. Dainty Watercolor Under Boob Tattoo

Dainty Watercolor Under Boob Tattoo

Image: @thorn.inks

The dainty tattoo has become a trend now and these tattoos are engraved once they become an eternal part of you, yet these delicate tattoos are evergreen.

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73. Skull And Butterfly Tattoo

Skull and butterfly tattoo design idea has an engaging symbolic meaning to it and the skull is for death, and the butterfly means transformation and new life. So even if the end will come for all, one day, there will come a new life along with death.

Skull And Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @melaniegraceart_

The skull and butterfly tattoo design is an excellent and additional idea for a unique underboob tattoo that you can choose to wear as you can get a big tattoo if you want a larger area to be covered.

74. Moon and Pentagrams Tattoo

Moon and Pentagrams Tattoo

Image: @ kayleigh_bub95

The Moon with geometric designs and pentagrams gives a great and additional intricate look as this tattoo design is about magic and mystery.

75. Heart Of Diamond Tattoo

Heart Of Diamond Tattoo

Image: @righteoustattoodonnie

The heart of diamond tattoo idea stands for peace, purity and invincibility yet, combining additional elements with it can be a depiction of pure love. Additionally, you can also have wings to the design as an add-on with this intricate detailed tattoo design to give it a more aesthetic and elegant look.

76. Animal Tattoo

Animal Tattoo

Image: @soffialena

Is there a favorite animal? People sometimes compare their personalities with some animals, and as most men refer to them as tigers and some as wolves, you can display your love for a particular animal by getting a tattoo of it.

77. Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo

Image: @franzi_kranz_tattoo

The dragon tattoo design comes as a mystic creature like the dinosaurs and it also symbolizes for intelligence, grace and strength. So if you like dragons or have begun to like dragons after watching Game of Thrones, then you can get one of them and use different colors to give the tattoo a mysterious look.

78. Simple Tattoo

Simple Tattoo

Image: @albatattooist

Simple small tattoo design ideas never get out of fashion and small tattoos are often the first tattoo a person receives; so if you are a first-timer, then you can go for a small or straightforward tattoo.

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79. Pet Tattoo

In addition, getting a nice and cute tattoo design of your pets has also become a thing and if you love your pet madly and are obsessed with it, why not get it on you? Some even get a pet tattoo as a memory of it.

80. Jewelry Sparkle Tattoo

Jewelry Sparkle Tattoo

Image: @pi_lanlan

People are obsessed with Jewelries and getting a jewelry sparkle tattoo of your favorite jewelry, it is time to take that obsession to the next level.

81. Lettering Tattoo

Lettering a tattoo is another idea for an underboob tattoo named but it is not only about the words you choose but the font and color you choose and again, these look simple yet meaningful.

Lettering Tattoo

Image: @dk.oito

It can be the name of a person or a favorite place to tell your tattoo artists to use their creativity to give it an authentic look and balanced and intricate design.

82. Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Image: @_laurenashcroft

Wolves stand for love and loyalty as wolves are known to live in packs, and in the harsh geographical regions they live, their survival depends on their number. The wolf tattoo design pack symbolizes their strength and so if you are a team player, you can get an amazing and detailed design idea.

83. Cute Ghost Tattoo

Ghost Tattoo

Image: @salomebaraertattoo

A cute ghost tattoo design can have different meanings and representations depending on its size and color giving the style a decent look. Is it a scary ghost, or a funny cartoon-inspired one? Additionally, ghost tattoo design may symbolize a guide or a teacher, as well as a spiritual healer that was sent from another dimension to protect you.

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84. Dream Catchers Tattoo

Dream Catchers Tattoo

Image: @ink.cage_leegoon

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs have become seemingly popular among many women and come from the native American culture, known to capture all your negative thoughts and dreams. It has an intricate, creative yet beautiful design and is a symbol of protection.

85. Cross Tattoo

Image: @tatt2st

Christians love to wear crosses and even can get a Cross tattoo and the cross marks on the tattoo design comes with the sacrifice that Jesus gave for human salvation. Display your faith in Christianity intently.

86. Music Tattoo

Everyone loves music but some people love it generally, and some love it as passion, this distinctive tattoo design comes as music of meditation for some.

Music Tattoo

Image: @alperfiratli_tattoo

Such a tattoo looks excellent in the form of an instrument and in addition, the music is a symbol of inspiration and creativity.

87. Arrow Tattoos

Arrow Tattoos

Image: @rimavilko.tattooartist

Arrow tattoo designs are a symbol of strength, and in addition, you can also use these unique designs as a tattoo idea to symbolize the direction of your life. Also, if you want something simple and dainty, then you can choose this arrow tattoo over other design ideas.

88. 3D Breast Tattoo

3D Breast Tattoo

Image: @ sem_tattooer

If you want a tattoo that has a lively look and looks realistic, You can choose an inspiring and amazing 3D tattoo. These tattoos have a modern touch; combining with something vintage can form into a remarkable artistic impression. Use depth as an illusion to bring the tattoo to life.

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89. Skeleton Tattoos

Skeleton Tattoos

Image: @marcusxink

Skeleton tattoo comes as a sign of fearlessness and protection, yet, it can make an outlandish underboob tattoo design. If you want a skeleton tattoo design, have this tattoo made in a gothic look and if you’re going to add a gothic touch to your personality, then this tattoo is for you. Getting a full tattoo wrapping over or around the sternum will add more mystery to the tattoo and to add creativity, you can use shading and effects to make it more alluring.

90. Japanese Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo

Image: @wiltattooer

The Japanese tattoo idea has a very exquisite design idea or pattern and it also looks great if you are searching for a big and bold tattoo design. The authentic tattoo has Koi fish, dragons, Lotus, cherry blossom and tiger in it but you can also add other elements to the design. For instance, if you are Japanese and have met someone of another culture, you can blend cross-culture tattoos to create your unique one. Or, if you just love Japan and its culture, you can still have it.

91.  Quotes Underboob Tattoo

Image: @rydelreib_tattoo

Subtle yet impactful, these inked phrases express personal sentiments and inspirations nestled beneath the breasts.

Did you know?

Underboob tattoos are rooted in ancient cultures, with the Māori people of New Zealand showcasing intricate body art that extended to the underboob area. This age-old tradition has influenced the modern resurgence of underboob tattoos, creating a bridge between historical practices and contemporary expressions of art and individuality.

92. Feather Underboob Tattoo

Image: @_geracci_

A feather underboob tattoo is one of the best delicate and visually striking choices, symbolizing freedom and lightness, beautifully accentuating the under-breast area.

93. Lion Underboob Tattoo

Image: @morrisontattooshop

A lion underboob tattoo signifies strength, courage, and regal beauty, making a bold statement while enhancing the natural contours of the body.

94. Snake Underboob Tattoo

Image: @loi.tattoosj

A snake underboob tattoo embodies transformation, rebirth, and sensuality, creating an alluring and mysterious design beneath the breasts.

95. Colorful Jewel Underboob Tattoo

Image: @lauraanunnaki

A colorful jewel underboob tattoo is a vibrant and captivating choice, adding a touch of elegance and allure to the under-breast area with its sparkling and radiant design.

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