51 UFO Tattoo Designs for the Believers and Dreamers of the Universe

Love for the UFO tattoo, or unidentified flying object tattoo, is a natural conclusion in a technological age when generations are reading science fiction. In addition to being a visual feast, this tattoo symbolizes the human mind’s longing to understand the unknowable.

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Most people who get such tattoos are motivated by a deep desire to think that we are not the only creatures in the huge cosmos. Young folks of all genders tattoo this design in their preferred colors. Use your creative thinking to flaunt the unique tattoo you’ve been wanting.

1. Sketch Ufo Tattoo Designs

Unleash the allure of a sketch UFO tattoo, where intricate lines and shading create a mesmerizing depiction of a mysterious unidentified flying object. This design captures the essence of extraterrestrial intrigue, inviting you to embrace the enigma of the unknown.

Image: @tattooer_bro

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2. Frog Ufo Tattoo Designs

Embark on a whimsical journey with a frog UFO tattoo, where the surreal fusion of a frog and a flying saucer creates a playful and imaginative design. This unique combination embodies a sense of wonder and adds a touch of humor to the world of extraterrestrial art.

Image: @freakoutyonder

3. Floral Ufo Tattoo Designs

Embrace the fusion of earthly beauty and cosmic mystery with a floral UFO tattoo. The vibrant flowers entwine with a captivating flying saucer. It symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of nature and the unknown, creating a stunning blend of art and imagination.

Image: @lightbourntattoos

4. Girly Ufo Tattoo Designs

Embrace your feminine spirit with a girly UFO tattoo, where whimsical elements and vibrant colors merge to create a playful and enchanting design. This captivating artwork celebrates extraterrestrial fascination and feminine charm, adding a touch of magic and wonder to your ink.

Image: @dxmkv_tattoo

5. Universe Ufo Tattoo Designs

A striking tattoo of a UFO in the Universe captures the mystery and awe of extraterrestrial encounters with intricate details and vibrant colors. It symbolizes the endless possibilities of the cosmos and our fascination with the unknown.

Image: @reireitattoos

6. Beer Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo of a UFO hovers over a frothy beer mug. It blends the realms of extraterrestrial curiosity and earthly indulgence. It symbolizes a fun-loving spirit, embracing the unconventional and the joy of sharing a pint with the unknown.

Image: @jaguatattoo_

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7. Bali Ufo Tattoo Designs

A tattoo of a UFO soaring above Bali’s iconic landscapes blends the island’s mysticism with extraterrestrial intrigue. It symbolizes a fusion of paradise and cosmic wonders.

Image: @soe.inktattoo

8. Space Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo features intricate celestial patterns and a sleek extraterrestrial spacecraft hovering amidst the stars, invoking a sense of wonder and mystery. The design captures the allure of the unknown and the vastness of the cosmos.

Image: @teighe_art

9. Pyramid Ufo Tattoo Designs

A striking pyramid-shaped UFO tattoo, adorned with intricate symbols and emitting an ethereal glow, embodying the enigmatic blend of ancient mysteries and extraterrestrial encounters.

Image: @lipastinks

10. Leg Ufo Tattoo Designs

An eye-catching UFO tattoo gracing the leg depicts a sleek, futuristic spacecraft soaring through the cosmos. It symbolizes a profound connection to the vastness of the Universe

Image: @ilkimink

11. Sparkle Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Sparkle UFO Tattoo is a vibrant design featuring a colorful UFO adorned with shimmering details, radiating a sense of mystery and otherworldly charm. It captures the enchanting allure of extraterrestrial encounters with a touch of sparkling brilliance.

Image: @kleem___

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12. Disney Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Disney UFO Tattoo captures the magic of Disney with a whimsical twist. It features a UFO adorned with beloved Disney characters soaring through the stars. The tattoo brings together the wonders of the Disney universe and the mysteries of outer space.

Image: @zombielliotpr

13. Stigma Force Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Stigma Force UFO Tattoo represents strength and resilience. It features a powerful and imposing UFO design surrounded by symbols of courage. It embodies the spirit of the Stigma Force.

Image: @blagojadelev

14. Cow Art Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Cow Art UFO Tattoo combines cow art with the extraterrestrial allure of UFOs, showcasing a charming scene of cows interacting with a UFO playfully and imaginatively. It’s a delightful fusion of two unexpected worlds.

Image: @wez_tern

15. Stylish Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Stylish UFO Tattoo exudes sophistication and elegance. It features a modern design of a UFO with clean lines and minimalistic details.

Image: @discount_stab_shack

16. Trendy Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Trendy UFO Tattoo embraces the latest fashion and design trends. It’s a bold and fashionable choice for those seeking a trendy inspired tattoo.

Image: @emilioarturo_tattoos

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17. Classic Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Classic UFO Tattoo pays homage to the timeless fascination with unidentified flying objects. It’s a timeless choice for those who appreciate the allure of classic UFO imagery.

Image: @blackstormestudio

18. Pepper Shading Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Pepper Shading UFO Tattoo showcases intricate shading techniques. This design is a realistic and three-dimensional appearance. It’s a masterful blend of artistry and precision, adding depth and dimension to the UFO tattoo.

Image: @linesbybenjo

19. Drawing Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Drawing UFO Tattoo captures the essence of a hand-drawn illustration. It features a charming and whimsical UFO design with sketch-like details. It’s an imaginative choice for those who appreciate the artistry of a hand-drawn aesthetic.

Image: @irishofmann_tattoos

20. Evergreen Ufo Tattoo Designs

An Evergreen UFO Tattoo showcases a timeless design that withstands the test of time. It symbolizes enduring fascination and intrigue, reminding us of the everlasting allure of extraterrestrial mysteries.

Image: @aidanmurphy.tattoos

21. Colorful Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Colorful UFO Tattoo bursts with vibrant hues and vivid shades, showcasing a lively and captivating design that radiates energy and excitement. It’s a celebration of the kaleidoscope of colors found in the cosmos, adding a splash of cosmic charm to any tattoo collection.

Image: @cshel_tattoos

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22. Jar Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Jar UFO Tattoo features a whimsical twist, depicting a UFO trapped inside a glass jar. It’s a captivating symbol of capturing the mysteries of the Universe and charmingly showcasing them.

Image: @bootattoo89

23. Uplifted Ufo Tattoo Designs

It symbolizes the idea of transcendence, enlightenment, and a higher perspective. It’s a powerful and uplifting tattoo choice representing the Universe’s limitless possibilities.

Image: @opa.ink

24. Fashion Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Fashion UFO Tattoo embodies style and glamour, showcasing a trendy UFO design adorned with fashionable elements. It’s a captivating choice for those who want to showcase their love for the mysteries of the Universe and the artistry of the fashion world.

Image: @a24_kamata

25. Western Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Western UFO Tattoo merges the worlds of the Wild West and outer space, featuring a UFO design with cowboy-inspired elements such as cowboy boots. It’s a bold and imaginative tattoo choice that combines two iconic realms.

Image: @kitsabeautifulday

26. Nothing to Believe in Ufo Tattoo Designs

A “Nothing to Believe in” UFO Tattoo embodies the questioning of traditional beliefs. It features a UFO design surrounded by symbols of doubt. It symbolizes the search for truth and the willingness to explore uncharted territories.

Image: @tattoocoupdetat

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27. Black Design Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Black Design UFO Tattoo showcases a striking, bold design with intricate black work. The tattoo design is a UFO design rendered in rich black ink. It emphasizes the allure of the unknown and the timeless elegance of black work artistry.

Image: @codroe000

28. Line Work Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Line Work UFO Tattoo embraces minimalism and clean aesthetics. It is an elegant tattoo that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and precision. It’s a timeless choice for those who appreciate the art of minimalism and the allure of extraterrestrial encounters.

Image: @tibbles_tattoo

29. Beam Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo depicts a mesmerizing scene of a UFO emitting a radiant beam of light. It symbolizes the extraordinary power associated with extraterrestrial phenomena.

Image: @adriennebjorgum

30. Sketchy Clouds Ufo Tattoo Designs

The UFO tattoo design showcases a UFO surrounded by sketchy clouds. It’s a delightful choice for those who appreciate the beauty of imperfect lines and want to capture the magic of UFOs in a lighthearted way.

Image: @kaiatattookid

31. Amazing Ufo Tattoo Designs

An Amazing UFO Tattoo showcases a breathtaking design that captivates the imagination. It features a stunning depiction of a UFO with intricate details. It’s a remarkable choice for those seeking a tattoo that stands out.

Image: @frithfremen

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32. Rainbow Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Rainbow UFO Tattoo radiates joy and inclusivity. It symbolizes unity, diversity, and the celebration of individuality, making it a delightful tattoo choice that embraces the beauty of a colorful and harmonious world.

Image: @totheninestattoo

33. Artificial Ufo Tattoo Designs

An Artificial UFO Tattoo embodies the concept of artificial extraterrestrial technology. The tattoo design showcases a futuristic and technologically advanced UFO. It is the best tattoo choice for those fascinated by the intersection of science and imagination.

Image: @goldenlion.tatt00

34. Live Pool Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo design depicts a whimsical scene where a UFO is playfully floating on the surface of a pool. It captures a sense of enchantment and wonder.

Image: @kattantka_tattoo_art

35. Tree Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Tree UFO Tattoo intertwines nature and the extraterrestrial, featuring a tree design with branches extending into the sky, where a UFO hovers above. It symbolizes the connection between Earth and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Image: @tschakka.tattoo

36. Crazy Ufo Tattoo Designs

It’s a bold and eye-catching tattoo choice that embraces the unconventional and celebrates the whimsical side of extraterrestrial phenomena.

Image: @zagorczi

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37. Star Ink Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Star Ink UFO Tattoo showcases a celestial design featuring a UFO rendered in intricate star patterns. It symbolizes the connection between the cosmos and the mysterious visitors from beyond.

Image: @boums.tattoos.cl

38. Glitter Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Glitter UFO Tattoo dazzles with sparkling allure, featuring a UFO design adorned with shimmering glitter accents. It’s an eye-catching choice that adds a touch of magic and sparkles to any tattoo collection.

Image: @meganechevarria

39. Memorial Ufo Tattoo Designs

It is a heartfelt and meaningful tattoo choice that carries a personal connection. This tattoo design is a reminder of the everlasting bond with a departed soul.

Image: @loyalsoulsartstucson

40. Nature Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo design features a UFO woven into elements such as trees, mountains, and water. It symbolizes the cosmic interconnectedness of the Universe and the beauty of our natural world.

Image: @r23_commissions

41. Inspiration Ufo Tattoo Designs

An Inspiration UFO Tattoo featuring a dynamic and awe-inspiring design ignites the imagination. It symbolizes the insatiable thirst for discovery that UFOs inspire in us. It is a reminder to pursue our dreams with unwavering passion.

Image: @weissraum.tattoo

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42. Silver Bird Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Silver Bird UFO Tattoo showcases an elegant design with a bird-like UFO crafted in shimmering silver tones. It symbolizes freedom, exploration, and the mysteries beyond the skies.

Image: @silverbirdrenegade

43. Smile Ufo Tattoo Designs

Check out this stunning UFO tattoo design, where a UFO emits a vibrant beam of light shaped like a smile. It radiates joy, positivity, and a sense of playfulness.

Image: @cowgirlufo

44. Truth Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Truth UFO Tattoo represents the quest for knowledge and understanding. It symbolizes the pursuit of uncovering hidden truths and the mysteries of the Universe.

Image: @_pineyard_

45. American Ufo Tattoo Designs

An American UFO Tattoo combines patriotism with extraterrestrial fascination. It represents the unity of national pride and the limitless possibilities of the cosmos. It symbolizes the enduring American spirit and the boundless exploration of the unknown.

Image: @satin.cherrytattoo

46. Handsome Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Handsome UFO Tattoo exudes charm and allure, showcasing a striking and visually captivating design of a UFO with sleek lines. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish and captivating tattoo.

Image: @bv_tattoo_art

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47. Couple Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Couple of UFO Tattoos symbolize a cosmic bond. The tattoo features two UFOs intertwined or flying together. It represents the unity and shared fascination for the unknown between two individuals. This tattoo is the perfect choice for couples who share a love for the mysteries of the Universe.

Image: @lendy.tattoo

48. Realistic Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo in the image above depicts a UFO emitting a beam that captures money or currency symbols. It symbolizes a fun and unconventional representation of financial success.

Image: @yongbin_wildcard

49. Flash Ufo Tattoo Designs

A Flash UFO Tattoo showcases a bold and eye-catching design. It features a stylized UFO rendered in vibrant colors and dynamic linework. This tattoo captures attention and embodies the spirit of extraterrestrial fascination.

Image: @catnip_tattoos

50. Heart Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo design features a UFO emitting a red heart from its beam. It symbolizes the powerful connection between love and the mysteries of the Universe. It is a heartfelt tattoo choice that celebrates the intertwining of romance and the unknown.

Image: @space.mage.art

51. Pizza Ufo Tattoo Designs

The tattoo design features a UFO design with slices of pizza or pizza-themed elements, creating a quirky and whimsical tattoo that showcases a unique fusion of cosmic intrigue and culinary delight. It’s a fun and playful choice for those who want to showcase their love for outer space and everyone’s favorite food.

Image: @leftietattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are UFO Tattoos Only For Believers In Extraterrestrial Life?

No, UFO tattoos are not exclusive to believers in extraterrestrial life. Anyone interested in the mysteries of the Universe, science fiction, or UFO designs’ artistic and aesthetic aspects can appreciate them.

Can I Customize A UFO Tattoo Design?

Absolutely! Tattoo artists are skilled at creating custom designs based on your preferences and ideas. You can work closely with your chosen artist to incorporate personal elements, modify existing designs, or create a unique UFO tattoo that reflects your style and vision.

Can I Get A UFO Tattoo In A Visible Area, Such As My Forearm Or Neck?

The placement of your UFO tattoo is entirely up to you. Visible areas like the forearm or neck can be great choices to showcase your tattoo, while more discreet areas allow privacy. Consider factors such as your personal style, professional environment, and comfort level with visible tattoos when deciding on the placement of your UFO tattoo.

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